Engineer handwriting

engineer handwriting

Tips for mathematical handwriting - john Kerl

And where else from here? There's always something calling somewhere and I get lots of inquiries as to would I like to come and do their InfoSec Compliance / Risk Analysis thang for them. So one never knows where i'll be next. Compliance, you see, is one of those things I have several years' history with. Policy, standards, sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) aka sox404 / payment Card Industry visa/cisp aka pci / sas70 / glba / facta regulatory compliance docs. But hey, it's a good match since i have a mixed background of accounting, audit, Unix systems engineering, project management, information security, technical writing, and even a bit of business law and forensics.

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But Compliance Analysis, Information Security Awareness, sox, hipaa, pci. These aren't disgusting hairy toenails to me einstein like they are to some folks. So yes, to each His Own. May we all find our Bliss and Purpose in life. Compliance is one of mine. The last couple years have found me cris-crossing the us doing pci compliance gigs in Tennessee, oregon, new Hampshire, illinois, california, florida and other places. And right now: mostly back in Oregon, still letting businesses know if they've got. It's not always popular with poverty restuarants to be told by an auditor/customer when the bill comes that yes, i'll pay your bill, but I'm also delivering a warning that you may be getting one for upwards of 10,000 if you don't change your ways! But I do deliver these warnings. It's part of what.

More on Compliance and other Fun Things. I mostly enjoy the daddy travel, the companies, the adventure of learning what's new in the field. I'm sure some folks say, "Huh? How could you call that fun!?" but hey. Consider that I can't understand how anyone would like to be a podiatrist or a hair stylist, and but don't doubt their commitment to their work. Everybody's got a work passion if they can find. Hurray to those who figure it out early enough to enjoy their work. Cutting hair or playing with someone's feet as work just wouldn't be mine.

engineer handwriting

Does handwriting matter in engineering?

Well, yes, there is that part of summary me who helps folks (especially those working in hospice or who individually have a friend or loved one dying) learn about End of Life process long and caregiving. I wrote a book on the subject, which is used in hospices, med schools and homes across the States and several places around the world. Urgent whispers: care of the dying and is available wherever books are sold or read (libraries, living rooms, etc). So when I'm not poring over handwriting what do i do with my time in general? I guess that depends if it's personal or business. Personally, you may meet me in a vegetarian Restaurant or Irish Pub or quiet community coffeehouse, mom pop restaurant or even a starbucks in a strip mall somewhere, listening to some fine acoustic live music or watching street performers, just hanging out a bit. I just enjoy people and seeing what they're made of, sharing a bit of what makes. Then, from the business Vantage, you might find me doing something with one of my books, or maybe ensconced deep in the bowels of corporate America, traveling around Europe or the Americas in my consulted role of expertise on security compliance initiatives. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I was a tea drinker long before i was a coffee drinker, and an auditor long before the Internet was born.

I love to study, collect and look at it and that's been true for all my life, since i was a bitty one. A chipper lil second grader digging into the secrets of handwriting. That's a long story about paying attention in 2nd grade, but ask me sometime if you'd like to know more. I meet lots of people that way including folks who've been in my life for years. Lots of folks like to learn more about handwriting and i of course can't help but talk about. Handwriting expresses lots about its writer, and that's something I'm an expert at evaluating and understanding in context, whether business, personal or somewhere between the two. One of my books, the hand behind the word, is about making sense of that, in fact. Check out its web site over at m if you'd like to learn more. End of Life hospice Professional.

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engineer handwriting

General Engineering Introduction/Notebooks/Writing Pattern

Yup.) so then let's take a look at some of the detail behind online these. Information Security Professional, that's probably how i end up spending most of my time these days, or a fairly large portion of it anyway. What's Information Security for? Well, in my line it's more like risk Assessment, security compliance and keeping the business focused on requirements of how it systems meet and provide regulatory compliance solutions to protect business and customer/partner information assets like your credit card, health records, employee records. All that stuff you probably didn't want too far out in the public eye.

You've probably heard of some of those spectacular data breaches lately which have resulted in yes, your very own credit card data getting sold to some Black hat cracker dude across the planet. I don't know that there are many businesses which are charged with any regulatory requirements to protect your love letters and high school school angst poetry. But hey, the kinds of information security information asset protection schemes defense we build could be kicked in to protect those, too. We're working on keepin' your privacy and financial records and what not as private as you'd like. So that's my primary line o work these days. Handwriting Analysis Professional, well, yes, that's the handwriting Analyst part. One of the things about me which many people find unusual is my passion for Handwriting Analysis.

Like i said, it isnt perfect and I can still tidy it up a bit but it certainly is better than where i started. I rewrote the sample that I provided above in my own handwriting to compare it with Dijkstras. My script doesnt flow as well as his and mine is a bit sharper in the lines. Still though, it is a lot better than what it was before. Conclusion The thing that I learned is that often someones handwriting isnt exactly bad, usually the person just doesnt take the time to slow down and write things nicely.

There are still sometimes when my handwriting becomes a bit sloppy during times when Im trying to write quickly like taking notes or taking a test. It is pretty inevitable. As long as Im not in a rush Im always able to write the way i learned. You're awesome for reading this. Follow me on Twitter and GitHub. End of Life hospice Professional (Whoa!? End of life, like death?

Is Writing an Essential skill for Engineers?

If you do it long enough, eventually your letters will become more consistent over time and look a night lot nicer. Once again, i used up a ton of paper for this and did it whenever I wasnt busy. Here are a couple pictures of a scrap of paper I was able to find. Obviously shredder it isnt perfect and I never want it. I only wanted to use it as a base and customize it from there. I tried to incorporate a few of my own differences over time. The result After three months and a few notebooks later, i had a pretty nice and new handwriting. Curiously enough, it looked like a hybrid between my moms handwriting and Dijkstras.

engineer handwriting

The Process, the first thing that I wanted to paper do was just develop the muscles around my hand that helped with consistency and spacing. I did some googling and came across a site that had a few exercises. The basic idea is to repeat the exercises over and over until the marks start to look really, really good. I went through pages and pages in a notebook repeating the exercises until my hand was numb. Whenever I had some free time, id just take out the notebook and continue practicing. Eventually my lines and loops got very consistent. Next I found an image of the complete alphabet in Dijkstras handwriting by someone who turned his handwriting into a font. I printed it off and then used that to base my handwriting off. The next step was to write out the alphabet over and over again for a similar reason as the above exercises.

to see what we thought was important. The final was an oral final and after going through a few questions to his satisfaction he said you seem competent, but your handwriting is horrible. The remaining 30 mins of my final exam by dijkstra was me writing phrases repeatedly on a pad of paper while he said, no, you need to round the os a bit more, the a is misformed, etc. Im sad he died. Dijkstra seemed like a really caring professor. When I read this comment, i put it in the back of my head in case i ever wanted to improve my handwriting. It wasnt until the summer of 2011 that I decided to spend some time to refine my handwriting so that it looked similar to dijkstras.

I have no idea how my professors put up with. Ive mentioned why ive admired Dijkstra before, but ive read some of his ewds and really liked his handwriting. Heres a sample of what his handwriting looked like. This was taken from his ewd called. On the Cruelty of really teaching. Computing Science (pdf) : The first thing that I noticed when I saw it was just how simple biography and neat. Im not calligrapher by any means, but the letters just fit together well and flow nicely. I came across a comment on Reddit by someone that had Dijkstra as a professor.

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Follow Up, read my follow up blog post from Oct 2017 about how I received an email from, edsger Dijkstras son. My handwriting used margaret to be terrible. I think i got to a point in fourth grade where it just stopped getting better unlike most people. It didnt bother me either. It was still semi-legible to others and perfectly readable to myself. My letters lacked consistency. Things werent spaced very well and it just looked messy.

Engineer handwriting
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  4. This seems to be a first or second semester chemistry course, and as a chemical engineer major, i can certify that most people in the first semester. And if there are people that have the ability to reverse engineer that might be another matter, but I simply cant deny the mentioned reality. So i figure my hand, if unchecked, will attempt to approach the speed at which I think, making for some awful handwriting. Little engineer that.-time systems, engineer, to past Life regressions research, to working as a caregiving Educator, hospice Trainer,. Handwriting, analyst to Chaplain. The supposition that most cursive handwriting is "abysmal" is no more empirical.

  5. The lower right specimen was written by a 65-year-old engineer who suffered eight. Hes our engineer, always building something from motorized paper airplanes to houses. This post contains affiliate links. Especially because Im sure these days most people do modify their handwriting whenever they write notes. I hand write like an engineer (I am).

  6. Two, engineer people holding safety hat for work thier project. Painter worker wearing safety work on job. I'm currently a software engineer living in seattle working on something new. He said you seem competent, but your handwriting is horrible. The rst attempts to explore the relationship between handwriting and.

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