Uses of water in our daily life essay

uses of water in our daily life essay

Uses of Water - building, river, oceans, important, largest

Rivers knife through rock, carve canyons, and build up land where they empty into the sea. Glaciers plow valleys and cut down mountains. Water helps keep Earth's climate from getting too hot or too cold. Land absorbs and releases heat from the sun quickly. But the oceans absorb and release the sun's heat slowly. So breezes from the oceans bring warmth to the land in winter and coolness in summer. Throughout history, water has been people's slave-and their master.

Texas man uses a dam filled with, water., daily

Water in, our daily lives, water is the most common substance on Earth. It covers more than 70 percent of the earth's surface. It fills the oceans, rivers, and lakes, and is in operational the ground and in the air we breathe. Without water, there can be no life. In fact, every living thing consists mostly of water. Your body is about two-thirds water. A chicken is about three-fourths water, and a pineapple is about four-fifths water. Most scientists believe that life itself began in water-in the salty water of the sea. Ever since the world began, water has been shaping Earth. Rain hammers at the land and washes soil into rivers. The oceans pound against the shores, chiseling cliffs and carrying away land.

Other particles are filtered out. In the last phase chlorine is added to the water. It kills the bacteria that somehow get through. Dirty, used water is carried away revelation through sewage systems. It often smells bad and has a lot of bacteria. Most cities have treatment plants that turn used water into clean water that can be used to irrigate fields. Downloadable pdf text- and Worksheets Related Topics Words although while ancient old apart away aquifer underground layer of water atmosphere the mixture of gases that is around the earth bacteria very small living things, some of which cause illnesses and diseases basic main, important basin.

uses of water in our daily life essay

Uses of Water

It causes erosion, makes mountains smoother, rivers carve themselves into valleys and makes them wider. Ocean waves form coastlines. Water Treatment Not all water is safe to drink or to take a bath. Some of it needs to be cleaned or purified before we can use or drink. This is done in three basic steps: Water first flows through a basin which has chemicals. The bacteria, mud and other dirty substances that are in the water stick to these chemicals and move down to the bottom of the basin. Water then goes through a filter made up of sand and gravel.

Uses of Acid and Bases in Our daily, lives for spm chemistry

uses of water in our daily life essay

Why scientists believe heavy water could be the real elixir

Developing countries often do not have enough water for their growing populations. Other areas do not have enough water because people waste. Water wish cycle water moves in a steady cycle. It never goes away or disappears but it changes from solid to liquid to gas. When the sun heats up water it becomes a gas and evaporates.

As it rises it cools down and clouds form. Clouds have many very small droplets of water in them. When they get too heavy they fall down to the ground as rain or snow. Although some of this precipitation rises directly into the atmosphere again most of it gets into the ground and remains in aquifers. Snow and ice remain on glaciers and ice caps until it gets warmer. Then it starts melting and the liquid follows into lakes and rivers. Water has shaped the surface of the earth for many years.

Water helps us digest food. Chemical reactions in our body would not be possible without water. It also needs water to help carry away the substances that we do not need any more. Water regulates our body temperature so that it always stays the same. Although we can live without food for a few weeks without water we would die within a few days.

A normal human needs about 2 to 3 litres of water a day to survive. World water supply The amount of water we have on earth is always the same. However, clean water, is getting rarer because of pollution. Most of the worlds water, about 97 is in the oceans. 1.4 billion cubic kilometres is saltwater. Only 3 is the freshwater in lakes, rivers and glaciers. Much of the world has enough fresh water but there are regions that are too dry and dont get enough rain.

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Countries with many mountains and rivers use the power of water to produce electricity. Water is important for our free time. People enjoy themselves at seaside resorts or on cruise trips. Transportation was at first carried out on waterways. Ancient civilizations summary traded goods word across the mediterranean sea. Today oil, coal, wheat and other products are transported on waterways. Water and the human body The human body is made up largely of water. Up to 75 of our body is water.

uses of water in our daily life essay

Water is used to grow food. In many dry areas farmers must bring water to the fields through canals and expensive irrigation systems. Industries and factories also use water. Fruits and vegetables must be cleaned before they can be processed and sold in supermarkets. Water is used for cooling in many areas, for example in steel production. Many countries around the world use water to produce energy. Power stations burn coal which turns water into steam.

very slowly or often not at all. Molecules in water vapour move very quickly. Water in our daily lives, water has been important for people for thousands of years. Without water there would be no life on earth. We use water in our houses for cooking, bathing and washing the dishes.

The chemical formula of water is H20. Water can be a salon solid, a liquid or a gas, depending on the temperature it has. At 32 F (0 C) water freezes and turns into ice. It expands and becomes lighter. As a result ice floats on water. That is why you should let water out of pipes during the wintertime because it may freeze and burst the pipes. At 212F (100C) water boils and escapes as a vapour into the air.

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Water is the most important liquid we know. It is everywhere we look. Water is in the ground and in the air that we breathe. All animals, plants and humans need entry water to survive. Water has formed our earth since its beginning. It also prevents the earth from becoming too hot or too cold. We use the same water over and over again. Chemistry of water, water consists of very small molecules. Each of them has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Uses of water in our daily life essay
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  3. Your digestive system uses water for vital fluids such as blood, saliva. Fish can contain up to one-half to two-thirds of their weight in water. We can save gallons of water in our daily life just by making some small changes in our habits and paying more attention towards how we use.

  4. In a recent article from shape magazine, the top six reasons — b eyond water being the basis of life — are given, according to yahoo shine. Most scientists believe that life itself began in water-in the salty water of the sea. We use water in our homes for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and carrying away. Drink a minimum of. Of water daily to replace what is lost t hrough metabolism.

  5. How do we pollute or contaminate our water? Your body is made of 5065 water. Water keeps us alive. We also bath in water, brush our teeth, wash food, drink, and much more. Summer fun on a lake,.

  6. Much of our freshwater resources are also used for watering lawns, flower. As well as many other recreational activities that depend on water. Water is a very important and a precious resource with which we ar e blessed by nature. Water is used for the following: Domestic. What are water sources? How does wat er get to our taps?

  7. Water in our daily lives. Water has been important for people for thousands of yea. Without water there would be no life on earth. We use water in our houses. What adds to that daily household water use, is that even more wat er is used.

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