I am a plant essay

i am a plant essay

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Each time i saw a bud, i got extremely thrilled. Our garden was soon blossoming with flowers. The sweet fragrance of the flowers filled our house. It has been 3 years now and my garden is filled with a variety of flowers and leafy plants. We keep bringing different types of flowers from time to time. However, roses, lilies and bougainvillea can always be found in my garden.

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We loved them all and it was extremely difficult to choose among them. After mulling for over an hour, we finally choose a few saplings of hibiscus, bougainvillea, lilies and roses. The saplings we brought were planted strategically in different parts of the writing garden. The bougainvillea being a climber was planted near the fence. Within a month it climbed the fence and spread over. The beautiful bunches of pink flowers that grew on it were a visual treat. We decided to plant similar flowers together. So the roses were planted in one corner. A row of lilies was set close by and hibiscus plants were planted at the other corner of the garden. It all looked extremely beautiful. The plants soon found their roots in the garden and small buds began to spout.

Since, the house had been vacant since years the soil in the garden was not good enough to grow grass and plants immediately. So, my mother decided to hire a professional gardener. He worked on the soil for about a week during which he watered it regularly, used different tools to dig it and poured manure. Soon after, he planted grass and a few plants. We were delighted to see our little garden blooming. Growing write the garden, i and my mother decided to visit the nursery to buy different plants for our garden. It was summer season and the nursery was blooming with pink and white lilies, colourful hibiscus, roses, pansies, sunflowers and bougainvillea.

i am a plant essay

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My garden Essay 4 (500 words). Introduction, i always wanted to grow a garden at my place but it did not seem possible as we lived in a small flat in Delhi. There was a beautiful garden at my friend, summary riyas place and I wished we had one too every time i saw. My prayers were soon heard and we shifted to my fathers home town, Chandigarh. The house here was big and there was enough space that could be turned into a garden. Hiring a professional Gardener, luckily for me, my mother is as fond of plants and flowers. Thus, i did not have to convince her to grow a garden she too wanted to. After we got settled in the new place, we decided to shape the barren piece of land at our place into a garden.

Most of them were white coloured plastic pots of the same size. We called home a gardener to place all the plants in the pots. Once this was done, we arranged the pots strategically so that the entire balcony was evenly covered with them. We visit the nursery quite often to pick more plants to add to our collection. Seasonal flowers do not last long and we love picking different plants to fill their place. I personally take care of each and every plant grown in my garden. Our balcony turned garden is extremely beautiful and we often receive compliments for the same from our neighbours and friends.

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i am a plant essay

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It was like i had left my heart there. It was then that the idea of growing my own garden sprang in essay my mind. I spoke about it to my sister and she was equally thrilled. Since we live in a flat, we did not have a proper area that could be turned into a garden. However, we could certainly fill one of our balconies with different types of flowers and feel their aroma fill in our house. We spoke about the idea with our parents and they agreed to it on the condition that we will have to take care of the entire thing on our own.

Our Visit to the nursery, on the weekend that followed, i and my sister visited the nearby nursery. There were numerous flowers out there and it was difficult to choose a few among them. It took almost 2 hours to choose the plants we wanted to get home. Among the flowering plants we choose rose, marigold, pansy and aster. Besides, we also brought home areca palm, spider plant, aloe vera, basil and asparagus. The nursery in-charge told us ways to take care of different plants so that they remain green for long. We handpicked the plant pots.

While i do look forward to this time every day, i love spending the evening hours in my garden all the more. Many a times, i call my friends to my place. We sit in the garden while my mother serves hot soup and snacks. For me, it is simply the best way to spend the evening hours. Conclusion, my garden is an integral part of my life.

This place can uplift my mood in fraction of seconds. I help my grandfather take care of my garden. My garden Essay 3 (400 words). Introduction, i just love nature. Hills, valleys, sunsets, sea, plants, trees and flowers i love everything that is natural and organic. Every time we visit a hill station, i feel like staying there forever. It gets difficult for me to return as I feel so attached to the very essence of the places where nature can be seen in its pure, unadulterated form. My garden my idea, while i cannot bring along hills and valleys back home, i can certainly feel the enchanting smell of the flowers and plants by growing some at my place. As we were coming back from our trip to Assam, i was missing the lush green tea gardens and the beautiful flowers in the botanical garden there.

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I practice deep breathing for presentation around 15 minutes and then have a look at the various plants around the garden. The sight is extremely refreshing. I begin with my daily tasks only after spending around half an hour in my garden. The best way to Spend my evening. I often go out with my friends in the evening after my tuition classes. It gives me respite after a long day at school and coaching institute. We go to the nearby market to have some evening snacks and chit chat for a while before heading home.

i am a plant essay

This helps in two ways. It adds to the beauty of the house and also provides natural herbs that offer so many health benefits. My morning Begins Here, my morning begins in my garden. As I wake up, assignment the first thing I do is to head straight to my garden. It is the best way to begin my day. I just love the essence of this place. My grandfather is already seated on the small bench we have placed there. I go and sit right next to him.

thankful to my mother for giving me such a beautiful place to sit and rejoice nature. My garden Essay 2 (300 words). Introduction, my garden is full of aromatic herbs. My grandfather loves gardening and I love helping him with this activity. We have grown numerous types of plants in our garden. Most of these are herbs such as aloe vera, basil, mint, coriander, curry plant and lemon grass.

It makes me come alive and I just love that feeling. It is my mother who maintains the garden at our place just as she takes care of various other household chores. She is a huge nature lover and it was her idea to build a beautiful garden at home even though there isnt a lot of space here. Most of the people in our neighbourhood have converted this place in their house into car parking area or have covered the place to build a small room. But my mother chose to convert this small piece of land into a lovely garden. Our garden is full of colourful flowers. We have a row of roses daddy on one side and a row of seasonal flowers on the other side. These flowers include marigold, petunia, pansy, hollyhock, aster, alyssum, hibiscus, sunflowers and lilies.

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They add to the beauty proposal of the house as well as the surrounding areas. The fresh air they render is much-needed in todays environment that is otherwise filled with pollution. Everyone should own a garden. It is the best part of the house. Gardens filled with bright colourful flowers are a treat for the eyes. Here are essays on my garden of varying lengths to help you with the same in your exam. You can choose any my garden essay as per your need: my garden Essay 1 (200 words). My garden is my favourite part of my house. I can spend hours in my garden without getting bored.

I am a plant essay
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