Essay on time

essay on time

Eugene Smith's 'country doctor revisiting a landmark

Most hitch-hikers also carry a sign with the name of the place they want to. But is it safe to travel in such a way? Personally, i think that hitch-hiking is a unique opportunity to see different cities and countries. This way of travelling is for enthusiastic people who want to reduce their road expenses. If you want to travel but have no money, hitch-hiking is a single way out. Hitch-hiking will help you get where you want to go for nothing. But nowadays hitch-hiking is less common than it used to be some years ago. There have been cases of hitch-hikers or the drivers who picked them up being attacked or killed.

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Finally, aircraft engines emit noise and gases and contribute to air pollution and global warming. Besides, a lot of people doubt that travelling by plane is safe. They are afraid of plane crashes and terrorists. But as a rule much attention is paid to security: all luggage is screened and all passengers are carefully examined. To conclude, it is up to you to decide whether to travel by plane or not. Anyway, all means of travel have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people consider hitch-hiking to be the best way of travelling. Others think that hitchhiking is dangerous. Hitch-hikers travel by getting rides in other people's cars. When they want drivers to give them a lift, they stand on the roadside and raise their hand or put out their thumb.

I can relax, listen to music, read a newspaper or fuller take a nap. The stewardess will take care of passengers during the flight and will help them get comfortable in their seats. I can always enjoy good service and tasty food. What is more, travelling by plane gives me a wonderful opportunity to look through the porthole and to admire beautiful landscapes. However, some people don't like travelling by air. Firstly, they complain that it takes them much time to check in at the airport and to have their baggage weighed. Secondly, some flights may be delayed or cancelled because of unfavourable weather conditions. Thirdly, those people who are airsick will hardly find the flight very nice.

essay on time

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Some people think that travelling by plane is very comfortable and convenient. Others say that it has a number of disadvantages. Nowadays we can't imagine our lives without travelling. We tend to travel longer distances and at much higher speeds. Most people say there is nothing like travel by air for them. Personally, i think that travelling by plane is very comfortable, quick and thrilling. It helps me save plenty of time and gives type me an opportunity to visit out-of-the-way parts of the world. I don't have to worry about anything during the flight.

On the other hand, travelling by car has a number of disadvantages. First and foremost, it is bad for ecology and health. Cars produce exhaust fumes which make the air foul and destroy the ozone layer protecting the earth from the dangerous rays of the sun. The car is not a safe means of travel as there are a lot of car and bus crashes. Travelling by car is not very convenient if the trip is long. Besides, it is rather expensive as petrol is not cheap. What is more, when we travel by car, we may be stuck in a traffic jam for several hours. To sum up, i think it is rather difficult to do without cars nowadays. But if we want to be healthy, we should sometimes ride a bike or walk.

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essay on time

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Besides, there are many small towns and villages in our country which are definitely worth visiting. To conclude, we should learn everything about our own country first of all. But if we want to learn more about the world around us and to expand the mind, we should travel abroad. The car has become the most popular means of transport in the history of the world. However, some people say that the world would be better off without cars.

Nowadays, almost every family has a car. A lot of people say that travelling by plan car is very convenient, while others are sure that cars cause many problems. In my opinion, the car is one of the most comfortable means of transport. Firstly, travelling by car is fast and it helps you save plenty of time. Secondly, it is comfortable because you don't have to buy any tickets and your car is always at your disposal. Thirdly, when you travel by car, you don't depend on the weather. And finally, you can stop where you want and have a snack or enjoy nature.

Most people find travelling very exciting. It gives them an opportunity to enjoy sightseeing, to discover new things, to meet interesting people, to rest physically and morally and to get wonderful impressions. For me there is hardly anything more interesting and exciting than a journey to a foreign country. I've been to london, paris and Rome and it is the most wonderful experience in my life. Travelling abroad gives me a chance to feel thousands of miles away from home, to visit great cities and small villages, to admire foreign architecture, cuisine and culture, to make friends and what not.

What is more, it is the best way to broaden your mind, to improve your knowledge of history and geography and to make your life interesting. However, a lot of people are sure that there is much to be seen in our own country. Indeed, it is difficult to disagree with them. There are many places of interest in my native town: ancient churches, monuments, museums and parks. One can go to moscow and visit its theatres, cathedrals, art galleries and what not. The Kremlin attracts thousands of tourists as it is the heart of Moscow and the centre of the russian government. Petersburg, the former capital of Russia, is known for its magnificent palaces, famous museums, beautiful buildings and wide streets.

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When you travel by car, you don't depend on the weather. For example, if it rains you won't thesis get soaked. If it is cold, you can turn on a heater. While driving, you can listen to revelation music or the latest news on the radio. Public transport is not as popular as cars. Nevertheless, thousands of people use it every day of their lives. To conclude, it's up to you to decide whether to travel on foot, to drive a car or to use public transport. As for me, i am young and energetic and i am for travelling on foot. Many people prefer to travel abroad; others say that there is much to be seen in our own country.

essay on time

In my opinion, when people travel on foot, they can see much more on their way and enjoy the sights of a town or verilog a city. We can stop wherever we want and admire a beautiful church or monument or drop at a cafe or a shop. We won't be stuck in a traffic jam for several hours and we will certainly avoid road accidents. What is more, travelling on foot is much healthier that travelling by car or by bus. Walking is a perfect physical exercise that strengthens the immune system, improves mental health and helps prevent many diseases. On the other hand, travelling by car or by bus saves much time and effort. A lot of people prefer driving cars as they have speed and comfort combined.

positive attitudes and a sense of personal achievement. I think that school trips will certainly benefit pupils' performance back at school. There are people, who think that the best way to travel in a town or in a city is on foot. However a lot of others prefer driving a car or using public transport. Today everybody understands that time is money. We can't afford to spend much time on the road, so we use cars and public transport to travel faster. On the one hand, we shouldn't forget that we can use our legs.

School trips broaden children's mind, improve their knowledge of history and night geography and make their lives interesting and eventful. Whether pupils want an educational school trip within their country or abroad their aim is the same: to enjoy sightseeing, to discover new things, to meet interesting people and to get wonderful impressions and learning experiences which educate, excite and inspire. However, some parents don't think that school trips are essential. They believe that pupils can learn everything staying in the classroom. Other parents don't like the fact that they have to pay for most school trips. Moreover, moms and Dads are often afraid of possible dangers and difficulties which may arise during any school trip. Nevertheless, statistics show that school trips are usually safe for children.

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Travelling, many pupils summary go on school trips. Some people say they are interesting and educational. Other people say that they are a waste of time and children should learn in the classroom. Most teachers are convinced that there is more to learning than lessons in the classroom. That is why they try to create memorable learning experiences with the help of educational school trips. School trips include a wide range of outdoor educational and residential courses, designed to stimulate, educate and motivate pupils. To my mind, school trips help teachers inspire pupils and bring subject areas to life.

Essay on time
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