Beauty parlour business plan

beauty parlour business plan

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We are offering the best quality and up to date services due to customer satisfaction. Our services include shampoo treatment, rebonding, trim and cut and also colour and bleach. 5.7.2 Distribution strategy The saloon is located at vivek khand, gomtinagar where it is the strategic place because it is near the main road and located at the industrial area. The type of distribution channel that we used is called direct marketing channel consists of the business selling directly to the customers. 5.7.3 Pricing strategy The price of the service is the amount of money charged to the customer for a particular purchase. We have decided to use competition based pricing strategy.

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5.4 Target Market Stylz hair Salon has identified the target market based on the market segmentation which are residents from the near residential area include the other potential buyer that is 7 kilometres diameter from our marathi business premise. We have chosen these target market because nowadays, people are more sensitive towards the quality of services and the price level due to the economics problems. 5.5 Forecasting Sales The sales forecast is done on a monthly basis for the first year of business and can be used for extended to cover sales for the second and third year. This section will offer a financial overview of hair beauty salon included the break-even analysis and sales forecast. Sales forecasts The first month will be used to set up the equipments that need in the saloon and hire and train the employees properly. The instalment of the equipments will be officially done in the second month. Month Sales Units (people) Rs January february march April may june july august September October november December year 1 total sales.6 marketing strategy developing marketing strategy is to enable business to plan in order to achieve stated marketing objectives. The key idea of our business is to deliver customer satisfaction yet provide business with a competitive advantage. Marketing strategy includes product, pricing, place or distribution and promotion strategy. 5.7.1 Product strategy (service) Our product strategy is referring to customer service. All of salonâs employees have been trained in exceptional customer service.

5.3 Service description Stylz hair Salon is a business service type of business which provides hair care and treatment to customer. We are providing hair care services that are beneficial to customer. This is due to our good quality services at the affordable price. We are using hair care product that is formulated by using the natural ingredients such as traditional herbs and plants extracts these not only the uniqueness of our services. Therefore, we can easily attract the potential customer use our services. Besides that, after we did some research, we have identified a strategic location to open the business. We have decided to open the business at vivek khand, gomti nagar, lucknow which is prime residential area. We will open the business 6 days per week. The business will be closed on Friday and Public Holiday.

beauty parlour business plan

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5.2 Marketing Objective the marketing concept rests on the philosophy that all activity must satisfy the needs and wants of customer and to achieve the targeted profit. Based on this concept, the objective of company can be satisfied. The marketing objective that needs to be achieved are stated as follows: quality of services â we are aiming to provide quality services through well trained workers and as well as the product that we used for hair care and treatment. Customer satisfaction â we are trying to identify the customerâs needs and wants based on the analysis made. It can be successfully fulfilled by giving full commitment when doing our business job. To encourage and improve our services â this can be achieved by preparing the effective promotion and as well as the good business environment. To ensure our salon is well known â all information needed regarding to our salon will be spreader through promotions and advertisement. To maximize profit â as all the objectives stated above are obtained, our targeted profit can be reached at its maximum point.

Others Total       Fixed Assets         Office furniture 1,3500     13,500   - â  Â  - â  - â  Â  - working Capital         Salaries   50000   50000 Miscellaneous   5000   5000    . It is also the process of planning, executing the concept, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, products or services to create exchange that can satisfy individuals and organizational objectives. It is a very important element to manage a company. As a started of a new business, the market condition and customersâ demands have been analysed. An analysis from the marketing point of view is very important in order to make the business can reach the sales target and profit as well. The status of marketing encompasses the entire business. The business identifies the needs and wants of the market for marketing plan. Marketing plan involves the activities that are carries out systematically to encourage and increase the sales of products or services as long as the activities are in line with ethical and religious practices. Therefore, hair beauty salon has developed some plans and strategies in order to introduce and inform about the services provided to our target market.

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beauty parlour business plan

Podnikatelský plán rozvoje salonu mia digitální

 to increase the number of customer day by day. 4.4 Objective â we want to be known and famous among the target market.  to give full satisfaction to customer with excellent services.  to give an adequate return on investment to partners. 4.5 Business Address vivek khand Gomti nagar Lucknow.6 Organization Chart.7 List of Administration Personnel Position.

Of Personnel General manager/Hairdresser 1 Administration manager/Hairdresser 1 Marketing manager/Hair dresser 1 Operations manager/Hair dresser.8 Schedule of Tasks and Responsibilities Position Task and Responsibilities General manager â oversees all areas of the facility on day to day operations â schedules all staff. Hairdresser â hairdressers cut, style and colour hair â provide permanent wave, straightening and bleaching treatments â advise clients on problem hair conditions, proper hair care and maintenance.  provide hair extension, wig and restorative services â responsible for keeping their work area clean and their equipment sterile, meeting state health and safety standards.9 schedule of remuneration position. Monthly salary (Rs) smallholding general manager 1 14000 operational manager 1 12000 financial manager 1 12000 marketing manager 1 12000 total 4 50000 Allowances: It is additional benefits paid to workers. They are considered incentives to motivate and encourage workers to perform their work better. 4.10 List of office equipment and supplies Types quantity Price/unit (Rs) Total (Rs) Styling Chair Styling Station Utility Tray portable washing federalist Total   90040 Office furniture types quantity Price/unit (Rs) Total (Rs) Sofa table total   13500 Other Expenses Types quantity Price/unit (Rs).

 for our business, it should examine the proposed products and services, the market, the industry, the management policies, the marketing policies, production needs and financial needs. Business background.0 business background name of Company : Stylz hair beauty salon Company Address : vivek khand, gomti nagar Lucknow Telephone/Fax Number : E-mail :stylz form of Business : Sole prop writer main Activity : Provide hair care services such as blow-drying, cutting, colouring. 4,50,000/- (Approx) Name of Bank : Bank of India bank Account. administration plan.0 Administration Plan.1 Introduction Stylz hair Salon is a partnership business form to carry out the business that provides services for hair care. Stylz hair Salon will provide the best hair care services for the target market.

Administration is the management of public or business affair. Administration is one of the important departments or parts of a business in order to control and administer all the related work in the company. This department is controlled the partners which has experiences and knowledge about this field. Besides that, there is also commitment from the others to ensure the objective can be achieved by the company. 4.2 Vision â stylz hair Salon is set up to provide good quality hair care and treatment services at a reasonable price for customers. Â this company also wants to expand the business outside of Lucknow by opening new branches within 10 years after commencement. 4.3 Mission â to make profit and increase the profit year by year.

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1.5 Date of business commencement Our business started.6 Factors in selecting the proposed business Based on the observation and survey, we have decided to operate the hair beauty salon because it is a profitable business and easy to manage. Because of our target market are students, we did a research among the lucknow thesis students and we have find out a great demand from them. Besides that, it can create a healthy competition among the other salon. 1.7 Future prospect of the business For the future of the business, we have discussed to open up new branches especially nearest to the high education institution. In addition, the business can create job opportunity to the professional workers and also helps to develop the economy for our country. Purpose.0 Purposes of the business Plan Among the main purposes for our business preparing a business plan are: â to evaluate the project viability and growth potential â to act as guideline for the management of the proposed business â to allocate business resources. Â its list a company's expected course of action for a specified period usually includes a detailed listing and analysis of risks and uncertainties.

beauty parlour business plan

Operational plan. Financial sister plan. Proforma cash flow statement 38, introduction.0 Introduction.1 Name of the company, stylz hair Salon. Vivek khand, gomtinagar, lucknow.2, nature of the business, our company, hair beauty salon have provide hair care services in order to fulfil the needs and wants of community especially students. Hair beauty salon is a partnership company that focuses in providing hair care services at affordable and reasonable price to our target market. 1.4 Location of the business Based on the research, we have found a strategic area at Gomti nagar was the marketable place for us to commence the business. It is located at vivek khand, gomti nagar, lucknow. Furthermore, customer easy to get parking around this area and the building are situated near the main road.

salonâ. Stylz hair salon, towards partial fulfillment of, master of business administration (MBA). Submitted by: manvendra singh, roll no â, submitted to:. Mba (F C) Programme (Session: institute of management sciences, lucknow university. Table of content. Business background. Administration plan. Marketing plan.

Continue reading, parlour (or parlor ) is a term used for a variety of different reception rooms and public spaces in different historical periods. Continue reading, spanish for the hair salon /. Beauty salon glossary English-to-Spanish, continue reading, free business plan papers, essays, and research papers. Continue reading take your love of art and combine it with a good business plan, and what do you reviews have? A recipe for a successful business! Get inspired by one of these. Continue reading Spanish for the hair salon / beauty salon glossary English-to-Spanish Free business plan papers, essays, and research papers. Research Paper Hypothesis measuring Critical Thinking Homework helpers books How to write outline for Essay.

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Beauty, parlour (Marketing Plan ) salon as it is not only a one time service a parlor has to provide parts but rather a whole. Beauty, clinic, business Plan, continue reading, recommended Articles. Beauty parlor Business, there are beauty parlor tips that you can rely on to secure that your business will be 100 successful. Beauty salon business plan template. Growthink's business plan consultants develop business plans for all types of beauty salon businesses. Continue reading, how to Advertise a beauty salon. One of the most important elements of owning a successful and profitable hair salon is creating a suitable and viable advertising.

Beauty parlour business plan
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  1. Hair and beauty salon Business Plan Sample - executive summary. Beauty parlor Business Plan Retail Business Plan Template 7 Free word, Excel, pdf format The solutions, interactivities go webMath is designed consultants wedding consultant business plan executive summary. Beauty salon business plan exampleBusiness. Beauty salon business plan templateSmall Business entrepreneurship. Presentation On Women Entrepreneurship: Scope and challenges of beauty parlor Business Prepared by: cuments. Planning is necessary for beauty parlour business.

  2. Diy ice-Cream Parlour "make your own Sundaes" Buffet Concept for a wedding or Party september 01, 2009. Do you want to enjoy an unbelievable beauty parlour Business Plan and unforgettable sex? Getting my beauty parlour hair style to work. Details, fiction and beauty parlour ernakulam. Free hair and beauty salon Business Plans Bplans. Images for beauty parlor business plan.

  3. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. Beauty salon Parlor, the keys to success in our business are: Location: Providing an easily accessible location for customers. Now customize the name beauty parlour business plan ppt a clipboard to store your clips. Business plan for style park hair saloon. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Beauty parlour Business Plan.

  4. Later when you move your business to a shop then you. Like in any other business, planning is a big part of what can make your beauty salon a sustainable success. Hi, i m residing in patna and want to establish beauty parlour cum spa in small investment. So how much I have to invest? Business Plan Presentation- " beauty salon Parlor ".

  5. Each start-up should have a business plan. We start with collecting data, facts, and figures. A beauty salon business plan forms the basis for further steps and measures toward starting a nail care and beauty salon business. Dont spend much but buy all the basic equipment s to support all your services smoothly. To start a beauty parlour at home, initially one might have to invest an amount of 1-2 lakh max as per your services that you are planning to provide.

  6. So worker is the valuable thing in salon and beauty parlor business. For this reason shop owner must give some extra facilities which motivate them. Collect ideas and opinions from your friends and close circle. Collate all this information and youve a business plan. Business Plan nail Care and beauty salon: Tips and Advice.

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