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While some users will be sad to see the virtual notebook concept get tossed, others will appreciate that its death is simply a casualty of the sometimes messy evolutionary process of product development. Were not lean startup people. But were also not chubby. We really just want to get it right. In other cases, the team was forced to ax features before they even saw the light of day. At one point, a multifinger twisting gesture was used to rewind to the previous statea modern, multitouch take on theundo button.

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Porting an app like paper from tablets to a santa smaller form factor is as much about axing features as it is about adding them. In paper this case, the team was forced to reconsider some popular elements of its interface, a bold move when your app has piled up the accolades that Paper has. On the ipad, paper relied on the skeuomorphic notebook-style interface, wherein each collection of drawings quite literally resembles a digital Moleskin. But on the iphone, which is smaller than a standard notebook, this paradigm didnt make as much sense. Instead, it uses the sticky note for what Petschnigg calls the apps spiritual guiding post. Indeed, using Paper for iPhone feels very much like using some kind of newfangled, digital sticky note with photos and state-of-the-art doodling tools built right. In the new version of the app, notes are stored in stacks instead of in virtual notebooks. This new interface worked so well on iPhone that they decided to use it on the ipad as well. We literally tore up the book, says Petschnigg. We just removed one of our signature ui elements.

Users can also hold their finger down on an item to grab it and change the order of the list, eliminating the need for traditional (and far more tedious on a touchscreen) copy-and-paste functionality. Other gestural formatting, they figured, could come in time, once people were used to the new gestural formatting paradigm. It literature is, after all, an admittedly ballsy move to tinker with how people have worked with text since the dawn of personal computing. If you know how something works, you need to present something thats 10 times better because people will be like, hey, why are you making me learn something new?' petschnigg explains. Adding functionality that requires users to relearn behaviors is a tall order, not just because it asks the user to do something new, but because it forces the product to interject new points of friction up front, usually by adding some kind of explanatory onboarding. User experience designers know that even the most innocuous-seeming extra step can turn off some users, who may close the app and never return. We decided to take the risk on swipe-to-style, petschnigg says. When moving Forward means Axing features.

paper app

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Ian Curry, a visual designer at FiftyThree, blurted out: Why dont we visually format the text? After some back and forth, the team settled on what they now call swipe-to-style, a way of formatting text using gestures instead of interface buttons. Over the next 48 hours, a developer coded up a prototype called Text Trial, an internal app that would allow them to test out different methods of formatting text with touch gestures. The possibilities here were practically endless: you could rotate your fingers to change the typeface, swipe this way or that to make text bold, italicized, or underlined. In the interest of simplicity, the team finally settled on two key gestures: Swipe left to turn a line of text into a bold subheading. Right to turn it into a bulleted list item. Reasoning that the most popular use case for text entry would be the creation of shopping lists and other to-do lists, they chose these two gestures to start with.

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paper app

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Rethinking Text, when were not making note of things by snapping photos with our phones, were launching an app like apples virtual notepad or evernote to tap them out the old fashioned way: with words. To account for this, the fiftyThree team decided to incorporate text into its new app in a prominent way. The only presentation questiona huge onewas how. They wanted to let users format text, for instance, without turning Paper into a full-blown word processor littered with buttons and drop-down menus. The coders on the team pushed for Markdown, the text formatting schema popular with many developers and bloggers. But was that too geeky?

Designers played with different layout options and type treatments. Papers approach to text input and formatting soon became a topic of internal debate. My contribution to that was that i kept my mouth shut, says Petschnigg, who was eager to ship a long-overdue product and placate impatient investors. Lets please just get two lines of text in there! Finally, a breakthrough happened.

To do papers mission justice on the iphone, the team would have to rethink the entire concept, investors and impatient users be damned. At that point, we knew we were opening the entire patient again, says Petschnigg. Thats uncomfortable because it means the development timeline could be longer. It means theres a lot of risk thats being introduced. People can perceive the product very differently. You already knew there were thousands of decisions you had to make.

Now there are even more. To get a better idea of how people already use their phones to record ideas and other notes, fiftyThree used a platform called. Ask your Target Market to quickly conduct market research into peoples mobile note-taking behaviors by polling thousands of smartphone users. As it turned out, most people record reminders and ideas on their phones using photos and other images. Thats a huge behavior change, says Petschnigg, who recalls the days of working closely with the OneNote team at Microsoft, which focused almost entirely on text input. Armed with this insight, the team decided to make their first major departure from Papers beloved tablet interface: Paper for iPhone would bring the camera front and center (literally, its right in the middle of the apps three-option navigation making it dead simple to take.

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But it wasnt the right thing. Instead, petschnigg and his team wanted something that considered not just the disparity in screen size, but the wildly different contexts in which people use these devices: Tablets are lean-back-and-relax gadgets that we usually leave at home. Our phones are always with us, always connected. And theyre already being used to take notes and capture ideasPapers iPhone legs app didnt want to be a mini-sketching app, but rather what the team likes to refer to as an idea processor. We realized, whoa, were not where people are developing their ideas, petschnigg says. We must figure out how the phone fits into this. How can the phone become a creative tool?

paper app

The resulting app combines drawing and diagramming tools with photo capture, and then layers on text entry that dares to rethink how people have worked with words on screens for decades. If that sounds audacious, its worth remembering the companys roots: Petschnigg and FiftyThrees three cofounders came from Microsoft, where they worked on products like powerPoint, word, and OneNote, and helped reimagine the ubiquitous Office suite of productivity software for tablets. After launching its inaugural ipad app to massive fanfare in 2012, fiftyThree has gone on to ship a stylus (whose name was recently, uh, borrowed by Apple launch a sketch-sharing community called Mix, and even bridge the analog-digital divide with book, a print-on-demand Moleskin notebook. Along the way, theyve reliant raised.1 million in three rounds of funding from well-known investors. With all that tech industry street cred, why not just push an iPhonified version of the paper app out the door? Three years ago, a phone product would have been a small version of Paper, says Petschnigg. And we were like, thats cute.

what ceo and cofounder georg Petschnigg says were the thousands of decisions that needed to be made. No wonder it took so damn long. There are super feature-heavy products, says Petschnigg. And then there are super-pared-down, simple products. We felt there wasnt a good balance in between. We wanted something thats simple, fast, and beautiful. Papers iPhone app, which finally launched last week, does feature the familiar functionality of its tablet-based predecessor: ultra-smooth digital sketching, painting, and coloring tools packed into a delightful-to-use, thoughtfully designed interface. But it also takes a step back and considers how people prefer to capture ideas using their smartphones, as opposed to tablets.

You can also export and share your work to a variety of other cloud services and social media (Dropbox, evernote, tumblr, Twitter, facebook, etc.). With our unique zoom function, you can draw or write fine lines and fit more notes onto the page. Capture your ideas witacom stylus. By using a stylus, you can do even more and smarter things with Bamboo paper: Try the smooth on-screen experience of a bamboo stylus solo or if your device supports Wacom feel it technology use a bamboo stylus feel for highest precision. Check out m to find the stylus that matches your needs and style best. Bamboo spark, prefer to start on real paper? Capture your ideas with pen on paper on this new smart folio by wacom and digitally shape and refine them later in Bamboo paper. By john paul Titlow 9 minute read, fiftyThree could have launched its new iPhone app three years london ago and quickly amassed millions of users. But the new York-based company decided to take the scenic, more thoughtful route.

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Turn your Android tablet resume into a paper notebook and capture your ideas everywhere, anytime. Taking notes, sketching, and drawing is as straightforward and simple as using real pen and paper. Tools precise inking, use a selection of six expressive pens and brushes for writing, sketching, coloring, and marking. Wacom´s Universal Ink technology will gives you the best drawing and writing experience available on your Android tablet and lets you easily exchange your notebooks between Bamboo paper on other mobile platforms without any loss of quality or ability to edit. Annotate, enrich your notes or journal with photos. Add images or photos to your page and sketch or write on top. Keep your ideas safe, wIth Inkspace your notebooks are automatically synced to the wacom Cloud. This new Wacom Cloud feature also lets you view and share all your Bamboo paper notebooks from any web browser through the Inkspace web portal.

Paper app
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  3. Advanced techniques for drawing and painting portraits using the ipad app. Turn your Android tablet into a paper notebook and capture your ideas everywhere, anytime. Taking notes, sketching, and drawing is as straightforward and.

  4. Paper by fiftyThree has long been one of the most approachable ske tching apps on ipad and iPhone, and version.0 is a major update that. Georg Petschnigg is distracted. He s trying to tell me about h is company s new app—Paper for iPhone, an adaptation and re-thinking of the. While hand drawing and handwriting note-taking apps are nothing ne w to the ipad or App Store, paper feels qualitatively different in kind. Paper s iPhone app, which finally launched last week, does fea ture the familiar functionality of its tablet-based predecessor: ultra-smooth digital. Switching tools in Paper by fiftyThree may seem obvious to you pros out there.

  5. Paper is the immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere. Beloved by 25 million people who sketch, handwrite notes, draft, diagram, and give form. FiftyThree builds tools for creativity. They are the makers of Paper, the immersiv e sketching app for getting ideas down and Paste, the fastest way for teams. Over 25 milli on people have found their personal creative space in Paper—handwriting.

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