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resume breaking dawn

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The resilience of print advertising can be attributed to three main factors. The lack of advertisement clutter versus other media, the higher attention and engagement rate of readers and the prestige and permanence attached to advertising in print versus other media. As print publications focus on providing easy-to-read designs centred on providing readers an engaging reading experience, newspapers and magazines are increasingly limiting the quantum of advertising per page, focusing their efforts on delivering high-quality content and maximising the visibility of insertions. Indeed, the clutter in advertising in other media further enhances the effectiveness of print advertising while tv commercials or radio spots may be aired a few times, their impact is limited to those moments during which they are aired. As a result, print emerges as the place of record for advertisers to announce new products or lines, driven by the permanence of a print insertion. A large part of the resilience of print advertising can also be attributed to the dynamics of print readers compared to radio or tv audiences, because print remains (in a world increasingly focused on multi-tasking) a high-engagement medium, requiring the full attention of readers compared.

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Newspaper hawkers in the friend new Challi area of Karachi, surrounded by stacks of the days newspapers and magazines, which will later be distributed throughout the city. Also located in New Challi is the haroon Chambers building. This was the headquarters of Dawn Karachi from August 14, 1947 where the newspaper was edited and printed, until the dawn offices were shifted to haroon house on Dr ziauddin Ahmed road on October 27, 1968, which remains the site of the dawn press. Throughout pakistans tumultuous 70-year history, the advertising sector wallpaper has undergone significant changes, reflecting changing global consumer patterns as well as the development and evolution of local trends. Indeed, as a developing economy poised at the intersection of south and Central Asia and the middle east, pakistans changing advertising landscape is a witness and an archive of changing mindsets and practices, as well as of wider socio-economic trends. Throughout these changes, pakistans oldest advertising medium pakistans print industry has continued to maintain its position not only as the source of record for news and analysis, but as a medium of choice for advertisers seeking high-impact and high-visibility solutions. In addition to changing consumers, pakistans advertising landscape has been transformed by the introduction of new media. From 1947 to date, pakistan has witnessed the growth of radio stations and outdoor advertising options, in addition to the mushrooming of private tv stations in the last 20 years, as well as the more recent explosion of digital advertising. Indeed, as internet penetration continues to grow, particularly on mobile devices, pakistani consumers are now irrevocably linked to the wider world. Throughout these tectonic shifts in the media industry, the ability among audiences to access content relevant to their interests (and increasingly on the go) continues to expand further, facilitating the flow of information and ideas. Despite the introduction of new media for content delivery, pakistans print media has continued to flourish, with advertisers placing their faith in a medium that will gain them visibility and deliver results.

Global communications groups are hedging their bets by investing in technology-driven companies with different areas, including data analytics and insight, digital creative agencies, ad serving networks and content platforms, including e-commerce sites. Wpps recent investment in AppNexus and Publiciss interest in Criteo are evidence summary of their foray into data and technology to provide alternatives to google and Facebooks ad serving capabilities. Which of the bets by the global communications will pan out is the billion dollar question. Whether the ad agency networks will be successful in maintaining aor status quo in the digital age through its acquisition of technology companies is uncertain. In the short-term at least, the global debate on aor is less likely to impact pakistan given the dominance of traditional media. However, in an increasingly digital world, global trends are likely to disrupt the local scenario. Article excerpted from Of the record or of the idea?, published in the november-December 2014 edition of Aurora. Amin Rammal is Director, firebolt63, The Brand Crew and apr. Your brands best friend, syed Ali hasan Naqvi on why print advertising continues to effectively deliver results in an age of new media disruptions.

resume breaking dawn

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Google has consolidated the professional majority of website content publishers and Facebook provides a platform for user-generated content to be monetised as media. The inherent advantages the big technology companies have is their ability to provide the following: centralise negotiations and serve ads through their networks despite the exponential increase in content publishers; seamless content integration through the likes of or Facebook fan pages; designated representatives. While aors are common in traditional advertising, they are not necessarily the dominant arrangement in digital. Digital savvy advertisers are developing their own online assets that can be managed internally, or by the agency which remote either comes up with the idea, or is best equipped for it: aoi (Agency of Idea) versus aor (Agency of Record). The impact of digital is also evident on the advertiser side with The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist (source: Harvard Business review, jul-Aug 2014). According to the article, cmts are part strategists, part creative directors, part technology leaders and part teachers; they champion greater experimentation and more agile management of that functions capabilities. Is the aor relevant in the fast-paced digital, ideas-driven world? If media planning and buying is being simplified at the tail-end of the communications value chain and a cmt is in place on the advertisers front, what services will the agency of the future provide?

There are different permutations of aors when dealing with specialist areas such as mass media versus digital, versus pr, versus activation. The decision is driven by the advertisers legacy system, the organisational structure and capabilities, the agencys offering in the marketplace (full-service versus specialisation) and the cost structures of the industry. Although in the short term, the aor model seems to be working in pakistan with different variations, the debate brewing globally is will the concept of aor continue as digitals share of advertising grows? The answer depends on several factors. In the good old days, the agency was perceived as the expert on consumer behaviour, a reservoir of creativity and the shrewd negotiator making deals with different media owners on behalf of their clients. A centralised role was important to synergise at least parts of the advertising value chain. Currently, it seems agencies, at least in developed countries, are going through a midlife crisis experimenting with various business models and flirting with technology companies, while soul-searching to identify who they are. What is causing this? The likes of google and Facebook have changed the traditional advertising model.

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resume breaking dawn

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The aor has been a problems prerogative of multinationals and large national clients. In pakistan, multinationals adopt brand strategies developed at the global or regional level, with an unbearable aligned aor. Major thematic campaigns are beginning to move in a similar direction, where the trend is towards global and regional creative. So the selection of aor agencies by multinational clients is based on regional or global agency alignment. The local agency affiliate is more execution or tactical focused. It is unlikely that this will change in the near future as multinationals are able to better synchronise and manage cost with globally or regionally aligned aors. Very few local advertisers invest in strategic planning and the focus tends to be more on execution.

In many cases, large local advertisers appoint aors, but the selection is often driven by price or triggered by new decision-makers in the marketing department. They also tend to maintain flexibility by keeping a roster of execution agencies. In pakistan, similar to the rest of the world, media planning and buying has become a specialised area thanks to the advent of media buying houses. Whether an advertiser selects a full-service agency or a media buying house to plan or buy media, economies of scale support the consolidation of media buying to a single or few entities. Hence the support for aor in case of media, continues to stand for now. However, some media buying houses are offering creative services, particularly in the content area, by partnering with content producers or smaller creative agencies. While they act as a single aor for the advertiser, they are forward integrating with smaller entities and freelancers.

Even as late as 2015, 26 years after the birth of the world Wide web, most clients still thought a digital presence meant only having lots of likes on Facebook posts; quite astonishing, considering that the version of the software i am using to write. So imagine the frustration digital agencies experience when their clients are still living in 2006. So, while during the late nineties and early 2000s, agencies spent much of their time trying to catch up with their clients digital requirements, today, the clients are the ones who need to catch up with global trends. And they must do so quickly. There was a time when each country could conceivably choose to adopt technology at their own pace; today, this is no longer practical, simply because the speed in the evolution of technology does not permit this any longer.

What is required is the rapid synchronisation in the digital capabilities of the digital agencies and of their clients in pakistan. Syed Amir Haleem is ceo, kueball Digital. He can be contacted. Will mainstream agencies survive the onslaught of big tech companies? In the digital advertising space, business models for creative agencies are under increasing threat due to the entry of the big technology companies, says Amin Rammal. An Agency of Record (AOR) is commonly defined as an advertising agency authorised by an advertiser to buy advertising space and/or time on its behalf (m). While this is still relevant from a media buying perspective, the adaptation of this concept in the creative, strategy and execution space may not be so intuitive in a digitally-driven, highly fragmented communications environment. The relevance of an offering (aor or any other relationship) depends on what the customer (advertiser) needs. The traditional agency model was a strategic partner relationship with the advertiser to manage their brand communications providing strategic planning, creative idea generation, production, execution and media planning and buying.

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Desperate, the writings agency owners looked for anything that seemed like an opportunity and the fact that the software houses were so bad creatively, was a good way to generate some revenue. Of course, in typical pakistani agency tradition, they did it in the most unprofessional way. Interns, fresh out of college, were hired to handle their clients digital requirements. By 2010, blue-chip companies began to take an interest in social media. Although the first digital agencies had started popping up in early 2000s, it was not until 10 years later that they began receiving serious business propositions. Along the way, clients experienced many frustrating moments, not least because if the software houses lacked creativity, the agencies lacked technological know-how in equal measure. It has been a long journey. However, today, the frustration has shifted from the client end to the digital agency end, which, to their credit, eventually managed to evolve at a breathtaking speed. It was the clients that were lagging behind.

resume breaking dawn

They were fully functional, but they lacked aesthetics and did not even attempt to operator make the user experience easy. The flaw was that technology people are very good with coding but useless at design and communication. In 2008, the multinational companies began to wake up to the opportunity and did the smart thing they asked their advertising agencies to develop their websites or at the least, design them so that the software houses could build a better user experience. Oddly, most agency owners failed to spot the opportunity this presented. However, along the way, something happened independently that forced the advertising agencies to look at digital as a viable source of revenue. Between 20, agency revenues had started to shrink. Revenues from print jobs had gone as clients preferred to work directly with the printing presses. Then came the media buying houses and the agencies lost their commission revenue on media. Finally, as more and more film directors started to work directly with clients, tvc production also went, resulting in the closure of in-agency av departments.

one, unassuming device ushered all of us into the online digital age. Although I was only a young kid having fun, it hit me how powerful this could. I had no doubt it was the future. Yahoo came along in 1994, ushering in the internet for people like you and. However, in pakistan, the internet was mostly a space to experiment in and have fun, and I did not use the internet in a professional capacity until 1996, when I tried to share account management data between the lahore and Karachi offices of Interflow. Even by 1998, when google was born, only two other agencies were using digital as a means to communicate. As a natural progression, it departments at the client end volunteered to develop websites for their companies and as they were techies, they did the most obvious thing they looked for technology vendors. As a consequence, pakistans first digital companies were born from small departments, developing websites within larger software development companies. From thereon, until as late as 2006, two years after the entry of Facebook and a year after came into existence, it never occurred to anyone how user-unfriendly these websites were.

With digital ad spend continuing their upward increase (according to the aurora fact File, digital ad spend crossed supermarket the Rs 5 billion mark in the fy 2016-17 Adcom had the vision to recruit increasing numbers of digital specialists, including mobile experts, social media leads, video. Imran syed, ceo, adcom, has the vision of making Adcom as much an agency of the future as it is about a legendary past. (photo: Arif Mahmood/ Dawn White Star). It was the mid-eighties in riyadh. Most kids my age were out playing cricket, but I was busy hacking into a computer game called Kings quest by sierra. The official versions of computer games were not available in saudi Arabia; consequently, the usual hints and support were always missing. If you got stuck, you either waited until you, or someone else, figured the way out. I chose to hack into the code.

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Resume breaking dawn
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