Summary for through the tunnel

summary for through the tunnel

Through, the, tunnel, summary

 It seems to me that if the government wanted underground bases they would make use of these existing tunnels, yet modern researchers never seem to even hint of their existence.  Why not? Childress made a telling observation concerning government involvement; The gold that was at one time stored in Victorio peak has been seized by the. Government, particularly the Army and the cia.  And I thought the cia was concerned with foreign intelligence. Where's  the connection?

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I figured I would come back for that and went. I next came to a big room. Here there were a bunch of side tunnels running north and south. They were all natural, nothing man made. Here where they intersected, they made a big. I did drawing not go down these tunnels, i stayed with the stream going west At the far end of the main room I found some things I cannot tell you about. Snow's story is fascinating book and virtually unbelievable to most people. He walked 14 miles in an underground tunnel. The 1400 steps or so that he walked down to the subterranean river must have been a good 800 or 900 feet below the entrance. The tunnel was crossed at least in one spot by another tunnel running at a right angle to the one he was following. As we can see from these reports, there exists under the White sands New Mexico area an extensive system of lengthy tunnels that have been there for ages.

I don't know how far. I estimated maybe thirteen hundred or fourteen hundred steps. The bottom step, the last one was rounded at the bottom so that when you stepped on it, it would roll. It was tied to a bow and arrow with rawhide, but the rawhide had rotted a long time ago. I got in there. At the bottom of the steps Snow described a big room with a stream of hot water running through. Snow followed the tunnel from room to room; sometimes the tunnel would become so narrow that he had to get down on his hands and knees. In one room Snow Reported found some things. I found small stacks one of gold, one of copper and one of silver.

summary for through the tunnel

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Childress continues this revealing report; reviews Because of an article published in the november, 1968 issue of True treasure magazine there was renewed interest in the fabulous treasure, and apple a prospector named Harvey snow was approached by three ranchers who lived in the area west. Snow had spent 25 years exploring the entire White sands area, and the ranchers felt that Snow could lead them into the treasure area, bypassing the Army patrols that guarded the missile range. Because of a story told Snow many years before by a cowboy who had followed Doc Noss to a hidden tunnel, he believed that the treasure was not at Victorio peak, but on another peak, hard. Scrabble peak which was also on government property. Childress tell us; Snow's incredible story is then related. Chandler; On the second day i found the cave with the sloping steps. I went down the steps; down and down.

 (Pages 308-309). Due to coverage on the nationally long running nbc series Unsolved Mysteries most of us are familiar with the story of Doc Noss and the lost la rue mines.  david Hatcher Childress covers the story in depth in Lost Cities of North and Central America (1986). He sites a book,100 Tons of Gold (1978) by david Chandler. Chandler wrote, in 1937 a half-Indian podiatrist named Doc Noss discovered a cache of Apache gold on what is now the White sands Missile range  Much of the treasure was in the form of hundreds of stacked gold bars, plus other artifacts, such as swords. Doc Noss was shot and killed by his partner Charlie ryan in March of 1949. Noss was known to have taken at least 88 bars of gold out of the hidden tunnels inside the mountain.

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summary for through the tunnel

Through the, tunnel " by doris Lessing Short Story Analysis

Yet every time they tried to explore the cave, a strange fear and feeling of dread would overtake the whole party, and they would always turn back. They were sent to a psychic who told them of a man who would lead them into the tunnel without fear. With this man as their guide they were able to penetrate further into the tunnel. Deep inside the remains of ancient structures and walls made out of well water dressed rock were found. They then discovered at this place a spiral staircase built out of cut stones that went down, down, down, down into the earth. After some discussion, it was decided that their guide should descent the stairs. He did so, following the staircase into the deep bowels of the earth.

After some time, he came to a large room with more cut stone. A gigantic rock-cut throne, big enough for a giant, or two people sitting together, was in the middle of the room. Artifacts were on the walls, though he didn't know what they were. The man returned up the staircase and reported what he discovered. The others tried to convince him to return to the room and bring some of the artifacts back up, but he refused. The team then left the tunnel, and today the entrance is still a secret.

The mandans of the northwestern states, some of whom had blue eyes and silky hair said the first man to emerge from the tunnels were the histoppa or the tattooed ones.  having left safety too soon, they perished.  The rest, who remained below, waited until a bright light dispelled the darkness on the surface. The Apaches have a legend that their remote ancestors came from a large island in the eastern sea where there were great buildings and ports for ships.  The fire Dragon arose, and their ancestors had to flee to mountains far away to the south.

 Later they were forced to take refuge in immense and ancient tunnels through which they wandered for years. As we can see, many of these early Americans knew of these ancient tunnels.  Could these tunnels have anything to do with the modern tunnels we have heard so much about in the last few years? One of the areas rumored to have an underground complex and tunnels and is off limits to most people is the area around White sands Missile range in New Mexico. David Hatcher Childress in his beautifully written Lost Cities of North central America (1992) descries the secret headquarters of Apache Chief Victorio. (For another story of underground tunnels and a possible big foot connection in these same mountains read Big foot, the Abominable sandman, nessie and The people who live under. Shasta on the home page).

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we also know of the Ancient tunnels to be found. Mexico and Central and south America. But, do we find evidence of these ancient tunnels in the United States? In paper Native american Myths mysteries (1991) by vincent. Gaddis in chapter iv titled Tunnels of the titans we find. Throughout all the Americas there are legends of archaic avenues, racial memories of subterranean passages stretching for miles. After the great cataclysm the ancestral North Indians lived in the vast cavern complex until it was safe to return to the upper world. The story is spread through many tribes, from the kivas of the pueblos to the lodges of the Blackfeet, from the campfires of the eastern woodland tribes before their dispersion.

summary for through the tunnel

Further reading, anne seymour, The Drawings of Joseph beuys,. Joseph beuys Drawings, exhibition catalogue, city Art Galleries, leeds 1983,.726, reproduced.99. Bernice rose, thinking is Form: The Drawings of Joseph beuys, moma,.13, winter 1993,.1623. Maja naef, beuys, Drawing, in Marion Ackermann review and Isabelle malz (eds. joseph beuys, parallel Processes, exhibition catalogue, kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, düsseldorf 2010,.33648. Stephanie straine, march 2011). Reprint of, july 01, :29, secret Underground Tunnels Past present: Part. A closer look, as I pointed out in the previous report in this series, the origin of at least some of the Ancient Americans of North America lays to the south.

where drawing ends not only. "d in Rose 1993,.17.). While, tunnel (Cathode rays) Felt-room Action has a very specific and detailed title, in fact this drawing has no obvious or direct connection to any documented action performed by the artist. Despite this, 1964 was a crucial year for beuyss development of his public performances, with his action. Kukei/Akopee-nein/Brown Cross/Fat Corners/Model Fat Corners at the festival for New Art in Aachen, west Germany on marking the beginning of his ascendancy to worldwide fame as an artist. This event is notorious for the interruption of beuyss performance by right-wing students, and its descent into violence with police arrests at the scene. The curator Anne seymour has clarified the artists approach to drawing, writing: Although the appearance of a drawing is not of first importance to beuys, its colour or substance are likely to have some sort of relationship with its subject or meaning. Beuys uses materials in drawing very much as substance, and in ways comparable to how he would use them on a much larger three-dimensional scale. (Seymour 1983,.20.) Related to this observation is the art historian Maja naefs statement that: With beuys, the space of drawing in his oeuvre is larger than the corpus of his drawings in the strict sense in that it also encompasses archives, broadcasts, performances and. (Naef 2010,.337.) Acknowledging this conceptual overlap between different media is crucial to understanding many of the artists works on paper, including this work, that appear as wilfully impenetrable and mysterious objects, while nonetheless hinting at multiple influences and interpretative possibilities.

Underneath the paint there are two horizontal pencil lines that seem to indicate that the space of the page was initially organised. The gesture of obscuring a page of notations and diagrams appears to be an act of concealment by the artist. The covering up and cancellation of this kind of raw information could suggest that these notes supermarket were for an action that never took place or that, except for a few intriguing drawings, the artist wished to delete. The mention of cathode rays in the works title suggests a link to television sets, which use cathode ray tubes to create the onscreen image. (beuys would perform an action in Copenhagen in 1966 entitled. Felt tv, later re-staged and broadcast on German television in 1970.) The type of dark grey oil paint in this work has been used elsewhere in beuyss drawing practice to suggest felt, one of the artists signature materials (see for example. Felt Sculptures 1964, tate, ar00661 ). The paint essentially encases the artists words, diagrams and notations and, like felts noise-cancelling properties, muffles the pages contents to achieve a state of mute cancellation. The artists materially inventive approach to drawing links the works on paper to every other aspect of beuyss art, including sculpture, installation, performance, or his political actions, teaching and lecturing, which all feature an interrelated set of materials and gestures developed by the artist over.

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Tunnel (Cathode rays) Felt-room Action is a small work on paper by the german artist Joseph beuys that combines sketches and handwritten notes with paint. The piece of paper appears to have been torn estate from a sketchbook as it has a rough and ridged left edge. The discoloured and stained cream paper contains a jumble of the artists notes, written in both pencil and ink, with a large mass of dark grey oil paint obscuring the majority of the page. This defacement leaves no coherent or complete trace of the artists thoughts visible on the page. The oil paint, which is almost black in appearance, has been applied in very thick, swirling brushstrokes, so that it has clumped on the paper surface, accumulating little bubbles and dried paint particles. Remaining visible at the margins of the sheet is the title word Tunnel, written in English at the very top of the drawing, while beneath the painted mass is written in ink the german word die wahrheit, meaning truth. In pencil in the bottom section of the sheet there are little drawings, possibly of roots and branches.

Summary for through the tunnel
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  3. Catacomb - an underground tunnel with recesses where bodies were buried (as in ancient Rome). N ( gen ) galleria, tunnel m inv ; ( Min ) galleria the. Mont Blanc tunnel il traforo del Monte bianco. Daphne is a paper tunnel installation in Santorini designed by 24 Studio. A trace of Daphne will appear at the entrance of the tunnel.

  4. Two thousand men were digging a three-and-a-quarter-mile tunnel under a mountain from gauley s Junction to hawk s Nest in fayette county so that a river. He walked 14 miles in an underground tunnel. With this man as their guide they were able to penetrate further into the tunnel. Read this summary in full. For the lecture: The social organism - a work of art, bochum. In one embodiment, one web server and one tunnel servlet may be used by two or more clients to communicate to a broker via tunnel connections.

  5. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a fantastic tunnel scene in maya, and then add some final lighting touches in Photoshop. Several tunnel padding strategies are possible, each with their own merits:.automatically, how much should be configured as a per tunnel or per hop setting, and how should the tunnel. South Cut-and-cover, sr 99, tunnel, project, seattle,. In summary, i had to visualize and work fast and try not to make mistakes. This is a guide on how to troubleshoot tunnel flaps in a wx/wxc deployment running wxos.x. If no data is sent through the tunnel, no heartbeat is expected.

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