Thesis about mother tongue

thesis about mother tongue

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Mary rose Florence. Cobar, doctor of Philosophy in Education entitled, development of a source material in food Dehydration Craft Technology for the secondary Schools. 2012 —-, a case Study on Armenian efl learners Use of Mobile Phones for Listening Activities. By arevik nersisyan, thesis Committee: Irshat Madyarov,. D, liliana Edilyan,. Abstract, the purpose of this study is twofold. It sets out to examine, firstly, the efl  learners beliefs and perceptions toward the mobile phone assisted listening  activities, secondly, the  practices that efl students engage in as they complete listening course assignments on their phones.

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Singapores secondary curriculum is recognized world wide for its ability to develop students with critical thinking and intellectual skills. Foreign students are accepted depending on the availability of vacancies. The hongkong Administrative government provides equitable access to nine years of free and universal primary and junior secondary education to all children in the relevant age group. And from year 2003, the hongkong government has provided subsidized senior secondary education or training to all secondary 3 with particular emphasis in vocational technology. Besides the four wellness core subjects, Chinese language, english language, mathematics and Liberal studies, students are encouraged to select two or three elective subjects from different key learning areas (KLAs) according to their interests and abilities and also to engage in a variety of essential learning. One of the career related subjects is food processing and services which includes food dehydration technology. . The new 21st Century curriculum implemented this year replaces the traditional practice of streaming students into science, arts and technical/commercial subjects. Finally, there is the Brunei education system which is patterned after the British system of education. The appendices provide a number of education systems in the Asian region sourced from unesco-bangkok (2000). An excerpt from the thesis of Engr.

Water resource education is integrated in the subjects Chemistry, biology, geography, civics, language and Extra-curricular activities (Lam,2003). Secondary schools in Singapore can be government funded, government aided or independent. Students attend four or five years of secondary education under the Special Express or Normal course. The Special and Express courses prepare students for about the singapore-cambridge general Certificate of Education Ordinary (gceo) level examination for four years. Students in the normal course can opt for the academic or technical stream, both of which prepare students for the singapore-cambridge general Certificate of Education Normal (gcen) level examination after four years of study and upon satisfactory completion, the gceo level examination in the fifth. Secondary curriculum includes English, the mother Tongue, mathematics, Science and the humanities. At Secondary 3, students can opt for electives of their choice, depending on whether they are in the Arts, Science, commerce or Technical stream.

thesis about mother tongue

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Competition has become the formula for success where opportunities abound and education is held as the key to unlocking these opportunities. In Thailand, secondary education is divided into two levels, each covering a period of three years. The lower level emphasizes learners intellect, ethics, morality and basic skills, while the upper level aims to provide appropriate academic and vocational knowledge essay and skills corresponding with the learners interests and aptitudes. Meanwhile, secondary curriculum covers five broad fields: language, science, mathematics, social studies, character development and work education. The use of credit system at this level facilitates flexibility in the teaching-learning area. Vietnam, on the other hand, secondary education comprises of two grades- basic secondary and general secondary education. Basic secondary education is conducted in four school years from sixth to ninth form and the pupil must have biography a primary education graduate certificate and be eleven years old. General secondary education is conducted in three school years from the tenth to twelfth form and must have a graduate certificate from the basic secondary level and be fifteen years old.

Other East Asian countries have a compact curriculum with five learning areas with emphasis to mathematics, science and technology with one to two languages, English one of them and culture (the countrys own history). The new curriculum is similar in essence to Indonesias educational framework wherein the eighty percent (80) is national and twenty percent (20) localized. The core subjects are mathematics, Science and Technology, indonesian language and civic education and geography. Science is integrated to different streams such as biology, physics, Chemistry and Technology and the twenty percent localized has subjects in Agriculture, fisheries, woodcraft and Entrepreneurship. . In the regional context, the education systems in Asia during the last decade were in a state of flux. However, there has been a general desire to reform the system in order to gain knowledge and skills appropriate to a changing world. Globalization and the era of free market stress the teaching and learning of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in addition to further strengthening the teaching of mathematics, science and foreign language subjects. The axiom has been to be a competitive citizen in a highly competitive world.

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thesis about mother tongue

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These are the skills youths need to survive in the future (Drucker,1994; reigeluth,1994; Banathy,1992). In order to realize these goals, secondary education schools need to adopt a new paradigm that embeds learning within real world contexts and that involves students in hands-on activities that promote meaningful problem solving and cognitive apprenticeship (Jonassen,1991). The Philippines, classified as a developing country and grouped in the east Asian region, needs to establish a system of mass secondary education: (a) that responsive to the countrys socio economic needs and capabilities; ( b) that can respond effectively to increased and diversified demand. Hence, secondary education is considered the bridge between primary or basic education, the labor market and tertiary education. Patterns of Secondary Education uses in the east Asian Region.

From year 1945 onwards, primary and secondary education were given significant investments that advanced economies of Japan, south Korea, singapore and taiwan adopted to increase the length, access and improve the quality of basic education that included lower secondary schooling or junior secondary school (Mundle,1998). From Table 1 (p.21 the duration and age of entry as per data from the southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (seameo) show that the Philippines has the shortest span of basic education compared to its East Asian regional neighbors. The country has the shortest basic education ladder of six plus four, (six years of primary education and four years of secondary education) typified by eight subjects on the average per year level either primary or secondary prior to the 2002 restructured curriculum. But the long term deterioration in quality showed that Filipino children between nine and fourteen in mathematics, science and reading were two standard deviations below the international mean (World Bank,1999). In order to arrest this downslide in learning, the department of Education implemented the new revised basic education curriculum known as the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum with five learning areas namely: Mathematics, English, Science, filipino and the much maligned makabayan. The 2002 bec (Basic education Curriculum) is not a sweeping change but a restructuring of the 1983 Elementary Education Curriculum (nesc) and the 1989 New Secondary Education Curriculum (nsec). It is focused on the basics of improving literacy and numeracy while inculcating values across learning areas to make it dynamic (Batomalaque,2002).

Then we were on stage and dee is embracing me with tears in her eyes. She pins on my dress a large orchid, even though she told me once that she thinks orchids are tacky flowers" (27). I am the way my daughter would want me to be; a hundred pounds lighter, my skin like an uncooked barley pancake. My hair glistens in the hot bright lights. Johnny carson has much to do to keep up with my quick and witty tongue" (27).

She used to read to us without pity; forcing words, lies other folks habits, whole lives upon us two, sitting trapped and ignorant underneath her voice. She washed us in a river of make-believe, burned us with a lot of knowledge we didnt necessarily need to know. Pressed us to her with the serf oust way she read, to shove us away at just the moment, like dimwits, we seemed about to understand" (30). (dee / Wangero) I can use the chute top as a centerpiece for the alcove tableand Ill think of something artisitic to do with the dasher" (33). (dee / Wangero) Maggie cant appreciate these quilts Shed probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use" (34). All"s from the norton Anthology of African American Literature volume. Chapter ii review of Related Literature. Philippine secondary Education Curriculum, massive societal changes over the past twenty years (Drucker,1994; reigeluth,1994)  have altered societys educational needs and in turn are driving schools to redesign their curricula. Within the educational field, schools have been challenged to shift from the traditional paradigm of teacher-directed learning and dissemination of knowledge to learner-centered curricula that can promote the development of life-long learners who can think critically, solve problems and work collaboratively.

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Make sure to use her character traits to back up the claim. If you need outside sources, there are plenty available in academic databases that will argue either way. For more information on another work by Alice walker, visit the. PaperStarter entry for The color Purple. This list of important"tions from everyday use" by Alice walker will help you work with the essay topics and thesis statements above by allowing you to support your claims. All of the important"s listed here correspond, at least in some way, to the paper topics above and by themselves can give you great ideas for an essay by offering"s about other themes, symbols, imagery, and motifs than those already mentioned. All"s contain page numbers as business well. Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of the text they are referring.

thesis about mother tongue

Dee / Wangero, on the other hand, although she is originally from the country, eventually moves away and is exposed to ideas about racial equality. This, combined with her urban education, makes her view matters of race differently and causes the inherent conflict between her and her familys ideals. For this essay, explore the ways the country and city settings are directly opposed to one another through characters and their understanding of race. A great place to start would be by considering dees change of her name to wangero and what it means for her versus what it means (or doesnt) to her family. Thesis Statement / Essay topic 3: The burned-Down house. Critics have often questioned whether or not dee / Wangero burned down ghostwriter the house—an event that eventually led to her sister being scarred for life. Although her mother does not come out and directly say it, she makes sure to mention how much dee hated the house and furthermore, how she stood back coldly and watched it burn. Furthermore, there are numerous examples of how selfish and single-minded dee / Wangero. By performing a character analysis or character sketch, form an argumentative essay that argues that she did or did not burn the house down.

wrapped up in presenting a cultural or historical ideal—it is something to show off. The issue of everyday use also extends to other matters, such as the usefulness of reading, considering race and class, among others. For this essay, spend one paragraph on different examples of the duality of usefulness. Look at how dee / Wangero thinks something should be used versus how her mother and sister might. For your conclusion, reflect on why there might be different ideas on usefulness. Thesis Statement / Essay topic 2: Race and Rural Versus Urban. The issue of race is viewed and discussed differently in country versus urban settings and this issue is one of the main t hemes throughout everyday use" by Alice walker. The rural setting that dees mother is immersed in is based on the idea of hard work. Her mother and Maggie do not have the time, education, or motivation to think deeply about race, racism, or equality and her mother openly admits that she would not even be able to look a white man in the face.

All five incorporate at least one of the themes found in the text and are broad enough so that it will be easy to find textual support, yet narrow enough to provide a focused clear thesis statement. These thesis statements offer a summary of different elements that could be important in an essay but you are free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them. Using the essay topics below in conjunction with the list of important"s at the bottom of the page, you should have no trouble connecting with the text and writing an excellent paper. Click here for a, free, detailed Plot Summary of everyday use from SuperSummary. Thesis Statement essays / Essay topic 1: The significance of the title of Alice walkers everyday use". The title of, everyday use by Alice walker carries several meanings apart from being a convenient beginning. In fact, many of the those most important themes of the story are highlighted by the issue of how things are used on an everyday basis.

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You're reading a free preview, pages 4 to 23 are not shown in this preview. Buy the full Version, you're reading a free preview, pages 27 to 87 are not shown in this preview. Buy the full Version, you're reading a free preview, pages 91 to 121 are not shown in this preview. Buy the full Version, you're reading a free preview, pages 125 to 132 are not shown in this preview. Buy the full Version, you're reading a free preview, pages 136 to 175 are not shown in this preview. Buy the full Version. Below you will find three outstanding thesis statements / paper topics for everyday biography use" by Alice walker that can be used as essay starters.

Thesis about mother tongue
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  1. Master of Arts (M.A.) Political Science (Thesis) (45 credits) The. Program is generally recognized as among the most demanding and rewarding in Canada.

  2. English is the language of science and you need to master it to progress in your scientific career. Scientific writing for non-native english speakers is one of the biggest struggles when writing a scientific paper. The American University of Armenia aims to have an impact on students and the community as a center of academic excellence, innovation, inquiry, and diversity that contributes to the further development and advancement of Armenia, the region and the world through teaching and scholarship, fostering. University of california, san diego. Facing the earth, Grounding the Image: Representations of the aztec Tlaltecuhtli a thesis submitted in partial satisfaction of the. One possible explanation for why your baby is not getting enough milk at the breast that he is moving his mouth and tongue incorrectly while nursing.

  3. Genesis ii supports a mother Tongue thesis, and the bible also claims that Adam named the animals. This may seem difficult to accept, but then why do the translations of the following animals' names: skunk, gopher, giraffe and Horse actually have corresponding meanings in Biblical Hebrew, such. In Thailand, secondary education is divided into two levels, each covering a period of three years. The lower level emphasizes learners intellect, ethics, morality and basic skills, while the upper level aims to provide appropriate academic and vocational knowledge and skills corresponding with the learners interests and aptitudes. This list of important"tions from everyday use" by Alice walker will help you work with the essay topics and thesis statements above by allowing you to support your claims.

  4. Another Mother Tongue: gay words, gay worlds Judy Grahn. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Examines the life styles of gay men and women and discusses the role of gay culture in mainstream society. Previous research has not evaluated the impact of mother-tongue interventions on non-mother-tongue subject outcomes. mother-tongue usage was very low in the subject areas, even in the mother-tongue intervention group.

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