My friend daily routine essay

my friend daily routine essay

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We got minimal details about the actual narrator. On Marriage by robert louis Stevenson. Content: It was not necessarily easy to figure out right away what Stevenson was talking about. He first comes out saying that while there is something in marriage so natural and inviting that there is probably no other act in a mans life so hot-headed and foolhardy (230). He explains that people who want to get married to fix their problems should not be married, because youll only bring the other person problems. At this point he goes on to unveil the ideal of marriage and reminds us all that when we marry, we are taking on a creature of equal, if of unlike, frailties; whose weak human heart beats no more tunefully than our own (233).

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Love-letters by Addison Steele, content: This was hilarious! It is essentially a commentary on two personal different love letters to romana to prove a point about the complexity of what women want in a guy. Tale as old as time! We tend to want the guy who is fun, dangerous, and frankly not the best choice, though, as this lady says, she knew she out to have taken Constant; but believed, she should have chosen Carless (135). Form: This is a really interesting form—we get a very show but not tell thing going on, which does not seem to be very common for the time period it was written. It begins and ends with an overarching commentary but includes two letters from outside voices. The two letters are almost exactly the same as far as style and length, but the first (Careless) is vain and silly, while the second (Constant) is formal and boring. Yet, the last paragraph that sums up the point does not come out with a didactic moral of the story kind of line. Instead, the last line is left to romana, who sums it up for. This was also very impersonal.

Form: The most notable thing about this form is that it is written as a letter to his wife. She is the audience, and he writes directly to her. Yet, the messages and the formal way he writes make it universal. The form of the letter really does kind of wrap up the comments online on form. It has an intended audience and flows organically wherever the topic comes. He does not change voice, use flashback, or anything like that. There are a lot of rhetorical questions though, which is probably a notable device, and the letter is somewhat of an argument meant to persuade not just his wife, but others, the appropriate way to behave after a death.

my friend daily routine essay

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For one, mourning is not really appropriate, and actually against the law (22). The advice given to his wife was clear on that, and he commended her for handling it so well. Yet, some things are similar, and some of the advice might estate be best as applicable today as it was over a thousand years ago. I thought it was interesting that he realized that his daughter only knew of little things, and in little things she took her please (21). Since she had no way of knowing what she was deprived of, they should therefore not mourn the loss of potential. I dont think i would necessarily love that advice if I had a kid pass away, but he has a point, and it seems applicable to now. One of the other things notable about this letter was that, beautiful as it was, Plutarch seemed to betray no emotion. That would probably be a societal value as well.

I'm just going to attach some of my responses on the form and content of selected essays. It can be daunting to try and sift through the entire anthology, so i hope this can help someone: Consolation to his Wife by Plutarch. Content: It is kind of refreshing to find a guy who atypically for his age, saw marriage as the closet of human bonds (16). It is clear as we read this that he admires h As I have been working on some of my own personal essays from my travels in India, this was like my bible. It is clear as we read this that he admires his dear wife. This is a letter written to her to give advice and encouragement to her as she mourns for their recently deceased little girl, who died while he was away (and somehow missed the message). It is interesting to see this kind of marriage dynamic and to get a glimpse at some of the cultural values of his society. This was written before 120 ad, and there are some practices that are definitely different from what we would be accustomed.

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my friend daily routine essay

My daily routine (Můj denní rozvrh)

Shelleys description of heredity leaves representing peoples idealistic beliefs as epidemic attacked and sickly in color has managed to convince and conquer the multitudes that booklet will not only propel and spread the ideas of a new environment but will also transform the way people perceive. The description of the winged seed as mostly referring to Shelley is her stubborn and rebellious views that she held concerning the romantic era. Just like a winged seed would not be moved easily by the prevailing wind, moods and situations, the same way shelleys moods, beliefs and ideological attachment to change from romantic era to a new dispensation difficult to change and influence. She is determined to achieve her ambitions and thoughts that are geared towards elimination of romantic period and erase all the ideas and beliefs that had been implanted in peoples mind concerning the best lifestyles (Romantic era) to a more humane and considerate society (Percy. The epidemic and sickly color referred by the poet besides the strong west winds that destroys the falling leaves is the same way that the romantic era thoughts, ideas and beliefs will be destroyed and eroded from peoples mind.

Their emotions and personal experiences widely influenced for a change by the new ideas departing from the romantic era will follow like falling leaves from their natural attachment to the ground and their lives terminated. Thoughts, emotions and personal experiences of romantic era will follow the same procedure though in a gradual way due to emotional attachment of human behaviors towards a repeated lifestyle. However, Shelley believes that even if it takes much time to change the emotional aspects of people, it will nevertheless be possible when persistent is the order in daily routine in a similar manner that west winds operate and finally destroys the existing structure. The contradicting words use simultaneously in line 13 and 14; destroyer and preserver describes destruction of some thoughts while preserving and nourishing the emotions, ideas and peoples experiences that will be useful to make life better in a new dispensation and lifestyle. The preserved and nourished ideas, beliefs, personal feelings, emotions and moral behaviors are the winged seeds referred in the poem. The description of autumn with its debilitated colors to a rebirth of spring with hues of rejuvenation brings emotions and feelings of freshness from romantic era to a new environment of respect and regard of moral settings in society (Percy 10). As I have been working on some of my own personal essays from my travels in India, this was like my bible.

The use of strong colors that are natural like pale, black, yellow and hectic red symbolizes the writers strong admonition concerning her idealistic belief and value consideration of the romantic period. Other colors are used to describe the leaves when the writer continues to say, pestilence stricken multitudes! Autumn colors are described to be disease like and sickly while spring colors are presented to be bright bringing with them a livelihood described by the use of words like hues in the poem. The liberation idealistic belief in the writers mind and ideological conception are demonstrated by her reference of the west wind as the Chariotest (5) with a hope that the romantic era in the country and its values, ideas and perceptions will over time be forgotten. Shelley desires that this new dispensation is possible to be achieved through persuarance of her ideas and thoughts when supported by a small group of people who are like minded. The west wind so strongly described representing the driving force to eliminate the ideas, values and beliefs of the romantic era sweeps and maintains the seed of this era underneath the ground just like in the grave where the contents are kept under the ground.

This concept further elaborates the idea of rebirth of new culture and peoples way of behavior symbolically represented by the spring season of the natural environment that succeeds a dry autumn ushering in a new dispensation of total contrast in the environmental characteristic and appearance. The concept of wind used in the poem just like the one in existence during a stormy sea where it is so severe and also destructive to make its path is the symbolic notion used by the poet to demonstrate how new dispensation of ideas. In line thirteen and fourteen of the poem, Shelley uses two contradicting words that are in reference of the west Wind; destroyer and preserver (10). When description of spring is done with more soft colors, it demonstrates the coolness of the season more than those used in description of autumn reflecting the romantic era in England. Therefore the use of strong west wind as a destroyer to pave way for new ideas as well as preserver of well instigated and new thoughts of human minds to forget the era of romantic lifestyle to a new mode of living just like the. However, the poet recognizes the inertia associated with change especially involving peoples lifestyle and way of doing things. Just like how the responsiveness the environment reacts to change of seasons in a gradual way, shelley believes that human thoughts, ideas and beliefs will follow the same scenario and change would not be effected fortnightly. Though sometime is required to completely transform human thoughts from their initial romantic conditioning to a more relative and reasonable behaviors, sometime will be required to propel the gradual process of changing the mind set and their rationality (Percy 15).

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Ode to the west Wind is a poem written by percy Shelley to present her rebellious perception of thesis the romantic period and its values, beliefs and ideologies. The ways of nature used in this poem are a reflection of the writers desire to move out and escape from the customary beliefs that are evident in this romantic era in England. The breath of autumns being (1, 1) is used by the writer to describe west Wind which are described as the unseen presence which the leaves appear to be dead or are driven like ghosts from an encounter fleeing (2-3). The autumn in the atmosphere is created by the force of the west Wind which is illustrated as its breath. This is the same force that is used to drive away the dead fallen leaves from the natural environment like fleeing ghosts representing the exit of romantic era, owl its values and behaviors from the society. The natural leaves in this poem are symbolic of ideological beliefs and values that were so much esteemed by the generation in which Shelley lived (Percy 2). The driving force throughout this poetic presentation is symbolized by the west Wind which Shelley hopes that it will be the beginning of freedom for personal emotions and beliefs in the society. Shelley used words like ghosts and death to signify the feelings that should prevail towards realization of an ideal viewpoint that ought to be upheld in England at that specific time when the thematic meaning of the poem was targeted. The ideas presented during this time are considered of less importance if not useless by the poetic when the death imagery is used and presented with regard to these circumstances and situational set.

my friend daily routine essay

Backed up by the strong strategic financial vision, the company will after apparently win the competitive advantage over its rivals that are mostly focused on the current priorities. However, future planning would not be possible without other three important aspects of the contemporary business, namely: (1) Cutting-edge technologies that enable to advance the overall performance; (2) Innovative marketing strategies that enable to win more customers; and (3) r d projects to implement advanced. Therefore, i fully understand that the knowledge in other areas is not less important to achieve my future ambitions. I genuinely, hope that my last year in the gf university will be fruitful, and the business Management course will answer most of the questions I have accumulated so far. Such fair treatment based on professional qualities rather than individual features is reasonable and justified. . Based on qualifications, there is hardly any difference between pay rates; nonetheless, in most industries men still earn more than women. This indicates that discriminatory issues are more and more tolerated and the quality of education approved by a college degree is a real value at the contemporary marketplace.

theoretical knowledge of business management to the goal of once becoming a manager. I would like to pass the long-term gradual process to achieve this personal ambition of mine. Initially, i understand that a good manager should possess strong personal qualities and be morally steady to cope and lead people. Such traits as patience, ability to compromise and both physical and moral endurance are on the forefront of the qualities required to be atop of the team. Apart from personal traits, the profession of financial manager would require strong theoretical background supported by empirical skills to assess every situation adequately. In due context, it seems to me that good managers differ from the inadequate ones owing to their ability to intuitively evaluate situations, forecast their immediate developments, and find most optimal solutions to prevent/avoid problems, or at least lose the least while solving them. In addition to this, i would like to emphasize my future goals and career aspirations on the scenario planning models. The models provide the wholesome approach to and vision of the organizational performance on each stage of its development. Namely scenario thinking enables to perceive the organization and its performance and development in the course of a decade or more which is crucial to the prioritizing on the specific goals to be achieved.

Considering current market requirements, the most optimal option for candidates is to take the courses aimed at interdisciplinary background to combine the necessary knowledge and skills in management, business, economics, accounting, marketing, social and behavioral sciences. In addition to this, as a future leader, i clearly comprehend that the contemporary highly-diverse business environments do not approve of the leaders that lack sufficient background, individual strategic vision (leadership style) and charismatic capacity to combine employee performances with the corporate goals. Hence, i have writing deliberately chosen the business Management Programme in finance to be studied in the gf university. Under the contemporary conditions of the highly competitive global environment, financial management is perceived by the lead companies as the most effective tool to adjust the daily performance process to the designated goals. Therefore, i consider the fundamentals of business management as the basis for any managerial action taking place in the daily situations. Taking all the abovementioned reasons into account, i would like my business management course to be full of real-to-life case studies revealing the core failures and mistakes made by the contemporary corporations. Moreover, i fully realize that theoretical studies cannot replace the routine situations wherein erroneous decisions are not uncommon.

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My friend daily routine essay
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