Being unique essay

being unique essay

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Question 2: Describe how the principles of anti-discriminatory practice can be applied to practice. Anti-discriminatory Practice is an action taken to prevent discrimination against people on the grounds of race, class, gender, disability etc (see entry above). Anti-discriminatory practice promotes equality by introducing anti-discrimination policies in the workplace (i.e. Also known as anti-oppressive practice. All employees in a care setting should promote this practice in the workplace as it is way to combating prejudice, in doing so they are trying to eradicate discrimination and promote equality for service users and for staff. Kind of discrimination:.Overt discrimination this is when someone is openly discriminating against an individual, an example of this is a health and social care setting paying a male nurse more money than a female nurse for the same job, directly because of their gender.

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The benefits of treating every child as unique individual: Help to develop their personalities, talents and abilities irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties, disabilities or gender. This guidance helps adults to understand and support each individual child's development pathway. Make child responsible for this own actions, giving him the independence so many seek, typically acting out as teenager while trying to assert his independence. Listen to your advice and reasoning and take the more responsible choice. Treat them as equals in every aspect of your daily life and you will be rewarded with honest, caring children that make good choices that celebrate them for the unique individuals they are. Babies and children are essay vulnerable and become resilient and confident if they have support from others, also receive the chance to learn about other cultures and develop critical socialization skills that will serve them well. By treat each child as unique individual we designing an environment that positively influencing all areas of children's development: physical, social /emotional, and cognitive. Language and learning are nurtured in an environment that values and plans appropriate opportunities which can support the development of behaviours that are valued in our society, such as cooperation and persistence. An aesthetically pleasing space can develop a child's appreciation for the beautiful world around them. Help children and youth become full participating citizens of society and help to build a sense of community.

And by the way, it would take mass equivalent to twice the mass of the moon to create that many cards. Other University educational priorities could be met by use of this ingenious astronomical creation. For instance, just consider the incentive for good penmanship for those 217 131,072 students whose isu cards identification consists of nothing but combinations of the letter o presentation and the number zero. I get a warm feeling every time i sit and gaze at my little red isu card. We can all take great comfort in the assurance that our leaders have taken the long view on the issue of protecting the uniqueness of each member of the iowa State University family. Takle (with a little inspiration from Andy rooney) 11/27/96. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, children are unique. They are individuals and no two children are alike: physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually, because children are unique, even if there are common needs and characteristics that children of a particular age or stage of development share, they must be understood by their parents and.

being unique essay

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This gives 3617.9x1026 unique cards to be issued. Another quick calculation shows that this will put 560 billion people (100 times the present population of the planet) per square meter over all land and water area of the planet. Looking at the problem another way, if the earth's population stabilizes around 10 billion with an average life expectancy of 70 years, then it will take 2x1018 years to use up the.9x1026 cards the University may already have printed. Note than this is 400 million times the age of the earth. We should not fret over isu card duplication if the population of the planet stabilizes. Now if an impending ice age is the factor to do in civilization, we have a built-in protection here as well. Your isu card has a mass.491 grams and is composed primarily of plastic, which is a derivative of fossil carbon. Converting the mass.9x1026 cards to combustible carbon would keep us warm for along time: last year the population of the planet consumed about 8x1015 grams of fossil fuels, so if we saved and burned all the unique isu cards with 17 identifying characters.

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being unique essay

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University would assign someone else my number before i retire. After all, my social security number has a paltry 9 digits, and i know that vultures are out there awaiting the largesse from getting that number. We have about 6 billion people on the planet now. When each of world us individually accumulates 2x107 20,000,000 descendants, the University will have to start using duplicate life numbers (that, of course, assumes that present recruitment efforts are very successful and all people on the planet are either staff or students at Iowa State University). What will life be like with such a population of the planet? Well, for starters, there are about.5x1014 m2 of land area on the planet, so with 1017 humans occupying the planet, about 700 people will share each square meter of land surface.

Those unfortunate enough to share the. Antarctic continent will enjoy having a few warm bodies close at hand. Now I got a little concerned that this many people might cause some global warming. The University has given us a solution for this as well. By each holding our isu card overhead at the proper angle, we can reflect enough solar energy to compensate for anthropogenic warming! This is enough assurance for me that i and my isu card are unique. However, for those of you not satisfied yet, consider the possibilities that each of the 17 places on your Card be occupied by either a letter or number.

It is obvious that people make mistakes in their lives and it is important to make mistakes in order to learn. But, one should never make the mistake of trying to be someone else. When one is dubious of ones talent and feels dejected it is necessary to ask one simple question-do i want to be a hero or do i want just one of the spectators in a crowd of millions? Essay on being Unique all of us like to feel that we are in some way unique individuals. The way we dress, the cars we drive, the things we do help us define our uniqueness.

I'm no different, and I discovered yesterday that the. University is helping by giving each of us a real sense of uniqueness. A glance at your red isu card will show you that you have been issued a unique 17 digit number. That should make you pretty unique. But being a vain person, i was curious to determine the likelihood that the. University will run out of numbers and have to assign my number to another person. A little arithmetic shows that 1017 people can be accommodated before duplication occurs. My global Change course has led me to think about big numbers of people, so i considered the prospect that the.

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When he saw that I had painted something entirely different from what he had he started scolding. He said that I was incapable of diary making a good drawing and I had no artistic quality. I felt really hurt that day and never picked up the brush again after that. I started to avoid my art classes and never took art seriously after that. My interest for painting gradually died. When, i look back upon the time i feel that it was foolish of me to give up painting only because the teacher had scolded. But i know that whats done is done and from now I need not trim myself to suit the needs of others. When one tries to stand out of the crowd it is hard to ignore the ridiculing of others. But one should remember that the fruit of success is sweet only when the path to it is full of obstacles.

being unique essay

o teach us landscape painting. He told us the basic requirements in order to make a good landscape. Once his instructions were over I picked up my brush and vivid ideas started to flow in my mind. I got started with my painting. But, my teacher told me to copy the painting he had made instead of making something of my own. I was reluctant to do so and continued with my own work. At the end of the class he checked our work.

Ptolemy gave the geocentric theory which was appreciated and accepted by the masses. But Nicolas Copernicus gave the heliocentric theory that contradicted the geocentric one. He advocated the fact that all objects move around the sun rather than the earth. He ultimately proved his theory and became a well-known scientist. Thus Nicolas Copernicus contradicted the idea considered to be appropriate by all and was successful. His barbing confidence and belief in himself helped him make better judgments. Creativity and originality of thoughts are the most important things for a human brain.

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Everybody is born unique and should stay as such. No two snowflakes are alike, similarly no two humans can be same. One should identify oneself with ones unique talent. One should ignore the pressure to fit in and be confidant. Those who trim themselves to fit others soon whittle themselves away. Thus people should always try to retain their identity rather than first try to fit in with the common societal norms or ways. A person may not stand at the end of a tradition but the beginning of another. All those who have made great accomplishments are the ones who could not fit.

Being unique essay
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Numbered metal federal band and color marker from the same bird). According to the undp.

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  1. Essay topics : Is it more valuable for people to fit in than to be unique and different? Covert discrimination can be best described as being hidden away. God created each of us unique, the way he wanted us. We each have a set destiny pathed before. Our lives are a mystery but are.

  2. Personal Narrative, essay about myself - i am Unique. Money, or trips with fri ends, my reward was being able to walk through the organized rows of books. Sometimes I wish I were like everyone else, but not really. Becaus e i believe people should be respected for being different because we re all. Everybody is born unique and should stay as such.

  3. or trips with friends, my reward was being able to walk through the organized. All of us have a story to tell; a story of our own; a story of o ur unique experiences, choices and dreams. Your life too has been fashioned. A sample essay based on the guidelines presented in Graduate School. From my ea rliest memories, i can always remember being interested in meteorology.

  4. All of us like to feel that we are in some way unique individuals. But being a vain person, i was curious to determine the likelihood that the University will run. Free essay: Mankind should be who they are on the inside and try to prevent themselves from being someone else. This action results in sin. Free essay: i am Unique from the time i was a young child, i have always known.

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