My dog ate my homework

my dog ate my homework

My dog Ate my homework!

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my dog ate my homework

The dog Ate my homework: Sara

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My dog ate my homework - kid jokes - avzio - make4fun

my dog ate my homework

My dog ate my homework

Phil would never miss. That is, until Phil called our neighborhood Watch block captain. Scott Adams is the creator of the. Scott also has a blog. The other day scott had a post where he lamented the discussion of dropping Pluto as a planet, because it brought out the worst in bloggers who tried to be amateur comedians.

Apparently i am guilty. Over the year, i have tried to inject humor into this blog. MonthArticleHumorReference, aug-06, to cer, with love, title is a sound alike pun on the. To sir, report with love movie. To sir, with love, area 51?

At least bear is cheap. I went home at noon the other day after picking up Meg from preschool. I searched the house again. I searched the yard, muttering the whole time about the need to retrieve ducks, not keys. Bear slept through it all, megs blue stuffed porpoise under his chin, the last thing hed retrieved before we left for work. This is not the first time bears retrieving has been a problem.

Knowing his penchant for carrying things, my husband taught him to get the paper every morning before we feed him breakfast. The sunday paper is a challenge, but bear is one master retriever. After several weeks, bears dog logic kicked in: If I go out and get one paper and get a can of food, Ill get two cans if I grab another paper. So he started bugging me to go out again each morning after hed eaten. Mornings are a crazy time at our house especially before the second cup of coffee so when bear returned with a paper in his mouth, i assumed it was ours. Then Id notice that I was reading one paper, doug another. The dog had gone next door to our neighbor Phils driveway and retrieved his paper. Amid cries of bear!, we would rewrap one paper and throw it back into Phils driveway. It was early, we thought.

A dog Ate my homework - tv tropes

Maybe bears sitting on them? Maybe he dropped them in the fish tank? Hes not tall enough. Maybe he hid them in my kitchen set? Maybe a monster ate with them? It only seems like that, meg. I had to call the University of Central Florida to report Id lost the keys to my classroom. (Im going to be a whole lot assignment more sympathetic the next time one of my journalism students gives me the my-dog-ate-my-homework excuse.) The communications Department manager laughed and told me about a friend whose dog took money and hid it around the house. Ninety bucks at one sitting.

my dog ate my homework

Weve looked on the couch, in the couch, under the couch. We looked in the closets, in the laundry room, under the beds. We looked in Megs toy box, in the garage, in the grass. Doug walked around the yard at night, flashlight in hand, looking alphabet under trees and bushes for a flash of metal. One of the neighbors called to make sure there wasnt a burglar in the yard. We keep asking, bear, whered you put the keys? And he just keeps wagging his tail and smiling, thinking its all a game like the night Meg tried to teach him to play duck-duck-goose. We have searched everywhere and asked ourselves a hundred questions about the location of my keys.

them from the coffee table, from the kitchen table, from your hands. And then he parades around with car keys and house keys sticking out of his mouth. This seemed cute enough until the other day, when bear took my keys as I walked in the door from work. Then he lost them. Or, with my luck, ate them. Its been weeks now, and I still cant find my retrievered keys. And bears not talking.

We adopted him ourselves. With his happy-dog face that looks like hes always smiling, bear has become our 5-year-old daughter Megans best buddy, an salon 80-pound pal who doesnt mind modeling scarves and hats and necklaces, who patiently pulls her tricycle or wagon. Hes a dog who gets Christmas cards from his groomers, is nicknamed Bed Hog because he sleeps and snores on the bed when its cold, a dog who never met a child he didnt greet with a wagging tail and that smiling face. Bear is the perfect dog. But his retriever instincts are the pits. He doesnt retrieve ducks. He retrieves everything else. Socks, purses, shoes, megs teddy bears, pocahontas dolls bear retrieves them all. Go get the mail and bear wants to carry the letters.

The dog Ate my homework - cbbc - bbc

For This Golden Retriever, It doesnt take much to be happy a 5-year-old, The paper, The neighbors Paper, a set Of Car keys. April 7, 1996by wendy Spirduso, he is a pure golden retriever, a dog bred for sport, bred to swim into bogs and gently grab ducks shot from the sky. Hes raised to have a soft mouth, one that will not ruffle the feathers or meat of the slain fowl, one that will return the prize to his master business as soon as he steps from the water. He is relaxed but responsive, sensible and easy to train, according to The Encyclopedia of the dog. The problem is, the dog encyclopedia never met bear. We adopted him from the Orlando humane society six years ago. He had awful sores on his legs caused by stress, the vet would later tell us and his owners didnt want him anymore. My husband and i, volunteers in the shelters foster-care program, took bear home to nurse him. He never made it back.

My dog ate my homework
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  1. Energy and persistence conquer all things. benjamin Franklin There are few words to describe my experience last week as a whirlwind carried me through my first. Follow The dog Ate daron s Homework.

  2. Birth of dwf: i can have carol call you. Do your homework before painting or sealing cool deck. Maybe a monster ate them? Or, with my luck, ate them. November 5 let me start by inviting you to email.

  3. It s a spin on my dog ate my homework excuse. DisneycarToys Alex doesn t want to do his. I have to cover rearden Commerce and the only excuse i have for not doing much more than mentioning this rather amazing bunch is a the dog ate my homework excuse. For each crime there was always an excuse or a lie, like my dog ate my homework, or it grew arms and legs and walked off. Electronic review processes avoid the my dog ate my homework.

  4. My dog ate my homework. So, i know that I said on Sunday that I would post every day this week. In this old style game, help John, the boy, escape his dog on his way to school! Dog, ate, my, homework. Most writers know better than to say their dog ate their homework, but almost any editor or blog manager has heard the following seven excuses before.

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