Brass owl paperweight

brass owl paperweight

Brass, owl, figurine ebay

Fused Art Panel tuition: 35 Create a round panel with a wave, autumn Birch Tree, or several other designs. You will be shown how to cut a circle with a cricle cutter for you base piece. Some glass cutting experience. Fused Stand-Ups tuition: 40 In this class you will be making a fused animal using basic fusing techniques. Then prep a slump mold and fire a second time to slump legs into a standing position. Length: 4 weeks Fused Fish Wind Chime tuition: 40 A charming choice for your wind chime collection!

Owl, bird at Animal Attraction

Glass materials are extra. Fused Sunflower Bowl tuition: 35 In this class you will be making a sunflower bowl learning basic fusing techniques. You will learn to use a cricle cutter and assemble the pieces to be fired. The staff will conduct 2 firings on your piece. The first firing will fuse it, the second firing will slump the piece in a mold. Mold prep will be discussed and the firing schedules will be provided upon request. Some glass cutting experience is required. Glass cutting tools required. Tuition includes both firings and simple rebuttal pattern. Glass and frit extra.

You will make several small fused pieces using the system 96 glass and Dichroic glass to make pendants, earrings, broach, etc. Tuition includes all materials needed for this class. A great make and take home project. Fused Millifiori pendants tuition: 45 In this class you will make a dam, business cut and place 104coe glass and millifiori in the dam and fire it in a kiln. After the first firing, you will grind the pendant and then fire polish. XTreme dichroic Jewelry tuition: 30 learn to make simple and decorative jewely using dichro scraps. You will be shown how to enhance your black base with dichroic glass on top to accentuate and highlight your piece as well as adding simple design shapes. A dremel tool with small diamond ball bits and a morton surface are needed for this class.

brass owl paperweight

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Tuition includes free usage of small mold. Tiffany paper lamp - worden tuition:. Now heres a lamp worth waiting for. Learn to make a beautiful Tiffany lamp using a worden full form mold in either the "Dome" or "Cone" shape in the 16" or 18" diameter. Tuition includes free usage of studio mold and stand. Glass, pattern material additional. Fused Dichroic Jewelry tuition: 35 In this class you will explore a little fusing.

It is assembled on raised brass rods and mounted on a wooden base. Glass, wood Base, lamp wiring material additional. Shell or Nugget Lamp Shade tuition:. Heres a little something different to light up your way. Build a lamp using glass nuggets on a small 7" Worden Form. Theres really no design per say on this but if you are feeling creative by all means! You can utilize sea shells, agates, and of course nuggets.

Solid, brass 13, paper, weight

brass owl paperweight

Handmade custom brass paperweight copper town feet solid brass non

This is your next step up to lamp making. This is the flat panel method no molds required for this one. Use of a jig is important to ensure panel uniformity; alternate methods of positioning the panels for soldering, tinning and attaching the vase cap will be taught. Tuition includes choice of pattern. Fan Lamp tuition: thesis 40, this fan lamp is based on one of a dozen Tiffany's designs to be paired with an art deco brass base or you can make a more contemporay design for an oak or brass base.

Glass, base materials extra. Lantern - 3 or 4 Sided tuition:. A slightly different twist on the traditional table lamp design. In this class you will make either a triangular table lantern raised slightly on brass rods and mounted on a wooden base or a simple box lantern. Glass, wood Base, lamp and wiring material additional. Fused Lantern tuition: 50, in this class you will make a triangular table lantern with one of the 3 panels in a fused design of your choice.

Some decorative soldering techniques are taught as well. Glass, shells other design elements and material additional. Window Plating Class tuition: 50, learn the "Tiffany Style window Plating" technique of placing a second and third piece of glass over a portion of the panel to alter the color, give it depth, and create a special effect. Different designs to choose from. Tuition includes free pattern. Glass and material additional.

Mosaic Class tuition: 40, heres a fun class. Learn how to accent flower pots, table tops, frame, mirrors, trivets your choice and great fun. If you know how to cut glass, the designs you can make are endless, and if you dont know how to cut glass, dont feel left out cause there are other wonderful and easy designs you can use to make your treasured piece! Tuition fee includes the glue. Glass, grout patterns and materials additional. Stepping Stones tuition:. Learn to make a traditional stepping stone using stained glass, a mold, sand topping mix and concrete. Use of a studio mold (first come, first choice of round, square, hexagon, heart, moon, or compass) Sand Topping Mix, concrete, and wire reinforcement included in tuition fee. Flat Panel Lamp Shade tuition:.

Brass, paperweight & Top

Heres another "Next Step" project for the Intermediate Craftsman. Learn how to make a large copper foil Panel using internal reinforcement for those large projects. A free pattern of approximately 4 square feet with pieces will be provided. There are several patterns to choose from. Nautical estate Art Panel Class tuition:. Use a sliced nautilus or other large shell and design a panel around. Add smaller shell, beach glass or nugget elemenets to compliment the art piece.

brass owl paperweight

Soldering Workshop tuition: 30, learn the properties of different solder mixes and their application. How to draw a smooth, rounded, well incorporated solder bead. Several decorative soldering was techniques as well as foil tricks to help fix cutting and grinding mistakes. Bring a project ready to solder. Tuition fee includes a piece of float glass to practice decorative soldering. Tools/Supplies needed: foiled project, foiling tools and soldering supplies. Copper foil Panel Class tuition:.

Came panel. Open Class tuition: 10 per week. If you're having trouble completing a project, we'll give you the benefit of our experience and walk you through your difficulties and help you complete. This is not a structured class where we teach you how to make a project from start to finish, but - we're here to help you in a more casual atmosphere. You'll be able to utilize our knowledge, classroom, and possibly one of our little gizmos to make the job easier. You'll not only learn a little something for your project but glean lots of info listening as we help the other students in the class with their projects! Get your glass crafting friends together and have some fun!

Learn the basics of stained glass parts using the copper foil method. Here you will be taught how to make a lightcatcher and a panel framed in zinc. This is a meaty class as you will learn glass selection, how to score and break glass, foil, grind, clean, and much more. An informative class that will get you started in the Art of Stained Glass! Tools and supplies are required and should be purchased prior to class. A rental program available for those not wishing to purchase tools. Lead Came Class tuition: 55, heres a good Intermediate class. Learn how to build a panel using a different method from your Copper foil work to make a lead Came panel. Internal reinforcement and glazing will be covered.

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Please scroll down below the current schedule for class synopsis and additional information on all classes offered. The summer Class Schedule (July, august september) will be out in pdf the next couple of weeks. Popular classes fill up quickly. Tuition payment is needed to reserve a seat so please register by phone or in person. Cost reflects tuition price only. Unless otherwise noted materials and glass are extra. You must bring your own tools or purchase them prior to class. Tool rental is available for beginner's class only. Beginning stained glass classes, intermediate advanced classes, beginning Stained Glass Class tuition:.

Brass owl paperweight
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  5. This medical paperweight is a sophisticated desk accessory. The base of the medical paperweight is green genuine marble and an antique brass caduceus symbol has been attached to the center. Buy indian Motorcycles heavy aluminum Paperweight Chief head hood Ornament: Collectible figurines - m free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Selling -.50 Lotting fee, plus 10 of Hammer Price. Buying - 10 (Min. 1.50 Per Lot will be applied to the hammer Price).

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