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wow resume

How to wow Recruiters With your Resume the mission medium

From weak to wow: Putting it All Together. When you are recruiting for a job (or applying to business school) at some point, you have to tout your accomplishments; you have to brag. Because opportunities early in your career will follow what you have already accomplished, it is incredibly important to powerfully convey those accomplishments. The interview, however, is not the time or place to do that. Strengths-based interviews are a rising trend, and in those interviews, you wont even be asked about accomplishments. Its all about preferences and feelings (When are you happiest? How do you know when youve had a good day?) But even in Behavioral or Competency based interviews (Tell me about an accomplishment, tell me about a time you led a team, etc. if you come off as smug and arrogant, youll be dead in the water.

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If done right, your resume should tell a story of expanding impact; increased effectiveness, awareness, and wisdom; and enriched credibility, trust, and authority. Heres whats in this guide. Whats the point of the resume? Mba resume basics: Stuff you probably Already Know. Understanding good Communication, make it Easy to business read: Formatting. Make it Easy to Understand: The high School Test. Make it meaningful: The ceo test. Make it measurable: quantitative and qualitative results. Make it Logical: The cause and Effect Test. Make it Personal: Individual Contributions, make it vivid: Colorful Details and Confidentiality.


Is your college still the first thing listed there even though youve been working for four years? its probably also targeted for an audience within your current company or field (i.e. Completely unintelligible and unengaging to an outsider). LinkedIn may be a source of referrals, and personal connections may be a way more important way to get your foot in the door at a new company. But a resume the is still a sine qua non in any professional recruiting process. So for all of you who are approaching a big career shift or small transition of any kind, here is my official mba resume Protocol. This guide is meant to not only help you transform your resume into a brilliant showcase of your finest accomplishments that will position you for important opportunities, but also to teach you the fundamentals of understanding and communicating real accomplishments in a succinct and compelling. Think of this think as a course in business communication rather than as a collection of tips, tricks, and dos and donts.

wow resume

How to maximize your Resume Action Words to wow the Employer

Whether you plan to go to business school one day, are in business school now, have already graduated, or have no mba plans, but just want to present yourself as a business leader, you need an mba resume. I have had the privilege of working with a lot of extraordinary people in my career. And one thing about extraordinary people is that they are extraordinarily busy. What that means is that frequently when they come to me, the state of their professional communications is a complete mess. They are too busy having an impact to worry about updating their resumes every three months, and its often been quite a long time since they properly prepared for an interview. Its human nature to tackle challenges as they come, so when you realize its time for a job transition or to apply to business school, thats the moment you turn to look at that Frankenstein mess of a resume and say: ok, lets do this. And if you are like most people, what you have there is something that started in college when you had very little experience to showcase, and then probably just got a quick update once or twice if you changed jobs. What you have is probably not only outdated and poorly structured given the current state of your career (e.g.

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wow resume

How to take your Resume From Blah to wow - glassdoor Blog

Google resume samples or resume examples and scroll through as many thumbnail-sized images of resumes as you can. Be as shallow and critical as possible. Rate them on a scale reggae of 1-10 based on sheer attractiveness. Copy what you like. Get rid of what you dont like. Theres no such thing as plagiarism when it comes to formatting a resume. (Just make sure you dont plagiarize another persons skills or experience.

Actually, im pretty sure thats super illegal.) (Note: for added fun, you can even print a bunch of these out, dress up like tyra banks and stand in front of your friends and family like there are thousands of resume examples on the internet. But i only have five fill resumes in my hands. And dear God, youre now asking yourself. Can Veronica make any more gratuitous pop-culture references in a single post? Photo Credit: t, related Posts.

So, lets not give them any more reasons to want to skim through and ignore the details. Header: This might seem silly, but when it comes to a resume your header is who you are. Your name is who you are. Your career persona (a one-sentence logline of what you can offer, which I will discuss in a later post) is who you are. Your address, phone number and e-mail, while important, are not who you are. Thats why your name needs to stand out and claim this resume as unique.

Example 3 totally misses the mark on this score. Example 2, on the other hand, goes a little bit overboard. Example 1 is close, but Id like to see the name centered, and delivered in a more exciting font. Id also like to see a title phrase in there, something along the lines of Medical Scientist with Extensive background in Laboratory Studies. Something that pops out, toward the top, telling the potential employer everything he/she needs to know in a single line. Step 4 : Ask 2-3 of your friends to perform The yard Test on your resume. For the sake of objectivity. Step 5: Did your resume pass The yard Test? If not, go to the web.

The wow effect Resume template cv resume templates

Two is the maximum number of fonts you should use on a paper resume, and the number of your fonts shall be less than two. Sorry, little monty python reference there. White space: If youre unfamiliar with this term, get familiar. White space is one of the most important factors in graphic design, visual merchandizing, publishing, really any medium where text has to engage a human being and make them want to do something. (In this case: hire you.) reviews too much white space, and your resume will look sparse and puny, like example 2. Too little white space, or white space thats all crammed into one area (like example 3) and your resume will look chunky, unwieldy and unreadable. And lets be honest, the people who read these things read a lot of them.

wow resume

a prospective employers eyeballs and the surface of their desk, upon which your resume will soon be resting.). Step 3: Assess and critique your resume as objectively as you can, purely on the grounds of visual attractiveness. Text/font: does your choice of text strike a professional, yet elegant chord? (If yes, good job!) Are you mostly using a universally accepted font, such as Times New Roman, Arial, georgia, or Calibri? Nice.) Are you using more than two fonts? (If so, give yourself a light slap on the wrist, and go back and pick two complimentary fonts.

And by extension, that means most potential employers will see your resumes appearance as a reflection of your overall attractiveness. As a job candidate, that. Here are a few examples of resumes which, while functional, may underwhelm at arms length. 1 This resume is textually un-attractive: 2 This resume is clearly balding: 3 This resume is top-heavy, and (dare i say it?) a little bit chunky:. Now that ive rather snidely mocked a bunch of peoples perfectly functional resumes, Im going to teach you a very simple method that has the power to take your resume from ho-hum to ka-pow! I call this, the yard Test: Step 1: Print out the current version of your resume. (Dont have a resume? Go now and read the entire archives of this site. Then long write a resume.

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17, flares 17, flares, veronica park is an author, journalist and world-traveler of many different past and future vocations. Keep an eye out reviews for her first published novel, which will hopefully be announced soon. In the meantime, you can read about her exploits in the caribbean and find out her opinion on pretty much everything by following her on Twitter ( @VeroniKaboom ) and checking out her website. Most people think this is the golden rule of resumes. But guess what, ladies and gentlemen? This may or may not come as a shock—judging by the current state of our government, waka waka—but we dont actually live in a world where functionality is king. No, we live in a world of skinny mocha lattes. (Not that theres anything wrong with that, mind you. I watched Jersey shore, right along with five million other Americans.) The mere existence of these things suggests that most people today do, in fact, judge a book by its cover.

Wow resume
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  2. The changes that you may choose to do with your resume include many things that you already know of, but is somewhat hesitant to include it as part. The yard test: does your. Resume, wow at Face value? By rich dematteo on December 5, 2013 3 comments.

  3. Video: How to Use, resume, templates to, wOW. Finding a job is a tough task. If you follow our mba. Resume, protocol, not only will you create wow bullets every time and a wow resume, but you will also transform your. If your resume has the, wOW factor, you will call the reader to action and land a job interview!

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