Summer holiday assignment

summer holiday assignment

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The market research would provide with the information regarding the requirements, desires and expectations of the customers. Thus, it is been found that marketing research proves to be profitable for Thomas cook to achieve its set objectives and would be able to satisfy its customer in more effective way. The information of market helps in gaining an important data about the recent trends; procedures and the customer behaviour being collected through the execution of crm system in the organization. The system would be providing the immediate data information and the capabilities of collecting the attaining the responses of all the stakeholders. In addition to this, the organization could make use of the information for the efficient technique of promotion which would draw attention of the customers as well. Moreover, the manager of Thomas cook is well acquainted with ample of knowledge and skills and would make utilization of those to develop an effective marketing plan (Hjalager, 2010). 2.3 The influence of marketing on society.

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Business acquires better understandings about the products quality as per different income groups and thus assists in segmenting the products into various categories. Geographical : This is the method being used by Thomas cook for the segmentation of market on hotel the basis of geographical parameters (Miller, 2012). It has been abortion identified that business has got there planned packages for their consumer as per their preference needs and wants, then on that basis vacation plan is planned by the enterprise. This includes the cultural, values and the requirements of the customer which must be analyzed so that to develop proper marketing plans. Behavioral : This type of segmentation is basically done on the basis of the buying process and the personal requirements or desires of the customers. The higher authorities of Thomas cook must perform this segmentation by acquiring the knowledge and information about the customers needs and wants. With respect to the summer package of Morocco and Egypt for 2016 this segmentation could prove to be useful as evaluating the perceptions of the existing and the new customers the organization could modify or add some more features in the package as to pull. Task.2 The relevance of marketing research and market information in Thomas cook group. Market research is been considered as an important element for any of the organization for comprehending the circumstances, tendencies and the requirements of the customers so that to develop the plan for designing the products and services accordingly. The marketing manager must evaluate the information about the target market and could make use of that for the formation of plans and bring alteration in the business operations. . The organizations of travel and tourism industry run their business operation based on the information attained through market analysis and the opportunities being obtained for the management and planning of the resources (Yeshin, 2012).

1.4 The paper principles of market segmentation and its uses in marketing planning at Thomas cook group. The segmentation of marketing is been performed on the basis of various factors like geographic, demographic and psychographic. These factors are being followed to find the actual target market and for the positioning of products and services of the organization. The management of Thomas cook could make use of these criteria to develop marketing plan and a proper strategy influencing the demands and the level of satisfaction among the customers (jayapalan, 2011). The principles of marketing segmentation which are being used by the organization are: Figure 3: Market segmentation principles, demographic segmentation : Thomas cook offers a large varieties of plans and packages for travelling and is been bifurcated into different categories with respect to gender, income. With the help of this type of segmentation Thomas cook would be able to better plans in future which would influence more target customers. . The management of Thomas cook has been planning the package of a consumer as per their budget. If customer is from a high end group then 5-7star hotel is booked for accommodation and business class flights.

summer holiday assignment

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The instability of the terrorists attacks is essays also a major reason behind. As Morocco is a safe place to visit but on the contrary Egypt is might not be the right choice with respect to the safety concerns of the customers. The management must notice this major issue and make sure before building a package for them (gö, 2012). Marketing : Marketing is the most useful tool to influence the demand and motivation of the customers regarding the package. The management of Thomas cook must create an innovative and attractive plan so that to enhance the interest of the customers and increase the demand for the package particularly. To motivate the customers the organization could offer the products and services through various sources like mobile applications, website, social media, etc. Which would encourage the customers to avail the services of Thomas cook.

Price : The most important factor for any of the product or the organization is price as the decision making also depends on this. The prices being set over the packages of the travel and tourism organization being offered have a crucial impact on the demand and the preferences of the customers. As Thomas cook is planning to offer the holiday package of Morocco and Egypt in 2016 would also be analyzed as per the prices only. There is an immense competition in the travel and tourism industry and thus prices effects the decisions and the demands of the customers (govers and go, 2012). Culture : Culture is also a factor that could bring changes in the demands of the packages as today people are getting more inclined towards diversified cultures and are keen to explore different cultures at those places. The management of Thomas cook must analyze and plan to initiate some of the diversified cultural tours so that to attract more customers. The customers would be motivated and would demand for the travel and tourism packages of cultural diversities with respect to the lifestyle, beliefs, food, etc. Safety : Concerning with the present conditions of the destinations all over the world safety and the security issues affects the most to the travel and tourism organization and hinders the demands and the decisions of the people.

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summer holiday assignment

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The major impacts are: Figure 1: Impacts of marketing environment. Strong Customer base : Thomas cook acquires an immense number of customers with the paper help of advertisements and various promotional activities. This customer base plays an important role in the development of its business activities and plan for the further offers keeping in mind the needs of the customers. The promotional activities being carried out by the organization had a positive influence on the decisions as customers prefers those brands more which acquires good marketing campaigns and provides the exact and clear details of the products and services being offered in the market. Brand : Brand image for any of the organization is very important as it is the most valid identity among the people. The remarkable feature of marketing builds a positive image of Thomas cook as a brand and attains a competitive advantage as well. The brand value or image of Thomas cook is well known by the large number of customers in the entire travel and tourism industry.

The people rely on the products and services being offered and consider them reliable (D'Esopo and Almquist, 2011). Relationship : For creating a relationship with the customers and other stakeholder the marketing environment is very important in an organization. Moreover, Thomas cook had been successful in creating healthy relations with the customers as it offers 24*7 online assistance and proper consultancy services by the executives making the customers satisfied with all the plans and services. This initiative had laid down an impact on the business activities of Thomas cook to an extent. 1.3 The factors affecting consumer motivation and demand in the travel and tourism sector. There are several factors which could make influences on the demands and the motivation of the customers. Some of the major factors being identified are briefly discussed below: Figure 2: Factors affecting customer demands.

To motivate the customers and create the brand value among them it is very much important to concentrate upon the strategies for marketing and promotions of the concerned organization or product. Here, the current report would be helping out in knowing about the core concepts of marketing with respect to the travel and tourism sector. For this particular study the basic of marketing for Thomas cook would be evaluated in detail. Thomas cook is one of the best travel companies all over uk and is being listed in the london Stock Exchange. The organization offers wide range of quality services in the tourism and hospitality sectors globally. The report would be evaluating the aspects with respect to the effects on the customer demand and motivation in the travel and tourism sector.

 Furthermore, the report would be analyzing the significance of the planning for strategic marketing and assessing the influence of marketing on the society. The report would also be discussing about the issues of marketing mix and provide with the justification of integrated promotional campaign for the Thomas cook company. Task.2 Impact of marketing environment on individual travel and tourism business of Thomas cook. Marketing had a significant role in creating a brand value and image for the proposed holiday package for Morocco and Egypt by Thomas cook. With the increase in technology advancements Thomas cook had also included more advanced plans for the advertisements about the trip of summer holiday which would attract more and more number of customers towards. The key attractions of these destinations had been highlighted to influence the decisions and build a new perception with the help of marketing techniques (Chikweche and Fletcher, 2012). Marketing influences the decision effectively on the individual and the destinations both.

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Therefor she added a snaps from Austria to keep us warm during the colder September evenings. Ellen also added a beetroot salad which was delicious! The summer foodswap was a success and i am year very much looking forward to the Christmas foodswap. For the dutch readers, you can still join the Christmas foodswap until the 31st of October. Check out the details here! Introduction, marketing plays a vital role in creating or increasing the awareness about something among people or the targeted groups. The plan to build awareness and create an influence over the decision making of the people attains a significant place within the organization. Marketing is been considered as the bases for plan communicating with the customers in order to attain the desired objectives and give proper information regarding the products, features, benefits, services and many other aspects to make the people attracted towards.

summer holiday assignment

I made and bought for Sylvana the following: Figs and chocolate jam - recipe, a fish spice mix with fennel, pink ireland pepper, celery and cardamom. Home made chocolates with coconut butter, raw cacao, agave and goji berries recipe, hand picked black olives from my parents garden in olive oil. Herbes de Provence, i received beautiful package from Ellen, which put a smile on my kids and my face. We immediately tried out everything. . She made bought for me: Summer fruit jam made with marmello and without seeds. Barbecue spice mix without salt, which smells delicious. Home made scones and an Italians chestnut cake. Date, apricot nut balls, the sending date came closer and the product from Norway she wanted to add to my package had not arrived.

 As last assignment, a favorite product or ingredient from one of your holidays. Perhaps you stay home this year, think of a previous holiday and try to get the product or create your own. And remember, day trips also count. Through random selection I had to make my foodswap for Sylvana. She mentioned that she prefers to eat as less carbohydrate as possible and is allergic to peppers.

The summer swap was actually sent at the end of summer, resumes half September. The assignments were: Summer has so many wonderful fruits to offer, you taste the sun. Make something with summer fruits, which can be a fruitcake, but also think of jam, juice etc. Barbecue is summer, and therefore could not be left behind. Make a barbecue spice for your buddy. Do not forget to add a description. A food swap is no foodswap without baking something. This assignment is left up to you, whether you make something sweet or savory, bake cookies or bread.

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Only a couple of days now and the Christmas foodswap entry will close. The second foodswap i organize here in the netherlands. This summer shredder was the first one. Before than I had already participated in several foodswaps organized by others. Always so much fun when preparing the food for others, and receiving your own package is as excited as when you would receive your birthday presents. I really love the fact that everybody makes something from the heart and their personality shows through the products they send. It is always heartwarming to see what was made for.

Summer holiday assignment
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  3. Summer holiday essay - find out all you have always wanted to know about custom writing All kinds of academic writings custom papers. In the garden, on the beach, or during the long drives to our summer holiday destination. advanced plans for the advertisements about the trip of summer holiday which would attract more and more number of customers towards. given case, the product of Thomas cook is summer holiday package with additional services like transportation, food and accommodation. Summer holiday homework for kg class holiday homework february 2016 holiday homework, srinivaspuri admission i, assignment for 7th.

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