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write my name in old english

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24 The revanchist senses the battle of Serroco. Shortly after the Adasca affair, the taris siege, and the bombardment of Jebble, lucien Draay was appointed to the jedi council. He reported to the council that Republic intelligence reports indicated that there was a blow to the mandalorians' plans of conquest, reportedly by an insurrection within their own ranks, and stated that the "interventionist path" sought by the revanchist was wrong for both the republic. The council approved his motion, which ordered the recall, or if necessary, detention, of the revanchists. 25 The jedi council sent Alek back to the revanchist and his followers with a final warning 26 after Alek, now going under the guise of "Captain Malak 27 testified to the jedi council against the secret cabal known as the jedi covenant. 26 Fighting the mandalorians " I don't know your name—but I take up your cause. I will not remove your mask until there is justice—until the mandalorians have been defeated once and for all.

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Finding himself to be a celebrity to the larger Republic as the head of the revanchist movement—as his faction became known—he was cast by the republic media in the role of a crusading savior who was wrongfully ignored by the jedi council. Though he was first referred to as "the revanchist leader" in news reports, the young Jedi Knight soon became known simply as "the revanchist." 17 over the course of the year 3963 bby, the revanchist continued to travel the galaxy and bring his message. 21 a cathar Jedi named Ferroh, one of the revanchist's followers, brought the planet Cathar to the revanchist's attention. Ferroh's entire species had vanished from their homeworld 22 ten years prior, 8 and the revanchist—believing that the mandalorians were responsible—began showing other Jedi the abandoned world in order to convince them that the mandalorians needed to be stopped. 22 he and Alek were on Cathar when Mandalorian forces under the command of their leader Mandalore the Ultimate attacked the planet Serroco. In the battle of Serroco, the mandalorians bombed the planet's surface with nuclear warheads, and the revanchist felt the death of thousands of innocents from several sectors away. 21 Not long afterward, The revanchist was invited by lord Arkoh Adasca, the head of the Adasca biomechanical Corporation of Arkania, better to bid on weaponized exogorths that the businessman sought to sell to any faction in the mandalorian Wars. The Knight was unable to attend the auction due to pressing business elsewhere, so resume he sent Alek in his place. Several Jedi had visions that Adasca's exogorths could change the course of the war, so the revanchist instructed his friend to ensure that the danger the weapons posed was eliminated. 23 In the aftermath of the Adasca affair, the revanchist was rumored to be arranging a meeting between several Jedi opinion-makers.

On the paper way, he and his followers stopped on the planet Taris in the Ojoster sector in order to meet with the jedi master Lucien Draay. The "crusader" hoped to recruit more jedi to his cause from the jedi tower on Taris, but neither Draay nor any of the other Jedi there were willing to oblige. 18 Not long after departing Taris, the Knight left Alek and the majority of his followers on the planet suurja while he himself investigated Mandalorian activity on Onderon and its moon Dxun. However, many of his followers were captured by mandalorians in an ambush at suurja. Considering his findings to be "disturbing the Knight reported his findings to the jedi council on Coruscant shortly after the republic officially entered into the mandalorian Wars, though the council once again told him that the Order had no place in the war. In response, the council dispatched the human Knight on a mission to rescue those jedi who had been captured. As he departed the council chambers on Coruscant, the Knight encountered Master Draay and, after a brief conversation about their views on the war, he departed to complete his assignment. 19 The jedi's followers, including Alek, were eventually rescued from the mandalorian scientist Demagol on the planet known as Flashpoint by the fugitive jedi padawan zayne carrick, who had been framed by his former Master Lucien Draay for murdering his classmates on Taris. 20 Once reunited with Alek and his followers, the Knight continued his campaign for Jedi intervention in the mandalorian Wars.

write my name in old english

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Charismatic and powerful, it was inevitable many of the Order would flock to revan's seemingly noble cause. Malak was the first to join his closest friend. Others followed, many of our youngest and brightest, intent on saving the galaxy from the mandalorian threat. " Zhar Lestin src That year, warriors of the mandalorian culture began an invasion of the galactic Republic's territories in the outer Rim, bringing the mandalorian Wars to the larger galaxy. Outraged at the jedi council's refusal to involve resumes the Order in the conflict, the young Jedi Knight began to move among the Order, arguing that the jedi should actively aid the republic Military in its fight against the mandalorian neo-crusaders. The republic media branded him as the "Jedi's own crusader 17 and the "crusader" gradually gathered a following of like-minded Jedi as the number of military and civilian casualties continued to rise. 2 Alek was the first to join the cause, and his friend soon became considered to be the honorary "Master" of those who followed him. 17 The revanchist meets with the jedi council. With the backing of Alek and his other followers, the jedi Knight decided to journey to the war front against the wishes of the jedi high council so that he could scout the enemy lines.

2 Alongside Alek, the future revan achieved the rank of Jedi Knight sometime before the year 3964 bby, 17 and the two were widely acknowledged as being among the most promising members of the jedi Order. However, Alek's friend was commonly recognized as the more powerful and intelligent of the pair, and he was seen as the leader among the two. 12 by 3964 bby, the man was a well-known, charismatic, and powerful Jedi Knight. 17 According to mical, revan returned to his first teacher in order to learn how to best leave the jedi Order, though he did not follow through. 2 The mandalorian Wars The revanchist " When the mandalorian threat first arose, revan and Malak were eager to defeat the enemy of the republic. But the council thought it best if we moved with care and caution. The true threat, the council feared, had not yet revealed itself. But revan would not be dissuaded.

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write my name in old english

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Revan's light side spirit aided the short coalition in defeating the dark revan on yavin 4 and, though the Emperor was able to native regain his strength and returned, the two halves of revan merged together in peace and died a final death. Revan's influence and imprint on the galaxy continued for many millennium, shaping Force ideology and military strategy. The sith Lord Darth Bane discovered revan's Sith Holocron and used its teachings to destroy the reigning Brotherhood of Darkness and as the philosophical foundation for the rule of Two, paving the way for Darth Sidious and his Galactic Empire. Biography early life and Jedi training " revan had many masters, Zhar, dorak, master kae before kae left for the wars. Toward the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques. It is said that he returned to his first Master at the end of his training, in order to learn how he might best leave the Order. " Mical src The man later known as revan a human male, 1 the individual later known as revan 15 was born in approximately 3994 bby, 1 and some believed that he had been born in the outer Rim Territories.

2 The child who would be remembered as revan was eventually discovered to be force-sensitive and was accepted into the jedi Order. 12 The jedi master Kreia claimed to have been his first teacher in the ways of the force. 2 Regardless of the truth of her statement, the human was trained along with a fellow student named Alek on both the planet Coruscant 12 and at the jedi Enclave on the planet Dantooine. 16 Both Humans received further training from the Twi'lek jedi master Zhar Lestin, who noted that the future revan possessed what he described as an insatiable desire for knowledge. Lestin believed that it was simply youthful exuberance and eagerness, and he expected the young man to become a champion of the Order—a sentiment shared by master Vandar tokare, though Master Vrook lamar was wary of the student's desire for knowledge. 12 The jedi studied under a number of Jedi masters after leaving the tutelage of his first teacher, learning from Master Lestin, the Enclave's chronicler Master Dorak, 12 and Arren kae. The former Jedi hopeful Mical later claimed that revan had undertaken a thorough study of Force bonds and other uncommon Force powers during his time as a padawan.

Elsewhere, remnants of revan's Sith Empire, led by his former Master Kreia, purged the tattered Jedi Order to the brink but were destroyed by an exiled Jedi named meetra surik. A former protégé of revan's, meetra sought out and rescued him with the help of the sith Lord Scourge. The trio attempted to assassinate the Emperor but failed. Revan was put in stasis for three hundred years, his mind probed and ravaged by vitiate and his Dread Masters. In return, revan telepathically influenced the Emperor, amplifying his fear of death and tempering his hatred, stalling the sith's invasion of the galaxy for centuries.

When war finally broke out, revan manipulated Vitiate into ending the conflict with the Treaty of Coruscant before total Sith victory was inevitable. Tensions between the jedi and Sith soon rose again and revan was freed by republic forces. Revan took control of the foundry, an ancient space station, to construct an army of extermination droids that would destroy the Empire. Revan was defeated and killed by an Imperial strike team before his plans came to fruition. However, the torture revan experienced at the hands of the sith had splintered revan's mind in two. Although his lighter half became one with the force, the darker half rejected death and set out to destroy the Emperor. Vitiate's physical body had already been destroyed in battle, but his spirit lingered, so revan planned on resurrecting the weakened Emperor to a physical body so that he could kill him permanently. Both the Empire and Republic discovered his plans and joined together in an effort to stop him, fearing his meddling would only bring untold destruction.

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The group traveled to the hidden Jedi Enclave and revan was retrained as a jedi. The masters tasked revan to locate the Star Maps —artifacts that would lead to the Star Forge. Revan picked up more companions on his journey and grew close with Bastila, but they were eventually intercepted by malak's flagship. Malak revealed to revan his true identity as the former Dark lord, then captured and corrupted Bastila to the dark side. Revan escaped and, in a last stand, led the remaining Republic fleet against the Star Forge, redeemed Bastila back to the light side, and killed Malak in battle, earning the Cross of Glory and ending the war. Revan married Bastila and sank into obscurity for several years until he began to have visions of a mysterious threat from his past. Believing the fate of the galaxy was at risk, revan left his wife and unborn child behind owl in search for answers. Revan rediscovered Vitiate's Sith Empire but was quickly captured and imprisoned.

write my name in old english

Many worlds, still inspired by the sacrifices revan had made for them during the mandalorian Wars, joined his cause willingly. The new Sith Empire quickly took hold of a third of galactic territory. In a desperate gamble to end the war, a jedi strike team led by bastila Shan ambushed revan's fleet. The nearby and power-hungry darth Malak took advantage of revan's momentary distraction and fired aboard revan's flagship. Revan was nearly killed, but Bastila kept him alive through the force and took him back before the surviving Jedi masters for judgment. After much debate, the jedi council used their power to wipe darth revan's mind and programmed him with a new identity as a republic soldier stationed aboard the Endar Spire. However, darth Malak, now the leader of revan's Empire, attacked the cruiser above the planet Taris in an attempt to capture bastila Shan. Revan, essay bastila, and other newfound companions escaped, but the sith destroyed the planet's surface in the process.

climaxed over Malachor v, where revan defeated the mandalorian leader Mandalore the Ultimate in single-combat and ordered the activation of a superweapon, known as the mass Shadow Generator, destroying both armies and the planet itself but winning the war in the process. With the mandalorians defeated, the galaxy hailed revan and his partner Alek, now known as Malak, as the greatest of heroes. However, the two vanished into the Unknown Regions, investigating a mysterious Sith influence behind the war. They discovered a hidden Sith Empire and had their minds warped by the sith Emperor Vitiate. The newly anointed Darth revan and Darth Malak were sent out as the Emperor's servants to find the Star Forge, a mystical automated shipyard capable of producing an infinite armada, to escalate the sith's plans for invasion. However, the pair broke free from Vitiate's mental control and used the Star Forge for themselves, creating their own Sith Empire and a fleet of warships. Revan and Malak, intent on unifying the galaxy so that they could destroy the Emperor and the hidden Sith threat, returned to the galaxy as conquerors and waged war against the jedi and the republic in the resultant Jedi civil War. Darth revan won battle after battle against the forces that opposed him.

Jedi and, sith in the, mandalorian Wars, jedi civil War, and, great Galactic War. Believed to have been born in the. Outer Rim Territories around the year 3994 bby, the man later known as revan was found by the. Jedi Order at an early age and became apprenticed to the. The, padawan had an insatiable hunger for knowledge and learned everything she knew, then studied under a number of other Masters, quickly becoming the jedi's real most promising pupil. Alongside his friend Alek, he became a jedi Knight and a vocal and charismatic critic of the Order's inactivity in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars between the galactic Republic and the mandalorian neo-crusaders. In defiance of the jedi council, the Knight took upon the name revan and started the revanchist movement to combat the mandalorian threat as the republic Military 's Supreme commander.

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This article is about the individual. You may be looking for the novel or essay the similarly-named, darth rivan. savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, revan and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone. darth Malak src, revan —renowned as the revanchist, honored as the revan, reviled. Revan the butcher, dreaded as the, dark lord of the sith, darth revan, and praised as the. Prodigal Knight —was a, human male who played pivotal roles as both.

Write my name in old english
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  5. Turnitin creates tools for K-12 and higher education that improve writing and prevent plagiarism. Turnitins formative feedback and originality checking services promote critical thinking, ensure academic integrity, and help students become better writers. Find the meaning, history and popularity of given names from around the world. Get ideas for baby names or discover your own name s history. Old English (Ænglisc, Anglisc, Englisc or Anglo-saxon, is the earliest historical form of the English language, spoken in England and southern and eastern Scotland in the early middle Ages. Revan—renowned as the revanchist, honored as the revan, reviled as revan the butcher, dreaded as the dark lord of the sith Darth revan, and praised as the Prodigal Knight—was a human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the mandalorian Wars.

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