Brainly in homework help

brainly in homework help

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brainly in homework help

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Mathematics teachers have expressed concern with using Brainly for assignments, or rather, using the app to get quick answers, as it does not force students to work through problems to get the correct answer on their own. In this sense, brainly is not really promoting collaborative learning; in actuality, the app tends to promote assignment sharing. Parents should be aware that Brainly contains a chat feature, which both parents and teachers say does not contain enough oversight. Again, the biggest parent and teacher complaint is that Brainly promotes quick fixes, not active, collaborative learning opportunities. App Screens, dont Miss Out, join the zift community and get all the latest news and our exclusive content delivered straight to your email.

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brainly in homework help

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Geared toward children ages 12-17, or grades 7-12, students post homework questions, in core subject areas - english, mathematics, social Studies, business, history - or can browse paper an archive of past questions to see if their question has already been answered by the community. While users can browse the archive of questions and answers, they can not post a question without first creating an account. Brainly will prompt users to either enter in their information manually or connect to their Facebook account credentials to establish an account. After a user signs up, they can choose from a drop down list of subject areas, select, type their question and then press Ask a question to post. Brainly questions must be straightforward and contain no external links or sources; more involved questions should be broken down into parts and posted as separate questions.

The app boasts an answer rate of 80 percent, meaning that 80 percent of questions are answered within 10 minutes of posting. Once a user posts a question, they will receive up to two acceptable answers and answers are verified by a team of 450 moderators to ensure accuracy; those moderators will also delete error-ridden answers. The Brainly app is free to use, but is structured around a points system, in which users collect points for successfully answering other user questions, as well as to award points to the user who best answers their own questions. Users can easily accrue points by completing app-related tasks, such as verifying their email when they open an account and logging into the app daily. Is Brainly homework help solver safe for my kids? While Brainly seems great on paper, many parents and teachers have expressed concern about the collaborative learning aspect the app touts. The reality is that students tend to post a homework question that is stumping them, or preventing them from completing an assignment, and seek to find a quick answer.

Twitter: m/BrainlyPh, tags: brainly ph, users review from 527 reviews "Great related Apps. Brainly, inc (developer) — m, website, platforms. Android, rating.0 ( 1 apps 1, free 1, paid 0, reviews 0, lists. Videos 1, downloads 334,558, discounts 0, rss, subscribe, results: 1 of 1, comments: Brainly, inc. Badge: a src"g" alt"Brainly, inc / developer" width"156" height"51" / /a get started - it's free.

Create an account, appAgg). What is Brainly homework help solver? Brainly is an app functioning as a virtual braintrust with over 30 million members worldwide tapping into each others knowledge of core subjects. Established as a collaborative community, brainly, at its simplest, is crowdsourcing for homework; users are able to ask (and answer) questions related to their subject and receive an answer in minutes. While free to use, brainly works on a points system, encouraging users to participate in answering questions, in addition to posting their own questions. Brainly is a crowdsourcing app for students to ask homework questions and receive help from a pool of over 30 million users.

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With the app, when you have a problem with Filipino, english, math, Araling Panlipunan, history, geography, religion, Science, biology, chemistry, physics, computer Science, economics, Spanish and other languages, health, technology and Home Economics, Art or Music, or any other subject, you can, free dates of charge. Why is it so useful? Because it is: Free - using the app is absolutely free of charge. Superfast - get your answers within minutes 24h - unlimited access no matter when. Transparent - fast and simple system of asking questions. Download Brainly and join the biggest social learning network! Send any feedback to, use on the web at, facebook: m/pages/Brainlyph/.

brainly in homework help

to solve homework woes.". Brainly app is a must have for students. Now you can learn, share knowledge, and get help with your homework anytime you need. Ask a question and receive the high quality answer within minutes. Help others with their homework and find yourself at the top of the rankings.

Share your Knowledge - earn points and gain ranks by helping other students. Share your hard earned knowledge by answering questions for other students. The more you answer, the more points you get. Gain ranks from Beginner to genius that give you instant Brainiac cred. With Brainly, you can ask questions, search for answers, prepare for exams, essays and research in the following subjects - mathematics, history, english, biology, chemistry, physics, social Studies, Advanced Placement ap, geography, health, Arts, business, computers and Technology, french, german, Spanish, and World Languages! Plus, special sections featuring prep questions for sat and psat exams! Brainly covers education levels, such as elementary school, middle school, high school and college. Our learning community is reliable - the quality of answers and explanations are ensured by a dedicated team of moderators margaret that check all content on a daily basis. Dont forget to check out the reviews.

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Post your resumes question on Brainly and receive a clear answer from another student within minutes! Brainly is the worlds largest social learning community! 80 million students trust and study with Brainly every month. Yup, thats 60 million study partners to help you with any school subject, such as Math, social Studies, Science, english, foreign Languages and many more. Free - brainly is 100 free of charge! 24/7 - unlimited access, anywhere, anytime. Superfast, quality Answers - questions are answered within minutes monitored by moderators.

Brainly in homework help
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  4. Polish startup Brainly which runs several localized social networks for students centered around homework help, has raised a 9 million. Brainly is an online collaborative learning community that claims to crowd source knowledge and to help students find answers. Should I let my kids use Brainly homework help solver? Educate yourself with reviews from real parents at the zift Parent Portal. Platformy: (Android Aplikace: (1 Slevy: (0 videa: (1 seznamy: (0 recenze: (0 Stahování: (328,404 rss: brainly, inc. Buy college essay in 4 ostwriter y a philosophy paper).

  5. Ph -free homework help for Android. Got a problem with homework? brainly, with 7M unique users in Asia. During the polish company brainly homework help from students, and scott county library. Homework help Brainly — best term papers help me write my thesis statement : Write me essay — college writing help.

  6. Post your question on, brainly and receive a clear answer from another student within minutes! Brainly is the worlds. Homework, help solver apk and all version history for Android. Get homework answers explanations for math. Homework, help a riešiteľ apk aplikácie zadarmo najnovšia verzia. Získať domácu úlohu odpovede a amp; vysvetlenie matematiky.

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