Allama iqbal biography in english

allama iqbal biography in english

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Presently the sanctioned posts of the University are 1899 including academicians, administrative and servicing/supporting staff. About.6 million books besides other allied materials are printed and supplied to the students yearly. The central Library of the University is equipped with a collection of over 114000 books. The Annual Recurring budget of the University for the year 2007-08.1921.848 million, of which the University generates 87 from its own resources. At present the Endowment Fund of the University is estimated.2.4000 billion. With its system of reaching the students at their homes or works places and the concept of openness, implying lifelong education, the Allama Iqbal Open University is filling the gaps left by the conventional system and taking education to the area and groups unable. As an institution of distance and open learning, aiou makes a commitment to provide high quality educational programmes to its students.

Allama, muhammad, iqbal, allama, muhammad, iqbal

D courses, 192 il/ms, 516 Masters level, 67 teachers Education, 282 Bachelor/Diploma, 80 Higher Secondary School, 30 Secondary School, 12 Women Middle Education, and 114 Functional Non-Credit/Women Basic Education courses. The University sent on air 264 radio and 382. V programmes in 2005-06. Recently the Univerdity has started to broadcast educational programmes on fm radio.6 mhz. Now the University has established a video conferrencing Network in seven selective regions to conduct classes online for Computer Science courses. Regional network, at present consists of 36 Regional Campuses /Centres with 82 part-time regional coordinating Offices throughout the country. The University has by now established 1274 Study centres yearly in coordination with formal educational institutions and the Study centres with latest computer/practical/lab facilities for the students studying in the fields of Sciences, technology and Computer Sciences in collaboration with private institutions of high repute. The University has more than 65000 registered tutors from which about 58452 part-time tutors have been appointed yearly to guide the students in tutorials and evaluate home assignments. Approximately 950 examination centers are glass established yearly at Tehsil and District level with coordination of Regional Network to facilitate the students. Up to 2007, 1121382 degrees, diplomas and certificates have been awarded.

Similarly, people living in the tribal and far-flung areas where the formal education system has not reached as yet, also get an opportunity to be educated. In this University, the period for completing their certificates and degrees is linked with students own pace and convenience. The aiou has been utilizing all possible media for instruction including; correspondence materials, radio and tv, satellite Transmission, Online teaching, non-broadcast media, tutorial instruction and Group training workshops etc. The aiou started functioning with 5 courses and less than one thousand enrolment in 1975-76, which has over the past years expanded in all directions. At present the total numbers of programmes produced are 116, and courses are 1377. In the year 2007-08, Student diary Enrolment reached to 10,31951 and course enrolment to 29,82420, out of which the females participation rate has been. Presently four faculties with 36 academic departments and Institute of Mass Education are offering a wide range of courses from Functional Non-Credit to il/Ph. At present the university offers.

allama iqbal biography in english

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Staff strength : Academic: Please indicate, other Staff: Please indicate, students Strength: Enrolment with year, location : Islamabad, pakistan. Campus : Sector, h-8,Islamabad, website : contents, contributors bal Hussain, incharge, research evaluation Centre (REC). Allama Iqbal Open University, islamabad-pakistan, e-mail: 2-Muhammad Naseem, junior Research Officer. Allama Iqbal Open University, islamabad-pakistan, email: About the University, allama Iqbal Open University a brief. Allama Iqbal Open University was established under an act mini of Parliament in 1974 being the pioneer in non-formal and distance education in pakistan because of its approach, philosophy, system, functions and overall structure. It was then the second Open University of the world, the first such University was established in uk in 1969. Now aiou is among the list of 17-Mega Universities of the world and provides an opportunity to paper working people to enhance their qualification without giving up their jobs or place of living. In pakistan distance education is particularly suited to the female population as it offers them an opportunity to study at homes.

Mirza barjees baig, department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Society. College of food and Agricultural Sciences. King saud University,. Box 2460, riyadh 11451, kingdom of saudi Arabia. At a glance, short Name : aiou, motto : Please give motto, if any, established: 1974. Mamnoon Hussain, President of pakistan. Ali Asghar Chishti, vice Chancellor.

Muhammad, iqbal - simple, english

allama iqbal biography in english

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Member of the Assessment Committee of the Intergovernmental Education Organization, United Nations, edu administrative office, brussels, belgium. Visiting Fellow at the sustainable development Policy Institute, islamabad, pakistan. Serves many International journals as member of their Editorial boards. Member of many International Organizations, he is the pride of pakistan and especially pride of Gujrat city. He is the role mode for overseas pakistanis who want to be honored and become successful in foreign countries through struggle and hard work. He was recently interviewed by a popular English Newspaper of ksa, daily Arab News. Photos, here are some photos of Mirza essay barjees baig:.

Baig receiving "Outstanding Graduate Award". At Study table, meeting with Australian Professors, in his Office at King saud University, ksa. Baig with hec fellows in pakistan. With Thai ambassador in Canada, following pictures are taken at the office of daily Arab News, ksa during his visit for interview. Contact Details. He has kindly shared his contact details with our readers: Prof.

Indonesia, popularity, fans 1, do you like this band? Mirza barjees baig is working as a professor in King. Saud University riyadh, saudi Arabia. He completed his. In Extension for Natural.

Resource management from the University of Idaho, usa and was honored with Outstanding. He got his ms degree in 1992 from the Utah State. Mirza barjees baig with his father Mirza shaukat Ali. Mirza barjees baig is the son of famous educationist and owner of Shaukat Model Schools Gujrat, mirza shaukat Ali. Barjees baig's Career at a glance. Worked as a researcher at the pakistan Agricultural Research council, Islamabad in 1983. Associated with the University of guelph, Ontario, canada as the Special Graduate faculty in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Planning from. Served as Foreign Professor at Allama Iqbal Open University (aiou) through Higher Education Commission of pakistan, from.

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Through its own self-perfection, the human being has the ability to cast off the magicians girdle ( zunnar ) of serial time and reach the eternal now of the divine. On the socio-political front, Iqbals activism was an expression of his more fundamental spiritual and intellectual concerns. His energetic efforts to awaken the consciousness of Indian Muslims, his participation in organizations such as the All India muslim league, and his idea of a separate muslim homeland won him the title of spiritual father of pakistan. Yet Iqbals concerns were by no means particularistic or merely nationalistic. He focused his efforts as well on the larger anti-colonialist pan-Islamist movement and ultimately the muslim independence movement, which he saw as a vehicle, not for yet another kind of provincial exclusivity, thesis but reviews rather for the universal humanitarian ideal, which arguably had animated his thought. See abduh, muhammad; al-Afghani; Islamism ; modern Islamic philosophy ; Wali Allah, Shah Further reading: Hassan 1977; Iqbal 1908/64, 1930, 1950, 1953, 1966/2003; Schimmel 1963; Singh 1997; Vahid 1959 Islamic Philosophy. Groff with Oliver leaman. Style, gothic Metal, status Active, formed In Unknown, country.

allama iqbal biography in english

Iqbals concern is primarily with the management journey rather than the destination, so to speak; one truly is only as long as one is moving. He even sees Satan (Iblis, al-Shaytan) as an ineliminable catalyst in the quest for the full realization of the self. For it is Iblis who gives humankind its taste for striving in the first place, provoking us to a perpetual struggle which makes possible our epistemological, ethical and spiritual development. Evil itself is thus redeemed by the necessary role it plays in actualizing human potential, and Iqbal envisions Satans prostration before the self-perfected human being as a compensation for his earlier refusal to acknowledge the supremacy of Adam. One is reminded of goethes faustian man a bit here, except that Iqbals optimal orientation towards the world is characterized by both science and mysticism, for without love ( ishq reason ( aql ) becomes demonic. On Iqbals account, even the immortality of the human soul is an achievement rather than a pre-given fact. This idea is ultimately bound up with Iqbals understanding of time, which he conceives in a two-fold way, as created serial time on the one hand and uncreated time or pure duration on the other. The former is essentially clock time; the latter is the more fundamental constant and endless flow in which all creatures have their life and being.

iqbal thinks quite highly of nietzsche, not only because of his dynamic conception of reality and his model of the Übermensch as the fully realized, striving human, but also because of his healthy anti-Platonism (Iqbal was of the opinion that Platonic mysticism had contributed. Nonetheless, in Iqbals portrait, nietzsche is like a man who has stopped at the la ilah (there is no god) of the witnessing, before he has reached the final affirmation of illa Allah (but God). Iqbals emphasis on the full realization or perfection of the self thus diverges from nietzsches insofar as it envisions God as the greatest self. It also diverges from monistic strains. Sufism, insofar as it rejects the oneness of existence, understood at least as strong identity with the divine. The perfection of the self results not in the vanquishing of God or the realization of ones unity with God, but rather with a fruitful, appropriate relationality to the divine. On Iqbals account, the human being can perfect and fully actualize itself only in relation to god. Although the human being is the apex of creation, it is still the servant ( abd ) of God. The full development of the human self is never a fait accompli, but rather involves a ceaseless striving.

However, his magnum opus is the. Book of Eternity javid-nama which he dedicated to his son. The poem recounts a dantian spiritual journey in which Iqbal travels through the spheres accompanied by the sufi poet Rumi, engaging various leaders (both Muslim and non-Muslim) in dialogues about philosophical and political problems. Iqbal only published three prose works, two of which are in English: his dissertation, The development of Metaphysics in Persia, and, the reconstruction of Religious paper Thought in Islam, which collected a series of lectures he had delivered at various universities in India. Whereas the former is for the most part a work of historical scholarship, the latter articulates a new metaphysics by means of Iqbals unique reconciliation of Muslim theology and European science and philosophy. It is generally considered one of the most important works of modern Islamic philosophy. Iqbals philosophy of the self envisions the trajectory of humanity in a dynamic, developmental and powerfully affirmative way. He rejects the myth of the fall, or rather reinterprets it as a symbolic representation of the individuals development from a primitive state of instinctive appetite to the conscious possession of a free self, capable of doubt and disobedience.

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(12891356/18731938 sir Muhammad Iqbal was without a doubt the greatest Indo-muslim philosopher-poet and possibly the most important and influential Islamic intellectual literature of the twentieth century. Encouraged by the eminent Orientalist Sir Thomas Arnold (who tutored him at the government College in Lahore iqbal studied philosophy at Cambridge with the British Hegelian. McTaggart and went on to write his dissertation at Munich University on the development of metaphysics in Persia. Upon his return to India, he first took up a position as Professor of Philosophy and English Literature, but soon decided to give up his teaching career and become a lawyer in order more effectively to propagate his political ideas and the broader philosophical conception. Iqbals primary mode of expression was philosophicaldidactic poetry, which he wrote in both Persian and Urdu. Of particular note are his. Secrets of the self asrar-i khudi in which he first articulated his quasi-nietzschean emphasis on the development of the self or ego ( khudi ) as opposed to mystical annihilation ( fana and, the mysteries of Selflessness rumuz-i bikhudi which stressed the development of the.

Allama iqbal biography in english
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  3. Biography of Rabindranath Tagore rabindranath Tagore was a bengali polymath who reshaped his region s literature and music. Home » Photos » poetry » Dew Drops On leaves. Allama, iqbal, islamic Shayari. Dictionary, english, urdu dictionary Arabic Urdu dictionary Spanish Urdu dictionary hindi Urdu dictionary French Urdu dictionary german Urdu dictionary. Served as Foreign Professor. Allama, iqbal, open University (aiou) through Higher Education Commission of pakistan, from.

  4. Allama, iqbal, open University a brief. English as a foreign Language (tefl). The University sent on air 264 radio and 382. V programmes in 2005-06. Allama, iqbal, board of intermediate secondary education, gujranwala. Essay on Rabindranath Tagore.

  5. Click on the aiou logo Clipart Picture / Gif. Allama, iqbal, open University to download. Free download of aiou logo jpg, that can be used in web page or web site.write an autobiographical essay hints to write a biography unconscious racism definition essay on our mother language hindi how to write a good essay how to write a biography. Nonetheless, in, iqbal s portrait, nietzsche is like a man who has stopped at the la ilah (there is no god) of the witnessing, before he has reached the final affirmation of illa Allah (but God). Iqbal s emphasis on the full realization or perfection of the self thus diverges from nietzsches insofar as it envisions God.

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