Indoor dog park business plan

indoor dog park business plan

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I also live where it is a vacation and tourist destination during the months of June - september. I would like to purchase enough land to expand and possibly add other things down the road such as a non for profit rescue and maybe a boarding facility but for now, just want to concentrate on the dog park and pet shop being viable. I currently am in my 2nd year of a pet service business. I am a professional pet sitter and dog walker, sole proprietor. These services are something that I would want to continue along with the addition of dog park/shop, etc. I am currently the only professional pet service business here. It is a rural area and a lot of pets around!

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Noahs Arf is open 7 days a week and charges 23 per day and 32 overnight for dog care, 12 per day and 18 overnight for cat care. You can read more about noahs Arf services and prices at m/. Was this article helpful? ( 8 votes, average:.13 out of 5). All Places introduce yourself discussions, report this discussion is locked, post a new topic, just joined this group today! Beginning research stages on whether or not purchasing some wooded land (at least 10 acres if not more) and putting a outdoor dog park and pet shop on it would have the potential of being a profitable business? I live in an area where some might drive from as far as 50 miles to come an enjoy the dog park. We do not have one in our area nor do we have a pet shop that caters to just pets. The closest dog park is about 45-50 miles away. Walmart and a rural King are the closest things we have to a pet shop.

I went to a spa and I was a nervous wreck. Looking ahead, Price plans to grow the business by opening similar facilities in other cities, and she has already scouted a couple of potential locations. I look back now and I cant even imagine i did. Every day is like a saturday now. I work probably 18 hours a day. I was up at 5 this morning. I work till reviews 10 11 at night, and I love. I am working on adrenalin now, thats all.

indoor dog park business plan

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The Arf has had to do very little advertising. Business is coming its way through word of mouth as well as some free publicity. There is a dog park close to the facility, and Price is told that her business is the talk of the dog park. In addition, noahs Arf received the multnomah Animal Control Facility Award for 2002 and received a front page write-up. Whats next, when asked whether she will expand the current facility, price says definitely not. I dont want it bigger because right now i know every dogs name and after I walk them first at night, kiss each of them, rub them down, give them a hug, i can still be very personal with them and thats the way i like. If you get bigger, you lose track of all that. The next stage is to hire people and get them trained so that I can get out of the kennel and think more about the business side of things. I took my first day off in over a year last week, for my 50th birthday.

In July 2002 the company broke even and six months after the launch has built up a regular clientele of 20 dogs whose owners drop them off at the Arf every day. The facility has a capacity of 40 day-care dogs and 26 overnight stays, as well as 9 kitty condos. The company currently has two full-time and four part-time employees, and needs one more of each. We are growing so fast I cant keep up with. Its scaring me, it really is! The holidays are the Arfs busiest time. All kitty condos and dog kennels were full for both Labor day and Christmas, and Kris began promoting the home-care service when they realized that they had reached capacity. In-home care involves visiting the house twice per day to check on animals, and this service becomes more popular around the holidays as noahs and other local facilities get full.

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indoor dog park business plan

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Business Plan Pro asked questions that made me think about what was involved and made me do my research. There is no way i would have known all that without Business Plan Pro. Armed with her business plan, Price approached the sba for a 200,000 loan. I had to come up with 70,000 of my own contribution, for so i sold my house, and gave my car to the business. I lease this place i wish i owned.

I have put a lot of money into the building considering its not mine, but I had a vision of what I wanted it to look and I dont think it would have worked if I had not put the money. A lot of people said, dont you think you are getting in nature over your head. Why dont you try to launch one thing at a time? And I said, Thats not the concept. A lot of people have day cares, and kitty condos and dog washes but they dont have all in one. There is nothing else in Oregon like this. Prices vision turned out to be one that her customers shared.

Hire enough staff to help with overseeing dogs, speaking with dog owners, collecting fees, maintaining the grounds, clean up, waste removal and office work. You have got to be, her friends and family thought Kris Price had lost her mind when she sold her house and left a successful 23-year career with nike, inc. To launch her own business. But after four years of hard work and research, business Plan Pro customer Price achieved her dream in June 2002, by opening noahs Arf. The business is a full-service pet care facility based in Portland, Oregon.

It provides a safe, clean, and fun environment for pets, whether you leave them at the Arf, or hire the company to visit your pet at your home. As an exhibit manager for nike, price spent a lot of time traveling for business, and finding a good facility at which to leave her dog was challenging. This gave her the idea. She visited dog day cares and dog washes all over the country, but she never found one that had all the services as she imagined her business would. Her first step was to create a business plan. Getting started right, i hadnt written a business plan before and i am not good at writing, so i struggled with. But I just kept at it and kept at it, and then went back and forth with the sba and took about a year getting my numbers right. The exercise of writing my business plan totally opened my eyes i didnt know what was involved.

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Construct a professional website for your dog park. Include date of opening, contact information, what the park will offer, hours of operation, rates and fees for service. Include photos of the park. Visit online message boards and become a member of local online pet estate associations. Inquire about advertising your dog park business on their webpages. Advertise in local newspapers, pet periodicals, libraries and community centers, schools, churches, stores, restaurants, doctors offices-anywhere where you can reach people. Get your dog park information out into the community in any way possible. Hire employees to help run the dog park. Depending on the size of the park, you may require anywhere from two to six employees at first.

indoor dog park business plan

Locate a specific area where you would like to construct your dog park. Search for a location that includes a large outdoor space with a small building unit to serve as the office. Find a property that is away from busy roads, industrial buildings and high-traffic areas if possible. Develop your business plan and include all aspects of a dog park, including startup costs, length of time necessary to prepare the grounds, proposed rates, turnaround time for profits, marketing strategies, about health regulations and guidelines. Develop business materials to distribute to the community. Include business cards, pamphlets, fliers, etc. Distribute materials to local veterinarians, dog groomers, pet photographers, pet supply stores, animal hospitals, etc.

in other areas if possible. Inquire about the day to day operation of the park, and speak with the owner if possible to obtain any business tips and advice that can assist with the planning of your dog park. Research what other dog park owners are charging and what additional services they offer. Use this as a base to develop your rates. Contact your local town hall or city parks office and inquire about regulations for running a dog park. Obtain any necessary licenses or permits that are required by the town. Inquire about any town ordinances or noise restrictions that may apply to barking dogs.

That was our plan from the beginning and continues to be our business objective said Ferriolo. Wise business Plans ( m staffed with professional mba writers, researchers and financial experts, is a trusted partner for businesses across a broad spectrum of products and services. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best possible business decisions, boost company performance and facilitate their funding success by laying the groundwork for strong businesses that excite, inspire and retain talented and exceptional employees). Dog parks summary are becoming increasingly popular. As pet owners begin to realize the importance of socializing their dogs, they are searching for dog-friendly environments that encourage such activities. Dog parks provide dogs with an outlet for exercise that allows them to run freely without being confined to a leash. If you are a dog lover and have thought about opening your own business, running a dog park may be the perfect opportunity for you. Learn as much as you can about the dog park industry. Research online informational websites, scope out dog parks in other areas and browse through dog magazines and periodicals.

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Getting pet center owners the quality information and plans that are required to achieve success is one way that Wise makes sure our clients are well prepared for a healthy, long-term business life. (prweb) March 29, 2017, indoor dog parks and pet day care facilities are now more popular than ever, partly due to clients' inability to utilize outdoor parks in times of golf inclement weather. Wise business Plans is partnering with owners and operators of indoor pet centers to assist with funding and expansion options through consumer trends tracking and market research that leads to long-term business sustainability. "Our pets are an important part of our lives and most of us consider them a member of the family said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise business Plans. "Getting pet center owners the quality information and plans that are required to achieve success is one way that Wise makes sure our clients are well prepared for a healthy, long-term business life.". Whether just starting out, applying for a business loan or seeking funding from investors, wise business Plans can help create a road map for success, with market research and custom financials that are developed for each client's particular company. Design experts give every plan a professional look and each client is entitled to a free revision to ensure that the plan is done right. "Our Wise team of business plan writers works hard to ethically and consistently produce custom, high-quality plans that assist in fulfilling the goals of each of our clients.

Indoor dog park business plan
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  1. If you plan to visit the dog park often you may be able to pay. And her passion for writing to create her own freelance writing business, specializing in the pet niche.

  2. (prweb) March 29, 2017 - indoor dog parks and pet day care facili ties. Wise business Plans is proud to now be partnering with owners and. Any building materials for the pet shop, dog park and outdoor dog bathing. Wh en you have a minute please let us know how your plans are coming along. Shepherd puppy (6 months old) looking for indoor dog parks. Get moving and check out indoor dog parks near you!

  3. Dog daycare building plan There are real economic returns in building. The business Plan for your Dog Kennel Operation @Nicole novembrino. I hadn t written a business plan before and i am not good at writing,. There is a dog park close to the facility, and Price is told that her business is the talk. Develop your business plan and include all aspects of a dog park, including startu p costs, length of time necessary to prepare the grounds, proposed rates.

  4. Fido s Indoor Dog Park offers a business in a box (BIB) package to help you. You need to plan, setup, market and manage your indoor dog park business. Indoor dog parks provide space for the off-leash exercise dogs needs. A business plan that includes all aspects of your indoor dog park. Learning how to start an indoor dog park may be a lucrative business in these area.

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