Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ppt

null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ppt

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The new guineans are typical, showing up on several different branches. Wilson and Cann relied on black Americans as substitutes for Africans. Linda vigilant has since redone the study using mtdna data from 120 Africans, representing six diverse parts of the sub-Saharan region. Vigilant traced a genealogical tree whose 14 deepest branches lead exclusively to Africans and whose 15th branch leads to both Africans and non-Africans. The probability that the 14 deepest branches would be exclusively African was one in 10,000. Wilson and Cann calculated how much humans had diverged from one another relative to how much they had diverged from chimpanzees, and determined the ratio was less than 1:25.

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Some lineages die out. The time for this coalescence is a function of essays population. In 1988 Thomas. Kocher examined the interrelatedness of the mtdna of 14 subjects from around the world. He determined that plan 13 branching points could account for the differences found. He concluded that Africa was the human homeland. He also noted that all 14 human sequences were nearly equidistant from chimpanzee sequences, implying that the rates of change among humans are uniform. The chimpanzees showed as much as 10 times more genetic variation than humans, suggesting that humanity sprang from a small group of ancestors. Wilson and Cann examined 182 distinct types of mtdna from 241 individuals. The genetic tree they constructed had two main branches leading to Africa. They also found that people from a given continent do not generally all belong to the same maternal lineage.

Wilson and Cann studied mitochondrial dna (mtDNA). Genetic studies have an underlying assumption that the rates of genetic change from point mutations are steady over long periods of time. In the case estate of mtdna it is also presumed that there is no recombination of the dna during reproduction. Study of the mitochondrial dna allows tracing of maternal lineages. Mitochondrial dna encodes 37 essential genes. The mtdna is useful for study because the mutations accumulate steadily and rapidly, and they are effectively neutral, and therefore not eliminated by natural selection. Humans are so alike in their dna sequences that evolution can best be measured using the genes that mutate fastest. The degree of mtdna relatedness declines step wise, and the farther back the genealogy goes the greater the variation. Also, all human mtdna must have a common female ancestor.

null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ppt

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Variants within a population can be studied and gene sequences determined. In 1967 Vincent. Sarich measured the evolutionary distance between humans and chimpanzees by studying their blood proteins. The accumulated differences reflect mutations since species divergence. His findings refined the genetic distance, dating it to between five and seven million years ago, compared to a previously estimated 15 million. That work used blood proteins. Since the 1980's we are able to sequence dna.

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null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ppt

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Do genetic studies reveal that an African woman of 200,000 years ago was our common ancestor? This idea was proposed in 1992 (Wilson and Cann, 1992). The out of Africa 2 hypothesis business for the origin of anatomically modern humans posits the replacement of the original populations. Homo with a second dispersal (hence 2) of near modern humans from Africa, a dispersal that purportedly replaced the archaic east Asian and neanderthal populations without gene exchange. Some versions of the replacement hypothesis allow for some gene flow. The alternative to the replacement hypothesis is the multiregional evolution hypothesis, discussed on the next page in this series. A more recent alternative hypothesis posits the impact of volcanic winter and a population bottleneck due to the eruption of Toba, sumatra, around 70,000 years ago.

The bottleneck model is presented after the multiregional evolution model. The remainder of this page is a summation of the so-called "eve hypothesis" version of the replacement Hypothesis, as presented by wilson and Cann in 1992. Genetic comparisons provide evidence that all living human populations can be traced along maternal lines of descent to a woman who lived in Africa about 200,000 years ago. The genetic information of living subjects does not explain precisely how, when, and where populations originate. But living genes have ancestors, and their relationships can be assessed. A genome holds the inherited biological information of an individual.

Test which performs the Shapiro-wilk test for normality. Examples x - rnorm(50) y - runif(30) do x and y come from the same distribution? Test(x, y) does x come from a shifted gamma distribution with shape 3 and rate 2? Test(x2, "pgamma 3, 2) two-sided, exact. Test(x2, "pgamma 3, 2, exact false). Test(x2, "pgamma 3, 2, alternative "gr test if x is stochastically larger than x2 x2 - rnorm(50, -1) plot(ecdf(x xlimrange(c(x, x2) plot(ecdf(x2 addtrue, lty"dashed.

Test(x, x2, alternative"g wilcox. Test(x, x2, alternative"g. Test(x, x2, alternative"l package stats version.5.0 Index). The recent African Genesis of Humans. Several alternative models for the origin of anatomically modern humans are currently proposed by paleoanthropologists. The regional Continuity or Multiregional evolution models are generally based on interpretations of fossil evidence. Three recent African origin models, replacement, weak garden of Eden and Multiple dispersals, are based on combinations of evidence from fossils, archaeology and, especially, genetic studies.

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The Annals of Mathematical Statistics, 22 /4, 592596. Conover (1971 Practical Nonparametric Statistics. New York: John Wiley sons. Pages 295301 (one-sample kolmogorov test 309314 (two-sample Smirnov test). (1973) Distribution theory for tests based on the sample distribution function. George marsaglia, wai mini wan Tsang jingbo wang (2003 evaluating Kolmogorov's distribution. Journal of Statistical Software, 8 /18.

null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ppt

If a single-sample test is used, the fashion parameters specified. Must be pre-specified and not estimated from the data. There is some more refined distribution theory for the ks test with estimated parameters (see durbin, 1973 but that is not implemented. Value a list with class "htest" containing the following components: statistic the value of the test statistic. Lue the p-value of the test. Alternative a character string describing the alternative hypothesis. Method a character string indicating what type of test was performed. Me a character string giving the name(s) of the data. Tingey (1951 One-sided confidence contours for probability distribution functions.

of y (two-sample case respectively. This is a comparison of cumulative distribution functions, and the test statistic is the maximum difference in value, with the statistic in the "greater" alternative being. D max_u f_x(u) - f_y(u). Thus in the two-sample case alternative"greater" includes distributions for which x is stochastically smaller than y (the cdf of x lies above and hence to the left of that for y in contrast. Exact p-values are not available for the one-sided two-sample case, or in the case of ties. If exact null (the default an exact p-value is computed if the sample size if less than 100 in the one-sample case, and if the product of the sample sizes is less than 10000 in the two-sample case. Otherwise, asymptotic distributions are used whose approximations may be inaccurate in small samples. In the one-sample two-sided case, exact p-values are obtained as described in Marsaglia, tsang wang (2003). The formula of Birnbaum tingey (1951) is used for the one-sample one-sided case.

See details for the meanings of the possible values. Exact, null or about a logical indicating whether an exact p-value should be computed. See details for the meaning. Not used for the one-sided two-sample case. Details, if y is numeric, a two-sample test of the null hypothesis that x and y were drawn from the same continuous distribution is performed. Alternatively, y can be a character string naming a continuous distribution function. In this case, a one-sample test is carried out of the null that the distribution function which generated x is distribution y with parameters specified. The presence of ties generates a warning, since continuous distributions do not generate them.

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R: Kolmogorov-smirnov tests. Test stats, r Documentation, description, performs one or two sample kolmogorov-smirnov tests. Test(x, y,., alternative c ded "less "greater exact null). Arguments x a numeric vector of barbing data values. Y either a numeric vector of data values, or a character string naming a distribution function. Parameters of the distribution specified (as a character string). Alternative indicates the alternative hypothesis and must be one of "ded" (default "less or "greater". You can specify just the initial letter of the value, but the argument name must be give in full.

Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ppt
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  3. The historical Case Against. Null, hypothesis, significance testing. Alternative to, null, hypothesis, testing. Some versions of the replacement hypothesis allow for some gene flow. The alternative to the replacement hypothesis is the multiregional evolution hypothesis, discussed on the next page in this series.

  4. Box- and -whisker plot. Pooled estimate of the variance. Power of the test. Having outlined Minskys Financial Instability. Hypothesis, i explain the mathematical model I developed of it, on the foundation of Richard goodwins Growth Cycle model of capitalism. Ppt, file: Debtwatch Subscribers ; Cfesi members ).

  5. Null, hypothesis : my friend can only correctly predict the outcome of a coin flip 50 of the time. Remember that in the null hypothesis we are stating that our friend. The possible values ded, less and greater of alternative specify the null hypothesis that the true distribution function of x is equal to, not less than or not greater than the hypothesized distribution function (one-sample case) or the distribution function of y (two-sample case). In a power analysis, there is always a pair of hypotheses: a specific null hypothesis and a specific alternative hypothesis.of rejecting the null hypothesis when the specific alternative hypothesis is true. Is my null hypothesis mistaken, or is there a bias in the survey methodology? Although instructive, this alternative presentation is also flawed by many loaded terms.

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