Qa manager resume summary

qa manager resume summary

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State of new york albany, new York Chief Information Officer oversaw the strategic management and direction of the states Information Technology (IT) resources and network infrastructure, focusing on network security, talent management, conducting benchmarking exercises. Responsible for establishing and implementing strategic plans, policies, standards of it architecture while minimizing labor overlap. Coordinated the activities of Agency Information Officers (AIO) to integrate statewide technology initiatives and ensuring compliance with policies and standards. Implemented centralized communication channel to deliver clarity within the department and create a sense of common purpose throughout a massive statewide organization. Key achievements: Spearheaded several public infrastructure anti-hacking projects in conjunction with the department of Homeland Security based on threat identification, scenario building, and oversaw multiple attacks from counter-terrorism units. Cycle systems ithaca, new York Information Systems team lead Assisted in the development of go-to-market software systems and product management for gdr routers and developed core architecture for the ios xr software product line. Discovered opportunities and presented solutions that increased revenues over 13 million per year. Drove software development Lifecycle (sdlc) process improvements, evaluated, and adopted case tools to reduce delivery times, and improve oversight, quality, and maintainability of systems.

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Executive expertise plainview university hartford, vermont Present Chief Information Officer Directly responsible for end-to-end technology and central administration for faculty members, graduate and undergraduate schools. Oversee staff of 15 it managers and specialists with a 10 million budget. Chaired cio council campus leadership group responsible for developing key strategic initiatives and delivering foundational plans to support administration, teaching, learning, and research. Implement new learning management system used by 99 percent of 3500 courses every semester. Develop student information system with every student taking part in a centralized student portfolio network. Establish rigorous education for campus it professionals to acquire common language and skills. Key achievements: founding executive director of Plainview OpenCourseWare the original Massive open Online courses sharing free courses and educational materials developed by Plainview professors openly with the world by implementing key technology infrastructure campus-wide to compile educational materials. Row chemicals trenton, new Jersey chief Information Officer Created and designed reliable and high performing Service Oriented Architecture solutions while lowering operational costs and reducing integration gone times for over 40 key constituents. Provided advice on the adoption of various it technology standards, methodologies, platforms, architectures, billing systems, and vendors. Identified opportunities and provided thought leadership on the creation of event driven, configurable interfaces and worked with vendors through successful design and delivery. Key achievements: Created enterprise software suite to assist business process flows, event flows, and gui frames with over 110 million in revenue.

O perations Management : prepare organizations to scale and supporting business agility while mitigating risk by overseeing daily policy and procedure enforcement, employee teams, outsourcing, and analyzing key performance metrics. E ntrepreneurship : identify viable opportunities for it innovation and projects with legacy programs in three industries. Security : thwart cybercrime through rigorous on-site and offshore testing and schedule and random hacking events. Key accomplishments education Instrumental in developing first moocs massive open Online courses, and edX. Successfully democratized the higher education courses with worldwide implementation system. Private it consultant for Fortune 500 company, delivering value by updating obsolete technology and systems, hiring long-term management team, and overhauling security. Government cio for State of New York, improving performance and strengthening security systems at critical state infrastructure sites, while saving taxpayer money.

qa manager resume summary

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This simple and effective formula is a win-win: it simultaneously buttresses a powerful career summary and builds even more interest in the hiring manager. Step 3: build your Core competencies A core competency section is key for closing off the first third of an executive resume. Closely examine the candidates ability to hit each core competency you would expect from a ceo: Company management capital raising Strategic oversight Product development leadership team building market Insights Sales development public Relations Client Outreach Research development budget Management negotiation This section supports both the. The candidate strategically chose keywords that would condense his essential skills into 12 check marks, which helps a hiring manager quickly grasp his core abilities and also help his resume pass Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). Aesthetically speaking, the section is visually appealing and lends order to the documents style and formatting via three columns of uniform proportions. Rg tip The first section of the resume is the most important part of the resume. Make sure to check out our How to start a resume guide. Cio: Executive resume Example candidate has numerous accomplishments in three different industries Candidate has focused their skills on key areas Candidate has provided numerous technical skills related to their targeted job Click here to download This ms word cio resume cio resume (Text Format) cio.

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qa manager resume summary

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Their professional title is large and easy to see. Indeed, this resume instills confidence fit for a ceo. Step 1: Write a strong Resume summary The resume summary, also known as the career Summary, is a snapshot shopkeeper of a candidates career that is compelling, informative, and concise like an elevator pitch. As the first impression of the entire resume, the summary is specifically written to increase reader interest and entice them to analyze the resume deeper. Here is how this candidate did it: They describe an ability to build successful companies over a 20-year career They showcase areas of expertise in the tech world They conclude with core acumen in business generation This is the model professional summary for an executive. It is concise, focused, and error free.

Yet this powerfully written section does not reveal too much information too soon, making a great case for the interested hiring manager to examine the rest of the document. Step 2: quantify your Achievements Section your achievements should be highly visible with their own section. In this section, you will need to convince a hiring manager that you are capable of delivering numerical growth in the role. One of the best ways to demonstrate this is by quantifying your past achievements. Actually, this is easier than you think: we have an easy to implement a formula that will help you quantify your achievements. The formula is structured like this: action verb area of business company name quantifiable metric/result This is demonstrated in the sample resume in the following points: Expanded market share for Intraserve, inc. Data access service from 30 percent to 45 percent over two years, increasing profit margins by 40 percent.

Oversaw product development, including software development lifecycle and implementation, testing, and. Directed all operation for service outreach and product demonstrations. Designed and led development of a highly scalable, distributed, cloud-service platform, utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Key achievements : built eight service centers in Canada, us, mexico, and Panama to process large amounts of client data. Successfully negotiated exit with Amazon Web Services in early 2010 for over 50 million. Prior Experience senior Product Manager, singular ray technologies, austin tx, electrical Engineer, texas Instruments, dallas, tx, education mba, business and Finance, ross School of Business, University of Michigan, mi 1998 bs, electrical Engineering, purdue university, id 1993 Professional Affiliations Stranet Group Investor in Midwest Technology.

Responsible for the fiscal and operational performance of the company, you report to a board of Directors. In this capacity, you will act as the figurehead and leader for all internal operations and are the public face of the company. You are strongly focused on the overall growth, expansion, and financial health of the organization you serve. You are organized, methodical, and decisive, with a proven ability to correctly read the market you operate. Your task — and its not a simple one — is to translate and compress your numerous achievements and skills into a two to three-page resume. To the greatest extent possible, you need to come up with the most relevant examples of these traits to include in your resume. First Impressions: Win Hiring Managers in the first Section The first part of any executive resume should be broken down into three distinct sections. Resume summary demonstrated Achievements Core competencies This candidate knows the first section of their resume is the most important section. They have made a visible, balanced, and exceptionally eye-catching header.

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Grew personnel from 50 to 250 and delivered revenue growth from 6 million.4 million. kansas City, mo president Brought on to deliver and manage market growth for cloud and logistics consultancy firm for warehouse industry companies. Spearheaded overhaul of numerous departments and focused on recruiting key market players, while providing functional management and establishing performance metrics. Determined profit impact of market strategies (pims) of existing products and advised on the creation of higher quality products with quicker go-to-market implementation. Implemented high-quality product development with designated sales pipelines. Advised on balancing short-term and long-term holding strategies to maximize foothold in dynamic technology market. Key achievements : oversaw the development of a new line of higher quality services by hiring a team of technologist and experts to guide summary new product development, resulting in fully integrated team with products as new core business. Expanded market share from 30 percent to 45 percent in two years, and increased profit margins by 40 percent. Cloudone (Previously, systemOne) Chicago, il president and ceo co-founded specialized quality of Service (QoS) Platform for various local business using emerging cloud-based paas business model with clients across North America and Central America with 35 million in total essays revenue.

qa manager resume summary

Core competencies, company management. Capital raising, strategic oversight, product development, leadership team building. Market Insights, sales development, public Relations, professional client Outreach. Research development, budget Management, negotiation Executive experience century industries kansas City, mo 2012 Present Chairman/ceo provide visionary leadership for.5 million technology company offering cloud-based Platform as a service (paas) for natural gas industry in the midwest. Determine strategic direction and spearhead technological integration for array of services platforms to ease database burdens on labor intensive gas companies. Lead long-range planning with industry leaders, product management, and software development processes. Oversee web browser, mobile app, terminal emulator technical development. Key achievements : Present field demonstration for products and connect with natural gas executives in North dakota, colorado, oklahoma, and Texas, resulting in high sales and 30 percent command of market share in three years.

with 20 years of leading industry expertise in founding numerous companies in domestic and international marketplaces. Facilitator and builder of world-class technology management and product development teams, with specialty in both start-up and scaled growth stages. Proven fundraising and networking skills, building fruitful partnerships with hundreds of clients and delivering multimillion-dollar bottom-line growth. Demonstrated achievements, grew Century Industries revenue from 6 million.4 million and personnel from 50 to 250. Expanded market share for Intraserve, inc. Data access service from 30 percent to 45 percent over two years, increasing profit margins by 40 percent, with higher quality services. Founded CloudOne with two other co-founders with highly profitable exit.

As an executive, your achievements will be under scrutiny. Make sure they stand out. Your skills statement must be concise and informative. Try to put your skills in distinctive sections tailored to your targeted position. Disclaimer: typically the board of Directors, majority shareholders, venture capital investors, committees, hr directors, and/or headhunters will be in charge of assessing an executive candidate and their resume. For this article, we will use the term hiring manager. make a resume in minutes ceo: Executive resume Example, candidate has a successful and extensive work history spanning 15 years. Candidate has harnessed their skills in cloud computing to service a niche sector.

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Table of Contents: Executive resume: General Writing Tips, ceo resume margaret Example and Text Format. Cio resume Example and Text Format. Cto resume Example and Text Format. Related: Executive cover Letter Samples, executive resume: General Writing Tips, we recommend that your resume be two pages. However, in some circumstances, a three-page resume is acceptable. Write a standout resume summary. A resume summary will be similar to a persuasive elevator pitch to hiring managers. Achievements must be highlighted in the first part of your resume.

Qa manager resume summary
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  1. List of resume action words and power words to use instead of: team player, leadership, responsible for, communication, and lots more. The dark side of the Cross: Flannery o'connor's. A list of things you will need as a psw and more importantly the tools you will need to get hired as a personal Support Worker. Essential duties and maintain a sales manager : how to help you paper in microsoft word. Objective to investigate change in mental health after smoking cessation compared with continuing to smoke.

  2. A resume of the customer service representative has to include job aspects that showcase the applicant level of knowledge, skills and experience on this type of job. Interview questions for qa tester Author: Prakash Nepal Started: Janury 25, 2007 Background: t has been around more than 10 years now (Time just flies huh!). We are committed to diversity. Apple is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative action Employer. We will share a real world Selenium resume or Selenium cv & discuss what you should put in your resume, how. Easily applicable to manual testers, developers.

  3. Best quality assurance resume samples and examples - you can download easily - career objective - seeking assignments in Commissioning / Production Management /Quality management with an organization. Can you write a masterpiece of a software tester resume that will turn into an interview call? This article covers everything you need to know to write an effective software testing qa resume. Resume qualifications examples Now we will show you some examples so you can prepare your curriculum vitae the best way possible. Remember that in this section you should remark your skills and abilities which absolutely say something good about you, the academic preparation and formation, the training received,. Software Engineer Resume Example for professional with sample showing knowledge of software development and object oriented design using java.

  4. Professional summary: having Around 8 years of experience in Software testing in the areas of Web based, Client - server applications using Manual and Automation testing techniques. Seasoned it-project Manager/Release manager/Implementation Manager with over 11 years of solid it experience with outstanding project planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills with ability to support multiple simultaneous projects in a matrix organizational structure. Do you want a better executive resume? We offer great tips and best practices to guide you. Download our free example and begin improving your resume today.

  5. QA resume sample provides template that qa tester needs for preparing resume. Objective : software qa engineer. Summary: 5 years of solid experience testing web based software applications. Post your resume are you a food and beverage manufacturing professional? Post a profile with us to manage your job search, allow employers to view your credentials and utilize m to its full potential. Network manager Resume Example for Senior Network Administrator responsible for management and support of large network lan / wan infrastructure.

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