To autumn summary

to autumn summary

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She had a small brown face and small black eyes and straightglossy hair. How desirable she was to him. She made him dream even during the day. Dodong tensed with desire and looked at the muscles of his arms. This field work was healthy, invigorating but it begrimed you, smudged you terribly. He turned back the way he had come, then marched obliquely to a creek. Dodong stripped himself and laid his clothes, a gray undershirt and red kundiman shorts, on the grass. The he went into the water, wet his body over, and rubbed at it vigorously.

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Dodong started homeward, thinking how he would break his news to his father. He wanted to marry, dodong did. He was seventeen, he had pimples on his face, the down on his upper lip already was dark-these meant he was no longer a boy. He was growing into a man-he was a man. Dodong felt insolent and big at the thought of it although he was by nature low in statue. Thinking himself a man grown Dodong felt he could do anything. He walked faster, prodded by the thought of his virility. A small angled stone bled find his foot, but he dismissed it cursorily. He lifted his leg and looked at the hurt toe and then went on walking. In the cool sundown he thought wild you dreams of himself and teang.

Many slender soft worms emerged from the furrows and then burrowed again deeper into the soil. A short colorless worm marched blindly to dodong's foot and crawled calmly over. Dodong go tickled and jerked his foot, flinging the worm into the air. Dodong did not bother to look where it fell, but thought of his age, seventeen, and he said to himself he was not young any more. Dodong unhitched the carabao leisurely and gave it a healthy tap on the hip. The beast turned its head to look at him with dumb faithful eyes. Dodong gave it a slight push and the animal walked alongside him to its shed. He placed bundles of grass before it land the carabao began reviews to eat. Dodong looked at it without interests.

to autumn summary

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"Footnote to youth" was written by jose garcia e sun was salmon and hazy in the west. Dodong thought to himself he would tell his father about teang when he got home, after he had unhitched the carabao from the plow, and let it to its shed and fed. He was hesitant about saying it, but he wanted his father to know. What he had to say was of serious import as it would mark a climacteric dates in his life. Dodong finally decided to tell it, at a thought came to him his father might business refuse to consider. His father was silent hard-working farmer who chewed areca nut, which he had learned to do from his mother, dodong's grandmother. I will tell it to him. The ground was broken up into many fresh wounds and fragrant with a sweetish earthy smell.

The lesson we can learn is that marriage can wait the right time, if we want to be in this stage of life, we must prepare ourselves against the risk. I know we can all be in to it if we like too but not at the young age. This would be a lesson for youth like. Jose garcia villa is a great write coz aside from having nice story; he also had the point of view where we can have the knowledge of something related to what will happen. Footnote to youth story explains the life a youth who get married earlier without planning what will happen ahead. Youth are just triumph of their feelings that's why that came up with the unexpected events of their life, one of the reason also, was that the love of parents, it is consider as the main theme that explains the story why it happens. The author was able to explain and differentiate the life of the youth on the past and the youth of today.

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to autumn summary

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They got a child. Teang realized how hard being a young parent. Her regret of she had done and think, what would be my life if i marry my other suitors instead of dodong? Can I have the same life as of now? She regrets good so much of! Until one day, when their son grow.

He follows the footsteps of his parents. He wants to marry also at the age. He told his parents what his plans. Dodong have nothing to do but explain how hard and how risky to be in "marriage "at the young age. But like dodong before, his son also wants to pursue what he wants.

It was name footnote to youth because in the same sense, it was somekind of a reference to the youth to learn things which are far broader than their ing the word footnote to compare the lesson in the story,. G villa had managed to emphasized that the lesson was often neglected by teens which are the same with cause they are too small, we tend to skip by them. The highest point in the story is when Dodong saw her wife in the "papag" with his firstborn child. He heard his baby's cry that pierced him queerly. He could not control the swelling happiness in him.

Then Dodong wanted to touch the baby and give her a sense of father's touch. The short story, footnote to youth, was written by jose garciavilla. The characters in the story are dodong, teang, lucio, blas, and Tona. It was a story of a boy who was only 17 when he decides to marry his love one. He was dodong, and he love teang so much that he could not wait for the right age to settle down in a relationship that is hard to escape. At the age of 17 dodong and teang got married without thinking of the risk being in an uneasy part of life. They just follow what they feel. They don't think what would happen in their future.

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Dodong allow him to marry although blas was very young, the life that would fallow marrage would be hard. But ha was helpless. He could not do anything. Youth and love did triumth for Dodong and they life. He felt extrecly sad and sorry for him. Panget ng website nio gago panget ng website nio gago panget ng website nio gago fgjfk fgjfk. To know what is the relevance of title, you first need to define what is a footnote footnotes are tiny summary notes placed at the bottom of a page of a book or manuscript that comments on or cites a reference for a designated part.

to autumn summary

One night after dinner, words he would not be bolder to his fateher. He told his father that he will marry teang but some refusing circumstances was Dodong felt but after all, his father allow him to marry. Teang would give birth and after a few moment Dodong would be a father. Suddelny, he felt terriphe embrassed as he hooked to his mother of his youthful paternity. Blas was not Dodong's only child. Many more children came. For six successive years, a new child come alone. But dodong did not wont any more children but they come. Wen blas was 18, he came home one night and to his father dodong that he will marry tona, his gurl.

footnote is used to indicate a source. It is also used toemphasize something. It is entitled footnote to youth since thestory emphasizes a message that youth nowadays must know-not tomarry early. Dodong wanted to marry teang and asked his father's permission. A story about a young boy who marry at the ages of 17; it was dodong. Dodong works in the parm with his father and help his mother at home. He decided to marry teang his gurl and teang did not refuse his ofer. In other hand, he felt Shane to say how we would break his news father.

Thinking that since they are young, their love would be short, he allowed them to get married. After nine months, teang gave birth to a child named Blas. For six consecutive years, a new child came along. Teang did not complain even thought she secretly regretted being married at an early age. Sometimes she even wondered if she would have the mini same life if Lucio, her other suitor who was nine years older than Dodong, was the one she married. Lucio has had no children since the time he married. When teang and Dodong were twenty they looked like they were fifty.

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Footnot to youth is a story with a moral lesson which shows why we should not marry at a young age. Dodong felt what his father felt when his son asked him that he would marry 1 person found this useful, wikianswers is not a free service for writing critiques, essays, discussion papers, reports and summaries, or homework. This is considered cheating. We will help you learn how to write a good paragraph. Write sentences the year way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell them about this topic? Summary: Dodong wanted to marry teang and asked his father's permission.

To autumn summary
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