Northern ireland essay

northern ireland essay

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The thing that bothers the Unionists most about the gaa is the fact that the Tricolor is displayed at sporting events. The Tricolor is the national flag of the republic of Ireland and the Unionists believe that paying honor to a foreign flag is treasonous. The nationalists meanwhile believe that they are not being treasonous but paying homage to the land of their ancestors. The Unionists practice customs that are bothersome to the nationalists as well. Every summer the Orange Order, a fraternal Unionists organization, marches through Nationalists neighborhoods to commemorate the victory of William of Orange over James ii at the battle of the boyne. That battle took place in 1690, over three hundred years ago. The nationalists see these marches as the Unionists flaunting their superiority, and openly displaying their racist attitudes, as well as violating the civil rights of the catholics that live in the neighborhoods where the marches take place. These marches and the neighborhoods that they take place in have been the scene of some violent encounters between Nationalists and Unionists through the years and always has the potential to be a flash point for future Troubles.

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The laws, language and customs of the two countries were completely different. Through their attempts to conquer the Irish, the English, instituted policies aimed at eliminating the customs in the gaelic house culture that were in conflict with English customs. These policies included banning the use of the Irish language, and forbidding the practice of Catholicism. Since the time of English conquest, until very recently, there has been the continued practice, by the English, of limiting the availability of Irish language classes. Freedom of religion, specifically the practice of Catholicism, was abolished completely by the anti-catholic Penal Laws. King Henry viii outlawed the gaelic style of dress during his reign. Gaelic customs, music, dance, and sport, all integral parts of the gaelic culture, where almost completely wiped out in the 17th and 18th centuries, and did not begin to make a wide spread return until early in the 20th century. There are customs practiced in current day northern Ireland, by both groups, which are bothersome to the other group. The Unionists look upon the formation of the gaelic Athletic Association, an organization that was formed, by nationalists to preserve their culture, with extreme hatred. The gaa sponsors sporting events, dances, and Irish language classes.

The characteristics that distinguish one group from the other are not physical, but they are deeper and more meaningful that physical characteristics, they are the characteristics that make a person who he or she. Language, religion, national origin, and unique customs all make up the distinguishable characteristics of the people in Northern Ireland. The two groups that are in opposition to each other have many different labels, but for the sake of simplicity, we will refer to them as writings Unionist and Nationalist. The people that make up the population of the nationalist group tend to share the same religion, catholicism. The Unionists are predominately Protestant. These religious labels are the basis for the ethnic dispute. The religious division goes back to the beginning of the conflict, before England s conquest over Ireland. In fact, the distinguishing characteristics of language and national origin go back to this time as well. Before England conquered Ireland, a feat that took almost all of the 16th century and part of the 17th century to accomplish, Ireland was a gaelic nation.

northern ireland essay

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This ethnic conflict has lead to discrimination by one group over another. The problem is two-headed, one head being the ethnic division and the other being the occurrence of discrimination in Northern Ireland. The aim of this paper is to briefly explain the ethnic division and then examine how this division affects the discrimination that takes database place in Northern Ireland. Ethnicity is the term usually used to refer to the ancestry of a particular people who have in common distinguishing characteristics associated with their heritage. The people of Northern Ireland have very distinguishing characteristics that separate them from one another. Unlike some populations in the United States that are easily distinguishable by physical characteristics, the people in Northern Ireland look similar. So, you may be wondering just what are the distinguishing characteristics of the people in Northern Ireland, right?

Throughout the course of my research, i have studied commentary from a number of social scientists, historians and political scientists. I have read interviews of the people affected by the problems, and by the people trying to effect change. I have examined as much data as I can get my hands on in an attempt to gain an understanding of what the causes are and how peace can be brought about. There have been various hypotheses developed that religion is the root cause of the problem, or that the nature of England s conquest of Ireland is the problem. There have been hypotheses made that four hundred years of hatred for each other is the real problem, and that the two sides will continue to fight each other no matter what peace proposals may spring. There are opinions of scholars that believe the root cause of the problem is economics. All of these hypotheses are valid in their own ways and do in fact contribute to the problem, but the conflict in Northern Ireland is an ethnic conflict.

Ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

northern ireland essay

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I tried to follow the news from Ireland the best I could in the local papers and read whatever books I could get my hands. It was not until i undertook the task of writing this paper, however, that I came to realize the depth and complexity of the problems in Northern Ireland. I have tried to, despite of my upbringing, write this paper with an unbiased opinion. In attempting to see both sides of the issue, in Northern Ireland, my views on the subject have developed. In my youth I was strongly in favor of the republican viewpoint, this was re-uniting Ireland by any means necessary.

As I have studied this issue, i have become more essay moderate. Although I would montanus eventually like to see the re-unification of the island of Ireland, i believe that the time has come to explore means other than military action. I hope that the powers that be in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the republic of Ireland, can find a way to make the Agreement of April 10, 1998 work. Until there is peace on the island of Ireland, and even throughout the transition period after the new peace agreement catches on, i will be a more informed observer because of the research that I have conducted for this paper. The conflict in Northern Ireland originated more than four hundred years ago and has intensified since the late 1960. Understanding the conflict is a difficult proposition. Even top scholars, historians, political scientists, and sociologists can not agree as to what is really at the heart of the problem.

The fact that Adams was granted a visa made news all over the world. Adams had previously been convicted of membership in the Irish Republican Army, which was considered by the. State department to be a terrorist organization. Up until the time that Adams was granted a visa the. Had a strict policy of not allowing persons with known affiliations to terrorist groups into this country. To me, however, Adams was not a terrorist but a freedom fighter.

You see i am the grandson of four Irish immigrants and had heard about the awful English my entire life. I distinctly remember helping my grandmother do house chores as a young child as she would sing an old Irish ballad four Green fields over and over again. When I was younger, i really thought that my grandmother used to have four green fields, one of which was stolen from her. It was not until I got much older that I realized the song symbolized the partition of Ireland. I had the chance to see gerry Adams address the washington Press Corps Luncheon on c-span that spring, in 1994, and it left an indelible impression. My thirst for learning about the Troubles was developed. The thirst increased when there appeared to be a chance for peace that autumn, when the ira called a cease-fire.

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It is clearly providing a charter and a free-for-all for developers and speculators." However, a doe spokesman said: "The objectives of pps21 ensure that growth in the countryside is managed to achieve appropriate and sustainable patterns of development."From the evidence list gathered it is clear that. Therefore pps21 needs to be continually monitored and reviewed to ensure that it is being implemented and enforced properly and fairly to ensure a positive impact on the northern Ireland landscape. I personally am angered at the over-building on the countryside, as I have grown up in the countryside all my life where it started off with 6farmyards around a 4mile road with at least 3 homes situated beside each farmyard and like myself there was. Article name: Rural Planning In Northern Ireland essay, research paper, dissertation. Paper, for those that understand no explanation is necessary; for those that don t no explanation is possible. graffiti on a peace wall in Belfast. Prologue, my interest in the conflict in Northern Ireland dates back to 1994, when Gerry Adams was granted a visa to visit the United States.

northern ireland essay

Housing, local employment, retail, education and health facilities help to plan establish healthy neighbourhoods, ensure local people can access services and encourage shorter journeys by car. There are also opportunities for increased social interaction. Housing developments which encourage community and social cohesion are likely to be beneficial to the mental health of individuals."5Social development Minister Margaret Ritchie added: "PPS21 is very important to the delivery of housing. It contains much needed flexibility for building new social housing in rural areas which is central to the success of the new housing agenda."6In August 2009 Linda Stewart, belfast telegraphs Environment correspondent feared that 2with more than 2,000 planning applications for rural dwellings shelved since. Figures showed that 98 of planning applications that came under pps21 (PPS14's replacement) had been approved, sparking fears that the old rural free-for-all was back and new bungalows would once again be mushrooming across Northern Ireland's green hills."7The figures emerged after sdlp environment spokesman Patsy. "The accusation follows the release of figures to Stormont's environment committee showing that in two years more than 10,000 single dwellings have been approved, with a planning application success rate. Lfast telegraphA controversial moratorium on building single dwellings in the countryside was imposed in 2006 under planning policy pps14, but has since been replaced with pps21, which introduced a series of relaxations to those rules. Thousands of planning applications had to be reassessed after the rules were changed, and environmental campaigners warned at the time that pps21 amounted to a developer's charter."8Mr. Wilson said: "The figures confirmed my worst fear and shows that bungalow blight is spreading like acne across our countryside.

exceptional mmy wilson, the Environmental. He says the new planning policy struck the right balance between the needs of rural communities and protecting the countryside from unnecessary development. He said that pps21 would develop opportunities which did not exist in draft pps14 which will benefit non-farming rural dwellers as well as farmers, and most importantly stated that it will assist the rural economy but not at the expense of our rich natural assets. Details of these are set out below. Other types of development will only be permitted where there are overriding reasons why that development is essential and could not be located in a settlement, or it is otherwise allocated for development in a development plan. All proposals for development in the countryside must be sited and designed to integrate sympathetically with their surroundings and to meet other planning and environmental considerations including those for drainage, access and road safety. Access arrangements must be in accordance with the department's published guidanceWhere a special countryside Area (SCA) is designated in a development plan, no development will be permitted unless it complies with the specific policy provisions of the relevant plan."1On the first of June 2010, changes. Below is an example of one of the changes which occurred; cty 1 - development in the countryside from draft pps21 "cty 1 states there are a range of types of development which in principle are considered to be acceptable in the countryside. Cty 1 - development in the countryside with finalised pps21 "All proposals for development in the countryside must be sited and designed to integrate sympathetically with their surroundings and to meet other planning and environmental considerations including those for drainage, access and road safety. Access arrangements must be in accordance with the department's published guidance."2PPS21 has brought in new rules to help development which can only be applied for with the following Replacement Dwellings: Can be granted for existing dwellings in various states of repair as long as walls.

It also meant that a type farmer's child could not pass a house on their own farm land. This would also have excluded young families from living and working in their rural communities and this would have been disastrous for the long term well being of these communities. Pps14 was later ruled unlawful, although 554 planning applications were refused on pps14 grounds since march rthern Irelands beautiful countryside brings money into the economy as it is one of our main tourist attractions. This helps to protect the countryside and create employment opportunities which in turn help to create healthier, happier communities. PPS21 was drawn up to manage to development in the countryside in line with the regional development Strategy for Northern Ireland 2025. It also has to get the balance right when it comes to preserving the countryside from over-development while also supporting the rural communities. The doe kept what was good and useful from pps14, and introduced more imaginative measures that are right for Northern Ireland. Draft pps21 applies outside settlements across Northern Ireland except in Special countryside Areas.

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PPS14 apple was put in place to put an end to farm land being sold off for development. Prior to pps14 being put in place, between 20 there was over 14,000 planning approvals granted for new dwellings in the countryside. This would not have been sustainable in the long term future and would have adversely affected the look of the countryside. This amount of housing would have meant a huge increase in electricity pylons, land usage, septic tanks and cars on the rural roads. PPS14 imposed severe restrictions on building in rural areas and was opposed by a lot of people in Northern Ireland. Mainly farmers, builders, tradesmen and small family owned companies who live in rural areas and were involved in the building of the type of dwellings which pps14 intended to stop. Pps14 was likely to create higher levels of unemployment and less affordable housing.

Northern ireland essay
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  2. Northern, ireland, essay, research Paper. Northern, ireland, essay, research. For those that understand no explanation is necessary;. A world of Hate. A world of hate supports many conflicts in modern society. Northern, ireland is the smallest component of the United Kingdom of Great Britainrlt consists ot 6 counties of the Ulster's province, so the name ".

  3. The struggle for peace in, northern, ireland is not a new concept, for the past four hundred years the catholics have continued to battle the. Article name: Rural Planning. Northern, ireland essay, research paper, dissertation. Current Patterns Of housing In Irish countryside. Northern, ireland : a background, essay.

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