Floods and droughts essay

floods and droughts essay

Essay on Drought: Definition, causes and Regions

Indiscriminate destruction of forests, trees and vegetation cover of the vast areas of land is another cause of floods. Because of deforestation there are soil erosion, landslides and no-absorption of water into the earth. Thus, floods are not only natural, but they are also man-made. By aforestation on a vast scale in the catchment areas and slopes of the mountains, etc., we can minimise the floods. The destruction of forests and cutting of trees for timber, fuel, etc., should be immediately banned. Afforestation would go a long way in checking the overflowing of the rivers and the floods.

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It is a matter of great regret that our government has not been successful to tame the rivers so as to solve the problems of devastating floods. Something very effective and lasting must be done laser to prevent floods and huge recurring losses of men and material caused by them. The poor masses in and the villages are the worst sufferers. Rivers are a great boon and blessing, but when they are in flood, as they often do in rains in the northern plains, they become a great curse. During floods the rivers often change their course and submerge big areas of agricultural and populated land. There are many causes of floods in India. During monsoon there is heavy rainfall in the himalayas and its adjoining areas. As a result of this tributaries and rivers begin to overflow as to receive excess of water from their catchment areas. During summer the melting of snow in the himalayas causes fly, silting caused by landslides, etc., in the rivers also causes floods. When the rivers get chocked because of continuous silting, there are terrible floods.

The swollen rivers, during monsoon months, often burst their banks and dams causing a deluge. The worst affected areas are those of Assam, bihar, west Bengal and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Consequently, standing crops, people livestock, villages and towns are swept away. Houses, buildings and huts collapse and roads; railings, bridges, etc., are damaged and destroyed. Power and electrical failures plunge the vast areas into darkness and gloom. Had there been no floods and droughts, India would have been a very prosperous country because it is assignment mainly an agricultural country. Both floods and droughts are most ravaging. These are the two major calamities visiting India every now and then. Floods are a regular feature in India.

floods and droughts essay

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Floods cause a parts great havoc in India. They destroy life and property on a vast scale every year in the plains of northern India. Floods have been a major cause of calamity in India because there is a big network of mighty rivers. They get flooded during the monsoon season every year and create terrible devastation. The ganga, yamuna, brahmaputra, gomati, gandak, kosi, etc., are snow-fed and perennial. During the monsoon season, they receive very heavy rainfall and so they discharge the maximum quantity of water causing frequent floods. The peninsular rivers like godavari, krishna, kaveri narmada, mahanadi, etc., are mainly rain-fed, but they too get flooded in rains.

The currents were swift and merciless, sweeping away livestock and furniture. Red Crescent members could be seen busy evacuating old folk, women and children trapped by the rising waters. Flood victims were taken to a flood Relief Centre. Here we were given hot drinks, porridge and milk for the babies. Some had to be given clothes and blankets as they could not save anything in time. After three days, the rain subsided and the flood waters receded, it was such a relief to see the sun again. Flood victims began to move back home, to clean up the place as well as to assess the damage. In spite of phenomenal scientific and technological advancements, we suffer from many natural calamities like flood, drought, famine, earthquake and devastating storms every year. We in India are frequent victims of these devastations.

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floods and droughts essay

Essay on Natural Resources and Associated Problems

We can only minimize human suffering and loss of property. To avoid the dagger of the flood, big tanks and canals should be made. Big dams should be constructed to prevent the water of the flooded rivers. People should be trained to serve in such calamities. They should be taught swimming and rowing.

Flood in my village, it was the rainy season and for one whole report week, the rain poured incessantly. The water level in the river rose steadily until the water split over, flooding many low-lying areas. My village was one of the areas affected and we had to move our belongings to higher ground. There, we waited for rescue teams to arrive. The whole village was submerged in about one meter of water.

The floods in the river Yumuna caused great loss to the people of affected areas. It spoiled the crops completely. Our village specially suffered a great loss. Nearly all the mud houses wren washed away by the swift current of water. Hundreds of cattle were drowned. When the water receded, the government gave financial aid to the farmers.

The poor people got money to rebuild their mud houses and to purchase some necessary things such as cloth, sugar and food. We also got some loan from the government for buying seeds and chemical fertilizers. Three hundred rupees were given by way of financial aid. Now new attempts are being made to check the floods. Government has started to construct embankment along the river banks. We have no control on the causes of floods. We cannot check extensive rains. Science has failed to conquer the heat of the sun. Man is powerless in this respect.

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This was arranged for those who left their hearths and homes. Food was freely supplied to them. To save people with from the possible attack of diseases all the precautions were taken. The people in the camp were given medical aid. I remember that for two days we also had to stay there. The conation of the people was very miserable. They had to stand like beggars in queues for food. The poorest people were given good first and then people like us had good in the last.

floods and droughts essay

The farm was situated at about fifteen kilometers writing away from our village in the interior. The effect of this flood in neighbouring villages was very great. It caused a great loss of human life and property. Crops were damaged, tree were uprooted, houses were washed away, cattle were drowned. Heavy loss of life and property took place and epidemic broke out. The people were rendered homeless. The government officers had mad arrangement for a big camp.

caused flood. We had to vacate our village. We saw big sheet of water all round. Boatgs were playing in the yamuan. I saw with great horror many houses surrounded by   angry water. Ultimately we had to vacate our houses and went to our farm where we were safe.

Sometimes dams are broken causing flood. The floods are common in night India. They are a natural calamity. Floods are the curse of God on earth. They occur on account. They occur almost in every country, when the rains are heavy and continue for a long time. These floods cause a huge loss of life and property. I live near the yamuna river in a small village.

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A Flood Scene, essay. 01, apple india is a land of rivers. So floods are very common in this country. We hear of floods every year. They are not new things. There are many causes of flood. Sometimes the rainfall is heavy. Rivers cannot carry all the water. The water overflows and spreads to long distances making flood.

Floods and droughts essay
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  1. In the normal course, floods wash away the filth, dirt and excessive salt, and transport them to the sea. Find Another Essay on floods. The Impact Of The Floods Essay. Disasters and destructions such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, firestorms, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, landslides, mudflows, tsunamis, droughts, thunderstorms, droughts, wars. Floods and droughts have been occurring since ancient times. Labels: Essays by Prarambha, flood and Drought, mahesh Essays, prarambha Essays.

  2. Essay on Unity of India for Higher Secondary School deepak kumar Mar 14, 2018. Essay on Flood - 1 (200 words). Floods occur in most areas where there is excessive rainfall and poor drainage system. Where some areas experience excessive flooding, others experience drought. Thus, droughts and floods are not only natural calamities, they are also manmade. Read also: Importance of Education Short English Essay.

  3. Drought the worst case, 2012 a drought-resistant even in many reasons. Tropical Cyclones floods droughts : Australia is well known for it's natural disasters including BushFires, Floods, droughts and. May 20,2015 California drought The topic that I decided to do my research essay on is the california drought. I though that this. Thus droughts and floods are not only natural calamities, they are also man-made.

  4. Essay on Drought and Floods in India - edgeArticles. Within ten minutes, the living room was flooded and the water was knee-deep. The tight-knit community on Caddo lake is used to riding out high water. Aug 07, flood and responsibility of dry conditions. Photograph by great advances in vacaville, drought -stricken australian outback.

  5. Floods and famines: Essay writing. English_Master March 30, 2016 no comments. We have no control over floods but we definitely have control over famines and drought. Destructions of our ecosystems, loss of biodiversity, droughts all over the world, floods and storms are only a few of the very many. Economics for Business In this essay i will be discussing possible implications of the drought on the livestock industry in the us and. Extract of sample paper review: Flood, drought and Water Resources.

  6. In spite of phenomenal scientific and technological advancements, we suffer from many natural calamities like flood, drought, famine, earthquake and devastating storms every year. Floods Case Study Essay sample. Relocation reforestation replacing buildings on floodplains with parks/ car parks droughts drought is an extended period of dry weather leading to conditions of extreme dryness. What is the difference between droughts and floods? Droughts is the lack of rainfall over a period of time, giving an area a deficit in the normal amount of precipitation. Floods is when there is too much rainfall in single.

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