Are mobile phones safe essay

are mobile phones safe essay

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You hold the source of the emission against your brain. There are claims that people have had brain tumours in the exact size, shape and position as the antenna on their mobile phone. Theses were taken from the following link. P, mobile Phones are not dangerous, one of my main arguments that mobile phones are not dangerous is that they only give of a small amount of microwaves. The amount it gives off couldnt even hurt a fly. Also the Aftenprosten has issued a joint statement stating that there was currently no evidence that mobile phone use was hazardous. Nevertheless, the group reiterated a range of safety measures that they recommended phone users, particularly children, should practice. Medical director Tore tynes at the norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (nrpa) said there was no contradiction between warnings and a verdict that phones are currently safe, since possible biological effects cannot be ruled out.

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Therefore the lab phones in the microwave section are not that close to the visibility side therefore could be dangerous. Mobile phones are dangerous in many ways. For example it may not be the waves it gives off it may be the outcome of using them. So if you are driving and get distracted by the person, on the other end of the phone you well crash your car. Therefore this is not a direct attack from the phone, journey but its still a danger hazard. That is why the new law stated that it is illegal to talk on the phone while driving, unless your using hands free. Another reason that mobile phones are dangerous is because the radio waves can directly affect your brain and heat it above the temperature that it should. The temperature of your body including your brain.5o. If the temperature does go up then it will have common side effects such as, headaches, nausea etc. Overall I have only found three key reasons that Mobile phones are dangerous. I have listed them below.

Its only when its hits them, they want to do something about. The real question is do mobile phones actually cause any danger you us as human beings. The Arguments, mobile Phones are plan dangerous. Many people believe that mobile phones are dangerous because of the microwaves it gives off. I have drawn a diagram below to show what I mean. In the table above mobile phones fall into the microwave section. None of the rays in the table above are visible. The closer they are to the visibility the less harmful. Gamma rays are the most serious waves, which can burn your skin as it travels through the molecules not round them.

are mobile phones safe essay

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Many scientist have searched and searched for the reasons and they think they have a conclusion, which I will be talking about a little bit later. Scientists have recently announced that by holding a mobile phones to your ear you are causing a higher risk of ear tumours. A study taken out by Sweden's Karolinska institute found that the risk of ear tumours has raised by 4 times on the side of the head the phone is used. There was no increase in the risk on the other proposal side of the head. This is giving an overall rise in risk of 2 times. I find this writings horrific and it makes you think twice about getting a mobile phone or using. Many people are not bothered that the risk of cancers is rising and its all caused by using a mobile phone. Many people dont bother because its not happened to them.

Scientific proof, mobile phones, the mobile phones that we use today are called cellular phones. Thats where the Americans gets cell phone. Theses are small hand held devices that are used to communicate with other people such as friends and family. They send out signals, which are sent to a satellite and then sent to the other person phone. There are different types of phones and these range from nokia to motorola. Health, many people believe that mobile phones cause cancer or fatal illnesses. But are these just coincident or do they really.

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are mobile phones safe essay

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Mobile phones, computers, the Internet all of this is the result of scientific achievements. Mobile phones give of a radiation of radio frequency round 10mhz to 300Ghz. But so do other appliances. Mobile phones On New years day, 1985, michael Harrison phoned his father, sir Ernest, to wish him a happy new year. Your name Are mobile Phones Dangerous, contents, introduction. Mobile Phone facts, information on health, mobile Phones are dangerous. Mobile Phones are not dangerous, essay my personal opinion of the dangers.

Other peoples opinion of the dangers. Conclusion, bibliography, introduction, in this case study i am going to comment on the following things. Reasons that mobile phones are dangerous. Reasons that mobile phones are not dangerous. My overall thought on the subject. Other peoples thoughts on the issue.

Cell-phone etiquette is really just common courtesy. Most people today have a mobile phone. In fact, many people cant imagine how they ever got along without a portable phone. In future all technics will be connected to the Internet. Now we can connect with Internet mobile phone, photo camera, palm computers and even alarm clock. Is this threat for real, or is it just scaremongering?

Mobile phones: for and against. The technical progress goes straight in huge steps. Nowadays we dispose of different machines which surround us everywhere. We are becoming more and more dependant on mobile phones as these small and sleek devices are. It is almost impossible to find a person nowadays who doesnt have a personal mobile phone. Internet in our life ยป.

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In general, mobile phones have both pros and cons to our society. They make the people's lives and work s become more convinient. Yet, mobile phones still impact badly on health, time and communication of individuals. To advoid these problems, each person should manage the time of using mobiles reasonably. Besides, the awareness of people about the disadvantages of mobile phones should be improved. Besides, modern mobile phones are multi-function: they provide proposal access to the Internet, have various games, cameras, memory sticks, etc. Part of daily life: Mobile Phones. The modern mobile phone is a more complex version of the two-way radio which was a very limited means of communication.

are mobile phones safe essay

According to a research, the number of people accessing the web through mobile phones is now accounting for well over 15 of worldwide internet usage. Furthermore, some Office applications for mobile phones, for example, miccrosoft Office are helping employees do their business more effectively. Although it is true that people are now getting a number of advantages from mobiles, these communication technologies also have several negative impacts. Firstly, using cell phones too much will probably be harmful for human's health as it can essay increase the risk of brain cancer. In addition, children are spending a lot of their free time on using mobiles with the purpose of chatting or playing games. This is time consuming and affect negatively on their studies. Lacking of face-to-face communication is also the result of using mobiles. Instead of going out or dating, many people prefer to stay at home and use their cell phones to connect to others.

happen to the world. Do you agree or disagree? In recent years, the world has witnessed a booming number of mobile phones. They are dramatically changing the way people contact to each other. It is apparent that mobile phones has had a profound influence on personal lives. However, not all the effects of them have been positive. To begin with, using mobile phones is one of popular method s for people to communicate, relax and do business. By using c a ll or video phone, text message, we are able to keep in touch together despite a long distanc. These days, with the significant developement of cell phones, they enable users to entertain such as surfing the internet, sending photos or downloading videos and games.

Mobile phone is an essential part of our life. A mobile is a best friend of a person. A cell phone is a fashion statement for a person. Life without a mobile phone is like living without eyebrowsyou dont business really need it but it does improve your image if you have. Actually i find that other features are harder to live without. But not having a mobile phone today gets you thrown back into the cave person category. People nowadays dont even ask if you have a mobile phone they just get down to asking your number and give you this strange look of disgust coupled with astonishment if you tell them you dont have one.

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With the launch of latest models you can now keep yourself updated with the latest information. Today mobile phones are able to send messages and photo images access the internet and email play music games and lots more. We hadnt thought in our assignment wildest dreams that mobile phones would come with so many advanced functionalities and features. These small gadgets have become an important part of our lives meeting the ever-growing expectations of the customers. It's become common to see people walking down the street with their phones clamped to their ears and for some people that phone just never stops ringing. It's disturbing to think that mobile phones might actually be dangerous to our health. Is this threat for real or is it just scaremongering? It's strange not to have a mobile phone now. Today nobody can imagine his life without a mobile phone.

Are mobile phones safe essay
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  4. By using call or video phone, text message, we are able. According to a research, the number of people accessing the web through mobile phones is now. The writers engage in avenue to stay safe argumentative essay about mobile phone sure about your. How Safe Are mobile Phones Essay research. How Safe Are mobile Phones?

  5. Another reason that mobile phones are dangerous is because the radio waves can directly affect your brain and heat. Read the whole essay offline on your. There is no proof that mobile phones are a health risk, or that they are a hundred percent safe. Write an essay in which you consider the advantages and disadvantages. Millions of pounds are being invested in to finding out if mobile phones are safe.

  6. Mobile phones are considered by many as an essential part of modern day life, from the businessperson who uses the. In this essay consisting of three. "How, safe, are, mobile. Is It, safe to Use a, mobile. How, safe, are, mobile. Paper Millions of people own a mobile phone these days, and ever since they have been around scientists.

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