Is a 2 page resume too long

is a 2 page resume too long

How Long Should my resume be?

To illustrate these points, here are some project descriptions (taken from real resumes). My comments on the bad ones are italicized. I think the good ones speak for themselves. Bad ones: Designed software application including: data modeling, software architecture design, software- hardware integration, user interface design, and database management. I have no idea what the candidate did or how he contributed. This is super vague and uninspired. Developed product name, using C.

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People outside of your company arent going writing to know what any number of internal acronyms or tools are. Ask yourself, Why does what I worked on matter? How did I contribute to the overall mission of the organization? What is the context for what I did? This doesnt mean you shouldnt go into technical details (you should but it does mean that you shouldnt use obscure terminology or the languages/tools/frameworks you used as a crutch. Dont keep repeating what tools/languages/frameworks you used. This wastes precious space, development and in most cases, what you did trumps what you used to do it (unless you did something very specific like migrate from one language to another or fix a bug in some framework). Rather than going on about how you used Hibernate to do orm or whatever (this is a particularly poor thing to go on about because youre not adding any value — you are using a tool for its intended purpose! just put all the things you used/know in one concise skills section. For bonus points, delineate which things youre very proficient in, which ones you know pretty well, and which ones youve used but would need a refresher on before diving.

I essay would rather see a 2 page resume that looks like it was written by a functional, thinking human being than a one page resume that lacks any kind of content or soul. Try not to go over 2 pages, though, as your readers attention span is short. In other words, you should be aware that the people reading your resume are not going to read everything. Make it easy for someone on autopilot to internalize the most impressive things youve done, and always err on the side of conciseness. This means that you probably should: Refrain from listing every project youve worked. Pick the ones where you took some initiative, built something from scratch, or had major impact on the final product. At the end of the day, id rather see one impressive project than 5 projects where you upgraded some framework or followed detailed instructions to fix a subproblem of a subproblem of a subproblem. Explain what you did in plain English. I cant harp on this point enough.

is a 2 page resume too long

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Quality Analyst ii at Electronic Arts (EA). Looking for more of the latest headlines on LinkedIn? Disclaimer: I do eng hiring for startups so my advice will be based on startup experience. Big, established organizations may do things differently. I would try to keep your resume as concise as possible without sacrificing readability. Sometimes, with this means you will go over one page, especially if youve been working for a few years. Its not the end of the world.

We now are able to look up coworker, current employee, past employees. We can look up job titles and schools. This leads us to need to be clear, we cannot fluff or pad resumes and profiles. Saying we have a different title than we do, can lead to misrepresentation, and even issues with current employers. Listing studies we dont have, can have fallout when researched. When we make our lives available on social media, we must make sure that it is clear and accurate; you never know who is reading. Hopefully these opinions can give you some assistance is how to capitalize the use of your profile and resume, and give you the strongest presence possible for prospective employers. Your resume is still relevant and should give a great first impression. Your LinkedIn page should not be a copy, instead it should give a holistic feel to your professional career and image.

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is a 2 page resume too long

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We can list all our jobs and not just the one that applies to your prospective industry. Within those jobs we can list much more detailed facts about our responsibilities and accomplishments. You are able to write a 2000 word summary that can give a lot more insight into who you are and why you are qualified. We can list skills that others can verify we have, giving a more concrete view of what you are capable. There multitasking is so much more that we can list here, unlimited tax space to use.

But no one is going to read all that. This is a common statement, and it is true, someone looking for employees doesnt want to usually read a 12 page long profile. If it is a follow up to a resume though, then that is exactly what they want. They already know the overview, they now want those details. And for those recruiters searching, everything in your profile now is a searchable term, meaning you now have 12 pages of keyword potential over the two page resume. There is also some fall back to all this, we now have to be completely forward and clear with our profiles.

Get your friend, your neighbor, your mother-in-law (she won't be afraid to criticize) to look. You want them to look for spelling, grammar, and consistency. Does it make sense? For further reading: Resume Illustration by, psd, flickr.0 2011 cbs interactive inc. Published on may 13, 2016, quality Analyst ii at Electronic Arts (EA).

LinkedIn has changed how we are able to display ourselves professionally, but far too often I see it looking like, or being used like a resume. With the line between social and professional continuing to blur, we cannot keep with practices we used in the past to present ourselves. We must use all our platforms available to us to create a whole picture of our professional abilities. When we build our resume, we are taught that it should be only a page or two long at max, and keep things short and sweet. We develop them to be a snapshot of our career in respects to the job we are applying for, and list our skills and keywords that we hope will be caught by the screening software. What we end up with is a very high level document that shows prospective employers that we had jobs and we can list skills. If we look at the resume as an appetizer, then your LinkedIn profile should be a main course. Your resume should give the prospective employer a taste of who you are, enough so that they then proceed to look at your profile. Here we want to provide as much information as possible, we have the freedom.

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Put your titles in bold. Translate strange titles into descriptive ones. For revelation example, if your title was "Community rock Star write: Community rock Star (Public Relations Specialist). Share too much Information. No birthdate, religion, hobbies, weight, social security number, marital status, links to facebook or personal blogs, children, sexual orientation or life mission statements. Make your resume too long. 1-2 pages is the generally accepted length. Anything longer will likely get overlooked.

is a 2 page resume too long

Use a about period at the end of each line, or perhaps a semi-colon or nothing? Truly, it doesn't matter. A resume should be scannable. People like white space on resumes. Recruiters want to be able to glance at the resume and get the gist. Blocks of solid text require more attention. Make the recruiter guess what your actual job was.

many clients did you juggle? What skills keep popping up in job after job? Those are your strongest assets. Make sure to highlight them in your resume by placing them directly under the job title. Write out your description of each skill/accomplishment. People typically agonize over this stage. Should they write full sentences?

Their purpose is to quickly tell a recruiter/hiring manager that you have the qualifications to do this work. Here are 5 Dos and 5 Don'ts for Resume Writing: do, put your jobs in reverse chronological order. Your last/current relevant job goes first. (you can choose to leave off an irrelevant, short term job.) Some people write " functional resumes but many hr managers view these as attempts to hide something unpleasant. Move your education to the end of the page. I know you're proud of your school, but unless you're a new grad, your degree in Economics and minor in Sociology should go after your work experience. Turn accomplishments into numbers.


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By suzanne lucas Moneywatch February 2, 2011, 6:15. Many business people feel overwhelmed at the idea of writing their resume. How can you possibly describe your entire career in a page or two? But that's thinking about the resume in the wrong way. Remember this and commit it to memory: Resumes are marketing documents. They aren't your life/work history. They aren't required to show your failures and short coming.

Is a 2 page resume too long
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  2. Personage is a stunning one- page resume. An essential investment banking resume template download for everyone who wants to land a job with world s top investment banks).

  3. What we end up with is a very high. More than a 2 - page resume is usually reserved for academic opportunities or curriculum vitaes (usually referred to. Too short or too long 4 out. Currently, a resume is still needed; however, a linkedIn profile is also. Some experienced professionals believe they have too much experience to fit. The days of the resume in the post are long gone — job-hunters today are more frequently turning to online.

  4. On-Ramp Program 2010 Past, Present, and Future of the. Resume, standard resume is a 1- 2 page document showcasing. I hope this post helps you in deciding whether or not your resume is too long! This is a guest post by Anthony fasano, pe, author of Engineer your Own. When we build our resume, we are taught that it should be only a page or two long at max, and keep things short and.

  5. I would rather see a 2 page resume that looks like. Rather than going on about how you used Hibernate to do orm or whatever (this is a particularly poor. Your main goal when writing a resume is to make it easy for the employer. I know many job seekers try to get their resume on one page, since that seems. Make your resume too long. Generics are a great way to save money in lots of cases, but here is a look at some clear exceptions.

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