Thesis statement about junk food

thesis statement about junk food

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M, Inc., 3 Dec. The Effects of Fast-food on the body This article summarizes the effects fast food has on the digestive and cardiovascular systems, the respiratory system, the central nervous system, and skin and bones. This article is considered credible, as it is medically reviewed by an md and published by healthline, whose mission is to provide objective, trustworthy, and accurate information. Mla citation pietrangelo, ann. The Effects of Fast food on the body. Healthline networks Inc., 22 Oct. Healthy fast-food: Is Fast food Always Bad For you? Joanna dolgoff, md and published author, argues that although most fast food meals are unhealthy, it is possible to choose healthier options.

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Thus this brief article poverty passes the craap test with flying colors. Mla citation Alkharfy, khalid. Annals of saudi medicine. Medknow Publications media pvt Ltd., nov.-Dec. Topic #2: Can fast food be healthy? Sample thesis statement: Many people automatically assume that all fast food is unhealthy; however, its still possible to eat a healthy meal at a fast food restaurant. Fast-foods Immediate damage to your health Published in Huffington Post, a respected online news source, this article reports the results of a study that found peoples arteries were affected after eating only one fast food meal. Because the arteries dilated less after eating the meal, researchers reported that this was a clear indication that fast food meals could be a precursor to hardening of the arteries. Mla citation Bratskeir, kate. Fast foods Immediate damage to your health.

Mla citation Parry, lizzie. Ban fat customers friend from fast food restaurants like bartenders ban drunks from bars, says weight loss expert. Associated Newspapers, 19 nov. Food Advertisements: to ban or Not to ban? The author of this article argues we are obviously being conditioned to look at food as an entertainment. He advocates for banning fast food advertisements to help prevent over-consumption of fast food. This is a peer-reviewed article published in conjunction with the national Institute of health. Information is cited and referenced.

thesis statement about junk food

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Gaurdian News and Media limited, 24 Mar. 5 reasons Fast-food Should be banned Published by foods 4 Better health, this article argues that fast food should be banned primarily due to its lack of nutritional content, its cost, and its effect on peoples health. The website focuses on providing nutritional content for readers, and the fast food articles are written by doctors and nutrition experts. Mla citation Yaneff, jon. 5 reasons Fast food Should be banned. Ban fat customers night from fast-food restaurants like bartenders ban drunks from bars, says weight loss expert In this uk article published by the respected daily mail, the author states fast food workers should refuse to serve obese people. He argues that this is not meant to be cruel or punishing, but it will help save peoples lives and encourage them to make healthier choices.

Sample thesis statement: Though banning fast food may seem like a simple solution to the obesity epidemic, a ban on fast food will not solve the problem. Why the fast-food Ban failed in south. Published by the well-respected online news source, the Atlantic, this timely article includes a brief commentary on banning fast food and explains why the ban failed in south. Mla citation, chandler, Adam. Atlantic Media company, 24 Mar. Ban fast-food outlets from hospitals, mps demand Members of the British Parliament (MPs) fight to ban fast food in hospitals, stating that hospitals should be encouraging a healthy lifestyle, rather than promoting junk food. This article is considered credible, as it is published in the British news site, the guardian (winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize is written recently, and the information can be cross-referenced on other websites. Mla citation Campbell, dennis. Ban fast-food outlets from hospitals, mps demand.

Argumentative essay, junk food

thesis statement about junk food

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For more information about pdf determining a sources credibility, read. How to Apply the craap test to your Essay sources. 20 Fast food Articles for a juicy Argumentative essay. Alpha (m as youve probably figured out, writing about fast food in general is almost impossible because the topic is too broad. To help you out, ive narrowed fast food to 4 more specific and arguable topics and provided 5 fast food articles for each narrowed topic. You cant write an argumentative essay without a specific thesis either, so ive also included a thesis statement for each narrowed topic to help you focus your paper. In addition to all of this, ive also included a summary of each of the fast food articles below and a full.

(Remember to change the date of access to the date you viewed the source.). Each time you reference the article in your paper, dont forget to cite the article using in-text citation, too! Of course, if youre writing. Apa (or another citation style youll need to change the citation to proper format. Thats a lot of great stuff to get you started with your argumentative paper on fast food. (you can thank me later.). Topic #1: Should fast food be banned?

Since youre short on time and might need a bit of inspiration to spark your creativity, check out these 20 fast food articles to help you get started on your argumentative essay. Choosing the right Fast food Articles. Though you might think any article that appears in your google results is the perfect article for you paper, you really should be more selective. Its like ordering your fast food meal. You dont stop at any fast food place. You weigh your options carefully.

Do you want burgers? Do you feel like a burrito? Do you need a pizza? Once you pull up to the drive thru, you dont blindly order a #7, do you? You check out the menu (in case your meal number has changed) to find the perfect meal. If you put this much effort into a fast food meal, shouldnt you at least put as much effort into choosing credible fast food articles for your argument essay? After all, you dont want to eat a crappy meal, and you dont want to end up using crappy sources. How do you know if a source isnt crap and is actually credible? Start by looking at the date it was published, who published the information, and whether or not the content meets your research needs.

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In some communities, ethnic takeaway food like gyros, Indian curries, tacos, fish and chips, and so on is also considered to be junk food. Often, the foods which someone considers to be junk food are very telling. Definitions of junk food tend to hinge on someone's class and social. Its 7:00pm, you just got out of chemistry class, and youre starvingbut you have that argumentative essay on fast food due soon! You decide to: A) trudge back to your dorm and rummage through your nearly empty cupboards for another meal of ramen noodles, B) make a reviews quick trip to the local market to buy some fresh food to make a healthy dinner,. C) stop at your favorite fast-food joint to satisfy your cravings. You might choose c, because youre short on time. You have an essay due in a day or two, and you really need to get started on it, dont you? Plus those salty, greasy fries will melt all your stresses away.

thesis statement about junk food

What is Junk food? The term junk development food is used to describe food which is low in nutritional value, with a comparatively high caloric value. Many people try to avoid or limit junk food in their diets, out of concerns that such food is not healthy, despite the fact that numerous food manufacturers produce a range of products which could be considered junk food. Nutritionists, doctors, and other health advocates often work to educate people about junk food, encouraging them to eat well balanced diets which contain a high proportion of healthy foods. This term was coined in 1972 by advocates at the center for Science in the public Interest who wanted to raise public attention about the issue of foods with a high caloric value and a low nutritional value. For manufacturers, producing such foods has great appeal, as they tend to be cheap to make and easy to handle. They also have an extended shelf life, making them easy for stores to stock and sell. Foods which fall under the umbrella of junk food vary, depending on a number of factors. Snack foods like chips, candies, and so forth are generally universally agreed upon as junk food, and some people also lump fast food like hamburgers, pizza, and fries into the junk food category.

The ban includes removing the option for the foods instead of educating on making appropriate healthy choices. Therefore, teaching about nutrition could be a better way of approaching consequences of the use of junk foods and sodas. It is conclusive that the despite the effects of junk foods and sodas being profoundly adverse, banning them in schools may not be an adequate measure of counteracting their use. Hire a professional essay writer online. Z essay - expert paper writing service for college students. Submitted by: John Kenneth. Fernandez, submitted to: maam lua burias, thesis Statement: Although junk food is convenient, inexpensive, and is basically a cultural phenomenon, we as a society need to stop eating junk food because it has increased health problems, has taken away from family core values, destroys the.

Consequently, the converse promotion of healthy foods will be quickly embraced by students and hence a healthier society. However, banning of junk foods and sodas is faced by some issues, the first being the actual definition of junk foods. It is inefficient to just state kinds of junk foods. Contrary, junk foods should long be defined from the ingredients since some foods like pizzas can be considerably be either junk or nutritious. The education system in America is designed to provide for communities control over schools. The control is rooted in democracy. School board members are bestowed with the responsibilities to develop policies that reflect the needs and opinions of the society.

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Banning of junk foods and sodas in school has been contentious given the benefits and setbacks it has in the economic, social and nutritional aspects. The foods are generally characterized by a low nutritional value and their abundance of salt, sugar and calories. The emphasis on their use in educational institutions is mainly due to the high level of consumption given the large populations in them, and the early exposure to health conditions that are proven to result from junk foods and sodas. One of the reasons why junk foods and sodas should be banned is because they facilitate health conditions such as obesity, which is a predisposing factor to heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. 20 of adult Americans are obese, and about 300,000 people die annually from complications related with being overweight. Once young people are encouraged to adopt health foods, future generations will have the culture of eating nutritious foods. It is evident that promoting and selling junk foods and sodas endorse their usage among write students. Students spend most of their daytime in schools, an institution that is entrusted with the laying of firm foundations across various aspects, including healthy habits.

Thesis statement about junk food
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New season -. Corporate Environmental Report 1999. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.

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  1. Exa mple Opening Claims. Fast food has led to an epidemic of obesity around the. Fast food thesis: Fast food nowadays is considered a normal eating venture. People are not just eating out on special occasions or weekends anymore. Supposed to prepare a piece of writing about unhealthy food? Then, it s better to follow our useful direction provided in the following article.

  2. Discuss different types of junk food and the harm of the junk food. Thesis stateme nt: the definition of junk food. How many different types of junk food? If you are tasked with writing a comparative essay on junk food versus healthy foo d, you need to make sure that you have a thesis statement which presents the. Unfortunately, fast food is unhealthy/bad for you and is thesis statement.

  3. Sample thesis statement: Though banning fast food may seem like a simple solution to the obesity epidemic, a ban on fast food will not solve. In America, junk food has become a really popular source of food in everyday life. When watching movies, studying, working on projects late. Banning of junk foods and sodas in school has been contentious given the benefits and setbacks it has in the economic, social and nutritional aspects. Submitted by john Kenneth. Fernandez submitted to maam lua buria s Thesis Statement Although junk food is convenient, inexpensive, and.

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