Methods of data presentation ppt

methods of data presentation ppt

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Question How do you know if the information that is requested is available in the recipients data collection system? 6-19 key requirement 3: maintain Data in a confidential Manner (cont.) Grant applicants and recipients are responsible. Records, particularly medical info, should be stored to ensure confidentiality. Only appropriate staff should have access. Identity of complainants or info providers must be kept confidential. If it is necessary to disclose identity, complainants must be protected from retaliation. Sanctions and penalties may be imposed against recipients that engage in retaliation or fail to prevent. Term to Know - prohibition of Retaliation A recipient must not retaliate, intimidate, discharge, threaten, coerce, or discriminate against any individual because he or she has: Filed a complaint Opposed a practice prohibited by wias nondiscrimination and equal opportunity provisions Furnished information to, or assisted.

Ppt, methods, of, data, presentation, and analysis, powerPoint presentation

Identify individuals or groups who have been discriminated against. about whom must data be collected? Applicants, registrants, eligible applicants/registrants, participants. Terminees, employees, applicants for employment key requirement 1: Ensure a properly functioning Data collection System (cont.) Two requirements regarding the collection of race/ethnicity data: Information about race/ethnicity should be kept separate from the individual record about each person to protect confidentiality. The record-keeping system must use the designations approved by the Office of Management and Budget to identify race/ethnicity of applicants, participants, and terminees. Race religion National origin Sex Color Age disability political affiliation or belief Citizenship wia participation key requirement 1: Ensure a properly functioning Data collection System (cont.) Complaint Log Records The information collected in a complaint Log records all complaints filed alleging discrimination on the grounds. No less than 3 years from the close of the applicable program year The complaint Log, and actions taken regarding the complaints, must be maintained for 3 years from the date of resolution of the complaint. Key requirement 2: Provide Information to crc director(cont.) Specific information required Notify crc director promptly if administrative action or lawsuit is filed alleging discrimination on prohibited grounds In wage a timely manner, provide crc director with the name of federal agency that, up to two years. 6-14 key requirement 2: Provide Information to crc director(cont.) may require timely submission of: Information data needed to investigate complaints conduct compliance reviews One-time information or periodic reports from recipients to determine compliance Information to determine whether a grant applicant would be able to comply. If entity refuses, the applicant or recipient must provide the following in writing: Name and address of the entity that has possession of the information A description of the specific efforts made to obtain the information key requirement 2: Provide Information to crc director(cont.) Note.

Maintenance, collect and maintain data in a system that allows for statistical/quantifiable analysis. Provide regulatory and discretionary information to the director of crc upon request. Maintain data collected in a confidential manner. Key requirement 1: Ensure a properly functioning Data. Collection System, each recipient must have established a data collection and maintenance reviews system that allows for a statistical/quantifiable analysis of the recipients compliance with wia equal opportunity policy (29 cfr.37). why must data be collected? Monitor the recipients equal opportunity performance. Identify instances or areas of discrimination.

methods of data presentation ppt

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Presentation Transcript, agenda, presentation: Learning Objectives, presentation: Data and Information Collection and Maintenance requirements under wia. Activity: Using Data Analysis to determine Adverse Impact and the reviews 80 or 4/5ths Rule. Presentation: Documentation of Data and Information Collection and Maintenance. Presentation: States Implementation of Data and Information Collection and Maintenance requirements. Learning Objectives, describe the federal requirements for the collection, maintenance, and retrieval of required data. Describe how the state guarantees that Data and Information Collection and maintenance requirements will be met. Determine whether or not the system and formats in which records are kept summary follow procedures prescribed by the crc director. Identify documentation that is acceptable to demonstrate that Data and Information Collection and maintenance regulations are being implemented. Key requirements for Data information Collection and.

In many countries, people do not have a phone in their home, and if they do have a phone, it is usually a mobile or cell phone most cell phone providers do not make telephone numbers available for use in random-digit-dial surveys. Focus groups Can generate information about the background conditions surrounding governance issues. Focus groups are usually efficient in terms of time and money. They are highly participatory and have the potential of generating solutions to the problems identified by the group members It is very demanding and requires highly skilled coordinators. Focus groups make individual ratings insignificant Accuracy can suffer, as some individuals may not feel comfortable to speak up in public, while others are hard to keep quiet Focus groups yield less systematic results Focus groups are best used to identify issues and develop surveys. Methods of Administration moa element 6 PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, methods of Administration moa element 6 1 / 41, methods of Administration moa element. Data and Information Collection and maintenance. Presentation: Learning Objectives Presentation: Data and Information Collection and Maintenance requirements under wia.

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methods of data presentation ppt

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This approach can increase the level of professionalism, credibility and legitimacy. Administrative, archival and secondary, these data, both qualitative and quantitative, objective, reported events, perception and proxies come from a variety of sources: Narrative reports, administrative data and other information routinely collected by government ministries. The constitution, laws, policies and legislation. Statistics and data gathered by ngos, international organizations and academics. Data mapping, it is the best way to identify existing data - accessibility, quality and gaps.

One tool available to assist with this process is the imfs Data quality Assessment Framework. A senior academic conducted the data mapping exercise in Zambia and was very valuable. Survey data, qualitative and quantitative, sample sizes can range helmet from 20 to 20,000 or more costs can range accordingly There are a range of options for who collects the data independent surveys firms, academics, nsos Perception and reported events data different Types of Interviewing Structured. This technique uses primarily structured questions with fixed response sets and very few open-ended questions Types of Interviewing Semi-structured interviews use a written list of questions that need to be covered in a particular order The questions are often developed from informal discussions and focus. They can include open-ended and/or more structured questions Ideal when working with elites, managers, bureaucrats and other people who have limited time types of surveys and data collection methods Face-to-face data collection is likely the best option in most developing countries It is also the. Developing and implementing internet surveys has become very reasonable paper in terms of cost Very reasonably priced internet services are available - survey gizmo at m Telephone surveys may have coverage issues in most countries.

Qualitative data are usually text or words and quantitative data - numbers. Qualitative approaches, if conducted in a rigorous manner, require more skill than most quantitative approaches. Qualitative data and Approaches, qualitative approaches provide text data, but increasingly audio, video and images. They are more time consuming to analyze. Text management software, such as nvivo, atlasti and Answr (available free.

Coding is a very subjective process and open to various problems, such as investigator bias or a lack of inter-coder reliability. Quantitative data and Approaches, quantitative approaches provide increased rigor by investigating relationships at known levels of probability. They are easier to analyze because researchers use standard, replicable techniques. Common software includes spss, stata and sas. Combining different sources and methods, combining methodologies and types of data often provides the most useful results. Combining archival information and administrative data with original qualitative and quantitative survey data allows for triangulation.

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Download Presentation, data sources and collection methods 1 / 20, data sources and collection methods. Ken mease cairo, june 2009. What types of Data? A thorough assessment may well include: Archival and secondary data survey summary data quantitative and qualitative approaches and data It also will likely include de jure and de facto information. Presentation Transcript, what types of Data? A thorough assessment may well include: Archival and secondary data, survey data. Quantitative and qualitative approaches and data. It also will likely include de jure and de facto information. Qualitative and quantitative data, there are basically two types of data: qualitative and quantitative.

methods of data presentation ppt

Efficiency, data can be quickly interpreted by the reader. Sort data on the most meaningful variable. Time always left to right, similar data goes down the columns. Highlight important comparisons, dont force comparisons between two different tables. Consistent formatting across tables, excel skills, combine cells for title, use word wrap. Adjust cell widths Sort data Use you formulas and copy formulas do not use too many fonts Decimal places: 2 significant digits Horizontal borders Copy image to word 1. Data sources and collection methods PowerPoint Presentation.

about percent change, net percentage change. Abortion ratio of poor. The that are poor. percentage change, unambiguous Data, change in teenage birth Rates. White .7 Black -4.9 Asian -1.8 Hispanic .7, source: Statistical Abstract 2000, table.

Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, data Presentation StandardsGraphical Excellence, edward Tufte book well-designed presentation of data of substance, statistics and design complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest st example: Baseball statistics. use rates, ratios and per capita measures rather than aggregate totals. Two time points are better than one. Show change over a meaningful time period. (5 year change rather than annual change). Multi-year trends are best presented in time series charts rather than tables. Show the source of the data.

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Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Tabular Display of Data powerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, tabular Display of Data 1 / 24, tabular Display of Data. Prepared by: Gary Klass. Data Presentation Standards Graphical Excellence - edward Tufte. Well-designed presentation of data of substance, statistics and design complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, supermarket or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.

Methods of data presentation ppt
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  1. Clustering involves the task of dividing data points. A categorical variable (also called a qualitative variable) is a variable whose values are classifications or categories. Market Research, methods and, data, mining. Plan of the presentation. I introduction ii market research methods ( what.

  2. Presentation, standards Graphical Excellence - edward Tufte. training institute, june 2007. Data collection in the field topics covered. Methods of data collection use of state-of-the-art data. Clustering of non-numerical data. Presented by rekha raja roll No: Y9205062.

  3. Quantitative, methods of, data, analysis. Make you comfortable with the analysis. Publication and, presentation of the seasons findings should follow as quickly as possible. Tabular Display of, data. Prepared by: Gary Klass.

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