Paragraph writing eid ul fitr

paragraph writing eid ul fitr

Paragraph on, eid al-, fitr

We can't add a seperate section for every year. Ozzykhan 14:16, (UTC) the section is also"d directly from this article, so i'm removing it entirely. goldPseudo 04:41, (UTC) Eid stamp edit The. Postal Service commemorated the observation of the holiday with a postage stamp: image. That image is kind of crappy and pixelated- if a better image can be found, would it be a suitable addition to the article? Spikebrennan 22:32, 3 november 2006 (UTC) History section edit removed phrase: "More information please people. I use this website for pure research and this small amount is unacceptable" as commentary of this nature is not relevant to the subject of the page.

Essay on Islamic Festival

It is neutral, and even if there was only 2 countries in english the world that are not western type (Which is not true, the 'western countries' do not effect Asia and Africa as much as you think). So even if there was only 2 eastern diplomatical countries in the world, the En wikipedia will still be neutral, as all those are. You don't switch through languages to see different povs, fact. I hope you understand this. Eid-ul Fitr in Arab countries edit we have sections about eid in usa, canada, india, iran, pakistan, indonesia, philippines, etc. But where are the arab one? Nielswik (talk) 23:32, (UTC) I was thinking the exact same thing. Arab section please.- darkCyclone 21:19, (UTC) Eid ul-Fitr in the Gregorian Calendar edit do we really need a seperate section for this? The information is mostly available in the Infobox and the timing section already, and keeping changes synced between them seems redundant. goldPseudo 03:57, (UTC) Eid ul Fitr in 2006 edit This section is completely pov - and I don't think it is needed in the article.

Therefore, eid al Fitr it is! IstiArief 11:51, (UTC) Islamic versus Western pov edit i changed "non-islamic countries in the west" to "western countries" wikipedia by itself could only be a product of the openness that makes western civilization great while "non-islamic countries in the west" somehow assumes that not being. Therefore, western society should be the default, expecially on the english wikipedia. Perhaps on the arabic version an islamic society should be the default. Huckfinne 04:36, (UTC) ( talk ) 12:46, 6 September 2010 (UTC)12:47, 6 September 2010 (UTC) I claim your comment very irrational. In wikipedia, you do not go to the English wikipedia to see everything in favor of America and the uk, you don't. The content should be completely the same in both arabic and english. And i also claim your words 'most of the world moving towards a western based open society.' This article and the. Wikipedia does not serve biography any needs of the usa or the uk or Canada or Australia.

paragraph writing eid ul fitr

Eid - ul, fitr in pakistan

The muslim world has many languages, as everybody knows, arabic is one of them of course. Arabic article name, make no any sense for other nations. Suggestion; Lets named it in English. All other names in different languages redirected to English legs named article. Regards Mustafa akalp tc writings 12:58, (UTC) i am not sure what is meant by the proposal. In English the holiday is refered to by its Arabic name, which happen to be language of the koran. So then the title should be eid al-Fitr, as. Bertilvidet 22:34, (UTC) i agree with Bertilvidet. Muslims around the world have different languages, but Arabic unites them, it is the language of the qur'an, the prayer recitation, and even the universal islamic greeting, As salam alaikum.

Gren 11:31, (UTC) I threw in the section on Eid around the world after reading this 1 article, with the idea that it could eventually become its own article, or even collection of articles. I didn't cite the article because i was lazy, and now edit creep makes the task more daunting. I'll try to reference things, but what do people think about spinning off a new article, a la Christmas worldwide? Smmurphy 05:03, 3 november 2005 (UTC) What is eid-ul-fitr in short Ramzaan. Anirudh Emani ( talk ) 14:05, 10 September 2010 (UTC) 2005 date edit since it's now already 2006, using the future tense for talking about the date (in the Gregorian calendar) or Eid ul-Fitr doesn't make much sense. Either the date is certain (since it's in the past or there are still disagreements, but either way, the past tense seems appropriate. And if it's certain, then saying when the date was determined to be seems like a good idea. pne (talk) 12:19, (UTC) Chand raat edit It is not a variation on the word Eid ul Fitr, for more information look at Chand raat - ali 10:37, (UTC) This is a holy days for all muslims.

Short Essay on, eid - ul, fitr

paragraph writing eid ul fitr

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I think it's fitter, but, you need points to it more. (the dot being under the r, to show it's not really affected by the letters around it). That was a really bad explanation but someone who probably fails at pronouncing. . gren 11:31, (UTC) Eid is pronounced as 'eed' as in the word "feed". Ul is pronounced as 'ull' as in the word "pull". Fitr: the "fit" can be pronounced as the English word fit (meaning lean however the "t" is pronounced as in the word "what" and followed by a "r" pronounced in a standard manner. Unreferenced edit When I paper saw the eid in the us section added I realized this article has gotten large but the sources are not really expanding.

I personally don't know much about local traditions. I would say that in America it really depends on your community. The pakistanis i know celebrate Chānd Rāt so i would say there is no real distinct American tradition. We need to cite all of this though. What we have now seems too narrow and specific.

joy shallot 20:31, (UTC) Just make sure that this article is found when someone searches for "Eid". I'm not the biggest expert in Islam nor editing wikipedia but here is something about the title. This is the first time in my life i'm hearing this title. In Turkish we use 'ramazan bayramı the translation is 'ramadan Holiday' (or it can vary as feast of Ramadan, ramadan feast, etc.) or as an unofficial term we use 'şeker bayramı the translation is 'candy holiday' (as always it may have variations) because of the. I'm not sure the Arabic name must be kept.

It better be a generic name like feast of Ramadan and there must be links. And I better write a paragraph or so for the holiday in Turkiye. — jack in the box 12:40, 4 november 2005 (UTC) Pronunciation edit how do you prononciate  this? TomCerul 22:33, (UTC) Eid, is the 'eed' in need. Ul is sometimes 'ull' as in hull, but often a mixed or leaning towards 'ahl' as in "doll" if you know the food. This is a guess kind.

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Using Eid al-Fitr makes it clear to English speakers that the operative words are eid and Fitr. This article uses both forms Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Fitr. Shouldn't we strive to be consistent? transliterating arabic will never be consistent :P It's something one has to deal with I guess. It seems that the russian translation is incorrect, however, a native speaker of the russian language should verify this.— yardage Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk contribs ) The article gives a pretty exact usd" for the zakat al Fitr, but in which country. shallot 20:42, (UTC) Now it talks about "basic foodstuffs but the list is rather Arab-centric. How is it done elsewhere? joy shallot 09:38, (UTC) Upon some further investigation, i don't see much reason not to rename this page into an English title - for example feast of Ramadan, a term known to google at least. I don't know to what extent the Arabic word is more Islamic than others — we've already got recorded various Turkish/Albanian/Bosnian, Indonesian and Singaporean variants.

paragraph writing eid ul fitr

It is same like koran. Some of people will spell it as Koran, in Malaysia we path spell it as al-Quran, but some of the book will spell qu'ran or Quran without 'al'. Or another example, united State of America. At Malaysia, we call it as Amerika syarikat. So it is still refer to usa, rite? In the Philippines it's pronounced /edilfitr/ but in English we should standardize the spelling. I prefer the form Eid al-Fitr. The "al" is well known in the English-speaking world as an Arabic prefix.

2002 (UTC) the question is not that simple to answer: there are two forms in arabic, one declinated (eid ul-fitr) - the u signifying the nominativ - and one in pausa, case independent (eid al-fitr the other problem is that. Usually this is transcribed by a small superscript. Does anybody know a unicode-entity for this? elian The all spell of Eid ul-Fitr are same. In Malaysia we spell it as Aidilfitri. The spell is not important because it will back to the same meaning back to the fitrah ( natural tendency ).

Mid-importance on the project's importance scale. This article is within the scope. Wikiproject Festivals, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage. C-class on the quality scale. Mid-importance on the importance scale. Contents, spelling business edit, granting that we're talking about translating cross-alphabetically, but can we get some agreement on the "proper" spelling of this festival? Where exactly do the accent marks if any go?

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This article is of interest to the following. Wikiprojects : This article is within the scope. Wikiproject Islam, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage. Islam -related articles on wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. C, this article has been rated. C-class on the project's quality scale. Mid, revelation this article has been rated.

Paragraph writing eid ul fitr
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  3. Than 15 sentences tags: 10 sentence essays, kids composition. For essay files on ul pdf eid fitr and against essay ppt to pdf argumentive essay about trends how to write a hook for a thesis creator. Bur really, writing eid ul - fitr is akin to writing Roger spants for Roger's pants. Steinbach (talk) 13:39, (UTC). Eid al- fitr, an English topic contains everything you need to know about Eid al- fitr and its importance in the hearts of Muslims where. for the holidays eagerly for its happiness and pleasure in the hearts of young and old, everyone loves Eid ul - fitr and Eid ul-Adha.

  4. Press offers a timed custom writing expository essay on eid ul - fitr and juliet hate theme. What is, eid ul, fitr, a topic in English where you will find all the information you are looking for about. Eid ul, fitr and its. When is, eid ul Fitr, a topic in the English contains many different ceremonial manifestations characterized by eid ul - fitr and. eid al- fitr is a festival that shows brotherhood and family reunions.

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