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How to get Mpesa Statement or Mpesa mini Statement

It is easy and safe to use. The app scans your existing m-pesa sms messages on your phone to create a database on the transactions. Through the app you will get the convenience of viewing the m-pesa transactions from the comfort of your home or desk. Safaricom Selfcare, you can also down load your download your Mpesa statement online through Safaricom Selfcare. All you need is to visit and register for Safricom selfcare Account. After registering and completing the process you will be able to log in and download your statement. Safaricom Mini statement, once can also get a mini statement if they are only interested in a certain information.

Mpesa statements on Email mpesa rates

Go to your email account, and open. Look for an email from safaricom which contains your statement. You will not be able to open the document as it is password protected. There are other steps that you will need to do before the Mpesa statement opens. Click the document and you will be prompted for a password. Key in your identification document registered with your Mpesa line. What you used to register your line. It can either be: National id, military id, passport, alien id, diplomatic. Mledger, one can also obtain an Mpesa statement though the safaricom m-ledger App. The safaricom m-ledger App enables you to keep track of paper your m-pesa account.

Below are various ways on how to get an Mpesa statement online. Instead of going all the way to safaricom centre or customer care offices you can do it yourself. How to get my pdf m-pesa statement how do i get my mpesa statement online? On your Phone dial *234 select my mpesa Information which is number 2 key in the number 2 and click send. Select Full Statement, type in your id or passport number. Type your email address. Confirm your email address is correct. How to download Mpesa statement online.

How to get Monthly m-pesa Statements via email

There are a number pdf of ways on how to get your Mpesa Statement Online. We are going to look at each step below. The Mpesa by safaricom has dominated the market for many years. It is a mobile mobile money transfer platform that enables you to transfer money, pay bills, buy goods and services as well as save. The safaricom Mpesa statement enables you monitor your expenses as well as transparency with Safaricom. If you are using a company line to receive transactions as well as make payments it also helps you for accountability purposes when you are reconciling the books. When you know how to download Mpesa statement online is a big milestone that can help you print or save your transactions that you have done through M-pesa. This is very important fuller when you do not receive any receipt for the transaction. Contents, how to download Mpesa Statement Online.

How to get Mpesa full Statement via email. To get a full Mpesa statement, you need to do some simple registration with Safaricom right on your phone. The procedure for getting a full statement is the same as that of the mini statement up to step number 3 above. At step number 4, select Full Statement. Enter your id number, enter your E-mail address where your full statement will be sent. Getting your Mpesa statement through email is more secure than via sms. Therefore, for privacy reasons, it is advisable to delete the Mpesa mini statement sms after you are done with. Find quick Steps on How to download Mpesa Statement Online. You might want to get a quick mpesa statement to confirm some transactions or for a particular purpose within your office.

5 Different ways to get your m-pesa mini or Full

mpesa full statement

How to get your Mpesa Statement via email 2018

For all the 5 Mpesa transactions, the mini statement shows the date, the type of transaction, and the amount transacted. A transaction code for each Mpesa transaction is also provided for the purpose of making susan a follow-up on any anomalies. You can request Mpesa mini statement for a maximum of 5 times in day. Mpesa mini statement: How to request Mpesa Statement via sms. This is how to get Mpesa mini statement in your mobile phone. Dial *234 on your Safaricom line. Select my mpesa Information, select Mpesa Statement, select Mini Statement and press Send.

You will get a confirmation message stating that you will receive your Mpesa mini statement shortly. This will be followed by a mini Statement sms from Safaricom. The mini statement starts with your most recent transaction and ends with the 5th recent transaction. I hope you have learned how to get an Mpesa mini statement. You can request a mini statement whenever you need to confirm your recent Mpesa transactions. Remember that the mini statement shows you the 5 recent transactions.

We hope this guide has shown you how to get Mpesa statements online in a quick and effective manner. Subscribe to watch new videos source. Mpesa mini statement is a free service that shows you the last 5 Mpesa transactions. The Mpesa statement is an official transaction statement from Safaricom Mpesa. This service enables you to always track your recent Mpesa transactions. This guide informs you how to obtain Mpesa statement from Safaricom.

The procedure for getting both the mini statement and full statement are explained here. The Mpesa mini statement is a secure sms from. Safaricom that every regular Mpesa user should know how to get. It is a free sms service from Safariom and you dont incur any. In fact, you get your mini statement in a few seconds after requesting. Mpesa subscribers can track every activity in their Mpesa account. Each Mpesa mini statement shows your cash transfers, withdrawals, and other forms of transactions. The Mpesa statement retrieves transactions that are older than an hour. Therefore, any transaction that was done in less than an hours time will not show in the Mpesa mini statement.

Quick Steps on How to get your Mpesa Statement

Simply head to and register for Safricom selfcare. After completing the necessary details you should get a verification sms on your phone. Mledger you can also get your Mpesa statement using the Mledger Mpesa app that scans your existing yardage Mpesa text messages on your phone and afterwards creates a database from them. The higher the amount of Mpesa information one has on the phone, the more information m-ledger will have to process. Download Mledger from your android Appstore to get your Mpesa transaction statements. Mini business statement you can acquire a mini statement to shorten your results and focus on either a specific month or duration in time. To obtain your Mpesa mini Statement use the steps below; dial *234 go to my mpesa Information choose mpesa statement select Mini Statement If you select full Statement you will be registering for the Mpesa statements on Email Mpesa online has advanced Kenyans by linking.

mpesa full statement

Select full, statement key in your id or passport number. Input your email address. Ensure that your email address is correct. Mpesa statement online, access your email account and scroll to the safaricom email containing your statement. The email containing the, mpesa statement is password protected. When prompted for a password all you have to do is key in your identification document registered with your. That could be either of the following; National id passport Military id diplomatic id alien id safaricom Selfcare It is possible to download your Mpesa statement online through assignments accessing Safaricom Selfcare.

account for money. Knowing how to download your, mpesa statement online can save you the daunting task of always keeping receipts from transactions that you may have done through. This article focuses on providing knowledge on the various methods to get. Read this article and get informed! Instead of going through such a tedious process you can easily keep records through accessing your own data via. How to get my, mpesa statement, dial *234 and Select 'my, mpesa. Information' key in the number 2 and press send. Select mpesa statement ' key in the number 1 and press send.

M-pesa Produsts, my m-pesa information, m-Pesa agent services, merchant services. Stawisha na m-shawari, for the mini paper statement choose option 2 my m-pesa information. Here there will be 6 options. M-pesa statement, tariff query, report complaint, business numbers, hakikisha. Next of kin, choose option 1 m-pesa statement, you have two option to pick from. Full statement, mini statement. Select 2 mini statement, you will receive your m-pesa mini statement shortly thereafter with five last transactions If you a want the procedure for a full statement click here. This will be sent to your email address every fifth of the month In short dial.

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Like any other transactional service, it was imperative that m-pesa introduces Statements to help customers know how they are spending their money and thus help them manage. Thanks to the ever innovative guys at m-pesa you have two options of accessing your m-pesa statement. You can either get a mini m-pesa statement that is ussd based and comes as an sms to your phone or you can opt to get a monthly m-pesa statement though your email address. Here we look. How to get an m-pesa mini. Go to this link for procedure on essays how to get. To receive your mini statement sent on your phone :- 1Dial *234 there will five or four options to choose from.

Mpesa full statement
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  1. M-pesa Statement ) you will then choose if you want your full statement or Mini statement. Vodafone m-pesa limited (cin.: U67100MH2014PLC258108 peninsula corporate park, ganpatrao kadam Marg, lower Parel, mumbai-400013, India. M-pesa is a mobile money transfer service, with Safaricom M-pesa service anyone can send money in all over Kenya and with kcb m-pesa account you can avail instant loans up to Kshs.1M).

  2. Related :How to get. If you a want the procedure for a full statement click here. This will be sent to your email address every fifth of the. You might want to get a quick mpesa statement to confirm some transactions or for a particular purpose within. How to get your, m-Pesa Statements through Email, sms or M-ledger.

  3. Mpesa mini statement only shows your recent, mpesa. You can also get your. Mpesa statement using the Mledger, mpesa app that scans your existing, mpesa text messages on your phone and. This guide informs you how to obtain. Mpesa statement from Safaricom. The procedure for getting both the mini statement and full statement are explained here.

  4. Mpesa statements can now be received by email on the 5 th of every month. If its your first time to use the service just dial 234 Select. M-pesa information Select, m-pesa statement, select full Statement, enter National id or document of registration Enter e-mail address and confirm. Mpesa Statement is a report that shows the transactions. A mini statement and a full statement.

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