Essay advantage of learning foreign language

essay advantage of learning foreign language

Is learning of the foreign language very important

During this exercise of drawing meaning out of the new terms, you tend to develop problem-solving skills. Exceptional cognitive abilities will help you both in the personal and professional life. Its a boon for you when you are travelling. An Austrian philosopher has"d, The limits of your language are the limits of your world. This is so true because if you can speak more than one language, then the choices for your vacation destination increases manifold. It becomes much easy for you to travel through a foreign country. It provides better career choices, a resume which includes knowledge of more than one language always attracts the attention of the employers. Fluency in the second language can help you in communication and interaction within multiple communities.

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Eminent psycholinguist Frank Smith once said, One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. Whether for recreational purposes or educational ones, learning another language has become a common practice among the youngsters today. In this era of globalization, learning a foreign language can be of great advantage to the college students in their academics and for the career opportunities abroad. Read this blog to know some positives of becoming bilingual or multilingual. You get review to meet new people and can make new friends. Knowledge of a second language makes an individual readily acceptable around the world. If you are learning in a group setting, then you can share your language with your peers. It will also help you in forming friendships with people across the globe. Enhances brain functions, when you learn biography a foreign language, you are introduced to new rules and lexicon. It is then that your brain works out a lot as it imbibes the new patterns.

Two credits in a foreign language. If you have to be in the class then you might as well learn the language and make yourself diverse. one language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way, says Frank Smith. According to the American Community survey, 21 of children age 5 to 17 spoke a language other than English. Some people believe that learning a second language takes away from learning other subjects. Alumina essay paper apa format for thesis animal experimentation research resumes paper annual signet classic scholarship essay contest 2012 apa style cover page for essay ap world history 2006 dbq essays anylitical essay ap english language and composition essays examples antigone vs creon essays animation cartoon.

essay advantage of learning foreign language

My view: Why language study should be part of your

Category: Argumentative persuasive argument Essays; Title: All Students Should be required to plan Study a foreign Language. Of course, opponents of mandatory foreign language courses will say that immigrants and naturalized citizens should learn and speak the "de facto" official language of the United States-English. Free foreign language papers, essays, and research papers. The Psychology of learning a foreign Language - if you want to learn English, the classroom is not the best place to pick up the language. Think about when children are learning. Tags: Argumentative persuasive argument Essays, 903 words (2.6 pages). Why Study a foreign language essays Studying a foreign language is very helpful in today's essay society because of the diversity that we have in our country. You could run into a person.

Watch and Listen Public Talking, blogs are good, but if your goal is not only to learn a foreign language, but also to discover new facts, names, and simply getting different knowledge, the ted system is designed specifically for you. Be sure to visit its web-site, do it right now, or you will lose the opportunity to find a lot of interesting videos! The second reason that it is important to know more than one language is that it increases cultural awareness and allows you to communicate with different people. All good methods of learning languages also entail learning about another culture, especially when your language skills get to a higher level. High school and college should require two years of foreign language. Learning a foreign language is a great advantage for society. Colleges and high schools should give the students the opportunity to learn a foreign language for their future. Free essay: Requiring two years of foreign language study for high school graduation would benefit students greatly as they move onto college.

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essay advantage of learning foreign language

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It awakenings opens up new opportunities and horizons and get you involved in the process of globalization. Career Perspective, even if you do not plan to study abroad, there is still great plus in it, because foreign languages are very important at workplace communication where you need to negotiate, compromise, discuss, make decisions. In order to be successful you should interact with people. Without certain knowledge of language and with a help of interpreter its more difficult to establish this interaction and to get closer to your partner. So, either in education or at workplace knowledge of foreign languages gives you a huge advantage, develops your personality and personal relations with other people.

The next question appears, though, how to Start? Nowadays, you are welcome to benefit from a big number of up-to-date things which might help not only to develop the necessary skill but also to enjoy learning. Read and Watch Blogs. Modern literature, of course, is a good thing in terms of enhancing your vocabulary, but blogs are much better. Firstly, the language is vivacious, especially if it's video blog. Secondly, the language will definitely be different from the total number of accents in audio recordings and textbooks texts, because in real life things may differ.

Here you may find some tips which help you to get motivated, buckle down and begin to learn languages. Why do you need It? First of all, you should ask yourself this question in order to find the right way to the clue. Without realization of it you wont start to do something. If you have friends overseas and you cant communicate with them properly, maybe, its a sign for you to start.

If you dont have friends from foreign countries its urge as well, because using your knowledge you may make up friendship, get on well with foreigners, find out some interesting facts about other cultures and traditions etc. It really enriches your consciousness and makes your personality develop. Which Advantages may you get from This Knowledge? Foreign languages open the world for you. You may live or study overseas if you know the language of that country where you want to study. What is more, in some countries you may get a high education without any fees. Thats not a joke, because some countries in Europe, for example germany, france, norway, czech Republic, austria etc. Give you a possibility to study for free if the language of instruction is your native language.

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Making it easier to communicate. For example if a child learn English from the Start, he or she would be able to communicate or interact with foreigners in a better way. In conclusion, i believe that teaching foreign language in addition to local language have any advantages of better understanding, easy communication with people of different culture/traditions and also wide share of knowledge. Dear Dr Arjumand, you need to work on structural errors, logical connection and support your main points well in every paragraphs in the body. Keep practicing and change, there will be a change on gradual basis. To begin with, nowadays learning a foreign language is like a tendency, as we may notice an increase of the number of those who want to learn them. If you cant find yourself among those ones because learning foreign languages for you is like to bite off more than you can chew, dont worry.

essay advantage of learning foreign language

If a child learn s, english from the beginning, then understanding of literature available in English would will be better. This paragraph has structural errors and wrong modernity choice of words. Last sentence which is conditional is grammatically wrong. Second sentence wasnt well logically linked i have placed some wording to make logical connection. Condition sentence has errors third person singular and using then instead of comma. Though mother tongue represent s communication and societies, but it has its its own limitations. Foreign language for example English represents many communities at a time like americans, Britians and Australians etc.

in explaining your point. Word choice in last sentence wasnt relevant advanced academic. Last sentence was merged with previous sentence which was really long and unbalanced. Because previous sentence was example and last sentence was result so i separated it from each other to give it clear coherence and cohesion. Second advantage of learning foreign language like english is that children would be able to get information for their cur r iculum topic from any international resources like journals, newspapers or through website search. English is a good example practiced as a key language everywhere for share of knowledge. It is used as a global language to communicate from one community to another with different cultures and languages.

Punctuation is needed place remote full stop at the end of paragraph. By learning foreign language from the early years of life, children become more confident and flunt in using that language. They are able to better understand the specifications of that language for example in our own country pakistan, almost all schools in cities do not only teach Urdu but also emphasize to on learn ing, english on primary level. This results their knowledge and awareness of further academic years up to the mark., so in advanced academic years their knowledge and awareness from English would be up to the mark. Second sentence need subject they are able. Need to place helping verb in second sentence. To instead of on was used.

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Question: Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do advantages essay of this outweigh disadvantages? Answer: Childhood is the part of life-cycle during which not only growth occurs but also we learn and develop certain life skills. Language learning is one of them. Now, there is an evolving trend that parents besides teaching their children mother tongue, rather prefer their children learn foreign language from the very start. I think this practice has many advantages as discussed below. In the first sentence, first clause you didnt use pronoun but last clause you used. But also certain life skills develop.

Essay advantage of learning foreign language
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  1. future Free essay : Requiring two years of foreign language study for. workplace knowledge of foreign languages gives you a huge advantage, develops your personality and personal relations with other people. have a lot of possiblities to get to know new countries, people and cultures but it is not possible without learning foreign languages. People go to write an essay study our list of an expository essay writing skills.

  2. Mandarin, English, malay and Tamil. You may be wondering if it's necessary for your. a greater advantage over the benefits of learning a foreign language others if they learn a foreign language at the same time they are. Second advantage of learning foreign language like english is that children would be able to get information for their curriculum topic. Learning a foreign language is a great advantage for society.

  3. How to the english, format, structure, most widely. Disadvantages of Studying Abroad Essay teaching Conditional Sentence to foreign Language learners Essay the Challenge of Foreign. Importance of Philosophy Essay the Importance of learning a foreign Language Essay examples culture in the foreign Language Classroom. Advantages of Studying Abroad Essay advantages of Online learning essay proving positive learning outcomes is a major aspect of todays. Schools in Singapore teach languages as subjects.

  4. different from foreign language learning, second language acquisition (SLA) refers to the learning of a nonnative language in the. of globalization, learning a foreign language can be of great advantage to the college students in their academics and for the career. diversity and extreme differences of the individual learners should be taken into consideration in the learning of a foreign language. Nastasă Elena's essay - the Importance of Foreign Languages. for the ctsm english Essay contest (2014-2015) with the topic. Learning to write an essay writing skills in a test of an essay topics.

  5. Learning a new language isn't an easy task, is it? Here are the main benefits and the best tips on how to cope with new language. Foreign language learning : best ways of doing that The main advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to them at any time: while. It's been kind of a long time since. Advantage, of, learning, a foreign, language, essay last post but here i am again!

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