The spread of islam essay

the spread of islam essay

Compare and contrast the spread of christianity and

Listen once again to the pertinent verses in this connection: Matthew 21:37: Then last of all he sent his son. Mark 12:6: still having one son, his beloved, he also sent him to them last. In Jesus, god had finally (Matthew 21:37: hysteron; Mark 12:6: eschaton) sent his own beloved Son, that is, his one and only son, who was to be similarly rejected. The finality of his ministry jesus makes clear from his teaching that the farmers rejection of him, unlike the rejections of those before him, was to entail neither a continuance of dealing with the recalcitrant nation on Gods part nor a mere change of politico-religious. Rather, to reject him, he taught, would eventuate in the complete overthrow of the theocracy, and the rearing from the foundation up of a new structure in which the son would receive full vindication and supreme honor11 (Matthew 21:42-43; Mark 12:9; luke 20:16). The sons exalted status in the revelational economy of God is apparent from the finality of the messianic investiture that he owns. From Matthews finally—mark says he had yet one other and also finally—it is clear that Jesus represents himself as the last, the final ambassador, after whose sending none higher can come and nothing more can be done. The lord of the vineyard has no further resources; as Gods Son, the son of God is the highest messenger of God conceivable.

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And he taught that the major Spirit/Comforter when he came would glorify him, jesus the Christ. Apparently, muhammad, or perhaps the compilers of the koran after his death, confused the Greek word parakletos with the Greek word periklytos, meaning famed, praised, for which the Arabic would be ahmad (Muhammad and accordingly he taught that Jesus taught that he, muhammad, was. The essay gospels, however, make it clear that Jesus taught that revelational history reached its culmination in him and that his chosen apostles completed Gods revelatory activity (2 Timothy 3:16-17). For instance, in his parable of the wicked farmers, found in Matthew 21:33-45, mark 12:1-12, and luke 20:9-19, jesus tells the story of a landowner who leased his vineyard to some farmers and then went into another country. When the time arrived for him to receive his rental fee in the form of the fruit of the vineyard, he sent servant after servant to his tenants, only to have each one of them beaten or stoned or killed. Last of all he sent his son—luke says his beloved son; Mark says yet one other, a beloved son— saying: They will respect my son. But when the tenants saw the landowners son, they said: This is the heir; come, lets kill him and take his inheritance. This they did, throwing his body out of the vineyard. When the landowner came, he destroyed the tenants and leased his vineyard to others. The interpretative intentions of the parable, as Don Carson notes,10 are obvious on the face of it: The landowner is God the father, the vineyard the nation of Israel (Isaiah 5:7 the farmers the nations leaders, the servants the prophets of the theocracy (Matthew 23:37a. The central teaching of the parable is obvious—as indeed it was to its original audience (Matthew 21:45 after having sent his servants the prophets repeatedly in Old Testament times to the nation of Israel and its leaders to call the nation back to him from.

However, if one studies the quran carefully, he will discover that it seems to say the very opposite. It represents itself as a book written in Arabic for those who essays spoke arabic (Sura 41, revelations Well Expounded, verse 3, and Sura 42, counsel, verse 7 and that it was intended primarily for Mecca and its environs (Sura 6, cattle, verse 93, and Sura. Arberry surely appears to be right when he observes that the Islam of the quran is fundamentally an Arabic religion, reflecting and intended for the seventh-century culture of Arabia.9 On the other hand, the quran emphatically states in Sura 3:3 and Sura 6:92 that God. But what did Muhammad teach about his relation to jesus? Did he not see himself as superior to jesus? Well, it is true that, according to sura 61, battle Array or Ranks, verse 6, muhammad does state that Jesus taught that an apostle. Will come after me whose name is Ahmad a variation of Muhammad. Of course, jesus taught no such thing. He taught that God the holy Spirit whom he called the comforter (parakletos, john 14:16-17, 26; 15:26; 16:7-8, 13-14 whom he would send from the father, would come after him.

the spread of islam essay

The, spread of, islam in India

It may be that he knew about the small sect called the collyridians, made up mainly of women, that had existed in fourth century Arabia and that had rendered divine worship to mary by offering her cakes.8 It may be, if he had even heard. This term, of course, was not intended to say that there was something divine about Mary; it was intended only to safeguard Jesus full deity. Most likely, muhammad had simply concluded that if Christians believed Jesus was the son of God then they had to believe also that God had to have a divine consort and that his mother was this divine consort. But whatever the reasoning was behind his assertion, he was in error to conclude that Christians generally regarded Mary as a member of the Trinity. What the church taught then and still teaches entry is this: that within the undivided unity of the one living and true god eternally exist three persons, god the father, god the son, and God the holy Spirit; friend and these three are one god, the same. Perhaps this definition will not satisfy muslims, but at least it takes seriously the infallible teaching of Holy Scripture, and it does not misrepresent to the world what Christianity has taught about the Christian God, which cannot be said for the qurans misrepresentation of the. The qurans teaching on Jesus Secondary Place (along with Other Prophets) in revelational History, with Muhammad Himself Occupying the Primary Place Islamic orthodoxy teaches that Jesus, while he was Israels Messiah, was only one of many national prophets to Israel and that God never intended. Islamic orthodoxy teaches that Muhammad was the only prophet sent by god to the entire world, and that it is Islam alone that God intended to become a universal religion.

God forbid that he should have a son! In Sura 5, The table, verse 73, muhammad teaches: Unbelievers are those who say: God Allah is one of three. There is but one god. Apparently muhammad believed that in order for God to have a son he would have had to have a consort (Sura 6, cattle, verse 101 but since god has taken no consort he has not begotten any children (Sura 72, The jinn, verse 3). Then in Sura 5, verse 116, he teaches that Christians believe that Gods threeness is composed of Allah, jesus (whom he believed ill-informed Christians had wrongly deified and his mother Mary.7. Now whatever sub-scriptural oddities and errors some orthodox theologians may have espoused in the early centuries of the church about God as Trinity, not one of them ever taught that Gods threeness included the mother of Jesus, and no ecumenical council ever endorsed such. This is an error on Muhammads part and shows his ignorance of Christian teaching.

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the spread of islam essay

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I want to begin by noting that Christians had already enjoyed a six-hundred-year-long theological history and had already developed a carefully-thought-through theology of business God by the time muhammad (born about. 570 the author of the quran, began to write his alleged revelations from Allah around. Through the efforts of the first four ecumenical councils (Nicaea, constantinople, ephesus, and Chalcedon) early church theologians, listening carefully to the bible, had worked out the churchs doctrine of God as Trinity and its doctrine of the two- natured incarnate Christ. These doctrines, sometimes expressed in philosophico-theological language, were understandably sometimes quite difficult for an average person to comprehend. In the course of developing its theology over these centuries the church also found it necessary to distance itself from the unscriptural views of the second-century logos-Christologies, third- century forms of modalism, fourth-century Arianism and Apollinarianism, and fifth-century nestorianism and Eutychianism—all views that basically had. These unscriptural heresies, however, did not die when they were rejected but rather continued to spread throughout some regions of the middle east, and it was these heresies, especially Arianism, that spread into Arabia and to mecca where muhammad was born.6.

Now a careful reading of the quran will disclose that Muhammad did not have a clear grasp of what Scripture and orthodox Christianity were teaching about the Trinity in the seventh century. He was hearing views that had been rejected by the leading theologians of the church such as Athanasius, cyril of Alexandria, and Augustine. Accordingly, his consistent misrepresentation of the Trinity suggests that he conceived of the Trinity along the lines of a crude tritheism, a heresy that Christianity had consistently repudiated. In Sura 4, women, verse 171, the koran declares: The messiah, jesus the son of Mary, was no more than Gods Allahs apostle. So believe in God Allah and his apostles and do not say: Three. Forbear, and it shall be better for you. God is but one god.

C., reports that over 2,000,000 Muslims were attending 1,209 mosques in the United States at the time of the studys release. What concerns me about these numbers is not so much these numbers per se but the fact that they represent a three hundred percent increase over the last six years, showing clearly that Islam is blossoming and flourishing in the United States.1. Taking my own advice, for some time now, and particularly since september 11, 2001, i have been studying the quran, Islams holy book, which is composed of 114 suras (chapters). Muslims regard the quran as the infallible word of Allah. Now while i am not a recognized authority on the religion of Islam I believe i can, in spite of the qurans content and style,2 read it with sufficient comprehension to understand it in the main.

I also i also think i know something about what Holy Scripture teaches regarding Christian doctrine, and it is apparent to me from my reading of the quran that it is laced with distortions concerning Christianitys doctrinal teachings. Admittedly, there are many ambiguities in Quranic teaching, about the meaning of which even Islamic scholars dispute, and these ambiguities may account for some of these distortions. But, in my opinion, any informed observer must conclude that Muhammad, the qurans author, was at best ill-informed about Christianitys core teachings and thus did not write infallibly when he wrote (actually he spoke his revelations since he could neither read nor write) what. In this essay i do not intend to treat the many historical inaccuracies in the quran.3 Nor will i address Muhammads teaching that the husband may beat his disobedient wife (Sura,4 Women, verse 34 or his belief that he was to make war on the. Lets look in some detail at each of these quranic teachings. The qurans teaching on God as Trinity.

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Should any muslims read this essay i would first express my appreciation to them for doing so, and I want them to know that I love them. I assure them that I have no personal animosity toward them as individuals. Rather, it is because i care very deeply for the muslim world that I wrote this article. Second, i would respectfully urge them to examine the quran and Christian theology and history to see if what I write here is true. And I would respectfully plead with them to read carefully, thoughtfully, and attentively. And to all professing Christians who diary read this article i would say that just because they profess to be Christians is no guarantee in itself that they are genuine Christians whose sins are forgiven and who are on their way to heaven. So they as well should read carefully, thoughtfully, and attentively what I write here. Because of the destruction of the world Trade center on September 11, 2001, by militant Muslims acting in the name of Allah, Christians in the United States of America should learn all they can about Islam and its spread in this country. A study titled The mosque in America: a national Portrait, released on April 26, 2001, by the council on American-Islamic Relations headquartered in Washington,.

the spread of islam essay

Candida moss is a professor of New Testament and early Christianity at the University of Notre dame and author of ". The myth of Persecution.". Robert reymond, read translation in: Urdu, punjabi, whats Wrong with Islam? Robert reymond (The reader should read Jesus parable of the wicked farmers in Matthew 21:33-45, mark 12: 1-12, and luke 20:9-19 before he reads this article.). We christians know that the son of God has come and has given us understanding, graduation so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true; in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true god and eternal life. Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

explain or prevent the plague only strengthened the Christian position. The experience of widespread disease and death and the high probability that they themselves might die made Christians more willing to embrace martyrdom. And that, somewhat paradoxically, helped the faith thrive, providing early publicity that Christianity is worth dying for. Add to this the fact that the epidemic coincided with the first Roman legislation affecting Christians, and martyrdom became both a possibility and a more reasonable option: When death is always around the corner, why not make yours count? As the martyr Apollonius is reported to have said at his trial, It is often possible for dysentery and fever to kill; so i will consider that i am being destroyed by one of these. The harrowing images of putrefying bodies and burning pyres of corpses also influenced early Christian descriptions of hell and the afterlife, which were already filled with fire and brimstone. With the spread of the plague, these threats seemed increasingly real. Now that hell had become a place on earth, Christians were increasingly eager to avoid it in the afterlife. The epidemic that seemed like the end of the world actually promoted the spread of Christianity.

In his essay de mortalitate on Mortality cyprian wrote: The intestines are shaken with a continual vomiting; the eyes are on fire with the infected blood; that in some cases the feet or some parts of the limbs are taken off by the contagion. In many cases, cyprian went on to say, blindness and deafness would ensue. At its height the epidemic is estimated to have killed 5,000 people a day in the city of Rome alone. Among them were two roman emperors: Hostilian and Claudius ii gothicus. The effects were just as extreme elsewhere in the empire. Sociologist Rodney stark writes that as much as two-thirds of the population in Alexandria, egypt, died. Modern scientists may believe that the disease was smallpox, but to cyprian it was a portent of the end of the world. Interestingly, this belief may have actually helped the spread of Christianity. Cyprian noted that Christians were also dying from the plague, but suggested that only non-Christians had anything to fear.

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By, candida moss, special to cnn (CNN) - archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed relics from an apocalyptic plague that some Christians believed heralded the end of the world - an idea that likely helped spread the faith centuries ago. A team from the Italian Archaeological Mission to luxor unearthed the remains in a funerary complex in the ancient city of Thebes. (The city is now known as Luxor.). As archaeologists excavated the site earlier this month, they found remnants of bodies covered in a thick layer of lime. The lime was significant, as it was used in the ancient world as a form of disinfectant to prevent contamination. Nearby, there was evidence of an enormous bonfire, used to incinerate the remains of plague victims, roles and three kilns used for lime production. Pottery located in the kilns enabled the scientists to date the discovery to the middle of the third century, the time of a gruesome epidemic known as the plague of Cyprian. Cyprian, the mid-third century bishop of Carthage, provides us with the most detailed description of the plagues terrible effects.

The spread of islam essay
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