Nepali essay on pokhara

nepali essay on pokhara

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This feature is a pervasive one, and one which blurs the border between phonology, which is "supposed" to be meaningless (i.e. Capable of distinguishing meaning without having meaning of its own) and morphology, where all forms have meaning. Thus for example, we have incorporation of handshapes from the nepali manual alphabet into lexical items as we saw above the sections above on manual alphabet and lexicon. Incorporation also occurs in nsl verbs, in what are often referred to as " classifier predicates ". Here, as in many other sign languages studied, 23 ) the pattern is ergative-accusative, with subjects of intransitive verbs (e.g. One-person in "One person passed by in front of me and objects of transitive verbs (e.g.

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(Thus, for example, the marked handshape /sha/ occurs in words such as city ( /shahar education ( /shiksha peace ( /sha:nti enemy ( /shatru technique/skill ( /shilpa shiva ( /shiva branch ( /sha:kha sherpa ( /sherpa all of them associated with a nepali word beginning. in place of for 'city. In addition there are handshapes such as those used in the sign plagiarism for potato that are neither unmarked nor based on initialization. (2) The set of locations for nsl is generally restricted to the hemisphere bounded by the comfortable extension of both arms rotated at the sides of the body and also in front of the body, but may also extend beyond this. (3) Expression alone (i.e. Unaccompanied by any of the other parameters nor any manual sign ) can occasionally constitute a nsl sign. One of the problems of phonemic analysis on nsl, which is also manifest in other sign languages, is the absence of extensive lists of minimal pairs such as are typically found for all spoken languages. While such pairs are impossible to find for all possible minimal pairs, a sufficient number of such pairs can be produced to justify the method. Such pairs are especially easy to find in cases of initialized signs ; thus, for example, while the index finger with tip indexic the back of the opposite wrist indicates the generic term time (Nepali: /samaj a /ma/ handshape indicates opportunity (Nepali: /mauka a /pa. Morphosyntax edit nepalese sign Language shares a number of features with most sign languages studied to date: Morphology edit morphology in nsl, as in languages in general, comes in two types: derivational morphology and grammatical or inflectional morphology. One feature which is difficult to ignore is incorporation.

Despite the fact that sign was not used in the schools, the deaf people, out of their own need to communicate, had developed an intricate system of signs". 19 Regarding the process of collecting signs, ross further stated: "I would write down summary words and the students would discuss and argue about what the proper sign was. Slowly and patiently the students taught me their signs, their language." 19 Ross's work collecting nsl signs eventually lead to the publication of the first Nepalese sign Language dictionary. 20 Subsequently, the national deaf Federation Nepal (at that time called National Federation of deaf and hearing Impaired, or nfdn) published a much more extensive dictionary, 21 and continues to work on both documenting and supplementing the nepalese sign language lexicon. Phonology edit despite the incongruity of applying the term phonology to a sign language, like other sign languages Nepalese sign Language also has a sub-morphemic level of structuring which is analogous (to a certain degree at least) to phonology in spoken languages. As such, the standard sign language model of phonology (first developed by william Stokoe for American Sign Language and originally called cherology 22 ) can be applied to nepalese sign Language as well, according to which signs are analyzable according to five parameters : Handshape. These highly marked handshapes can, in their origin at least, be considered to be uniformly indexic (in the peircean semiotic sense in that they always and without exception have a meaning correlate with a nepali word which begins with the letter indicated by the handshape.

nepali essay on pokhara

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Another possible alternative is that at one point in time nepalese sign Language and Indo-pakistani sign Language did in fact share a common source, but subsequent (and rapid) changes in nsl (and likewise in ipsl ) over the past 30 years have resulted. Lexicon edit work on documenting the lexicon of Nepalese sign Language started in the mid-1980s. The first work collecting signs in Nepal that we know of was started in 1985. Patricia ross, an American peace corps volunteer, was a pioneer in sign language research in Nepal. However, her work with Kathmandu Association of the deaf (KAD) was to collect already existing signs, not creating new signs. As she herself writes: "The initial stumbling block in initiating total communication in Nepal was the lack of any recorded sign language. Many people did not know that there was a fully developed system of Nepalese signs.

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nepali essay on pokhara

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Wittmann best (1991) 12 posits that nsl is a language isolate (a 'prototype' sign language though one developed through stimulus diffusion from an existing sign language, likely Indo-pakistani sign Language or the systems that underlay. Gallaudet University reports that nsl was "developed by the peace corps from local and American signs". 13 woodward (1993) 14 compared sign-language varieties in India, pakistan and Nepal and found cognate rates of 6271. He concluded these are separate languages of the same family. Zeshan concludes that ipsl may be in use throughout India, pakistan, and Nepal with varying degrees of dialectal variation. 15 Although it is indisputable that Nepalese sign Language shares a significant number of signs with the various varieties of sign languages of the Indian Subcontinent (specifically delhi and Bombay varieties of Indian Sign Language ) and Karachi variety of pakistani sign Language 11 argues. Both use lexicostatistical methods which have been widely criticized (and discarded) by historical linguists for decades.

In addition, although both modify the word lists on which they perform their statistics, they nevertheless apply cutoff percentages derived from the standard word lists. Although it is unclear how or where zeshan obtained her data (as she has never been in Nepal woodward is clear: his data is obtained from the first "dictionary" of Nepalese sign Language. 16 This dictionary, as many first attempts, has numerous flaws, including the fact that at least one of the sign language informants had received his education in India, and thus his sign language at least is likely to be influenced by Indian Sign Language, thus. As Morgan shows, an analysis of the sign languages as currently used in Nepal (i.e. The national sign language) and India presentation (standard Indian Sign Language argues for two alternative conclusions. 11 One likely alternative is that Nepalese sign Language was never a member of a proposed Indo-pakistani sign Language family, and all supposed cognate signs are either the result of borrowing (nsl has been influenced by isl signing practices, particularly in the schools for the.

8 In addition, scholars have noted that first exposure to signing practice often takes place in schools for the deaf, where classes are taught primarily by hearing teachers who use signed Nepali or Sign-Supported Nepali (that is, signing that uses lexical items from nsl but. 7 9 Role of the nepali manual Alphabet edit As mentioned above, a one-handed fingerspelling system for devanagari, the nepali manual alphabet, was developed by kad with the support of unicef. Although the idea behind this alphabet may have been motivated by foreign fingerspelling alphabets (especially American manual alphabet and the International manual alphabet in fact only a few of the forms of the letters can be said to derive directly from those foreign alphabets (i.e. from a, from b, from m, and from r). The nepalese manual Alphabet is used not for nsl per se, but for code switching into nepali (i.e.

When a signer spells out a personal or place name, or a nepali word). The importance of the forms of this alphabet are, however, not restricted to this function. Indeed, fingerspelling handshapes have been widely used in development of new signs, through a process perhaps borrowed from America's various systems of Signed English, whereby the initial letter of the nepali word is incorporated into the nsl, thus creating so-called " initialized signs ". Perhaps more than anything else, it is this system of initialized signs which makes the lexicon of nsl structurally different from the lexicon of Indian Sign Language. 11 Classification edit The classification of Nepalese sign Language is currently under dispute. 11 Older work has suggested that Nepalese sign Language is not related to other sign languages.

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The main reason, however, is that, as with hearing Nepalese, the majority of deaf in essay Nepal live in villages, surrounded by non-signing hearing population and not in contact with nsl users. Since the overwhelming majority of deaf children in Nepal as in all countries are born into hearing families without a single signing member, nepalese sign Language is primarily learned first at schools for the deaf. However, as these schools are few in number, and not readily accessible to most, it can be concluded that most deaf Nepalese have no opportunity to acquire nepalese sign Language under normal circumstances. (to a certain small extent, the national deaf Federation Nepal, in programs funded assignment by the Swedish deaf Association (sdr deaf way-uk and other funders, sends trained deaf sign language instructors to remote villages to teach deaf there (and their families and fellow villagers) the basics. Unfortunately, such instructors are few in number, and cannot possibly reach all deaf Nepalese. While the vast majority of non-hearing Nepalese do not have the opportunity to acquire nsl, those who are a part of the countrys active deaf communities are often well connected to wide international network of signers through formal relationships with foreign deaf organizations and personal. Both of these extremes affect nsl. Researchers have discussed the homesign systems generated by deaf Nepalese in the absence of or in addition to nsl, which are one source of linguistic variation in the language 8 9 10 and the potential impact of late exposure to nsl on signing practice.

nepali essay on pokhara

Thus, it is hard to imagine that there was no influence from other languages (e.g. Asl) during this process. In addition, nepalese deaf had already had contact with some Italian and Swedish deaf who had come nepal as tourists. Generally speaking then, nsl developed as a natural language established by the deaf community of Kathmandu valley, but we cannot deny the influence of the other sign languages, nor of artificial systems of sign such. Total Communication or, simultaneous Communication. This influence from outside due bullying to contact (with, for example Indian Sign Language and with structural principles introduced from artificial sign systems used in the United States) was strong during its initial stage of the formation, but in different ways and to different degrees remains. There are also, not surprisingly, semantic overlaps with spoken Nepali (and perhaps other spoken languages). 3 Sociolinguistics edit Although much work remains yet to be done, it is clear that Nepalese sign Language is not used natively by the overwhelming majority of deaf people in Nepal. There are a number of reasons for this.

(KAD). One of the chief goals of kad was social reform of deaf people with an effort to promote and further develop sign language. At the time sign language was still banned in the deaf school; however, kad worked hard to keep it alive at deaf gatherings on weekends. Later kad developed a one-handed fingerspelling system for devanagari with the support of unicef. Role of other sign languages in development edit, as we will see below in the section on work on the first nsl dictionary was undertaken by an American in conjunction with. Although this American was hearing, she had a basic knowledge of the American Sign Language and had worked with deaf in Jamaica previously as a volunteer. Although the process of collecting signs focused on Nepalese sign Language itself, it is hard to imagine that the process did not occasionally involve ross interjecting signs she already knew.

Ministry presentation of Education and the, ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, and is used (albeit in a somewhat pidginized form) in all schools for the deaf. In addition, there is legislation underway in Nepal which, in line with the. Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities (uncrpd) which Nepal has ratified, should give nepalese sign Language equal status with the oral languages of the country. Contents, history edit, nepalese sign Language may have originated in the first school for the deaf in Nepal, established in Kathmandu in 1966 by an ent doctor. Citation needed, the school was later moved to a childrens home. The aim of the school was to teach speech therapy to deaf children to have them learn to speak. Even so, deaf people who went to the school at this time recall using signs with each other during and after school. The oral policy continued until the arrival of the patricia ross, who tried to have total communication introduced into the school in 1985.

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Nepalese sign Language or, nepali sign Language is the main deaf sign language of, nepal. It is a somewhat standardized language based informally on the variety. Kathmandu, with some input from varieties. As an indigenous sign language, it is not related to oral. The newly promulgated constitution on Nepal 2072 (2015) had specifically mentioned the right to have education in Sign Language for the deaf. Likewise the newly passed Disability right act 2072 (2017) for in its definition of Language has mentioned "Language means spoken and sign languages and other forms of speechless language. " in practice it is recognized by the.

Nepali essay on pokhara
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  3. Photo essay : Stateless in the former soviet republic of georgia egyptian Vulture, pokhara. nepals wildlife on the international stage. This, nepali, novel Karagar is on the Achyut Ghimires voice from radio program Shruti sambeg. Listen translated version of Eleven Minutes on the program Shruti sambeg with Achyut Ghimire. a somewhat standardized language based informally on the variety of Kathmandu, with some input from varieties of pokhara and elsewhere.

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