Manon dessay

manon dessay

Manon, dvd natalie, dessay, klasika prodej 584,- koupit

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Massenet: Manon with Natalie, dessay - musicalCriticism

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manon dessay

Manon — česká televize

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Dessay : Hudební géniové?

manon dessay

Přece mozart a legrand

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The only fully reliable singing comes from. Manuel Lanza, an excellent Lescaut, but the rest of the cast is largely second rate. Samuel Ramey, who is far beyond his vocal prime as le comte. Whilst he retains gravitas and a commitment to the text, there is such a wobble in his voice now that it is difficult to enjoy his singing. The other singers are efficient but make little impact.

Victor Pablo pérez was unknown to me until this recording, but his conducting is largely very impressive. Not for nothing is this opera set in the eighteenth century: whilst Massenet provides lush Romantic orchestrations for the emotional climaxes, the score is also characterised by a lightness of touch, to which this conductor responds intelligently. Occasionally, more tension might help the onstage drama, but the. Liceu symphony Orchestra plays well throughout. On a point of presentation, i was surprised both by the lack of information in the two-page liner booklet, which amounts to little more than a cast list and doesn't even have a track listing (standard with Universal Classics' releases and the tedium of the. For reasons that are beyond me we are shown Natalie dessay getting out of the bath prop naked during a rehearsal, but there's little in the way of interviews or contextualisation and the hour-long film is pretty much focussed on Dessay and Villazón. A very mixed bag, then, which would not be my first choice, but it's always a pleasure to encounter this oft-overlooked work.

Opera manon natalie dessay tragic flaw macbeth essay

She arrives at the beginning in an overcoat with long sleeves, gambolling about like a child, and later shows passion in the scene of Des Grieux's abduction, manipulation in the casino scene and resignation in the death scene, a dramatic trajectory which might appeal. However, dessay's performance leaves me totally cold, largely because she has neither the heart nor the dignity of any of her forebears mentioned above. Nor does she have their vocal ability: compare sills' tonally lustrous, soul-rending version of 'Adieu, notre petite table' with Dessay's vocally thin rendition on this dvd, or listen to the strained coloratura in the gavotte, and it's hard not to feel that business Dessay's light soprano. Another problem with the production is that there appears to be little chemistry between Dessay and Rolando villazón in this, their first onstage encounter. They are neither physically nor vocally well matched, which seriously undermines the motivation of the drama. Villazón experienced vocal difficulties during the run and announced a brief sabbatical from live performance soon afterwards, so it is perhaps no surprise that there are moments of slight discomfort, largely in the aria 'ah! But the tenor's passion is never in question, so that even when he oversings the final section of this number, it still has an impact. Furthermore, his gently restrained performance of 'En fermant les yeux' is genuinely heart-stopping, indeed the highlight of the recording for. So this Manon is not Villazón's finest hour, perhaps, but it does contain some of his finest minutes.

manon dessay

This has great potential for illustrating society's observation of the tortured relationship between Manon and Des Grieux, especially in light of the way they turn their back on the organised conventions of society, not least religion (an aspect which is justly emphasised in the production). But after a while it becomes very irritating to have the onstage audience applaud each number: one of the most contemporary things about this opera is its immediacy, but essay McVicar's emphasis of the artifice of conventions such as the ballet and vocal set pieces distances. It's also the case that society plays an active part in Manon's downfall, but here they seem too distanced from her to be involved in her fate. Tanya mcCallin 's designs aren't especially effective, either, though there seems no doubt that she was influenced by McVicar's view of how the opera should be presented. Since the tiered backdrop is permanent, McCallin has to introduce props and screens to suggest all the different locations. This allows for great fluidity between scenes but serves the drama very badly in the more intimate moments. Clever camerawork almost makes up for it but it's hard not to wish that when Manon and Des Grieux make love on the floor, they were in a room rather than abandoned in the midst of a load of clutter. McCallin's costumes, however, are truly handsome. Perhaps it suits Dessay's approach to the character of Manon to play her in a production where she is already portrayed as more multi-faceted than films of more traditional productions starring Renée fleming, beverley sills and Edita Gruberova might have us believe.

of the mad Scene from. Lucia di lammermoor filmed at the met in September. Virgin's investment in the French soprano continues with this new dvd of Massenet's steamy romantic opera. Manon, filmed at the Gran teatro del Liceu, barcelona, in June 2007. But as was the case with the cd of Italian arias, i find Dessay's voice entirely unsuited to the big nineteenth-century roles, so that despite her undoubted commitment to the performance, i find it difficult to be fully moved. The dvd is disappointing for many reasons, however, and top of the list. David McVicar 's production, which was first seen at eno in the late 1990s. McVicar tries to present the opera both in period and as a contemporary drama, and in so doing falls between two stools in my opinion. The costumes are of the nineteenth century, but to make the piece grittier he has actors sitting on tiered seating at the back of the set, somewhat like spectators in a bullring.

Après avoir été chanceux, ils commencent à resume perdre et sont accusés de fraude. Alors que des Grieux échappe à la prison grâce à ses relations, manon est condamnée à une lourde peine. La tentative destinée à la faire évader échoue et Manon meurt dans les bras du chevalier. Nous avons filmé cet opéra en 5 actes à barcelone, dans une production exceptionnelle qui réunissait deux stars françaises et internationales de l'art lyrique : la merveilleuse soprano natalie dessay et le ténor Rolando villazon, d'origine mexicaine. Avec l'Orchestre symphonique du Gran teatre del Liceo, sous la direction de victor Pablo perez. Mise en scène david Mac Vicar. Suivez notre page facebook, abonnez-vous à notre newsletter, chaque jour à 18h, les infos et vidéos à ne pas manquer! It seems that barely a month goes by without Virgin Classics releasing another recording.

Natalie, dessay - wikipedia

Par Culturebox, mis à jour le à 06H30, publié le à 08H07. Extrait de l'opéra "Manon de jules Massenet, avec Natalie dessay et Rolando villazon, diffusé sur France 3 le vendredi vers minuit. video/NI_120517@Culture "Manon" est l'un des opéras les plus populaires du répertoire français, cré en 1884 à l'Opéra comique. Cette magnifique oeuvre, inspirée du roman de l'Abbé Prévost, raconte l'histoire de la jeune manon qui, juste au moment d'entrer au couvent, s'écarte de son write destin tout tracé et s'enfuit avec le chevalier des Grieux. Toutefois, refusant de vivre dans la misère, elle se jette dans les bras d'un homme riche, dont elle profite de la fortune. Mais son coeur appartient à des Grieux, qu'elle ne peut oublier et lorsqu'elle apprend qu'il entend se retirer du monde pour devenir prêtre, elle essaie à nouveau de fuir avec lui. Tous deux cherchent à gagner de l'argent au jeu.

Manon dessay
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  5. M: Jules Massenet: Manon - gran teatre del Liceu 2007: Natalie dessay, ro lando villazon, samuel Ramey, manuel Lanza, victor Pabro pérez. Manon: dvd review It seems that barely a month goes by without Vir gin Classics releasing another recording by natalie dessay. Extrait de l opéra manon, de jules Massenet, ave c Natalie dessay et Rolando villazon, diffusé sur France 3 le vendredi vers.

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