Listing self employment on resume

listing self employment on resume

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Take pains With Title selection. When it comes to catching a hiring managers eye, selecting the right title for your self-employment position can make all the difference. . Instead of listing your job title as freelancer, create a label that explains your role more clearly. . For example, you could call yourself a writer, graphic designer, website developer or consultant. Additionally, you should let managers know that you ran your own company. By labeling your employment status as Company Owner instead of just Self-Employed, you show potential employers that you possess leadership and management skills that other candidates might not.

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Request a free resume review. For more information on how to list self-employment, such skywriting as freelance assignments, independent contract, or other consulting work, check out the article, resume tips for Freelancers. Read, amanda augustine 's answer to "Should i add my self-employment to a resume?" on quora. Recommended reading: Related Articles. If youve ever been self-employed, then you know how exciting it can be to take your future into your own hands. However, the fact is that entrepreneurship isnt for everyone, and some workers eventually wish to return to full-time employment. Additionally, the recent economic recession has led to a significant decline in the number of unincorporated self-employed, as contract jobs and freelance opportunities can be scarce in tough economies. Although it can be frightening to make the leap from freelance to in-house employment, you can boost your odds of getting hired by building a strong resume that reflects your experiences as a self-employed individual. Instead of being ashamed of your freelance jobs, showcase them in a way that allows potential employers to see your skills and know youre up to the task. Here are a few best practices for listing self-employment and contract work on your resume.

However, you may want to name-drop the brands youve worked with, especially if they are relevant to your goals and well-known in your industry. Communications pr consultant (Contract), san diego, ca 2016 Present. Offer communications and public relations support for clients in the pharmaceutical sector. Address clients needs, from message development and media outreach to materials creation and planning. Handle media relations, medical meeting support, competitive intelligence, and materials development for otc health and pharmaceutical clients. Key projects include: Increased consumer awareness for cervical cancer by developing campaign materials, including banner ads, print collateral, and copy for microsite. Doubled coverage and blog backlinks for a client with an otc treatment for acid reflux by developing a new blogger sweepstakes. Researched, hired, about and media trained new spokesperson to represent biotechnology companys new treatment for exercise-induced asthma. Want a gut check on your updated freelance resume?

listing self employment on resume

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Related: How to handle gaps in your Employment History. Provide a summary of the services you offer. Below your job title and dates of employment, write a blurb that explains the type of work you performed as a freelancer. If you worked for multiple employers, you can mention how you did x, y, and Z types of work for several clients in a, b, and c industries. Use bullet points to highlight noteworthy projects or clients. If there are any particular projects you worked on that demonstrate your marketable skills, use bullet points to call attention to this relevant work underneath the blurb I suggested below. Sample job description for freelance resume. Ive listed below a sample freelance work description. Please note that, in this example, the client names were purposely excluded.

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listing self employment on resume

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A certified professional career coach (cpcc) and resume writer (cprw amanda has been helping professionals improve their careers for over resumes 10 years. Have a question for Amanda? Q: Should i add my self-employment to a resume? The short answer is yes! You can — and should — add self-employment experience to your resume!

Self-employment and other forms of freelance work are great additions to your resume, especially for anyone whos dealing with employment gaps in their work history. How to add self-employment to your resume. Give yourself a job title that reflects the nature of your freelance work. Treat this work experience as other independent contractors and other freelancers would on their resumes — give yourself a title that reflects the type of work you were doing during your time of self-employment, and add the word "Contract "Consultant or "Freelancer" to that title. Consider adding a company name for consistency on your resume. Some people like to provide a company name so the format looks similar to their other work, but thats entirely up to you and will depend on the degree to which your consulting or freelance business is established.

Include a link to your portfolio on your resume. Your work samples will not only offer tangible proof of the skills on your resume. They will also help document your self-employment as a period in your work history you are proud of—not one you want to hide. Show you are a team Player. For all their positive qualities, the self-employed are sometimes still viewed as renegades of the workforce who march to their own drum.

For this reason, employers will gauge your willingness to work for someone else again. Prove that you are a team player by highlighting the collaborative aspects of your self-employment. Having the courage to strike it out on your own as an independent worker is undoubtedly a strength. But so is demonstrating that you can contribute to the overall vision of an organization. Latest posts by manasa reddigari ( see all ). Each week, topResumes career advice expert, Amanda augustine, answers user questions on quora like the one below. Well be republishing those answers here.

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For example, the labels consultant or freelancer alone do not convey the scope of your with experience or depth of your expertise. Instead, use a more fitting title for the work you performed, such as social media strategist or mobile revelation app developer. In addition, highlight your managerial role in the business. For example, instead of writing owner, you can list what the role would be if you were hired by someone else—owner could be president or something equivalent. Link out to work samples. Workers who are self-employed over a long period of time can build significantly on their old skill set. Mentally review the skills you have gained and add those that align with your target job to your resume. One of the best sources of self-employment resume help is your own personal portfolio of work samples.

listing self employment on resume

If you completed numerous projects on a one-time basis or with fluid dates, consider opting for a functional self-employed resume format. With a functional resume, you can group your work into categories present that emphasize experience and skills over time frames of employment. Emphasize accomplishments over Tasks, after choosing a self-employed resume format, populate each work entry with relevant accomplishments, not simply tasks. For example, instead of listing that you created websites, give a sense of the scope, volume and impact of these work products. Did your work allow your client to boost their digital presence or lead to increased online sales? If so, express these accomplishments in your resume with available data to back your claims. Choose fitting Job Titles, the self-employed are often prone to under-inflate their job titles.

tips for self-employment resume help. Choose a self-Employed Resume format that Fits your Work history. Download Mileiq to start accurately tracking your miles ». Choosing a self-employed resume format can be hard for entrepreneurs who work on multiple projects for multiple clients at a time. Consider the nature and number of projects or clients you have worked with during self-employment. If you completed a finite number of projects with clear dates, you may want to opt for a reverse-chronological self-employed resume format. That is, list your self-employment work starting from the most recent to the oldest project.

Though it should not be considered a negative thing to have a period of self employment listed on your resume-it is often associated with unemployment-which, of course-is a very different thing. So, perhaps, you lined decided to start your own craft business online, had just had a baby, or were recovering from some sort of physical ailment. Whatever the reason, it is best to consider its existence-whether positive or negative-in order to best position yourself for the best positive explanation of it on your resume. Explain Its Nature: Once you have the main reason that you were self employed, you will have to consider the nature of this absence from the main corporate working world. So, by nature, we mean, was your business successful, did you work while taking care of your baby-and what did you do, etc? Often, when a prospective employer sees the term self employed, they think negative; but if you can explain exactly what you did during this time and show how hard working you were or if there was a plausible reason (such as pregnancy or illness they. Show yourself in the best Light: so, while it is vital that you are completely truthful with your career background-even for the simple reason that most employers check this stuff-it is also necessarily to show yourself in the best light-and this applies to your time. So, while you may have had a period in which you tried to begin a startup and failed miserably; you do not want to let on that this was the case. Instead, you have to turn the situation into one that has brought positive outcomes from its experience and transferable skills-even if it is just a lesson learned).

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Depending on your line of work, and your career history-you very well might have spent some time working as a contract for a handful of clients; or perhaps, owning your own business. In either event, father's you were self employed; and whether or not you were successful at it has no bearing on the initial response to an employer seeing it on your resume. To them, while you may have had perfectly acceptable reasons-and did well at being self-employed-they see self employed and think negative. Negative because working for their company was not your first choice; and also, that working for someone else was not something you enjoyed or preferred. This makes you less applicable to their position and company; because companies want you be moldable to their objectives-as team players-not entrepreneurs. This said, in order to dispel any negative connotation that might be floating in the air above your resume-while prospective employers read it, you need to know how to mention self employment in your resume and cover letter. We discuss just how to do this below. Explain Why: The first rule of thumb when drafting a resume that has some sort of self employment listed on it-is to consider why you were self employed.

Listing self employment on resume
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  1. From my negative experience i would say that it is better on your resume to not be self employed. Companies look for people that will do exactly as they want, not for people that are innovators. Self employment on a resume? I am currently attending school full time and doing small side jobs for some extra income. This is a great thing for your resume.

  2. If you have been self employed for a while and now wish to come back to the workforce, but arent sure what to write or how employers might react, here are few tips. Explain Why: The first rule of thumb when drafting a resume that has some sort of self employment listed on it-is to consider why you were self employed. Including self -employment on a resume. List them in bullet points and word it effectively so its relevant and stands out to the hiring manager. Startup or Self -Employment On Resume Example. Never, ever list "self employment " on a resume.

  3. Resumark: Tips for Listing Self -Employment on your Resume. If you need to get a job after running your own business, you might be scratching your head about how to list self -employment on a resume. Check out this question from a business owner who needs a full-time job. The self -Employed Job seeker. This article will assist you in listing self employment in a resume with tips and examples.

  4. Ask Amanda: How do i list Self -Employment on a resume? Self -employment and other forms of freelance work are great additions to your resume, especially for anyone whos dealing with employment gaps in their work history. Switching from self -employment to traditional employment? Or perhaps youre a self -employed worker on the market for a new client? Your employer will always review your resume before hiring you but how do you list self -employment on a resume? Avoid describing your employment status as "self -work" or "self -employed." Use a functional job title such as consultant, writer, artist, web developer or whichever term best describes what you.

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