Another word for prepared on resume

another word for prepared on resume

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As a result, ethnic and religious differences between peoples came to the fore and the imbalance of power offered greater room for them to manifest themselves in the form of conflicts. One may or may not accept the clash of civilizations theory, but there is no getting away from the fact that the challenges to security often arise today along the fault line between civilizations. One may of course raise the alarm over instances of violations of the un charter, but one has to bear in mind that some of its basic provisions no longer fit the new conditions. For example, the un charter mainly regulates relations among states, including conflicts between countries. It continues to be an important component of international law, but it is no longer the predominant component, as before. Of the total number of wars fought in the world after 1945, only a third were wars between states, while two-thirds cannot be described in such a category. Some political scientists have spoken about the privatization of war. The un charter is of little help when it comes to conflicts within states and to ethnic clashes.

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The world is becoming less and less governable because globalization is being superimposed on another major historical process, the disintegration of the system of international relations that took shape after World War. During the cold War each of the two power centers sought to run the world in its own way. While they engaged in a tug-of-war the world teetered on the brink of disaster (suffice it to recall the cuban crisis). Gradually, certain rules of behavior were established between the powers, with the Third World and Non-Aligned movement making a significant contribution. That code of behavior included the entire body of agreements reached between the states, plus the established custom and practice of complying with them. Most of them are reflected in the un charter which came to be regarded, albeit not immediately, as english the fundamental body of international laws, and the un itself became the main controlling authority. The end of the cold War marked the end of ideological confrontation, but on the other hand it upset the military balance that had taken shape over the years. At the start of the 21st century, we see a discrepancy between the objective state of the world, which has thesis undergone colossal changes in the past decades, and the norms of behavior which took shape after, and indeed, long before world War. Ever since the 17th century, international law has been based on two principles: national sovereignty and the legal equality of nations. Now these principles tend to be brushed aside as outdated, yet nothing is offered to replace them. At a certain point countries and peoples were practically deprived of universal rules of behavior, something which made their already conflict-ridden life still more complicated.

The fact that civilization is still alive is no guarantee that the present crisis will be overcome successfully. But one exceptionally important father's step has been taken: the political elites and the leaders of the states which can still influence the evolution of the world have become aware of the nature of the threat. Not so long ago a distinguished group of scientists prepared a catalog, commissioned by the United Nations, of 53 emergency situations. They have drawn a very important conclusion: technologically, all these threats can be handled. Scientific thought has found or is close to finding solutions to the global problems. It now remains to try to unite all the reasonable forces interested in saving civilization. One need hardly stress the importance of achieving a harmony between national interests and moral principles or universal human values. But there again the question arises, who will undertake it and how?

another word for prepared on resume

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To involve a much with greater number of participants in the global processes today requires new revolutionary managers and new ground-breaking approaches. Thank god, there is no scarcity of international economic agencies called upon to organize the division of labor. Profligate apple exploitation of nature has, over the centuries, inevitably depleted the earths resources. We are no longer surprised by distressing statistics such as an area of tropical rain forests four times that of Switzerland being burned or cut down every year. There is a growing shortage of drinking water: after 2010, 40 percent of the worlds population, or three billion people, will have no, or limited access to water that meets sanitary standards. By burning solid fuel we contribute to climate change which may turn out to be catastrophic. Is humanity capable of coping with the avalanche of problems that has deluged it?

Only 20 percent of the worlds population can consider themselves to be well off, whereas if the remaining four-fifths were to achieve comparable living standards they would have to consume the resources equal to four planets the size of Earth. The new technologies that are developing in the process of globalization undoubtedly open up new opportunities. But one side effect has been the burgeoning of the shadow economy. Globalization has opened additional points of access to the official economy, and the shadow economy can only exist through symbiosis with the latter, including the business of money laundering. According to german scholars, almost half of the people on Earth live within a kind of informal (essentially criminal) economy. They pay virtually no taxes, which is one proof of the weakness of governments. In other words, all processes are being globalized, including the negative processes such as the shadow economy, degradation of the environment and terrorism.

Resume define resume

another word for prepared on resume

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In fact, all such centers are located in what we term Western countries. In confirming its technological superiority, the west has dramatically increased its capacity to influence the rest of the world. In one form or another it is implementing the principle of getting its fair share without leaving anything to the others. Thus, a fifth of the human race appropriates 80 percent of the worlds riches. While in the late 19th century, per capita income in the wealthiest states was nine times that in the poorest countries, today that ratio is a hundred to one. But is poverty and unequal distribution of wealth the only cause of international terrorism?

Terror almost always thrives on despair and humiliation and a sense of impotence, especially where ignorance reigns; the more so ignorance leavened essay with intolerance and a fanaticism that has been deliberately cultivated for many decades. For example, the ruling circles of some Arab regimes have encouraged the darkest aspects of Islamic fundamentalism in order to deflect the threat of social discontent and channel it against an external enemy. One cannot escape the impression that the root of the problem is a combination of economic factors and deliberately fostered religious fanaticism. This combination has produced an explosive mixture, which we can call international terrorism, symbolized by Osama bin Laden who comes from saudi Arabia. The economic picture of the world as a whole is bleak. The gap between poverty and wealth is colossal and, most importantly, wealth has been achieved at too high a price in terms of resources consumed.

Homo sapiens with the stark question of survival. The existence of the thinking man has always been determined by two key parameters: dependence on the environment and relations with members of his own species. Tensions are growing in both areas. The combination of old and new threats to civilization forms a synergy which suggests that the present crisis is of a systemic nature. An incredible amount of sophisticated means and devices, designed purely for killing, has been accumulated on the earth. It is hard to tell what is the most lethal (and here we must take into account not only the destructive potential but also ease of access a nuclear charge or a high-precision conventional weapon, sources of radiation or bacteria.

Efforts to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction are failing. Meanwhile, the weakening of regimes and frameworks designed to limit the arms race make it a much more complex task than it was in the period of confrontation. That is sinister enough in itself, but the problem has acquired a qualitatively new character since organized international terrorism entered the world stage. The interconnection between the hideous metastases of terrorism and the changing reality is becoming ever more evident. The danger is compounded by global interdependence which is an inherent feature of our civilization. Moreover, terrorists have no difficulty in identifying the main targets, as the number of information and innovation centers in the world shrinks as a result of the process of globalization.

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Areas of Interest (Mention your hobbies that you have). You can also put your name, cell., and mail id o the header of the page. This way, your contact details will appear on every page of your resume and make things easy for the employer. Anatoly Adamishin — write doctor of Science (History advisor to the Chairman of the board of Directors, sistema joint Stock. Financial Corporation; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (resigned). The world is entering the third millennium of the Christian era trailing a host of daunting problems. It appears to be heading for a point where quantitative changes (not always for the better for most people) will culminate in a qualitative leap that will face.

another word for prepared on resume

involved in purchasing securities, bonds and shares. Abc inc.(2006-2008 helped them set up a new branch office in Washington. developed a budget plan and managed it till the new branch was established. Prepared financial reports and balance sheets. Advised the management on the risks involved in acquiring another company. Computer skills, expert in ms office, basic Programming- c, java. Sap, achievements/Membership, awarded the best Employee of the quarter by financial Consultants. Member of xyx analysts Forum, new York.

To develop strategies based on the requirements of a company to improve their performance. Executive summary (mention your professional experience and skills in brief here). Professional expertise of five years. Good knowledge of the current market trends. Excellent analytical skills, expertise in developing financial reporting and managing fiscal account. Educational qualifications, charted accountant, bachelor of Commerce from abc university, with specialization in Financial Management. Work Experience (write your work experience in chronological order, along with the job responsibilities in detail). Investment Advisor (2008-till date financial Consultants, new York city,. Analyze the current market trend and advise the clients on the various investments plans.


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A financial analyst is responsible for analyzing financial data, develop forecasts and spot the trends in the markets. They analyze if an investment is worth making. They are usually hired by the banks, insurance companies and businesses to assess the financial risks that should be taken. They are also responsible for measuring and analyzing the financial information. So if you choose this field, it is important to know how to write a financial analyst resume. This will increase your chances of being called for an interview. Stevens Rogers, 86 West Street, new York city, ny 40009, phone.: (234), email: Objectives (do not make the objective too long). To apply my strong presentation mathematical and analytical skills for the benefit of an organization.

Another word for prepared on resume
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  3. Then you may draft your resume in the format as given below by making necessary changes. Prepared and presented reports, documents and plans in Spanish and English. Creating a strong resume that translates military experience into civilian skills is key to transitioning into a post-military. Resume without a specific objective. That way, candidates can be prepared.

  4. Prepared financial reports and balance sheets. Different countries use different terms to describe the specific aspects of what a resume /CV should contain. Have your resume /CV drafted in both languages and be prepared for your. Not so long ago a distinguished group of scientists prepared a catalog, commissioned by the United Nations, of 53 emergency situations. Use our free resume templates which have been professionally designed as examples to write your own interview winning. So be prepared to conduct a portion of any interview.

  5. How to land An Internship At google, apple And Facebook: Harvard Grad gives. World, is Not, prepared, to handle, another. In two of the three resume reviews, i found at least one statement that was too long. It might make a world of improvement to your resume and your job search. Cerner systems engineer resume must comprise of useful and relevant information in order to make your application more impressive and presentable. So if you choose this field, it is important to know how to write a financial analyst resume.

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