Blindness jose saramago summary

blindness jose saramago summary

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This is meant to allegorize man's relationship to the world of the Platonic Forms and truth, of which we know only reflections and shadows. The blindness of the novel operates in this same allegorical vein, using blindness as a metaphor for ignorance. The blindness in the platonic allegory serves as a barrier to understanding just as the blindness in the novel is itself something incomprehensible the doctors are baffled as to its cause, how it spreads and what can stop. Blindness, in short, cannot contemplate itself just as the ignorant in Plato's cave do not know that they live in a cave, ignorant even of their own ignorance. General read-Alikes booklists, for Harry potter lists, see my page. If you like (Christchurch City libraries, nz many lists here, most suggesting books, but some suggesting music! Book lists are grouped in these general categories - fiction, detective and Mystery fiction, new zealand Fiction, biographies and Non-Fiction, and Contemporary women writers - but there are numerous lists within most of those.

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Secondly, we see the importance of belonging and of the home when the blind man returns to his apartment not only to not recognize it, but to actually injure himself. This shows that even the home can become a place of danger very easily. It also reinforces the idea that will come later that "home" is not just a function of a physical place, but a function of belonging in general. Thirdly, in this section we begin to see the impotence of medicine. Blindness, medicine functions as a metonymy for the whole of modern life. Medicine is the discipline where all of the benefits of modernity are brought to bear on the most fundamental problems of human life. All of the other aspects of modern life, modern government, culture and economy, for example, are useless without life and without health. The fact that medicine fails, even in this small sense, shows the eminent failure of the entirety of the modern world. The epigraph at the beginning of the novel is taken from the book of Exhortations; "If you can see, thesis look. If you can look, observe." This calls to mind a dominant theme in Western thoughtthe metaphorical connection between sight and understanding. In Plato's "Allegory of the cave captives are held in a cave unable to see anything but reflections of light from the outside world on the stone in front of them.

Analysis, in the beginning of the novel, the main issues are put forth. The epidemic has no identifiable cause, nor known mode of transmission. Many themes that are present in the novel are anticipated in this first section. The epigraph of the novel also suggest an allegorical reading that is developed here. Firstly, in the blindness of the first man we see a foreshadowing of the infrastructure breakdown that will grip the city after the spread of the white sickness. It is important that the first man struck blind is affected while in his car, an effect which will be repeated millions of times as the disease spreads. In this first moment of blindness, we also see the ambivalence of the people surrounding the blind man. This will be amplified later into the open antagonism of the quarantine and the shootings of the infected. The exploitation of the blind man's situation by the car thief is also indicative of the predatory nature of humanity that is stressed throughout the book.

blindness jose saramago summary

Summary of, blindness by, jose, saramago

Despairingly, he bandages himself the best he can and falls asleep. When his wife arrives, she is first upset about the broken vase until she sees the blood and realizes that something is very wrong. Talking to her husband about his condition, she realizes that this blindness is even stranger, in that, instead of seeing nothing, he sees a milky whiteness everywhere he looks. She resolves to take him to the eye clinic as quickly as possible. Descending from their apartment, the first blind man's wife cannot find the car. They quickly realize that the good samaritan has stolen the car. Infuriated and discouraged, they take a taxi to the clinic. Arriving at the clinic, they are hurried straight to the attending doctor, in front of an old man with cataracts, a boy with a squint and a young girl with conjunctivitis. After performing a series of tests, the doctor is completely baffled since the man's eyes show no sign of lesion or of damage, but he promises the man that he will contact his colleagues and do some research.


Saramago purposefully removes any references to a particular culture or city, and he names the characters only as monikers such as doctors wife rather than actual names. This gives the story a wider, more universal feeling as it could be anywhere at any time. The situation unfolds as it will, and he allows us to imagine that it is our own city. It allows us to understand our world and our nature just a bit better. Summary, in the middle of rush hour, in a nameless city, a man goes blind at an intersection. Suddenly struck blind, he flails and screams until someone takes pity on his situation and offers to drive him home. Once the good samaritan gets the blind man to his apartment, he offers to stay with him until the first blind man's wife arrives. The first blind man hurries him off and says that he will be fine. Navigating blind in his own house, the first blind man knocks over a vase full of flowers and cuts himself.

Summary of book: Blindness by, josé, saramago

blindness jose saramago summary

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As more and more people are struck blind, it is difficult for the institutions we have set up to continue to support. When the blindness spreads, there is no difference between the horrifying conditions of the asylum and the world outside. Saramagos epidemic is likened to the philosophy of ignorance. Not being able to see is much akin to not being able to think, and even those who retain their sight are capable of abusing others and abusing their power. The doctors wife sacrifices her internship freedom to follow her husband into the worst conditions, and when she is threatened, she kills another person.

This is a decision she may never have made without the circumstances, but the fact remains that everyone is capable of doing unthinkable things as society begins to crumble. The ending is one of hope that people everywhere will take a moment to account for their behavior during the epidemic and rebuild a new society based on true principles of humanity. They hope that everyone will see the world more clearly. When disaster strikes, saramagos community is unable to continue to provide even the most basic needs, making it ironic that it is considered a developed society. It does not take long for institutions to dissolve, for people to die, and for new hierarchies to form based on power and circumstance. Those in the group led by the doctors wife manage to make it back to the apartment, but they are barely able to meet their own needs.

They walk to the next city where they realize that the entire nation has fallen prey to the disease. All institutions are in ruins. Families have been separated and cannot find each other. The breakdown of society is almost complete. They make their way back to the doctors house and try to put themselves back together as best they can.

The doctors wife is their de facto leader, and they begin to form new relationships as they are together. At the end of the story, the very first man who was struck blind regains his sight, proving that the epidemic is only temporary. It is never explained what happened or how it came. It lifts just as suddenly as it struck. The characters remark that soon everyone will be back to normal and the doctor comments that he does not believe anyone went blind. He believes they already were blind, blind but seeing, and now they can begin to see things how they are. The story is a social critique of what we consider norms, as well as our reliance on things, such as technology, to the detriment of our survival.

Blindness, brief Plot, summary

Those in quarantine experience worsening conditions, and paper the doctors wife, who is immune to the disease, pretends to be blind so she can join him in quarantine. People sleep in the hallways among excrement, and dead bodies go unburied for days. The delivery of rations becomes more and more erratic until everyone is unsure of when the next one will. Armed guards begin shooting those that try to escape, and a gang forms that prevents resources from getting to those inside. At first, they demand trades of valuables for the food, but soon people run out of things to trade. They begin to use force, and demand that women have sex with them to receive things like medicine and food. The inmates at the asylum dont want to do this, but soon decide that it is their best option, and a series of gang rapes becomes the norm. Eventually, the doctors wife retaliates by killing the leader of the gang and several other gang members. Another biography sacrifices herself by setting a fire that kills the remaining members, and the doctors wife helps her husband a few others to escape.

blindness jose saramago summary

This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis. Blindness by jose saramago. Blindness is a 1995 novel by jose saramago. It was translated from Portuguese into English in 1997. It tells the past story of an epidemic that strikes everyone with a mysterious blindness and the subsequent chaos that ensues as more and more people succumb to the disease. A man is suddenly unable to see. He begs for help, and a man takes him home but steals his car. This man is also struck blind, as the disease begins to spread. Everyone who has contact with him, including an ophthalmologist, becomes blind, and when the doctor raises the alarm, people are forcibly quarantined to prevent the disease from spreading.

many scenes unconvincing. The way others welcomed her back into their lives after years of rudeness also seemed unrealistic. Its a lovely story, but Im afraid real life isnt like that. On a more positive note, the writing in this book is very good it flows effortlessly but frequently contains beautiful, insightful thoughts. I suspect this will be a strong contender for many book prizes this year. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely fine is an engaging book and is a perfect book club choice, but the reader must be able to suspend their disbelief and cope with reading about one of the most obnoxious characters in literature. I found rating it really difficult, but although I wasnt convinced by much of it, i will remember Eleanor for a long time to come and isnt that the sign of a good book? SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics.

The rosie project by Graeme simsion, i failed to find anything amusing. Perhaps Im just too close to the subject matter? But, by careful observation from the sidelines, Id worked out that social success is often built online on pretending just a little. Popular people sometimes have to laugh at things they dont find very funny, or do things they dont particularly want to, with people whose company they dont particularly enjoy. I had decided, years ago, that if the choice was between that or flying solo, then Id fly solo. It was safer that way. Grief is the price we pay for love, so they say.

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Source: Personal copy, five words from the blurb: change, courage, darkness, kindness, life. Eleanor Oliphant seems to be the most talked about book on Twitter this year, so i bought a copy in order to join in the conversation. I can see why everyone wants to talk about it, but Im afraid I didnt fall in love with Eleanor as much as everyone else seems to have done. Eleanor Oliphant is a grumpy recluse who never sees anyone socially and reacts angrily to the ordinary book suggestions of those she encounters. I initially hated reading about her life i found it uncomfortable to read about such an antagonistic person. As the book progressed I was gripped by the story but became increasingly unconvinced by Eleanors behaviour and that of those around her. Many of Eleanors behaviours were autistic traits, but these were muddled with ones from a wide range of different conditions/situations. . Many readers talk of the humour in this book but, unlike.

Blindness jose saramago summary
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  2. Jose saramago 's brilliant novel poses the question—what happens when the grim reaper decides there will be no more /div div on the first day of the new year. M: death with Interruptions (Audible audio edition margaret Jull Costa (translator jose saramago, paul baymer, audible Studios: books. Gospel According to jesus Christ (original title: o evangelho segundo jesus Cristo, 1991) is a novel by the portuguese author Jos saramago. A fictional re-telling of Jesus Christ's life, depicting him as a flawed, humanised character with. Adult Fiction: If you like. For Harry potter lists, see my page on Harry potter readalikes.

  3. Blindness is the story of an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness afflicting nearly everyone in an unnamed city, and the. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics. Blindness study guide contains a biography. Jose saramago, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Death with Interruptions Jos saramago, margaret Jull Costa. Free shipping on qualifying offers.

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