Essay of tourism and assam

essay of tourism and assam

Assam comprises of many tourist places in and around

Each tiger reserve should calculate the maximum number of visitors and vehicles that can be permitted on any given day considering their potential to disturb wildlife. At Kanha, the limit will be 25 vehicles in forenoon and 15 in afternoon Use of battery operated vehicles, instead of diesel or petrol operated vehicles, to reduce noise pollution. 10 per cent of the revenue generated from pilgrim centres located in tiger reserves, should be spent for to develop local communities via gram Sabha. All tour guides and drivers shall compulsorily go through a short course in rules and regulations of tiger-reserves, followed by an oral examination. Only after passing the exam, theyll be allowed to conduct tours. All certified guides and drivers shall wear special uniforms with name tags and badges. Prior to every tourist season, certified guides and drivers shall go through a refresher course or workshop. The use of wood as fuel shall be prohibited, except for campfires All tourist facilities, old and new- must be environment friendly.

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So, if government wanted to get this ban lifted, itd need to convince the supreme court that we are doing everything to protect the tigers and make sure tourism doesnt hurt the tigers. Union government ministry of media Environment and Forest national Tiger Conservation Authority (ntca). This ntca framed new guideline for State governments regarding the tiger tourism. Here are the salient guidelines / main recommendations: Allow tourist activities, only up to 20 percent of the core/critical tiger habitat. Instead of the conventional wildlife tourism, promote a new type of tourism (ecotourism) that conserves the environment, educates the tourists about tiger conservation and improves the well-being of the local people. Make sure that no new tourism infrastructure (resorts, hotels, shops etc) is created in the core biography areas of tiger reserves. If there are already any permanent tourist infrastructure (resort, hotels etc) inside the core areas, then theyll be removed in phased manner. The procedure will be regulated by a local Advisory committee. This Local Advisory committee will comprise of divisional commissioner, local mla and district collector. Charge a conservation fee ranging from Rs 5 from the tourism -depending upon the number of beds in a particular resort. And use this money for the benefit of local community.(education, health, etc) Visitors be kept at least 20 meters from all forms of wildlife and nobody will be allowed to lure or feed any wildlife creatures.

Ban on Tiger tourism book hurts the tigers themselves! The complete ban on tourism ban would result in loss of livelihood (income) to local populations (Who work as tourist guides, supply vegetables etc to the hotels etc.) And then they would be forced to be more dependent on forest for their livelihood. Cutting trees, selling jungle produce illegally, may be hunting and poaching. So overall, this ban will damage the jungles and wildlife. Anti-tourism Arguments The tour operators run wildlife safaris day and night. All the vehicle movement, honking, shouting, camera flashes disturb the tigers. Construction of hotels, shops etc deforestation. The garbage created by tourists, hotels not good. Sept-Oct 2012: ntca frames guidelines Recap: sc had banned tourism in core areas of tiger reserves.

essay of tourism and assam

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But if tourism activities are banned then all those potential customers might prefer to go vacation elsewhere. Thus severely affecting the livelihood of so many people. Tourism actually helps the tigers Presence of tourists provides extra eyes and ears to the forest Department. It helps protect the animals by deterring poachers and loggers, It does not affect the animals willingness to hunt or breed. Seventeen tiger reserves have few or no tigers left in them. No tourism has ever been allowed in or near these reserves. Instead, loggers arrived, thinned the jungle then tigers were forced to hunt outside core areas and poachers got easy opportunities to kill them. Poachers are the largest threat to tigers, not tourism. And the solution thus, is improvement in law enforcement rather than a ban on tourism.

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essay of tourism and assam

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He argued that Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 implies that tourism to all core tiger habitats in India should be banned. But yet, several state governments have allowed the construction of hotels, resorts and shops inside the core areas of tiger reserves. So, supreme court looked into the matter and imposed a temporary ban on all tourism in the core areas of tiger reserves. Pro tiger tourism Arguments Misleading information by media consider this- supreme court has thesis only banned tourism activity in the core zone and not in the buffer zone. Yet the media covered the whole news in such a sensationalized manner that potential tourists thought sc has completely banned tourism in tiger reserves. Hence they cancelled their trips. The truth is, the tourism was still permitted in buffer zones and many a times, tourists can get a glimpse of tigers and other wildlife, while touring in the buffer zones.

For example, in Uttarakhands Jim Corbett National Park and Assams kaziranga wildlife reserve, nobody is allowed to go into 95 of the core area. So even before the sc ban, for all these years, tourists were seeing the buffer area only. Employment Tiger tourism is an 18 million dollar industry. In Madhya pradesh Alone, more than 20,000 people earn their livelihood through tiger-tourism activities related activities. There are entire towns that rely on tourism. Ranthambhore a national Park in jaipur alone gets 2 lakh tourists per year and provides employment to almost 4,000 local people directly (from hotel managers, travel guide, waiters, cooks etc) and perhaps 10 times that amount indirectly (rickshaw drivers, fruit-vegetable-milk suppliers etc.) tourist season. And generally they get huge bookings during Diwali season.

They cannot move, hunt or breed freely in small and fragmented habitats. Insurgency in North East and naxals in Central India forest dept. Cannot efficiently work and protect tigers. Concept of Umbrella Species: Why do we need to protect Tiger? Tiger is an umbrella species. It resides at the top of the jungle food chain.

A healthy tiger population indicates that the other ecological components in its habitat are equally robust, since tigers need large amount of prey and good habitat. If the Umbrella species is protected, it will also ensure viable populations of other wild animals (co predators like leopords and prey like dears) and the habitat (trees, shrubs, water). Thus, when youre protecting the tiger, youre indirectly protecting the whole jungle and all the species that live. International cooperation India has a bilateral understanding with Nepal on controlling trans -boundary illegal trade in wildlife and conservation, India has signed a protocol on tiger conservation with China India has signed a protocol has with Bangladesh for conservation of tigers in Sunderban region. India has Constituted a group on tiger and leopard conservation with Russia. India is a party to convention on Inter national Trade in Endangered Species of Wild fauna and Flora (cites) Unlike china, india doesnt support captive breeding of tigers (breeding tigers on a commercial scale, to sell their hides and bones later, just like a poultry. India made an appealing to China to phase out tiger farming and eliminate stockpiles of Atiger body parts and derivatives. Now coming to the topic of sc ban on Tiger tourism July 2012: sc bans Tiger tourism One. Ajay dubey (ngo named Prayatna ) filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in Supreme court.

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Because of Deforestation, the size of tiger-prey (Deer, sambar etc.) has declined. Hence tigers have to come outside the protected areas to hunt for animals, including domestic cattle. This leads to man-animal conflict, tiger deaths in road accidents, and provides ample opportunities to poachers. Tiger breeding/ reproduction is reduced/disturbed due to highways, noise pollution, tourism etc. Tiger is a territorial animal, which advertises its presence in an area through urine marking and maintains a territory. Therefore, to support a population of 80-100 tigers, youd paper need a protected area of atleast 1000 sqkm- totally undisturbed. Otherwise the male tigers would fight, maim and kill eachother and the weaker ones would be forced to hunt in surrounding villages- leading to man-animal conflicts. But because of the highways, villages, farming activities, the habitats are getting fragmented. Habitat Fragmentation bad for tigers.

essay of tourism and assam

The minister of Environment and Forest, is the chairman of this ntca. (jayanthi natarajan right now). It coordinates, implements and monitors Project Tiger. It prepares annual reports, which are laid down in the parliament. Why is Tiger population threatened? Deforestation because of, human pressure: farming, mining, illegal felling of trees. Grazing of domestic animals.

in an old article. In crude words, It provides for staff, equipment, and infrastructure in tiger reserves. Provides for money, in case a man or cattle is killed by wild animals, crop is lost, rehabilitation of villages etc. National Tiger Conservation Authority, it is a provided in the wildlife Protection Act (Ameneded in 2006). Therefore ntca is a statutory body.

Under the wildlife (Protection) Act, the state governments have to notify the list of core and buffer areas of tiger reserves in their territory. Core zone (critical tiger habitats This is where tigers usually rest, reside, feed and breed. Therefore, government essays should prevent any disturbance in such areas, including tourism. Buffer zone areas that lie in the periphery of the core zone. Buffer zones constitute the fringe areas (The outside boundary or surface of something) of tiger reserves up to 10 kms. Following map should clear the concept: What is Project Tiger? A 100 Centrally Sponsored Scheme, by ministry of Environment and Forest (moef). It was launched in 1973, in nine reserves of different States (Assam, bihar, karnataka, madhya pradesh, maharashtra, odisha, rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal).

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What is core zones and Buffer Zone? What is Project Tiger? Concept of Umbrella Species, timeline of events, mini pro Arguments for Tiger tourism. Misleading information by media, employment, tiger tourism actually helps the tigers. Ban on tourism hurts the tigers. Anti-tourism Arguments, sept-Oct 2012: ntca frames guidelines, october 2012: sc lifts the ban. Conclusion, appendix 1: List of 41 tiger reserves in India. Appendix 2: Maps of Tiger Reserves in India. Before discussing Supreme courts ban on Tiger tourism, let us go through some basics.

Essay of tourism and assam
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  7. When ravaging annual floods wreak havoc in Assam (a photo-essay ) Recurring annual floods push millions of people in Assam to penury. This year too over.7 million in 23 districts of the state have been affected. After Supreme court banned Tiger tourism activity in India, media is abuzz with how tiger tourism is not really a bad thing but highly beneficial to tigers! Manas National Park or Manas Wildlife sanctuary (Pron:mʌnəs) (Assamese:, manôx Rastriyô udyan) is a national park, unesco natural World Heritage site, a project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve in Assam, India. Kritische auslastung beispiel essay collage on save girl child essay product of your environment essay lac and trp operons compare and contrast essays myriapods descriptive essay computer games argumentative essay how to write an essay for college admission up eugenics in nazi germany essay lowering.

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