Smu solved assignment

smu solved assignment

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A-a job title b-an everyday activity involving interactions between people c-a field of study d-a social position question Which of the following are included in Watsons method of viewing management? A-personality, job title, style, politics b-management as magic, job title, management as art, management as science c-management as magic, management as art, management as science, management as politics d-leadership. Management as art, management as science, management as politics question Administration can be viewed as: a-the same thing as management b-separate from management c-part of management d-less important than management question Brech identifies four main elements of management. They are: planning, control, co-ordination and: a-centralisation b-motivation c-the division of work d-discipline question Which of the following is not one of the five elements of management? A-command b-co-ordination c-organising d-control e-planning f centralisation question Mintzberg classified the activities of monitoring, disseminating and being a spokesperson as part of a managers _ role. A-interpersonal b-informational c-decisional d-none of the above question Kotter identified the significant activities which all managers had in common as: a-network building and strategic planning b-strategic planning and resource allocating c-agenda setting and resource allocating d-agenda setting and network building question Managers require a combination.

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A-fiedler b-likert c-blake and McCanse d-mcGregor question applytexas What are the four main styles of leadership displayed by the manager which identified in Tannenbaum and Schmidts continuum of possible leadership behaviour? A-tells, helps, joins and leads b-commands, sells, consults museum and resists c-commands, helps, joins and leads d-tells, sells, consults and joins question On what belief are contingency theories of leadership based? A-that there is a single style of leadership appropriate to all situations b-that there is a single style of leadership appropriate to all managers c-that there is no single style of leadership appropriate to all situations d-none of the above question According to fiedlers lpc. A-developing team relationships b-achieving objectives c-both of the above d-neither of the above question On which aspects of a leaders decision are Vroom and Yettons contingency model of leadership based? A-decision quality b-decision acceptance c-both of the above d-neither of the above question One contingency model of leadership is the path-goal theory. This suggests that an individuals motivation is dependent. A-their effective performance b-the necessary direction, guidance, training and support being provided c-whether path-goal relationships are clarified d -expectations that increased effort to achieve an improved level of performance will be successful question The situation leadership theory of _ and _ is based on followers. A-abbot and Costello b-vroom and Yetton c-hersey and Blanchard d-tannenbaum and Schmidt question Extensive research in over 30 countries has shown that people want leaders who exemplify four qualities. Kouzes and Posner (2000) suggest these qualities are _ and. A-inspiring, competent, influential, dynamic b-honest, dynamic, ruthless, single minded c-forward-looking, influential, competent, dynamic d-honest, forward-looking, inspiring, competent question Referent power is based on the subordinates perception that the leader has a right to exercise influence because of the leaders. A-personal charisma b-ability to punish or reward c-role or position within the organisation d-expertise and knowledge question According to Knights and Williams, what could management be seen as?

A-natural b-direct and honest c-formal d-more difficult and rare question leadership today is increasingly associated with the concept of _? A-getting others to follow b-command c-strategy d-control question Which of the following statements about leadership is false? A-leadership does not necessarily take place within a database hierarchical structure of an organisation b-when people operate as leaders their role is always clearly established and defined c-not every leader is a manager d-all the above question Approaches to the study of leadership which emphasis the. A-inspirational theories b-trait theories c-group theories d-contingency theories question Adair claims that the effectiveness of a leader is dependent upon meeting _areas of need within the work group. A-four b-two c-three d-none of the above question In Adairs approach, needs such as training the group, setting standards and maintaining discipline, and appointing sub-leaders may be called. A-team functions b-task functions c-work functions d-individual functions question The Ohio state leadership Studies revealed two major dimensions of leadership behaviour: _ and initiating structure. A-consideration b-collaboration c-communication d-control question The terms employee-centred and production-centred to describe leader behaviour were used by _?

smu solved assignment

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D- all of the above question In the tuckman model, groups at the _ stage develop guidelines and standards of acceptable behaviour. A-forming b-adjourning c-storming d-norming golf question A potential disadvantage associated with cohesive groups is: a-a tendency to develop attitudes which are hard to change b-a tendency to see other groups as rivals c-a tendency to focus on social activities which may reduce output d-all of the. A-the open expression of feelings and disagreements b-a sense of commitment by individual members to their own goals and objectives. C-the resolution of conflict by members themselves. D- a belief in shared aims and objectives. Question a virtual team is a collection of people who are _ separated but still _ together closely. A-geographically; work b-physically; think c-geographically; decide d-temporally; work question A role-set is the range of contacts with whom an individual in a particular role has: a-a line management relationship b-regular appraisals c-daily contact d-meaningful interactions question Belbins initial research led him to propose how many. A-eight b-seven c-six d-nine question The team-role which is likely to demonstrate such positive qualities as imagination and creativity but may show disregard for practical details is: a-plant with b-shaper c-specialist d-team Worker question The team-role which is likely to demonstrate such positive qualities as strategic. A-less risky b-less consistent c-more conservative d-more risky question Brainstorming as a problem-solving and decision-making technique: a-focuses the mind b-encourages communication c-involves everyone d-all three of the above question Which of the following is an explanation of the johari window a-a blind area b-hidden behaviour.

C- people with easier goals will perform better than people with difficult goals. D- a persons level of commitment to a goal will not regulate the level of effort expended. Question Which of the following is not a core job dimension as summarised by mullins? A-skill variety b-autonomy c-potential d-task significance question teams occur when a number of people have _ and recognise that their personal success is dependent on the success of others. A-similar jobs b-the same manager c-a common goal d-a shared work environment question Groups which are formed as the consequence of organisational structure and work division are known as: a-informal groups B-target groups c-operational groups D-formal groups question Bolton and Fisher noted that _ teams. A-change b-virtual c-virtuoso c-super question reasons for the formation of groups include: a -the performance of certain tasks which can be performed only through combined efforts of individuals working together. B-the provision of protection for its membership. C -the provision of guidelines on generally acceptable behaviour.

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smu solved assignment

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The psychologist who influenced the creation of the myers-Briggs Personality type Indicator by Isabel words Briggs-myers and Katherine Briggs was: a-kenny rogers b-george melly c-carl Jung d-clement Freud question. Kellys theory of personality constructs led to the development of: a-the repertory grid b-the myers-Briggs type indicator c-cattels 16pf d-all of the above question autobiographies Friedman and Rosenmans work suggested that stress tended to cause illness more frequently in those with a-neither type b-both types equally. A-beliefs b-tendencies c-values d-attitudes question In a diversity management approach, organisations seek to achieve a situation where: a-individual differences are valued by the business b-the organisation has a homogeneous workforce c-all categories of disadvantaged groups are represented at management level d-individual differences are created through. A-regression b-fixation c-problem-solving d-withdrawal question Negative responses to the blockage of a desired goal include: a-fixation b-aggression c-withdrawal d-all three of the above question Managers can attempt to reduce levels of frustration in organisation members by: a-effective recruitment b-participative management c-all of the above d-none. A-equity b-expectancy c-content d-process question Maslow suggests that human needs are arranged in a series of levels, a hierarchy of importance. Which of the following statements are relevant to maslows hierarchy of needs theory?

A-a need is not necessarily fully satisfied before a subsequent need arises b-a satisfied need is no longer a motivator c-the hierarchy is not necessarily in a fixed order d-all of the above question Steers and Porters model relates the _ level of Maslows hierarchy. A-safety b-social c-esteem d-self-actualization question According to herzberg, which of the following may be regarded as hygiene/maintenance factors? A-working conditions b-salary c-company policy d-all of the above question McClellands achievement motivation theory states that people with a high achievement need have a preference for: a-attaining success through their own efforts rather than through teamwork b-clear and unambiguous feedback c-both of the above d-neither. Question Which of the following statements is true about the goal Theory of motivation? A-people with difficult goals will perform better than people with easier goals. B- research has shown that there is little support for the goal Theory and its effects on motivation with regard to the relationship between goal-setting and performance.

A-individual and bureaucracy b-scientific management and bureaucracy c-scientific management and gender management d-environment and individual question Which of the following is not a feature of a bureaucracy? A-generalism b-hierarchy of authority c-impersonality d-specialisation question Which of the following is an example of the hawthorne experiments? A-the relay assembly test room b-the bank wiring observation room c-the interview  programme d-the illumination experiments All of the above question The systems approach _? A-encourages managers to view the organisation both as a whole and as part of a larger environment b-emphasises the psychological and social aspects c-emphasises the technical requirements of the organisation and its needs d-all of the above question Which of the following is not. A-individual members will each have their own goals and interpretation of their work situation b-actions can lead to changes in meanings c-sociology is concerned not just with behaviour but with meaningful action d-none of the above question Which of the following is an advantage. A-the use of the term schools provides a clear distinction between each division b-the various approaches are completely unrelated c -it enables the manager to take from the different approaches those ideas which best suit the requirements of the job question What is the major.

A-the categorisation of writers is arbitrary b-they provide universalistic principles of behaviour. C-the structure of management is dependent on situational variables d-the assumption of national culture question What does Crainer suggest happens when one idea after another fails to translate into sustainable practice? A-ideas become as important to management decisions as is instinct b- there is a growing disillusionment with the pedlars of managerial wisdom c-corporate managers continue to trust theory d-nothing question Most social scientists believe individual personality is influenced by two main factors: a-education and genetic. Cattell used _ as his main personality descriptor. A-symbols b-types c-traits d-images question cooley described the process by which we come to understand our own personalities through relationships and the reactions of others. He termed this a-the emergent self b-the hidden self c-the looking-glass self d-the true self question Erik eriksons theory is a good example of the _ approach. A-proactive b-psychoanalytic c-idiographic d-nomothetic question.

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What is the premise relating to organisational behaviour put forward by wood as part of book the financial Times Mastering Management series? A-organisational behaviour can be regarded as the key to the whole area of management. B-there is a need for a cross cultural approach to the study of organisational behaviour. C-there is a dramatic change taking place in the philosophy underlying organisational behaviour. D-none of the above. Question 16 The study of management theory is important for which of the following reasons: a-it is scientific b-management theories are interpretive and evolve with organisational changes c-it helps decision making d-all of the above question. Which approach to the study of organisational behaviour emphasises the formal structure, hierarchy of management, the technical requirements and the assumption of rational behaviour? A-the systems approach b-the contingency theory c-the human relations approach d-the classical approach question Which of the following are sub-groupings of the classical approach?

smu solved assignment

This is seen in the a-decline of hierarchical, bureaucratic, inequality autocratic management b-increase in hierarchical, bureaucratic, autocratic management styles c-increasingly international or global business environment d-none of the above question. Which of the following factors are cited as potential explanatory factors underlying the trend towards globalisation? A-international business activities such as franchising b-international competitive pressure c-the spread of business processes across nations and regions d- all of the above question. Which of the following is not an advantage of cross-cultural awareness? A-increased self awareness b-lessening ignorance, prejudice and hatred c-miscommunication d-sensitivity to difference question. Which of the following factors is an example of a factor affecting national culture referred to by Brooks? A-mistrust b-individualism c-sensitivity d-values question. Which of the following is not one of the series of languages conceptualised by hall? A- language of group b-languages of things c-language of agreements d-language of friendships question.

in a hierarchy every employee: a-tends to rise to their natural level of competence. B-tends to rise to their natural level of incompetence. C-tends to challenge the views of their senior managers. D-tends to seek promotion, question. Which of the following is a major feature of Parkinsons Law? A-officials make work for each other b-the contingency theory c-work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion d-a continual process of balancing question. Cloke and Goldsmith refer to the age of traditional management coming to an end.

The main contribution of psychology to Organisational Behaviour is the study of: a-personality, attitudes, perceptions and motives, paper b-Social structures and relationships, c Social beliefs, customs and values. D-philosophy and ethics of human activity. According to morgan metaphors can be used to view an organization. These metaphors _ a-provide a broader view of the dynamics or organisational behaviour. B- all of the above, c-Define work as a central life issue. D-are instruments of domination, question. Which of the following is not an influence on behaviour in work organisations? A-the environment, b-The individual. C-the group, d-The building, question.

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Question 1 A common definition of Organisational Behaviour is that it is the study of: a- resume patterns of organisational structure, b- Group behaviour, c- Individual behaviour. D- all of the above, question. Which of the following is not part of the basic framework for analysing Organisational Behaviour issues? A-the process of management, b-Organisational context. C-gender and ethnic differences, d-Behaviour of people, question. The four main dimensions which influence behaviour in work organisations are: a-individual, organisation, group, gender. B-individual, group, organisation, environment, c-Group, environment, organisation, gender, d-Environment, group, individual, gender.

Smu solved assignment
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