Farmhouse writing desk

farmhouse writing desk

Farmhouse writing desk : Target

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Originally published online in bbci cult Sherlock holmes Magazine. "The Adventure of the book Antiquarian's niece" by barbara hambly. "A Scandal in Montreal " by Edward. Originally published in Ellery queen's Mystery magazine. Reprinted by permission of the Estate of Edward. "The Adventure of the mummy's Curse". Originally published in Ghosts in baker Street (as "Sherlock holmes and the mummy's Curse. "Mrs Hudson's Case" by laurie. Originally published in Crime Through Time. "The doctor's Case" by Stephen King.

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farmhouse writing desk

Farmhouse : Desks : Target

Early 20th-century wood spindle desk, dark brown, 2 drawers, storage cubbies, closes down to flat top. Chair is Victorian design with hand-embroidered cushion, rose-colored with floral pattern. Not a matching set, but utilized as a set. John Joseph Adams, Christopher Roden, Stephen King, tim Lebbon, Anne perry, bradley. McIntyre, darrell Schweitzer, mary robinette kowal,. Paul Jeffers, barbara roden, Anthony burgess, Stephen Baxter, laurie. Landis, Amy myers, peter Tremayne, sharyn McCrumb, michael moorcock, dominic Green, barbara hambly, tony pi, chris Roberson, naomi novik, rob Rogers, mark valentine, tanith lee, neil gaiman, robert. Acknowledgment is made for permission to print the following material: "The Adventure of book the Inertial Adjustor" by Stephen Baxter.

(Image: Shades of Blue interiors) Attach the sliding brackets to the rails by placing the hook part of the bracket over the top of the rail. Then, rotate the bracket down. Use your thumb to bend the extending metal ends around the back of the rail, making sure they are still loose enough to slide back and forth. All three sliding brackets to all three rails should be attached. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors) Because the numbers have to be placed so close together along the bottom rail, you can narrow the view window on the bottom sliding brackets by gluing two pieces of 1/2-inch wide metal brass strips on either side of the. This allows for a smaller opening that shows a maximum of two digits. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors) The finished product is a functional and stylish addition to your desk, or can even be used more decoratively in a display vignette.

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farmhouse writing desk

Farmhouse desk

Now use the medium-size letter stamps and black stamp pad to make abbreviations for the days of the week, centering them over the marks you've made on the top rail. Start with the middle letter stamped directly above the mark, then do the adjacent letters. Use small letter stamps to designate the abbreviations in the months of the year. To eliminate the risk of having the square edges appear when stamping the letters or numbers, carefully wipe of the ink off the stamp edges with a paper towel before you stamp on the wood. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors for the bottom rail, the card label holder will first need to slide all the way to the side.

Mark where the center point on the label holder is, so that you know where to place the first number. Do the same for the other side. Use the small number stamps to stamp 1 to 31 above each mark. Let the ink dry completely on the wood for a few hours. Although it is not essential, you can coat the piece with a matt write finish (low-gloss) polyurethane to seal the stain before sliding on the brackets.

(Image: Shades of Blue interiors repeat the above step to make another five more sliding bracket sides. Set these pieces aside. They will be used for the sliding brackets that mount the card label holders. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors) (Image: Shades of Blue interiors apply hot glue on the longer, flat side of the bracket. Place it on the backside of the card label holder, on one end.

Do the same for the other side, then repeat for all three card label holders. All six sliding brackets should be attached, forming three sliding card label holders. To hide the screw holes on each side of the card label holder, cut off the head of the holder's tiny screw with the wire-cutter pliers. Use a tiny dot of hot glue to adhere the head onto the front of the label holder. The top rail will show the days of the week, the middle rail will show the months of the year and the bottom rail will show the days of the month. Measure and mark the top rail every.5 inches, and the middle rail every.5 inches. For the bottom rail, measure and mark one inch in on either side of the rail, and then make marks every 1/2-inch to 5/8-inch in between.

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Wipe the dust completely off with a biography clean cloth before applying the stain. Apply the wood stain to the entire calendar, using a small sash brush or chip brush to get into the corners and grooves. Wipe the excess liquid off with a cotton rag and let the calendar dry completely, or for approximately six hours. Place a 1/4-inch wide brass metal strip across the top of the first rail with about a 1/4-inch overlap. Using needle-nose pliers, pinch the metal where it meets the edge of the rail, and bend the strip down over the back of the rail. Then, use the pliers to bend the metal vertically down the front of the rail, then sharply across the bottom of the rail, so it extends straight to the rear. Clip off the strip at a point about 1/4 supermarket inch past the bottom rear edge of the rail. The goal is to create a modified "C" shape, that matches the shape of the rail, as shown below.

farmhouse writing desk

Drill pilot resume holes through the ends of the rails and partway into the posts, using a 1/8-inch drill bit. Now attach the rails to the side posts by driving the -inch brass screws through the pilot holes and into the posts. Place the side posts upright and centered on the base. Mark the position with a pencil. Using a 1/8-inch drill bit, drill pilot holes in the center of the marked squares on either end, completely through the base. Also drill pilot holes into the ends of the posts. Now position the posts against the base, and drive 3-inch wood screws through the bottom of the base and into the ends of the posts, through the pilot holes. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors) (Image: Shades of Blue interiors if the corners or edges of any part of the calendar are sharp or splintered, sand them with 220 grit sandpaper.

the same fashion. Repeat this process for the other side post. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors for a more custom look, you can create notches in the side posts for a flush profile. To do this, use a circular saw set to the depth of 1/4-inch, and make cuts along the outline marks on each post. Pry out the outline for the rails, and then smooth the bottom of the notches with a sharp wood chisel. Test-fit the rails to make sure they will fit flush with the face of the posts. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors). Place the three rails over the marked locations on the side posts, or in the notches created in optional second step.

Wood stain, cotton rag, brass bendable metal strips, 1/4 inch wide,. Needle-nose pliers, wire-cutters, hot glue gun with acrylic hot glue. Brass card label holder, small and medium-sized letter stamps, small number stamps. Black stamp pad (Image: Shades of Blue interiors begin by marking the one-by-one side posts for the location of the cross-rails (the pieces of window-stop molding) that will run between them. First, measure down one inch from the end of a side post, and make a mark. Hold one of the rail pieces with the top edge flush against this mark, pdf and make a second mark, outlining the position of the rail (the outline should be 1-1/4 inches wide). From that point, measure down two inches further and make another mark on the post.

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It's no surprise that vintage, industrial items are popular additions to any home: they're easy to incorporate into all types of decors, from farmhouse designs to modern layouts. However, these timeless pieces are often accompanied by hefty price tags. Thankfully, not every classic accessory has to break the bank. This wooden desk calendar has a vintage aesthetic, and it can be father's made for a fraction of the cost. You also have the ability to customize the size and finish which is an option most likeminded treasures can't provide. (Image: Shades of Blue interiors) 2-by-4 inch board, 24 inches long 1-by-1 inch board, 14 inches long,.25 inch wide wood stop window molding, 22 inches long,. Measuring tape, circular saw (optional chisel (optional) 8 x 3/4-inch brass wood screws, 6 1/8-inch drill bit, cordless drill with screwdriver bit 3-inch interior wood screws,. Chip sash brush or chip brush.

Farmhouse writing desk
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  1. It s no surprise that vintage, industrial items are popular additions to any home: they re easy to incorporate into all types of decors, from farmhouse designs to modern layouts. Traditional Modern / Contemporary Transitional Industrial Craftsman / Mission. Farmhouse / Cottage rustic / southwestern Mid-Century coastal Glam Global Tropical. Writing, desk with Optional Hutch - cherry. lord Hull was slumped over his writing - desk with the three brothers standing by).

  2. Antique writing desk and chair for sale in Grand Rapids, michigan. I am selling my antique farmhouse kitchen chair. Log In join Us! Back to parents Home. Wild zoo adventure series 32 children s corner writing desk. A 3 bedroom, farmhouse for 6 in Cognac from 280 per week, ideal for Families / couples.

  3. The european, farmhouse, patron s, desk has a unique and artistic appeal and is crafted to perfection. Writing, desk in Washington Cherry. Writing, desk in Amber Pine. Vanity for bedroom — astl2380. Buy on houzz save to Ideabook. Included are 2 piece desk that forms best angle or fits the corner of the space (29 inches long and 30 inches deep) and (66.

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