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our homework

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Others believe that it is of little educational value and it may have a negative effect on learning. Some people think that homework is rote work which takes up children's time, without offering any benefit. But others say that though boring, homework is going to benefit pupils later in life. Personally, i think that homework plays an important role in the pupil's education. Firstly, it teaches children to be responsible and hard-working because it fosters independent learning. Secondly, homework helps reinforce what pupils have already learnt, prepare them for upcoming lessons and extend what they know.

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Exams encourage young people to improve their knowledge of the essay subject and to revise information which has been learnt over a period of time. Students always know that they are to take exams at the end of the term and learn the new material little by little so that they won't have to cram later. On the other hand, young people who often miss classes sometimes receive passing grades as easily as those who have attended classes regularly. When such students perform well on exams, it is obvious that they have crammed or figured out a way to cheat. Besides, while for some people taking exams is no big deal, most of us feel stressed. If a student looks confused and worried and can't answer the teacher's question, it may be the result of his or her nervousness. Unfortunately, exams cannot determine stress factors and tell honest students from cheaters. But of course it does not mean that exams must be abolished. Though exams are not always the best method of evaluating the student's knowledge, they have a lot of advantages and help teachers understand whether students are ready to be promoted to the next level. To sum up, i think that examinations are important because they are a step toward students' future success. Many people think that homework is essential for every pupil.

Lifelong learning must be self-motivated because people usually take responsibility for their own learning. To conclude, i think that lifelong learning is extremely beneficial because it helps adapt to changes, develop natural abilities and open the mind. It increases our wisdom and makes our lives more interesting and meaningful. Some people believe that exams are the best way to check the student's knowledge. Others are convinced that exams don't always accurately measure the level of knowledge. Most people have to get through exams at certain points of their lives. But what is the real purpose of taking exams? How important pdf are they and do students benefit from them? I strongly feel that examinations are extremely useful because they make all students face an intellectual challenge and test their knowledge, skills and abilities.

our homework

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Social organizations, religious institutions, the mass media, information technologies, environment and nature can also play a role in our learning. I strongly feel that both children and adults need continuous development of intellect and capability. Even elderly people never cease to learn. They can learn a great deal from such activities as art, music, handicrafts or social work. Lifelong learning helps people adapt to the modern life which is constantly changing. However, there are many unintelligent and ignorant people in the world. Most of them lack willingness and motivation to learn. Some people are not ready to invest time, money and effort in their education or training.

Today a lot of people realize the importance of lifelong learning. In the course of our lives we acquire attitudes, skills and knowledge from daily experience, from family and neighbours, from work and play and from other sources. Lifelong learning means building, development and improvement of skills and knowledge throughout people's lives and it comprises both formal and informal learning opportunities. To my mind, when people leave school or graduate from university, their learning continues. It takes place at all times and in all places. Lifelong learning is a continuous process, going on from birth to the end of our lives. It begins with learning from families, educational institutions, workplaces and.

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our homework

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Secondly, self-education can help you to be anything you want to be or to do anything you want. Finally, it usually costs nothing and it does not require fixed life style. Many famous and influential writers, artists, architects, actors, musicians and even scientists were self-educated. They thought that working was also learning and self-education was associated with creativity. For example, leonardo da vinci, an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor and writer was self-taught. However, some people depend on teachers and tutors for guidance. They want someone to help them and to show them the way.

Others admit that they are too lazy to choose self-education. Indeed, most people need somebody who will constantly make them study and encourage their efforts to learn. So i think that self-education is only for hard-working, persistent, diligent and curious people. In conclusion, i would like to say that if we notes learn the art of self-education, we will have an opportunity to improve our knowledge and acquire new skills whenever and wherever we like. I believe that the options of self-education are very flexible and the opportunities are unlimited. Some people think that when they don't go to school, college or university, they don't learn. Others say that we learn as long as we live.

However, a lot of people think that online learning is not as effective as traditional education. Firstly, students don't have an opportunity to communicate with their teachers and group-mates face to face. If they want to ask a question or to receive some additional information, they have to send an e-mail and wait for the teacher's answer. Secondly, it is rather difficult for teachers to control students' knowledge, to evaluate their progress, to appreciate their abilities and to find an individual approach to everybody. To conclude, i think that online learning is a wonderful opportunity to receive higher education for some people, although computer-based activities will hardly be able to replace practical or classroom-based situations.

Some people think that self-education is not very effective, while others say that it is the only productive way of learning. Is it possible for people to educate themselves without help or support from others? Can self-taught people become famous and successful? In my opinion, people can learn without schools and tutors. You can read books, speak to educated people or spend a lot of time in libraries or on educational websites. Self-education has a lot of advantages. Firstly, self-taught people are not dependent on others for knowledge.

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But other people believe that virtual education cannot substitute traditional one. Online education is rapidly increasing thanks to the development of computer technology. It is intended for those who can't attend classes and communicate with the teacher face to face. Education is delivered via the Internet, multimedia resources or apple videoconferencing. Teachers and students communicate by exchanging electronic media or in real time. Personally, i think that online education is especially convenient for disabled people and for those who want to work and receive higher education simultaneously. You writings don't have to attend classes and you can plan your day as you want. In my opinion, receiving education online may be rather interesting. Some universities offer online student support services, such as online advising and registration, e-counseling, online textbook purchase, student governments and even student newspapers.

our homework

Secondly, the family can spend more time together. Thirdly, paper children who have special educational needs are home educated when school cannot meet the child's needs. In general, home schooling gives you an opportunity to work on just what you want and when you want. However, a lot of people are sure that the aim of any educational establishment is not just to give knowledge but to help their learners develop communication skills and team spirit. Children's interaction with pupils of their age influences their character building. School is not only a place for the imparting of knowledge, but it's a place for the creation and development of the child's personality. To conclude, home schooling has its pros and cons and it's up to the child's parents to decide which kind of education is better for him or her. Anyway, parents must provide their children with full-time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude. Some people say that online education is an excellent alternative to traditional education.

or other. Instead of going to school children are educated by their parents or professional tutors. Thousands of families in the uk are now practising home-education. Personally, i think that home schooling is an excellent alternative to traditional education. To my mind, it has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is very convenient because you do not need to observe school hours, days or terms. Besides, you do not need to have a fixed timetable. Parents can provide a more personalized and adaptable learning environment for the child.

Nowadays employers demand perfect knowledge. Education helps cultivate skills and provides mental, moral and aesthetic development. Personally, i prefer communicating with an intelligent person who knows a lot of interesting facts and who can share his or her ideas with. However, some of my friends say that they do not want to go to university and they would better get a well-paid job soon after leaving school. It will give them an opportunity to get work experience and some useful skills. But I doubt that they will be essay offered a really good job and that they will be able to succeed without higher education. In general, owing to education highly industrialized cities are built, new information technologies are developed, important discoveries are made. Without education society would become primitive as it used to be long time ago. To my mind, everybody must realize the importance of education as it is the guarantee of the development and well-being of our society.

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Education, education plays an important role in our life. However, some people consider it only a necessary step in getting a job so they do not want to go to university after leaving school. "Knowledge is power" as the famous proverb says. It paper is transferred from generation to generation and comprises different facts, skills and information. Through learning people get knowledge and experience accumulated by their ancestors. Of course, higher education is not compulsory, but I strongly feel that going to university is very important to everybody. In my opinion, higher education gives great opportunities and opens all doors. Only an educated person can get a good job and be promoted.

Our homework
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Are you studying hard for them and doing lots of homework? Theyre our final exams at school and then we leave.

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  1. Teachers and parents insist that doing homework develops the students ability to work without assistance, or that additional work could help us complete our education successfully. But I believe, in many subjects, homework is totally unnecessary, because it doesnt do me any good. Firefox.5 Compatibility the dog Ate. Posted on Jun 30, 2009 in Commentary. Mother wondered why homework?

  2. Anytime you have to total your homework urgently, just visit this website, along with your homework could be done with the urgency it ought to get. Lifelong learning is a continuous process, going on from birth to the end of our lives. But others say that though boring, homework is going to benefit pupils later in life. Has your child shed tears over the amount of homework he has? Has he stayed up until. Have you sacrificed your weekends for homework?

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