Bressay ferry

bressay ferry

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bressay ferry

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bressay ferry

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Kirkabister is situated above a natural arch in the cliff. Ward of Bressay at 226m, the ward of Bressay is a hill worth climbing, offering dramatic views of Bressay and Lerwick. There is also a road to the summit. Bressay cliffs the cliffs, caves and natural arches of Bressay are very well worth a visit, and can be seen close-up by boat (from Lerwick harbour.) The cliffs of Noss can also be seen from paper the sea by boat, as well as porpoises and seals. The noup of Noss these spectacular cliffs are home to vast numbers of seabirds in the summer 45,000 pairs of guillemots, 7,000 pairs of gannets, 6,000 pairs of fulmers, 3,000 pairs of kittiwakes and Puffins, Shags and razorbills. Cradle holm, stunning cliff scenery in Noss, where part of the cliff edge is seperate from the rest. The holm is 48m tall and was once reachable by a hoist (or cradle) which could hold one man and a sheep.

However, this was dismantled on grounds of safety and a wall was erected on the neighbouring cliff. Top tips, noss and the summer boat service there is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage wardens. Wait at the sign on the shore at Noss sound for a small inflatable boat with first an outboard motor, which travels to noss from 10am to 5pm (except Mondays and Thursdays) from late may to the end of August. If the weathers too bad for the ferry, the wardens hoist a red flag outside their house on Noss. Although you can take a car to Bressay, many of the places of interest are inaccessible except on foot.

Discover Our Past, if uncovering the past is one of your passions, Shetland is a great place to indulge. The islands offer a unique blend of history, archaeology, culture and tradition that generously rewards exploration. Events, there are numerous annual festivals and events in Shetland every year, with something to satisfy almost every taste. Holiday ideas, enjoy a wildlife paradise, unique arts and crafts, festivals galore, world-renowned trips and tours, stunning islands, breathtaking scenery, gourmet delights, a vibrant rich culture and the warmest of welcomes. Whats not to like? In Shetland, we have a range of operators providing internal tours - by both land and sea.

Most specialise in a particular area, allowing you to build your holiday around your favourite elements or pick and choose to gain an overall view. Our favourite Places, shetland has many places that wed love to share with you. Here are some of them. Bressay is an island situated to the east of Lerwick harbour (sheltering it from the elements) the ferry crossing there only takes a few minutes. Bressay is quite different from the rest of Shetland, with fertile soil and rounded hills. Noss is a nature reserve a superb island to see seabirds on dramatic cliffs and can be reached by ferry from Bressay or via special boat trips from Lerwick. Sites of interest include: Kirkabister Ness Lighthouse a white lighthouse to the south of Bressay, seen on the mv hjaltland and mv hrosseys approach to and departure from Lerwick.

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After that it was occupied in summer only until 1969 when the last resident tenant (who was also honorary rspb birdwatcher and ferryman) gave up the lease. Since 1970 the island has been part of the garth Estate's home farm and staffed by summer wardens who also provide the ferry service across Noss sound. Things to do shetland. Org, outdoor Activities, our 15 inhabited islands offer many kinds of outdoor activities, especially during those virtually endless summer days. Whatever your interests, we promise that you'll never run out of things. Shetland has a fascinating and unique natural environment. The location of the islands has contributed to the evolution of a truly 'shetlandic' collection of scenery and geology, bird life, sea mammals, wild flowers and wonderful beaches.

bressay ferry

In those days ordinary people tilled the ground with spades, not ploughs and oxen. By rationalization the early 19th century there was a second settlement on Noss, at Setter, half way between the low-lying western end of the isle and the cliffs to the east. By 1861 the population peaked at 24, but may have included some visiting fishermen who spent the census night in summer lodges at booth's voe. From 1871 to 1900 the marquis of Londonderry took a lease of Noss to breed. Shetland Ponies for his county durham coal mines. A display in the old Pony pund tells the story of this rather cruel trade, which also involved building a stone wall around the higher cliffs to stop the mares falling over. The stallions were kept. Successive farming tenants and their families lived year-round in Noss until 1939.

starting with a burnt mound at Hellia cluve which may be 4,000 years old. Place name evidence and the remains of a mediaeval chapel on Big Ness promontory of the buildings suggest that Noss was home to a celtic Christian community before the viking invasion. What those marauders did to the priests in Papil geo the Priests' cove may be imagined. From time to time, winter storms shift the sands at Nesti voe to reveal human bones from the ancient graveyard. The sandy soils around the 17th century house at Hametoun were easy to work - and to fertilise with seaweed from beaches such as da stinkin' geos the smelly coves' where storm-blown seaweed lies and rots to this day). In subsistence times Noss was a very productive island, where good crops of oats and barley could grow and the grazing was so good there was even a milk surplus to make cheese. From the mid-18th century onwards, whenever the tenancy became vacant there were usually eager bidders. Signs of that relative prosperity are still visible in the long, slightly curved 'rigs' on Turr Ness - the traces of ploughing by oxen which were swum across the sound from Bressay at low tide and herded at night in da owsen's Pund (the oxen's.

Frequencies vary from 3 to 12 return sailings writings per week and some vehicles can be carried. All passengers and vehicles must be booked. In addition to this, bk marine operate a lifeline service to foula under contract to the Shetland Islands council. For information on timetables and bookings see the following websites. This site uses cookies to enhance your experience. Please change browser settings to disable cookies if you do not wish to receive them. Shetland Islands council, town Hall, lerwick, shetland. ZE1 0hb uk, telephone: 44 (0), fax: 44 (0).

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Shetland Islands reviews council operate a fleet of 12 ferries providing lifeline services between mainland Shetland and the islands. The services run from 15 terminals serving 8 islands with a total population of just under 3,500 people. The ships make over 70,000 crossings each year and carry over 750,000 passengers and over 350,000 vehicles. Roll on / roll off services, carrying passengers and all types of vehicles, operate every day to the islands of Yell, Unst, fetlar, Whalsay and Bressay. A roll on / Roll off service is now in place for Papa Stour. Vehicles can be reserved on all these routes except to Bressay. Freight and limited passenger services operate to skerries, fair Isle, and Papa Stour.

Bressay ferry
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  5. Shetland is a great place for an active family holiday. On our 15 inhabited islands, an amazing number of things go on and the long days of summer are the peak time for outdoor activities. The puffin is probably the best known member of the auk family, although there are another 21 species including guillemots and razorbills. 06.2018 New ferry service from Portugal to madeira and Canary Islands in July.

  6. Stunning, single storey, detached property set in well-established garden on the island of Bressay less than a mile from the local shop and just two miles from the ferry terminal, enjoying a sunny westerly aspect and a stunning view across Bressay sound to lerwick. This site uses cookies to enhance your experience. Please change browser settings to disable cookies if you do not wish to receive them. Bressay is an island situated to the east of Lerwick harbour (sheltering it from the elements) the ferry crossing there only takes a few minutes. It is important that transport within Shetland is provided to meet the needs of individuals and communities as best it can.

  7. Bressay shelters Lerwick from the east and can be reached by car ferry from the town in under ten minutes. Noss lies off the east coast of Bressay. Inter Island Ferry service. Shetland Islands council operate a fleet of 12 ferries providing lifeline services between mainland Shetland and the islands. Shetland Islands council Inter-Island Ferries, passenger, vehicle and Freight Travel within the Shetland Islands.

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