Essay on visit to a hospital

essay on visit to a hospital

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They handled the ball very tactfully. Our players delighted the spectators with their smashes. We won the second game too. The match was over. Our players went mad with joy. We won the match.0. Subject, write an English Essay on Visit to a hospital Essay  in your words. Complexity, easy, grade/Class 1st to 5rd standard, number of words 180 words.

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The game became brisk and interesting. Now our opponents equalized us in no time. It was a thrilling jones game. The spectators were charmed to see. We won the first game by 15. Then there was an interval. Both he teams took dissertation light refreshment. The game started again after sometime. It became brisk and exciting in no time. Our opponents wanted to win the second game. But our players played united.

There was a toss. We won the toss and chose our side. It was a well contested match. Our captain served a nice service. Our opponents failed to return. We won five points. Our opponents played well but parts they could not return. Our opponents played well but they could not return the ball.

essay on visit to a hospital

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A volleyball match, last Sunday, a volleyball match was played between our school team and the. It was played in our school ground. It was a friendly match. Many spectators came to see the match. The students of both the schools had come to cheer their players. The match started.m. Singh acted as referee. He blew the whistle and both the teams entered the ground. The players were in the respective uniforms.

There were ten others who were in a critical condition. They needed blood promptly. Some volunteers came forward. I also donated blood for them. I had been feeling very sad. But, i felt somewhat relieved on this small good act. Although Thomas Hardy has called life: A dim vast vale of tears, yet we can mitigate this misery to some extent through small sacrifices and selfless good deeds. I returned home in a contemplative but satisfied mood.

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essay on visit to a hospital

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They had to stand on their toes to look after the patients. I came to know that the condition of some patients was critical. Inspire of the best efforts of the doctors, their condition was deteriorating. Either their diseases were too well-trenched and they had reached the hospital too late or they were too old to stand even the best treatment. Vital organs of some of them had been partially pov or completely destroyed. Soon one of the patients expired.

There were heart-rending cries from the relatives. The doctors and the nurses, who had been rushing to and fro, now were motionless and looked morose. Soon a loud noise was heard outside. The passengers who had received serious injuries in a road accident had arrived in the Emergency ward. Two employment of the patients breathed their last immediately on reaching the hospital.

But sometimes circumstances force us to. It so happened with me last week. One of my friends had been admitted there. He had been suffering from some infection. The private doctors could not treat him properly.

As I reached the hospital, i found a great rush of visitors whose relatives had been admitted there for one or the other ailment. Every ward was overcrowded. Private rooms were all occupied. My friend was in the general ward, which was badly congested. Image source : m, advertisements: Fortunately, i found that my friend had almost recovered and would be discharged in a day or two. He was now allowed to take all kinds of food. He was all praise for the doctors, nurses and ward boys for their conscientious and amiable treatment. He told me that even the duty of the paramedical staff was very hard.

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Some of the people were going home after recovering completely from their illness and were in essays highly delighted mood. Conclusion: As a whole, the entire hospital presents a very gloomy look when I left the hospital. The plight of the patients and the curiousness of the atmosphere prevailing there touched me deep within. The behavior of doctors and nurses are worthy of commendations. They acted most wisely and ably in handling problems of the patients. When I came out of the hospital, i realized that there is a whole lot of difference in the atmosphere that prevails inside and outside the hospital. 368 words essay on, a visit to a hospital (free to read). A hospital is not much of a place worth- visiting.

essay on visit to a hospital

The procedure took a text half an hour. For the first time i saw a ct scan machine. It was huge and the room was fully air conditioned. I asked a nurse why the room air conditioned? She said so that the patients infection doesnt spread to anyone,. It is infection free. Some patient who were accompanied by their relatives. The relatives were squatting in lawns of the hospital.

one and that too very sympathetically and patiently. He entered my Grandfather room for checking. He investigated what was the condition of my Grandfather and informed to take investigations like blood, Urine, ct scan (abdomen) and endoscopy investigations. The view of investigation room: Then, i spoke with the nurse to show the investigation department to know what was the procedure to take place during the alone investigations. Next day, morning when i again went to see my grandfather they took blood sample of my grandfather and they adviced to take him to the ct scan department. I went with my grandfather to see the ct scan department. There i was restricted to enter.

Then i entered the hospital right side was the enquiry office and left side was the information office. I went to the enquiry office and enquired about the ward to find where my Grandfather was admitted. Description of indoor wards: Firstly, i passed through the surgical ward. I saw patients lying silently on their leads. Some of the patients had their arms and legs bandaged and plastered. Various Nurses and Doctors were attending on them. The doctor was directing the nurse to give the necessary treatment and medicine. His way of talking itself was very consoling. Quietness was prevailing in reviews the whole ward.

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Introduction: we will write dates a custom essay sample on Visit to a hospital specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Visit to a hospital specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Visit to a hospital specifically for ypu. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, a visit to a hospital in a whole lot of experience in itself. During this summer, one of my Grandfathers was admitted to a hospital due to his illness. When I went to see him, i went to the hospital for the very first time in my life. My grandfather was admitted in Billroth hospital. Enquiry: As i entered the hospital, i saw people going here and there. First I saw a temple on the right side of the entrance, on the left side a outpatient pharmacy.

Essay on visit to a hospital
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  1. John's Hospital on account of a motor cycle accident. A visit to a hospital is not always pleasant. Yet, it teaches us a lot about the pain and suffering of men everywhere. A hospital always give. However a kind passerby, a stranger, had taken him to medical college hospital.

  2. Points: Introduction The view of the hospital Inquiry about friend description of outdoor wards. Visit to a hospital Essay. Visit to a hospital. A visit to a hospital in a whole lot of experience in itself. It was when I went to visit him over the weekend that I realized how busy a hospital.

  3. Free sample essay on a, visit to a, hospital. A visit to a hospital is a whole lot of experience in itself. 3 thoughts on, visit to a, hospital, essay or Essay on Visit to a hospital For Kids. It was a superb essay! English Essay on " a visit to a hospital ".

  4. Essay on, visit to a, hospital. Civil, hospital, karachi is a 1900-bed tertiary care public hospital that imparts both. 368 words essay. A visit to a, hospital (free to read). A hospital is not much of a place worth- visiting.

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