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In six out of seven firs, the accused were unknown indicating a major stumbling block in pursuing a legal course that could end in punishment of culprits. Journalist Rana tanveer, who survived assassination attempt on June 9, 2017 in Lahore, filed two firs one for graffiti on his residences main gate ( see figure 2 ) and another for the attempt to assassinate him. When the accused is not nominated in fir, or is unknown, the investigation often leads to a dead end. Such cases rarely manage to complete the process of prosecution what to speak of conviction and punishment. This is mainly due to the treatment of fir as substantive evidence by the investigation department rather than treating it mere information of the crime. As a result, in most of the cases the culprits either are not even apprehended or, if apprehended, get acquitted. Therefore, there is a need to thoroughly study the flaw in the law and practice relating to registration and investigation of crimes, Aftab Alam recommends.

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However, the study also refers to the fact that in none of these cases the organizations, for which these murdered journalists had worked and on whose behalf the professional risks were taken, have not been filers nor the state thirds itself moved to register cases. Five out of six cases are still unresolved. One case was closed after Punjab Police reported killing of an accused in an encounter in the murder case. Ary news channels correspondent Abdul razzak, who was killed by highwaymen in Kasur district of Punjab province on may 17, 2017. In three out of six cases, police submitted charge-sheets challans with the trial courts suggesting the police completed investigations. The success rate is only 50 percent indicating that perpetrators escape elude the authorities. In pakistan, an fir is treated as the first step in investigation of a crime. Any vagueness or factual inaccuracy in the fir can take the investigation in a wrong direction. Such misdirection in the investigation report,. Challan, can result in either acquittal of the culprits or conviction of the innocent, muhammad Aftab Alam, a legal expert and Executive director of Institute of Advocacy, research and development (irada explains.

Investigation of the thesis case by the police; (3). Prosecution of the case indictment and court proceedings; and (4). Conviction whether the culprits were found guilty and punished. Filing an fir: Stumbling at the first stage of justice. Even though the attacks and murders took place for their journalism work, in none of the six cases reviewed did their media organization or the State take the first step towards justice filing an fir with the police. In all the six cases it was the deceaseds families, colleagues or victims themselves who had to knock at the door of justice by lodging firs. Figure 1 shows 100 percent registration of cases with respective police stations.

full report

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Un plan of fuller Action on the safety of journalists and Issue of Impunity, committing his government to fighting impunity of crimes against media. Yet that commitment has failed to translate into action or reality. With a zero conviction rate, pakistan has not moved to work for an revelation enabling environment for professional journalists to work, afzal Butt, the pfuj president, reacts to the depressing situation. Perpetrators of crimes against journalists will get encouraged by poor prosecution to continue attacks against journalists. The research report, the first attempt to empirically document the extent of impunity enjoyed by attackers, pre-selected five murder and one attempt-to-murder cases of journalists falling in the given period was examined in detail. Two cases of murders of journalists from Punjab, one each from Khyber pakhtunkhwa, sindh and Balochistan and one case of attempt-to-murder, from Punjab, took place during the period under review 3 november 2016 to for this report. The murder case of Haroon Khan from Swabi district of Khyber pakhtunkhwa province was not included given the fact that it happened just recently. The research attempted to investigate the various stages of the process of seeking justice in pakistan after a journalist is attacked (1). Filing of an fir first information report with the police who filed it and when; (2).

Journalists Risk lives and livelihoods in pakistan. Special Report on Impunity for Crimes against journalists in pakistan 2017. Crimes against journalists are a thriving business in pakistan without any real danger of punishment. A zero conviction rate in murder and attempt-to-murder cases of journalists is pakistans highlight in the fight against deep-rooted impunity of crimes against journalists between november 2016 and October 2017. November 2 is observed globally as the International day to End Impunity for Crimes against journalists. According to a research by pakistani media watchdog Freedom Network, in collaboration with the pakistan Federal Union of journalists (pfuj) measuring the government and other stakeholders resolve to work for an enabling environment where journalists perform professional works with no fears of reprisals from any. The federal government of pakistan declared that, an attack on a journalist is an attack on the State and Democracy. On October 8, 2013, then Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz rashid had endorsed and approved the Islamabad Declaration of the pakistan coalition on Media safety (pcoms) a national level platform of all media stakeholders working on a single-point agenda of journalists safety.

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full report

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full report

British airstrikes against Islamic State into syria in December 2015. The summary said that tackling the problem of extremist funding would need a range of measures, notably connected to domestic sources of support. In response, rudds statement said the government would seek to raise awareness to encourage people to understand the full aims of the organisations that they give to, and alert the financial services industry about extremism concerns. It added: These organisations have an interest paper in ensuring they are not inadvertently supporting extremist individuals or organisations. Also, the statement said, the Charity commission would introduce a requirement on charities to declare overseas funding sources. The government would also be directly raising issues of concern, supported by evidence, with specific countries as part of our wider international engagement on countering extremism and violent extremism, it added. Belbin Reports belbin, a variety of different types of Report are available. To help us identify which combination of the team Roles a person exhibits, we produce personalised behavioural Reports for both individuals and teams.

not publishing the full report. Asked whether this did mention saudi Arabia, he said: All the information that has been put in the public domain is there in the written statement, and Im not in a position where i can add to that. The summary found that while small individual donations were the most common funding source, and in some cases extremist organisations received hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. It added: This is the main source of their income. Those giving may not know or support the organisations full agenda. Some extremist Islamist organisations portray themselves as charities to increase their credibility and to take advantage of Islams emphasis on charity, and are vague about both their activities and their charitable status, it said. The statement added: For a small number of organisations with which there are extremism concerns, overseas funding is a significant source of income. However, for the vast majority of extremist groups in the uk, overseas funding is not a significant source. The inquiry was begun as part of a deal with the liberal Democrats during the coalition government, in exchange for the party supporting the extension.

Opposition MPs who were members of the privy council would be able to view the full report at the home Office if they did not divulge the contents publicly, she added. But diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said this did not go far enough, and the public has a right to know if any governments, foreign or domestic organisations or individuals are funding extremism in this country. Of course, security intelligence should not be compromised but this is easily achieved by redaction and other means. The government would never have commissioned this report if it considered this problem insurmountable. Instead, there is a strong suspicion this report is being suppressed to protect this governments trade and diplomatic gps priorities, including in relation to saudi Arabia. The only way to allay those suspicions is to publish the report in full. Caroline lucas, the Green co-leader, who has campaigned for the report to be published, said the refusal to do so and the utterly vague statement in its place was unacceptable. She added: The statement gives absolutely no clue as to which countries foreign funding for extremism originates from leaving the government open to further allegations of refusing to expose the role of saudi Arabian money in terrorism in the. The liberal Democrat leader, tim Farron, said the decision to not publish the report was utterly shameful.

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Opposition parties have condemned the government for opting not to publish a much-delayed report into the funding and support of extremist groups, saying the decision appeared intended to bury any criticism of saudi Arabia. But the home secretary, amber Rudd, said the move was based on national security and claimed that the full report contained sensitive and detailed personal information. Announcing the decision in a written parliamentary statement, rudd instead published a 430-word summary of the report, including that some extreme Islamist groups receive hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in funding, mainly from uk-based individual donors. The summary said the most common source of support for extremist organisations essay was from small, anonymous public donations, mainly from individuals in the. It also said overseas backing helped some individuals study at institutions that teach deeply conservative forms of Islam and provide highly socially conservative literature and preachers to the uks Islamic institutions, adding: Some of these individuals have since become of extremist concern. However, the summary did not name the countries of origin for such funding or mention saudi Arabia or any other nations. Rudd said the full report, commissioned by david Cameron, was being withheld because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons.

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  6. Journalists Risk lives and livelihoods in pakistan Special. Report on Impunity for Crimes against journalists in pakistan 2017 Crimes. Liberty Clinic, full, report, you are here: Home » News » david zuend » Liberty Clinic, full, report. Housing Discrimination against Racial and Ethnic Minorities 2012: Full, report. The soundcity Urban Blast, the much talked about entertainment event of December has come and gone. To those who missed it, boohoo.

  7. Up to six Observer Assessments included for a full report. observers, their report is upgraded to a, full, individual, report that shows. Full -day refined Spots, report gives you gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing, news and commentary for the. said the move was based on national security and claimed that the full report contained sensitive and detailed personal information. It has kept critical systems fully functional when other solutions would have failed.

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