Essays on depression in teenagers

essays on depression in teenagers

Teen Depression Essay - 910 Words bartleby

Depression Essay, research Paper, teenage depression is a growing problem in todays society and is often a major contributing factor for a multitude of adolescent problems. The statistics about teenage runaways, alcoholism, drug problems, pregnancy, eating disorders, and suicide are alarming. Even more startling are the individual stories behind these statistics because the young people involved come from all communities, all economic levels, and all home situations-anyones family. The common link is often depression. For the individuals expressing this crisis, the statistics become relatively meaningless. The difficult passage into adolescence and early adulthood can leave lasting scars on the lives and psyches of an entire generation of young men and women. There is growing realization that teenage depression can be life-changing, even life-threatening. Teenagers have always been vulnerable to depression for a variety of reasons.

Essay on Depression in teenagers - 1378 Words bartleby

Besides the feeling of sadness, teens can appear to be in a bad mood, or can appear irritated for long periods of time. Most teens with major depression feel depressed almost every day (Smith). Dysthymia is a less serious form of depression that can lead to major depression. A teen diagnosed with dysthymia tends best to have a low self esteem, a sense of hopelessness, and may have problems eating and sleeping. Unlike major depression, dysthymia does not interfere with day-to-day functioning (Lyness). Bipolar disorder or manic depression makes teens experience episodes of sadness, hopelessness, irritability or an explosive temper. Most experts believe that manic depression can lead to many different problems such as attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and changes in mood from depression to mania (Lyness). Many different causes can lead to depression. Most therapists believe stress can be the largest factor. Sometimes the loss of a loved one such as a death in the family, or even the break up with a girlfriend/boyfriend can cause the teen to plunge into a sea of sadness or hopelessness. Other times a move to a different area can cause a teen to lose his friends and begin to feel left out or alone (Smith).

Many therapists disagree about the true causes of depression in teens; some boil it down to the severe cases of bullying that occur almost daily in most schools, while others blame parents for not being around enough. Some causes of depression can be the incredible amount of pressure teens face. Pressure from the changes occurring during puberty force teens to question who they are, or the start of conflicts that occur between a growing child and parents can makes it more difficult to differentiate the difference between teenage moodiness and depression. Teenage depression can cause a teen to feel worthless, with and make him extremely vulnerable to criticism. Depression can cause a teen to have difficulty concentrating, a loss of interest in activities, fatigue or lack of energy, and even thoughts of death or suicide (Lyness). Sometimes bullying can cause a teen to feel depressed. If a child who is already questioning whether or not he is meant to be on this planet, is reminded by another person that he is not liked, he can begin to believe it more and more until, finally one day he chooses what. The three main forms of depression are major depression, dysthymia, and manic depression (Lyness). In addition to the normal feelings of sadness that all teens are faced with at some point in their lives, depression causes a child to feel worthless, and can interfere with day to day activities such as sleeping or eating.

essays on depression in teenagers

Teen Depression Essay bartleby

He is business quite popular, and to many people, he is the happiest person in the world. Sadly, everything people see is just a brave face tommy has on so nobody realizes he is depressed. Like many kids Tommys age, he is afraid to ask for help. Tommy does not want people to think he has mental problems, or that he needs to see a therapist. To tommy therapy is embarrassing, but this fact costs Tommy his life. As many as one in thirty-three teenagers are affected by depression in the world. Teenage depression can affect any teenager, and it is not just a bad mood. Depression can lead to alcoholism, drug addiction, self-harm, and even pregnancy, violence, and suicide. Though the teenage years are considered some of the most difficult years of a persons life, and points of sadness or anger are expected, depression can destroy a teenagers personality completely.

All of my sources agreed in most areas. For example, the websites and article all listed several of the same symptoms, such as: changes in eating and sleeping habits, persistent sadness or negativity, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in friends and activities, and feelings of guilt. The aacap site and the article also mentioned threats to run away, outbursts of anger or aggression, and physical complaints such as stomachaches, headaches, and muscle pain as signs of a problem (Being Prepared; Brody). My mother listed some of these as symptoms that she had noticed in me; such as a nagging sadness, excessive guilt, withdrawal from social situations, and irritability (Frank). However, the aacap website included some symptoms that the others did not include; such as acting out sexually, substance abuse, inability to accept praise, loss of concern for personal appearance, frequent nightmares, violence towards oneself or others, and even illegal behaviors like theft and vandalism. My mother also noted additional behaviors, including perfectionism, intense. Anudaan Arora, esparza, english 1301 4 november 2013, freedom From Depression. Tommy is a well behaved child. He has many friends.

Free teen Depression Essays and Papers

essays on depression in teenagers

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People with depression act like a normal person would; they talk, laugh and inter act with many people but that is plain just their cover. In reality they feel loneliness that washes through them. They try to hide their depression to avoid talking about it and admitting the new hatred they have for themselves. Depression in teenagers, depression is the most common mental illness in the country today. Teenagers are easy prey for this disease. They are at a point in their lives when they must face important transitions and peer pressures. They are trying to understand themselves and where they fit in society, all of which can lead to behavioral and emotional changes.

This is also a period when children and parents suffer from poor communication: teenagers often keep their true feelings and concerns from their parents and other authority figures. Therefore, recognizing depression in teenagers can be difficult for adults. However, it is crucial that adolescents with depression get help. For this reason, i would like to find out how show more content, i chose to talk to her because she was the one who first recognized signs of depression in me, and she subsequently picked up on signs in both my sisters. I asked her how she learned about the symptoms of depression, how she prepared to confront me about it, how she decided when to talk to me, and how she felt afterwards.

Org If someone has depression, taking therapy with a therapist or a counselor is very effective in treating. A therapist can help with your depression because, the can help people with depression understand their emotions, put feelings into words, and feel understood and supported. They can help overcome negative thinking and help build confidence to deal with lifes struggles. On the other hand some people take medication to treat their depression but it does not always work. Antidepressants work to normalize natural occurring brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Com states For all classes of antidepressants, patients must take regular doses for at least three to four weeks before they are likely to experience a full therapeutic effect.

some people take both; therapy and medication. An nimhfunded clinical trial of 439 teenagers with major depression found that a combination of medication and psychotherapy was the most effective treatment option. Other nimhfunded researchers are developing and testing ways to prevent suicide in children and adolescents, including early diagnosis and treatment, and a better understanding of suicidal thinking. Com) Friends and people who care about you can help support you in other ways, too: they can listen and talk, showing that they understand what youre feeling. They can remind you that things can get better and they are there for you through your downs and ups. You can help yourself too by: not waiting for it just to go away, getting evaluation and care, and by caring for your self Depression can be prevented and treated. Depression is a strong mood that last for weeks, months, or even longer. It can get better with the right attention and care.

Teen Depression Essay - 3500 Palabras Cram

Feelings of hopelessness and or pessimism, feeling of guilt worthlessness and/or hopelessness, irritability, loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex, fatigue and decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making decisions, over eating or appetite loss, thoughts of suicide or suicide. girls and guys both experience depression differently. Guys often experience depression differently than girls and may have different ways of coping with listing the symptoms. Guys are more likely to acknowledge having fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in oncepleasurable activities, and sleep disturbances, whereas girls are more likely to admit to feelings of sadness, worthlessness and/or excessive guilt. Guys are more likely than girls to turn to alcohol or drugs when they are depressed, or become frustrated, discouraged, irritable, angry and sometimes abusive. Even though more women attempt suicide, many more men die by suicide in the United States. How can depression be treated? Depression can get better with the right attention and care. But if it sis not treated, things can stay bad or get worse.

essays on depression in teenagers

These are forms of depression that are caused by environmental factors. The most common are seasonal (depression caused by the changing of seasons generally winter) situational (prolonged feelings of sadness and potentially harmful thoughts generated by an occurrence or life problem) and anxiety (depression caused by everyday stresses like work, school and family). Each day people are unknowingly afflicted by these essay types of depression and each day they go ignored. There are many symptoms of depression like: loss of appetite, decrease of energy and motivation, social withdrawing etc. Com people with depressive illnesses do not all experience the same symptoms. The severity, frequency and duration of symptoms will vary depending on the individual and his or her particular illness. Symptoms include: persistent sad, anxious or empty feeling.

neurotransmitters, that affect the mood. There is no set level of intensity with this illness, but many different forms. The most common three are as follows: Manic Depressive disorder, major Depressive disorder, and Minor Disorders(athealth. Manic Depressive disorder, or bipolar disease, is one of the strongest forms of depression. It is an illness that affects over. Bipolar disease changes emotions, appetite and energy levels at rapid, random rates (athealth. . Major Depressive disorder, or clinical depression, is the most common, and least treated type of depression. A person with this disorder experiences significant weight loss or increase, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, insecurity and random depressive episodes involving thoughts of suicide or self inflicted pain. The last common type of depression has numerous different causes and numerous different names.

Com every six months people feel this way and the illness affects. 2 percent of the American population. Do you know what depression means? Org Depression is a strong mood involving sadness, discouragement, despair or hopelessness that last for weeks, month, or even longer. How book do you know when a person is depressed? Can depression be treated? The first step to learn about depression is to understand the illness. Why do people get Depressed? There is no single cause for depression.

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We will writustom summary essay sample. Teen depression, for only.90/page, order Now, a depressed person sits surrounded by people. They talk, laugh, and act totally normal. However, its just a cover. Inside that person sits loneliness that washes through them an unexplainable sadness that they constantly feel. They fear speaking of it of admitting the hatred they have for themselves. How many people must live like this person? As stated in athealth.

Essays on depression in teenagers
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  1. We can write a custom Essay on Depression for you! Depression affects teenagers in many ways. Depression can happen to teenagers, even to those who have everything going for them. To tommy therapy is embarrassing, but this fact costs Tommy his life. As many as one in thirty-three teenagers are affected by depression in the world).

  2. In both males and females however, if an adolescent feels love for a stepparent, they often feel they are betraying biological parents. Read Full Essay save. Only available. Depression occurs frequently in teenagers and younger children. About 5 of adolescents in the general population suffer from depression.

  3. An nimhfunded clinical trial of 439 teenagers with major depression found that a combination of medication and psychotherapy was the most effective treatment option. Teenage depression is a growing problem in todays society and is often a major contributing factor for a multitude of adolescent problems. Teenagers have always been vulnerable to depression for a variety of reasons. Its a confusing time of life because a teens body is changing along with their. This uncertainty may be the cause of heightened anxiety, stress, and depression in females.

  4. Even though The bell Jar is a fiction novel, it is a realistic representation of depression in teenagers since Plath experienced very similar events in her own life. Minimal responsibility and days filled with fun, laughter and joy. This reality is a fairytale for some teenagers. Words: 3500 - pages:. Essay on suicidal Behavior in Adolescents. We will write a custom essay sample.

  5. Essay on Depression in teens. throughout the world, people are struggling daily with one, if not multiple, mental illness. In a few years, teenagers will be moving up in the world and beginning their lives. Many teens are also faced withFree depression teen papers, essays, and research e great Depression Essay — many adolescents, in the Great Depression, received the full affects and suffered. Essay on teen depression.

  6. Essay on depression in teenagers. Words: 930 Pages: 3 Paragraphs: 6 Sentences: 46 read Time: 03:22. There are many different types of anti-depressants. Traditional drugs have quite a lot of side effects, especially on teenagers, and the new range of elective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (ssris which are more tolerable and have a faster working. The Essay on The Effects Of Depression In Our daily researchers from five different universities shows that there is as many as five times the number of teenagers suffering from anxiety and depression as there were in the early.

  7. Essay on Depression in teenagers. Therefore, recognizing depression in teenagers can be difficult for adults. However, it is crucial that adolescents with depression get help. Also teenager could help themselves if they think positively about everything that happens in their life. Some teenagers become depressed for a combination of reasons where as others can be depressed by a single cause.

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