Feg2 solved assignment

feg2 solved assignment

Ignou solved Assignment June 2018, free download

One of four used by hikers visiting the area. Police said a witness described flashes and explosions followed by a cloud of ash more than 4 miles high (7km) coming from the mount Vesuvius. The people of Pompeii started to run out of the town. Whole town had become the river of lava. On 24th August a volcano which suddenly erupted for the first time in more than a century has covered parts of Pompeii in thick grey ash over several miles. People were running and escaping themselves from the hot lava at the end they had to leave their town.

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Including the plight of the people. Big cloud and I thought: "gee that looks like a volcanic plume. The eruption of mount Vesuvius. Who also witnessed the eruption. Burst into life just when people were busy in their regular businesses. Imagine that there were televisions in. Told: 'i saw this beautiful. People now were homeless and were running for help. Stones and cinders began to fall on the town.000 of them did not get far. It was quite impressive.

What is special about the volcano called Tristan da cunha? Solution: Tristan da cunha. The matter included in volcano helps to get a wonderful soil which results in taking a risk of living near volcanoes. And then an immense quantity of ash. What happens when a volcano erupts? (2) Solution: When a volcano erupts. Today pompeii is an important city only because of Italian government who recovered from the lava within the r more solved, assignments visit ignou4ublog. You are a reporter and flying in a helicopter over Pompeii while the volcano is erupting.

feg2 solved assignment

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And gasses are spilled out onto the surface of the earth. During really huge eruptions lava and ash can be shredder thrown up into the air for hundreds of feet. Why do people still live dangerously near volcanoes? Solution: people dangerously live near the volcanoes in spite of lava eruption because of the wonderful soil they get with the help volcano. We shall rebuild our houses. Why is Pompeii important today? Solution: The Italian government has very carefully cleared away the volcanic matter to uncover public buildings and private houses.

When it is safe again. It was dormant and not really extinct. The farmers explained.000 of them did not get far. Was described as an extinct volcano. Stones and cinders began to fall on the town. What happened to the people of Pompeii in ad 79? Solution: people started to run out of the town. An island in the south Atlantic. In books printed before 1961.

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feg2 solved assignment

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And why, we ask, do they live there? They know the volcano may erupt at any time. Part of the answer is that volcanic matter makes wonderful soil. That is certainly true of the slopes of mount Etna in Sicily. Streams of lava from the 1971 eruption of Etna destroyed a number of villages and farmhouses. The lava streams moved fairly slowly, and no lives were lost.

Newspaper reporters and television teams went to the scene. Farmers whose houses were in danger from the red-hot lava were calmly taking the tiles from their roofs and loading them on carts. Why are you saving the tiles? In 1961 the volcano erupted and all the islanders had to leave tristan. Even report volcanoes which seemed to be extinct have erupted. According to the people residing there. But more than.

You can see where people lived and how they lived. The mixture of ash and cinders made, with the rain of centuries, a kind of plaster which has kept things unchanged rooms, pictures, cups, plates, a doctors instruments, public notices. It even kept the shape of the people who died, and of the clothes that they were wearing. Most of them were trying to escape. The figure of one roman soldier who died standing at his post has excited writers and artists in our time. To reach the remains of Pompeii it was first necessary to move italian farmers, their houses and their trees and plants.

Vesuvius is an active volcano. Since ad 79, when it destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the seaport town of Stabiae, it has erupted frequently. Sometimes it does not do much damage. At other times whole villages disappear under the ash or lava. But the people go back. Every year we read of the eruption of a volcano somewhere, with the loss of peoples homes and land sometimes of their lives.

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Marks: 100 Answer all the questions. Q1 read the passage and answer the questions that follow: On 24th August in the year ad 79, the people of Pompeii were going about their business in the usual way. Suddenly it grew dark, and they looked up towards the top of mount Vesuvius. A great cloud was leaving the top of the mountain; Vesuvius was erupting. The people of Pompeii started to run out of the town, but more than 2,000 of them did not get far. Stones and cinders began to fall on the town, and then an immense quantity of ash. The town was completely buried. You can visit Pompeii today. The Italian government has very carefully cleared away the volcanic matter to uncover paper public buildings and private houses, theatres, shops, market-places.

feg2 solved assignment

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Ignou feg-02 foundation course in English-2 Solved Assignment. Category : bdp programme- ba foundation course / bca bachelor of Computer Applications. Course code : feg-02, availability : available, medium : English, to get ignou feg-02 foundation course in English-2 Solved Assignment 2013, Please send us an Email at : or Call us at :, incoming search terms: feg 02 assignment 2015-16 feg 02 solved assignment 2014-15 feg2. Writing Ignou, assignment for Tutor Marks could be easy task with help of good guidance. Download Expert guides diary for Ignou. Solved, assignment from here. Ignou students are required to submit Tutor Mark. Assignment work every year before they appear for Term End Examination.

Feg2 solved assignment
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  4. Course code: feg -02. Ignou solved Assignment June 2018. Sir I need solved assignment july-2015for bsc lse-1 feg -1 2 please send. Harvinder singh February 25, 2016 Reply. Find ignou assignments : Get Online ignou solved Assignments for 2018 Session- Assignment questions are.

  5. Solved Assignment ignou ba, solved, assignments ignou ba, solved, assignments. Ignou feg-01, solved Assignment 2013 - download as Word Doc (.doc /.docx pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online. Home / foundation /. Feg2 solved assignment.00 100.00. Ignou, feg -02, solved Assignment, ignou, feg -02 Solved Assignment 2013 Free. Foundation course in English- 2 ( feg -02) Assignment.

  6. Be the first to know. Get all the latest information on events, sales and Offers. Sign up for newsletter today. Feg -02, solved Assignment 2013 Free foundation course in English- 2 feg -02 assignment, course code: feg -02, assignment, code: feg-2 /tm a/2012-13 Max. Foundation course in English - 2 solved assignment (for july 2016 and january 2017 sessions) download pdf m/2017/01/ feg. Ignou, feg -02, solved Assignment, ignou, feg -02 foundation course in English- 2 Solved Assignment, ignou bdp - ba foundation course.

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