Best biographies of all time

best biographies of all time

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Dicklyon ( talk ) 04:46, (UTC) As, apparently, we have to live with q in "the queen" in class-ridden supplication—come to think of it, the us president is in the guise of the British monarch (compare their relationships to their parliaments at the time). Tony (talk) 07:45, (UTC) Proper names are capitalised. This includes the names of objects, entities and the like and not just the names of people. A name is a discrete identifier and applies to positions. The mos is ambiguous on this subject otherwise we wouldn't be having this discussion and there are expert sources that are not inconsistent with my position. I suggest that there may be some regional basis for variations in usage too. I believe i am saying much the same as RGloucester. The observation I would make is that there is a divided opinion.

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In other words, i believe that the proper title should always be capitalised,. "President of Ukraine but that descriptive usages should not be capitalised,. As a final example, "Alfred Gusenbauer served as Chancellor of Austria but "Alfred Gusenbauer was the austrian chancellor". RGloucester — 01:14, (UTC)I agree with Tony; sources mostly agree, too, at least up through "the governor of New York". At the president level, it's less certain. At vice president of the United States, the trend in recent decades is toward less capitalization, now being at a tie. So, in general paper i and sources agree that caps are not necessary. I'm not happy about making the president of the. An exception the general rule, but we might have to live with it, based on the last time something like this came up in rm, iirc. Things like list of governors of Ohio ought to just be fixed, though, since caps in such contexts are neither necessary nor even particularly common; it's not clear to me why Blueboar and Cinderella157 suggest caps for that; not from guidelines, not from sources,.

Editors can disagree over whether the caps are necessary or not. To my mind a lined job title like "President of the United States" or "governor of New Hampshire" should always be capitalized. Blueboar ( talk ) 15:25, (UTC)I would tend to agree with Blueboar. If you are dealing with the name of a particular position then, as a name, it should be capitalised. The "President of the United States" is a particular position, as opposed to a meeting of presidents that weren't specified. In "Garbage collector John Blow it is not the name of a particular or specific job where there is a one-is-to-one between person and position, noting that this might not be initially apparent from a shortened form of the full formal name of a position. Cinderella157 ( talk ) 00:35, (UTC) i've always written it fairly simply, with regard to wikipedia articles. When working on Ukrainian crisis-related articles, as i often did, i would write "Ukrainian president Petro poroshenko as "Ukrainian president" is not the title, but a description. However, if I simply wrote "President Poroshenko" sans "Ukrainian president would take capitalisation, as that's a formal style.

best biographies of all time

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Mayor of New York city. — anomalocaris ( talk ) 05:21, (UTC) I'd go for downcasing where the job title isn't directly associated with a person's name. Even then, the boundaries become difficult and cause editors extra decision-making—we spoke with Garbage summary collector John Blow about the new vehicles. And seniority is an awkward boundary. "The chief executive officer, rebecca Schmidt, was unavailable for comment." Why poke our eyes with a row of caps? Chicago mos essay and Oxford's New Hart's Rules both favour avoiding unnecessary caps. Tony (talk) 06:52, (UTC) i am in favor of avoiding unnecessary caps. But let's go overboard on that.

dick celeste : Richard Frank "Dick" Celeste (born november 11, 1937). Served as the 64th governor of Ohio from 1983 to 1991. Rick perry : James Richard "Rick" Perry (born March 4, 1950). The 47th governor of Texas. Daley : Richard Michael Daley (born April 24, 1942) is a former. Mayor of Chicago, illinois. Richard Kleindienst : Richard Gordon Kleindienst (August 5, 1923 february 3, 2000) was. And fewer compliant examples: John Lindsay : John Vliet Lindsay (. November 24, 1921 december 19, 2000) was.

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best biographies of all time

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Occupation titles, under heading "Occupation titles" are offered the examples Hirohito was Emperor of Japan; louis xvi was King of France. Mos:jobtitles is offered the example In 1974 Vice President Ford was sworn in as the 38th president of the United States by Chief Justice warren Burger. "President of the United States" looks like the name of an office, so i think that a little more discussion belongs in both articles explaining when something that looks like the name of an office should not be treated as such. How would the ford example be capitalized if we lessing omitted "the 38th"? If that means capitalizing "president why should "the 38th" matter?

Obviously wikipedia editors have a lot of trouble understanding this rule. Examples abound: Nelson Rockefeller : Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (July 8, 1908 january 26, 1979). Served as the 41st. Vice President of the United States (19741977) under President Gerald Ford, and as the 49th. Governor of New York (19591973).

Heres his laughable tale of a preposterous career, told with all the heart and humor that Campbell is known for. Indira: The life of Indira nehru gandhi via m India is still a mans country, but to see it through the scope of the first female prime minister is to view the real strength of the women who keep the nation afloat even as their. Jarhead: a marines Chronicle of the gulf War and Other Battles via m War might never change, but it changes the people who go into it, often irreparably. The tale of a marine sent off to fight in wars and skirmishes that had nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with greed, its a shocking portrayal of how poorly the United States treats the men and women in uniform, and how. Einstein: His Life and Universe via m Einstein might have been a brilliant scientist, and this celebrates that, but he was utterly human, with flaws and failings aplenty.

More than an honorarium to a powerful thinker, this is also the sad tale of a weak and unlikable man. The power Broker via m Proof of the corrupting influence of power, this book follows power-junkie Robert Moses, who rose high and fell hard, proving how hideous the quest for power is, and how vicious those who seek it are. First They killed my father: a daughter of Cambodia remembers via m Pol Pot was a cambodian dictator who turned a nation into a gruesome horror during his reign. As profound as any thriller, its a look inside a country that becomes drunk with paranoia, following a fool full of empty promises. No hiding Place: An Autobiography/Asylum: An Alcoholic takes the cure via m A pair of books written by an incurable alcoholic before it was known that alcoholism is a disease, this shows the world as it was before recovery from addiction was commonplace. Firsthand evidence of the madness every alcoholic endures, and the indomitable willpower few know goes on behind the scenes of those struggling with substance abuse, these tales will change the way you look at drinking and those who cannot stop. Contents, infobox, there should be biography-specific advice about filling in the fields of an infobox, especially since most biographies include one. Gilliam ( talk ) 04:13, (UTC).

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Important for anyone of faith who has become too inured with the dogmatic views of the church to make up their own mind. The long Loneliness via m, dorothy day was a social activist who eventually converted to catholicism, in attempting to live a life closer to that of Jesus. A treatise on the difficulties of being fair to all people, supporting refugees, easing suffering, turning the other cheek, and learning to live completely in love and harmony with life is inspiring and heart-wrenching all at once. 12 years a slave via m, the book from which the Academy-Award winning movie sprang, the deep dive into the horrifying world of slavery seems far away, but to date there are millions of slaves still in existence around the world, to say nothing. In a single book is pride, hope, faith, love, and above all, the human right of freedom. If Chins could Kill: Confessions of a b movie actor via m, theres no reason a biography or autobiography needs best to be dull. Bruce campbell, best known as Ash from the evil dead franchise, has been a beloved bit-player clinging to the rungs of success in Hollywood.

best biographies of all time

Lives of the Twelve caesars. Suetonius Tranquillus via m, like plutarch, Suetonius compacts several biographies into a statement concise array that you can thumb through. It hits the high points of some of the most memorable and horrifying individuals ever to hold power. As much a eulogy of the fallen Roman empire as it is about the abusive, twisted, egomaniacs who drove it into a downward spiral, its also an eerie reflection of the modern United States. A moveable feast via m, those who like literature and heavy drinking will find fun and machismo in this tale of Ernest Hemingway as he power drinks around the world, leaving no small amount of damage in his wake. A brutal portrait of an artist warped by self-doubt and his own foolishness, its a humanizing glimpse of untreated mental illness run amok. Bonhoeffer: Pastor, martyr, Prophet, Spy via m, a pastor who found a way to reconcile a plot to murder Adolf Hitler with his own religious views, bonhoeffer is proof that living a life in Christ can sometimes mean going against the pack and doing what.

the greatest minds of his time, one of The bards favorite sources was Plutarch. Lives, plutarch takes a quick look at Alexander the Great, pericles, caesar, demosthenes, Themistocles, cicero, and many others. Each one bite-sized enough to be quickly digested without all those pesky dates and nonsense muddying the waters. Team of rivals: The political Genius of Abraham Lincoln via, a lot has been written about Lincoln, but thats why theres several movies about him, should you care to see why he liked hats so much. This is more about the cabinet he assembled to help him run the country and how contention among his peers helped make him the leader he was, and aided in freeing an enslaved people while starting a war within The land of The Free. Marie antoinette: The journey via m, the queen of France was a polarizing figure for her age, who was ultimately beheaded after the French revolution. Hers is a terrifying tale of power, money, and ruling a dying country as the people rise up to overthrow a corrupt political system. Its a look behind the throne and into the dark heart of a government rotted from the inside out.

Some are funny, scintillating, horrifying, unbelievable, and inspiring. They might not be stranger than fiction, because anyone whos read. A scanner Darkly knows that nothing actually is, but at least the mini 17 best of the best biographies are well worth your time. Into the wild via m, the tale of a man who pits himself against the elements, Into the wild chronicles the life of Johnson McCandless who left an ordinary life of comfort in favor of travel. Outfitted with.22 rifle, a bag of rice, and insufficient clothing for the harsh winter conditions he faces, McCandless is a reflection of a flight of fancy we all have. To escape back to nature, abandoning the dubious pleasures of normalcy. Catherine the Great: Portrait of a woman via m, a tale so tall its easy to believe its mostly imagination, theres evidence of everything penned here to show how a princess spent 30 years ruling over the uber-masculine russia with more efficiency than any man.

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No matter how interesting a persons actual life may be, biographies tend to be painfully dull. Seth Grahame-Smith had taken out all the reviews vampires from Abraham Lincolns life. Real biographies are like that, talking about growing up and chopping wood. They never include walking away from explosions or kick-sliding across the hood of a 77 gto. Thats why biographies are the worst. Its like hearing about all the garbage youd rather forget about your own life, only its someone else who is way more successful than you. Well, they dont all have to be that way, thank the sweet word wizards. Some biographies manage to tell an interesting tale that doesnt feel like youre listening to a dry recitation of What i did Last Summer without any hook murders or Jennifer love hewitt in a white tee-shirt in the rain.

Best biographies of all time
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Google Essay microsoft Office a monopoly within a monopoly Essay is Microsoft a monopoly Invention Process Essay company a monopoly ;. The Great Gatsby Chapter 9, summary,.

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  1. Samsara hinduism vs buddhism essay, custom letter writing service, year 2 creative writing worksheets). That brings us to the west coast seaports. How to Prepare compulsory. Thesis statement : Can junk food addiction be called a bad habit, such as smoking in the modern society? George, washington, smyth Born. He is often regarded as the founder of a school of thought known as British Empiricism, and he made foundational contributions to modern theories of limited, liberal government.

  2. difficult to find stuff, though there are a few wikilawyers who spend all their time citing such zillions of guidelines to newbies. physicist and best -selling author Carlo rovelli. Here he selects five works for understanding the nature of time in its truer sense. Being considered as the best solo jazz guitar player of all time is the result of relentless practice and deep understanding of lines. 19th Century women Authors Some of the most influential women authors of all time lived in the 19th century).

  3. This is one of the best biographies memoirs book that contains 324 pages, you can download book with isbn. as Saddam Hussein and muammar Gaddafi, forcing Chávez to acknowledge that not all of his comrades were as palatable as hed thought. rimmer, george best, john Fitzpatrick, john Aston and captain Bobby noble would all come through the ranks into the first team so. standard source (interestingly, at the same time, wikipedia contains only a small fraction of the biographies found in standard sources. is set in stone, this layout is used in most of the best biographies as judged by the community, and following it is a good idea. them as a general feature of biographies, as too often the genealogical sources are weak at best, and outright frauds in too many cases.

  4. Mary poppins is one of the most celebrated fictional characters of all time, absolutely adored by generations around the world. Interested in reading a good biography or autobiography about a golfer? This list of recommendations will help you find a good one. Inspirational and motivational, biographies and autobiographies of great men and women Mother of, all, beings. Best, books on, biographies. s read a scanner Darkly knows that nothing actually is, but at least the 17 best of the best biographies are well worth your time.

  5. And basis for change can be found here: wikipedia talk:Manual of, style biographies /2018 archive maiden names to surname changes. Based on years of research, we have compiled the best biographies and memoirs. These books allow you to explore and dissect the life. book: a reader's guide to nonfiction, fictional, and Film. Biographies of, more Than 500 of the most Fascinating Individuals.

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