Resume database mirroring

resume database mirroring

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Clinical vended systems requiring technical triage between the project request and operations: data integration, cloud/data centers, networking, security, and telecommunications. Prototype working solutions in support of innovative ehr, mobile, and Workstation developments that bridge current operations and platforms with emerging technologies and needs. Administration and security work group reporting using Rapid7. Nexpose for auditing of the 23,500 networked assets in support of a secure configuration management program. Systems Manager under the direction of Manu tandon, cio, 5/2012 4/2016 developed and documented Linux configuration and operation standards with its systems engineering team using rhev-m farms. Implemented Linux ipvs, monitoring, and network tuning to load-balance / fail-over the 3,400 active users on managed Apache web services. Supervised and coached Caché administrative support (2) for highly available operations.

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Devops : expert knowledge of c, caché, html, sql; current working experience with csp, node. Js, php, typeScript (server and browser apps). Apis : developer in HL7, jdbc/odbc, rest, soap, and sns for thumbs Ensemble, linux, and Node. Js; google Admin (Directory secureAuth (Idp, mfa). SysOps : google Chrome (Admin red Hat Enterprise linux (rhev-m). System software : Apache, bind, crypto, cups, dhcp, git, gpg, imap, iproute2, iptables, ipvsadm, mysql, nagios, nfs, nmap, npm, postgresql, rpm, rsync, samba/cifs, sar, sendmail, sqlite3, sftp, ssh, winbind, wordPress. Technical : architect, debug, and trouble-shoot solutions; application, data, security, morning and systems integration; implement networking protocols, rules and routing; emc san operations and scripting; classic printer and terminal emulation. Experience, beth Israel deaconess Medical Center 1135 Tremont Street, ren-6 boston,. Technical pm under the direction of Manu tandon, cio, 5/2016 present. Working in the cio office, focused on implementation of several cross hospital Information Technology projects simultaneously by utilizing the tools, techniques and methodology of professional project management fundamentals to meet the current and anticipated needs.

My hands-on experiences are a strength to leverage; and more value comes by way of coaching that fosters career development and builds the next generation of leaders. Above all, i keep a sense of humor amid the chaos. I enjoy being put to the test by listening to and engaging with any it business needs. If you have such needs, i can be reached by email listed above. Competencies, collaborative execution : strategic thinker who can execute while building and sustaining shredder excellent cross-functional relationships at multiple levels across large organizations; a proven record of building trust with clients and vendors. Communication : articulate while making arguments in a compelling manner, explaining complex processes and data flow in a way that is understandable by non-technical stakeholders. Driving results : can translate the overall objectives of the organization into actionable, quantitative plans. Culturally astute : savvy and pragmatic on how to affect change. Computer skills, cloud software : g suite (my business gitHub, jira, serviceNow, desktop software : mainstream office, drawing, multimedia, presentation, and project suites.

resume database mirroring

Reconnect mirroring server sql server 2008

Solved performance issues of more than fifty websites based on different technologies like lamp, wordPress, Drupal, joomla, mysql, php, ms sql. How to tune microsoft sql server for Performance (Publication) to retain its users, any application or website must run fast. For mission critical environments, a couple of milliseconds delay in getting information might create big problems. As database sizes grow day by day, we need to fetch data as fast as possible, and write the data back into the database as fast as possible. To make sure all operations are executing smoothly, we have to tune microsoft sql server for performance. My passion is making the journey possible with its people by advancing and promoting information technology used in any setting: products, services, innovation. Robert Hurst - an enterprising young man 24 Freedom road Providence, ri 02909. I am enjoying a progressive information technology career that spans my entire adult life: from software engineering for clinical and fiscal management, manufacturing, retail, middleware and automation; to design, implementation and support of medium and large-scale it operations; to managing enterprise-class is by formulating and. My best work comes not only from know-how, but also from knowing how shredder to fail fast and to negotiate the adjustments necessary to complete the objective.

Involved in training Update features for Business solution of sql server. Environment: sql server 2008/2005/2000/7.0, ms-access. Net Framework2.0, C.Net, t, javascript, vss, html, windows 2003 Server. More resources from sql school - sql server developer and sql dba resumes, Interview questions Register Today for msbi free demo. ECommerce website (development a real-time system for offers where merchants can login to the system and can add deals with an expiry date, depending on requirements (deals can expire in one hour, one day, or one year). Continuity of Care document (CCD) (Other amazing things). I successfully developed and tested ccds using C and ms sql 2008. This is a format used to facilitate communications between health organizations. Performance testing/Analysis tool (development) m, developed a tool at m to test and analyze performance issues of any website.

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resume database mirroring

How to install service packs and hotfixes on an instance of sql

Handled Scheduled backups and restore operations with Litespeed.0 and monitored the tasks, maintenance plans. Involved in writing Stored Procedures and Functions, cursors to handle database automation tasks Environment: sql server 2008/2005, Oracle 10g/. Net Framework.0, C.Net,.0, javascript, vss, windows 2000, windows 2003 Server, ms tfs, ms-access. Client: Panaroma technologies Place: Place: ny, usa role: sql server developer Duration: Duration: xxxx to yyyy involved in Technical decisions for Business requirement, Interaction with Business Analysts, Client team, development team, capacity essay planning and Upgrading of sql servers. Performed Physical and Logical Data modeling for databases of varied sizes including vldbs. Configured dr solution with Transaction Replication from Distribution Server with multiple Updatable subscriptions. Involved in Installation, configuration and Deployment of ssrs reports using different topologies.

Involved in Creation, development and Deployment of ssis packages in sql server 2008. Used Process Explorer for maintenance of stuck process, and to release the handles statement on files Performed Database consistency checks with dbcc, defrag, Index tuning and monitored error logs Provided On-Call support to mission critical Environments and expertise with Disaster Recovery mechanisms. Maintained two different databases: read-only reporting database and Disaster recovery database performed security tasks like grant, revoke permissions for security tasks Resolved issues for mission critical high usage of system cpu, disk, deadlocks and Transaction per/sec, memory. Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, and sql scripts for performing automation tasks Performed and fine-tuned Stored Procedures and sql queries and User Defined Functions. Implemented Table partitioning, Advanced Error handling, common Table Expression (CTE) and linq.

Monitored Full/Incremental/Daily loads and support all scheduled etl jobs for batch processing. Migration of dts packages to ssis packages Involved in Migration of Databases from sql server 2005 to sql server 2008 using ssis. Involved in Technical decisions for Business requirement, Interaction with Business Analysts, Client team, development team, capacity planning and Up gradation of System Configuration. Planned, configured, Installed, maintained sql server in environment of Multi-node Cluster with Mulch-instances. Configured and Monitored Database mirroring for Application development environment Involved in Installation, configuration and Deployment of Reports using ssrs with Scale-out topology. Involved in sql server Configuration, Administration, Implementation and Trouble-shooting for Business work.

Controlled, coordinated installations (Security patches, service packs) and evaluated the performance before deployment. Involved in daily code drops and archives on the production databases during maintenance windows. Scripted olap database backup and scheduled a daily backup using sql server agent job. Performed Regular Database maintenance process, checking the disk defrag procedures in different environments. Used sql profiler for Performance monitor to resolve dead Locks and Long running queries by checking appropriate changes to Transaction Isolation levels Performed Database refresh tasks from production to development and Staging Servers Performed Database consistency checks with dbcc, defrag, Index tuning and monitored error. Work involvement in performance monitoring of Memory, processor, disk I/O and fine tuning.

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Involved to planning and designing ssas 2012 Cubes and building attribute relationships for optimal mdx query performance of hierarchies and Fact Dimensions. Involved in Staging Partitions and Usage based Optimization ( ubo) mechanisms for ssas 20 olap databases. Involved in Tabular Datawarehouse and dax operations for ssas 20 olap databases. Involved in performing Audits and recovery essay operations of ssas objects. Assess the risks and recommend/ install service packs or hot fixes when needed. Environment: sql server 2005 and sql server 2008, dts, ssis, ssas, import/Export tools, sql server Agent, ms access, t-sql, erwin client: Sonata software Place: Hyderabad Role: ssis and ssrs developer Duration: Duration: xxxx to yyyy implementation and delivery of msbi platform solutions to develop and. Developed, deployed and monitored ssis packages for new etl processes and upgraded the existing dts packages to ssis for the on-going etl processes.

resume database mirroring

Net Framework.5 (T and iis web Server. Technical skills databases: sql server 2008/2012/2014, ms-access and my sql programming: vb, c3, c, c sql operating System: Windows 2008/2012 R2 Advanced Server, nt windows 9x, linux tools: Backup Utility, sql liteSpeed, Excel Power view Network topologies: tcp/ip, dns, wins, dhcp, ftp, snmp, smtp professional. Csv, excel and Text file from Client servers and through ftp. Handled Performance tuning and Optimization on ssis and mdx, with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills for quick issue resolution in large-scale production environments located globally. Involved in creation/review of functional requirement specifications and supporting documents for business systems, experience in database design process and data modeling process. Created Data-driven Packages in ssis 2012 gibson as part of the automating the process for the referral Process. The packages created included a variety of transformations, for example Slowly Changing Dimensions, look up, Aggregate, derived Column, conditional Split, fuzzy lookup, multicast and Data conversion. Reviewed tested packages, fixing bugs (if any) using sql 2005 Business Intelligence development Studio. Studied existing olap system(s) and created facts, dimensions and star schema representation for the data mart and warehouse systems.

and Consolidating Multiple Instances over Clustering Environment and Remote Installations. Extensive experience in Installation, configuration and Deployment of ssrs using Scale-out, Scale-Up and Local topologies. Involved in migration of ssis packages 2012 SP1 CU5 and troubleshoot migration issues. Experience in providing Logging, Error handling by using event Handler, and Custom Logging for ssis packages. Experience in Performance tuning in ssis packages by using Row Transformations, Block and Unblock Transformations. Expertise in generating reports using sql server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, and ms excel Power view. Expertise in What-If Analysis using Excel, power pivot Reports and Drill Through Dashboards using Warehouses and oltp connections Expertise in Proactive caching, degenerated Dimensions and Tabular Data modelling for Moderate to large data systems. Excellent t-sql developer skills including Stored Procedures, Indexed views, User Defined Functions, Triggers, and Distributed Transactions.

Extensive experience in controlling the. User Privileges, monitoring the, security and, audit issues as per, revelation standards. Expertise in, performance tuning, Optimization, data integrity and. Statistics by using, sql profiler, perfMon and Spotlight. Experience in solving real Time issues with. Index fragmentation, dbcc checks, query tuning, Error and, event Handling. Expertise in, sql server, storage Structures and. Security Architecture for databases residing on san storage.

Sql server 2008 : Mirroring in action (part 3) - suspending and

Professional summary - msbi developer 7 years of resume experience as, business Intelligence developer and Data Analyst in, production, development and Staging Environments. Strong, communication management skills with. Excellent Role playing capabilities. Extensive experience in, installation, configuration and, updates of sql server. Involved in Huge data migrations, transfers using utilities like. Data Transformation Services (dts and ssis, bulk copy Program (BCP) and Bulk Insert. Experience in, bi development and, deployment of, dts, ssis packages from ms-access, Excel, Oracle. Designing and, deployment of Reports for the End-User requests using, web Interface ssrs.

Resume database mirroring
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  4. 2008 R2/Oracle 10g/Redgate backup, log shipping, database mirroring, and replication as team leader of group of five database personnel. Knowledge in Configuring and maintaining Database mirroring and Database Snapshots. ssrs / Dot net / sql server 2008R2 / 2000 / 2005 / Clusters / Merge replication / Mirroring / san / Nexus / tivoli / Netbackup / Broker. to implement Database mirroring in 1Q11its a total high-availability solution that is definitely cost-effective when compared. Install and configure federated tables for our complex database.

  5. For standard edition sql server instances, implemented and maintained database mirroring. Expert in Using dmvs, performance dash board, mirroring, database snapshots and tracking Performance counters. Dba job Interview questions answers Kit. Sql server Management Studio. Ever dreaded writing a resume so much that. Configured and Monitored Database mirroring for Application development environment.

  6. new Windows 7 compatible software. Net for the maintenance of the healthcare common Procedure coding System (Hcpcs) sql database. i taught database professionals about things that influence sql server reliability and performance, like virtualization, storage. a multi-platform cross-platform c implementation of googles Chromecast communications, screen mirroring, and security protocols. Experience in Configuring and maintaining, database, mirroring and, database, snapshots.

  7. Administering the sql server by Creating User Logins with appropriate roles. log shipping, mirroring and Replication. Experience in defining backups, restores and Disaster Recovery solutions Ensuring the. High availability solutions log Shipping, database, mirroring, database, snapshots, partitioning, replication. pro 8, sql server Management Studio, sql server Profiler, ssis, sql server 2005 Upgrade Advisor, database, mirroring, sql, database.

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