Military resume help

military resume help

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Help potential employers understand how the skills and experience youve gained as a service member make you a great employee. The personal Branding Resume Engine will translate your military record into a strong resume that civilian employers can understand. Once you complete your resume, you can make it viewable by thousands of employers using the resume Engine to look for qualified job candidates. See what people are saying, for military spouses, military spouses can visit. CareerSpark to showcase their experiences and ignite their careers. Over 5,000 Participating Employers, including.

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A good statement example is email protected, or any other free e-mail provider like yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc. Ultimately, professionalism is of utmost importance your dream job could depend. Putting it All Together further Resources. Transitioning to a new career can be a time-consuming task. It is a good idea to treat your job search as a full-time job, and dedicate as much time and resources to it as you can. Remember, you now history hold the keys to your future in your hands. For further reading on writing a resume, we recommend this excellent resume writing tutorial. The article is over 4,000 words and includes tips and examples for writing and improving your resume. Combine these tips with your decoded military experience and your military bearing, and you should be in a good position to enter the civilian workforce). Translate your military experience for employers, so they can translate it into success.

All the effort youve spent polishing your presentation, wont matter much if you dont keep in mind the basics. Nobody likes misspelled words. It conveys a sense of incompetence and a lack of attention to detail. Plus, in this day and age, there is no excuse for grammatical errors. Two words: Spell Check its there for a reason. And dont forget your contact information. A proper resume includes: name; address; apartment number; city; state; zip code; phone number (including area salon code and email address. A small note on emails save the email protected for personal correspondence. If possible, use your first and last name.

military resume help

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M has an excellent skills translator. offers another write excellent free mos decoder. For example, rather then simply denoting yourself as an Infantryman, the skills translator suggests you operated weapons and equipment in ground combat operations. And finally, combination resumes are just that a combination of both Chronological and Functional. Numerous examples of the aforementioned resumes can be found online here:. When writing your resume, be sure to include all specialized training received while serving. This can include your mos training, nco or officer training, computer or technical skills, etc. Attention to detail The military way.

But the breadth in which they operate demonstrates skills way beyond a simple one-word expression. Therein lies the rub how can a service-member equate their military service into civilian terms? Whether writing a military to civilian resume or introducing oneself in the professional realm, the ability to convert the vast array of skills gleaned from military service is essential. Types of Resumes, the three general types of resumes include: Chronological, functional, and. As the word denotes, a, chronological resume focuses on listing work experience in reverse order (most recent job first). This is perfect for service-members whove consistently been employed military or otherwise. Its important to account for lapses in employment, as companies tend to look for consistency. Moving on, a, functional resume highlights an individuals skill and experience first and foremost. So-called skills Translators, are great tools to utilize when writing a functional resume.

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military resume help

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First and foremost, civilians rarely understand the scope that a military career field covers. It is your job to inform them. Secondly, you need to translate those military responsibilities into civilian friendly summaries. Limit your acronyms employers rarely understand them. Translating an infantrymans skills: Its a late night on the dark streets of Sadr City, iraq. Visibility is low due to heavy cloud cover.

And for some odd reason, your gps went black. But you manage to hit your final checkpoint utilizing a map and compass. Directing your section out the rear-hatch of an lav assuring a solid headcount, you stack against the pockmarked remnants of a cinderblock wall. Assuring the biometric iris scanner is good-to-go, you make liaison with air-support, lock/load a trusty m-16A4, and signal the flash-bang man to make ready. As a staff Sergeant in the United States Marine corps, youre moments away from leading a dozen young men into hostile territory were an apartment complex abutting the tigris river. The us military labels such individuals as Infantrymen.

Assisted in training 3 junior engineers in safe explosive disarmament practices. performed routine equipment and machinery audits ensuring all important equipment was present and in proper working order. Additional skills proficient in Autocad and revit software applications. multi-lingual: English (fluent Spanish (proficient Arabic (conversational) education central Texas College fort Lewis Program Associate in General Studies, june 2012 Our applicant decided to start with a summary of qualifications to give an overview of his particular learned abilities. This is a solid choice for anyone transitioning from the military to a civilian job. Another option which might give an officer with a more advanced skill set more freedom to highlight those skills would be to initiate the resume with a professional Profile instead.

Regardless of the style or format you decide to go with, dont forget to follow all of the basic resume writing best practices, such as using plenty of action verbs and focusing on what you can do for the company and not what the company. Relevant Resumes: Firefighter security guard Firefighter Resume candidate has 15 years of experience and has received award Candidate has helped trained and provided leadership to volunteer firefighters Candidate is capable of dealing with high-stress situations by making quick and smart decisions Security guard Resume candidate. The military equips its personnel to handle a variety of situations. Its not uncommon to see a junior military member managing millions of dollars worth of equipment, or making life and death decisions. In many ways, military members handle decisions and responsibilities of a far greater magnitude than their peers in the corporate world. But how to do you get that across in a resume? Translation is the key, times are tough. Its no secret jobs are hard to come by, but as a service-member you posses a unique capacity that can set you apart. In order to highlight these wholly unique skill sets, you need to understand a few basic points.

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Proven desire to excel demonstrated by being awarded the super Sapper award administered by the Army Engineer Association in 2013. consistent exemplary individual and team reviews. Professional experience senior Combat Engineer January 2010 estate Present United States Army fort Lewis, wa conducted combat trainings for a squad consisting of 8 combat engineers. Assisted in the design and implementation of modernized training programs and schedules. supervised maintenance and usage of heavy combat vehicles. managed pdf and facilitated demolitions planning pertaining to various bridge designs. Junior Combat Engineer January 2006 december 2009 United States Army fort Lewis, wa cooperated in the development and improvement of operating procedures and tactics for armored vehicle-launched bridge machinery. Planned, deployed, and monitored defensive explosive charges.

military resume help

A former navy information Warfare Officer does have acquired skills that translate directly in the it world, but they also have learned critical thinking skills. A former Marine Infantry Officer can always cite the fact that they have ample proven leadership abilities. It doesnt matter what job you had while in the military, you are sure to have some useful and marketable skills. Just make sure to phrase them in a way easily understood by a civilian. Here is a sample military to civilian resume for a former Army combat Engineer looking to get into a construction or demolition position. Military to civilian Resume template 724. Johns., rock hill sc 29730 (803) summary of qualifications adept understanding of structural engineering pertaining to steel bridges, timber structures, tunneling, and retaining walls. Extensive knowledge of explosive women's demolition materials and techniques.

maintenance and repair, as well as a solid know-how of electronics and possibly even hydraulics.  Targeting airlines, private air charter companies and services, logistics companies like fedEx and ups, and aircraft manufacturers for work would yield many more interviews than trying to jump into the finance or health industries. Theres also no need to spin this type of skill or experience. There are military skills that translate directly into civilian jobs, and as long as you phrase them in a manner fitting a civilian style resume, they should be clear to anyone tasked with reviewing resumes. This is the hard part. There are a lot of skills that a veteran picks up during their service that are extremely valuable to employers, but knowing how to phrase them on a civilian resume is a little tricky. Here are a few examples: A former Army Arms Combat Generalist s skills dont translate directly into many industries, but the certain abilities picked up in that type of service are still valuable, such as the learned skill of risk management.

A military resume plan and a civilian resume are two very different beasts. Your odds of having your resume reviewed by a human resources representative or a hiring manager improve drastically if you change the military parlance into more common vernacular. Dont go heavy on acronyms and jargon: Frequent co-op with ing over isr information. Do use wording that a civilian with zero military experience would understand: Communicated sensitive information in a timely manner with international intermediaries. Also, while military resumes tend to go into extreme detail about specific pieces of equipment youre trained on, a civilian responsible for hiring candidates for non-military positions is not going to know what most of the equipment. Listing that you are trained on a sophisticated and currently classified new targeting system for the M1A2 Abrams Battle tank is more likely to make a hiring managers eyes gloss over than it will convince them that youre perfect for the new insurance sales position. Try broadening your specific skills into abilities that a company would find useful. There are many directly transferrable skills that men and women pick up while serving in the military. Jotting these down before you start writing your resume can help you organize your thoughts.

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Jumping into the hunt for a new job requires the right mindset and a lot of preparation. Added to that, transitioning from years in the armed forces to a civilian lifestyle is a major change, and with any major lifestyle change, it can be extremely stressful. Combine the two and you have a big headache directly in the path of starting your new career. Table of Contents: Military to civilian Resume sample, write for a hiring Manager and Not for an Officer. Target Positions in which daddy you have directly relevant skills. Translate your Transferable skills into civilian Workplace lingo. Military to civilian Resume template, relevant Resumes: Firefighter security guard. Military to civilian Resume sample, make a resume in minutes sociallocker, click here to download. This ms word Military to civilian Resume /sociallocker, write for a hiring Manager and Not for an Officer.

Military resume help
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  1. Search the largest free veteran Job board, find jobs with military-friendly companies, build and post your civilian resume, and network with veterans to make the most out of your military skills and experience in the civilian world. Creating a military to civilian resume is challenging. These tips help you decode your military skills to write a resume that gets interviews. Help potential employers understand how the skills and experience youve gained as a service member make you a great employee. The personal Branding Resume Engine will translate your military record into a strong resume that civilian employers can understand.

  2. A comprehensive resume helps in being a successful candidate. View our sample resume for a marine seeking a job in law enforcement. This complete guide will show how to translate your military experience into civilian, and write a perfect resume. Use our samples and tips. Make your transition from the military to the general workforce as smooth as possible with a resume written for civilian employers.

  3. Professional Resume Writing Service & Resume help by certified resume writers. Military resume Writers helps ease the military to civilian transition by creating military resumes for your future! Get Started with a free consultation. Military resume Writers offers resume writing services for the military for those in need of professional military resumes. Our services are exactly what you need for your transition!

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