Allama iqbal presentation

allama iqbal presentation

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His fathers name was Jinnahbhai poonja (born 1857-died 1901). Jinnahbai poonja was a prosperous Gujrati merchant. His mother was mithhibai jinnahbai. Mohammad Ali jinnahs was married twice. Quaid and two nation theory. Being indian nationalist *quaid-e-azam had a strong believe in Hindu-muslim unity and was of the opinion that both Hindus and Muslims should launch joint efforts to get rid of British rule. When Jinnah came into politics in 1906 he was an Indian Nationalist.

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In a letter to jinnah, he wrote on : "It is absolutely necessary to tell the world both inside and outside India that the economic problem is not the only problem in the country as pointed out. From the muslim point of view the cultural problem is of much greater consequence to most Indian Muslims. At any rate it full is not less important than the economic problem. Iqbal's image of the future of Islam is Muslim Universalism. Universal Muslim polity and translation of the canons of Islam in the practical life of the muslim form the crux of Iqbal's thinking. Views of quaid-e-azam *After the pakistan Resolution was passed by the muslim league in its Lahore session on, quaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali jinnah said: "Iqbal is no more amongst us, but had he been alive he would have been happy to know that we did exactly. he also said: Iqbal was remarkable poet of worldwide fame and his work will live forever. His services to his country and Muslims are so numerous that his record can be compared with that of a greatest Indian that ever lived. Quaid-e-azam quaid-e-azam Great leader baba-e-qaum father of the nation. Personal life *quaid-e-azam was born on December 25, 1876, at Karachi, pakistan and died on September 11, 1948.

According to him, all the efforts for the unity of Muslims and Hindus had failed because: "Islamic outlook on nationalism is different from other nations. Our nationalism is net based on the unity of languages, oneness of territory, or economic affinities. We belong to one family which was founded by the holy Prophet, and our membership of it rests on common belief about the manifestations of the universe and the historical traditions which we all share together.". In 1930, Iqbal presided over the twenty-first session of the All-India muslim league held at Allahabad and delivered his famous address. In this he suggested that the muslims of the Indian sub-continent paper should demand territorial specification in the form of a separate State on the basis of distinct cultural unit. He stated: "I would like to see the punjab, north-West Frontier Province, sind and Baluchistan amalgamated into a single State. Self-government within the British Empire, or without the British Empire, the formation of a consolidated North-West Indian Muslim State appears to be the final destiny of the muslims, at least of North-West India. Iqbal was not the first to suggest this. But it is to his credit that he was the first to suggest a homeland for the muslims from the platform of the All-India muslim league, which was the only representative political organization of the muslims of the subcontinent.

allama iqbal presentation

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The change is due to a maturer thinking. loyalty to the national idea was soon to be re-placed by spiritual loyalty to the world of Islam. He had gone to europe as a nationalist. He returned as an earnest Pan-Islamist. Being pakistan nationalist *From 1923 onward Iqbal became a serious and active politician. He was elected to the punjab Legislative council in november 1926 and remained a member of this council till 1930. Now he had fully realized that Hindus and Muslims could not live together because the hindu-muslim conflict was not merely religious. It was a clash of the civilizations of two peoples who had different languages, different literary roots, different concepts of art.

Iqbal returned to lahore in August 1908 and joined the government College as a part-time Professor of Philosophy and English Literature. He started practicing law. He wrote poems which he recited at the functions of Anjuman-i himayat-i islam. He was now looking at Indian politics not as an Indian but as a citizen of the spiritual realm of Islam. He himself admitted in an interview with a representative of the bombay chronicle, 17 September — 31 December 1931, during the round Table conference in 1931, that during his student days he was a staunch nationalist, but a change came in his ideas later. He wrote: "There is no doubt that my ideas about Nationalism have undergone a definite change. In my college days I was a zealous Nationalist which i am not now.

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allama iqbal presentation

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His appeal was favorite for union of the two communities, which together formed what he thought of as one Indian nation. During this period he wrote poems in support of Indian nationalism. He desired for the extinction of bigotry and fanaticism: thus in this phase his poetry shows him as an ardent supporter of nationalism. One of the famous poems of this period is Tarrana-i- hindi. Being islamian *Iqbal went to europe in 1905 as an ardent supporter of pan-theism, nationalism, patriotism and at the same time of Islamic solidarity. He went to europe for higher studies and stayed there till 1908. Actually it was during his stay in Europe that Iqbal became disgusted with pan-theism, secular nationalism and territorial monopoly patriotism and subsequently referred to his own pantheistic and nationalist period ( ) as "my phase of ignorance and folly".

He found the idea of nationalism as inadequate to solve the problems of humanity. The absence of religious sentiments on the one hand and the presence of hollow nationalism on the other nauseated him. The following lines, composed in 1907, reveal his changed attitude,. While in London, Iqbal took active part in the nascent Muslim political movement. The All-India muslim league was formed at Dacca in December 1906. Its London Branch with syed Ameer Ali as President was founded in 1908. Iqbal was elected as a member of the committee of this branch.

No notes for slide. Muhammad Bilal Satti work hard and be successful. Allama, muhammad, iqbal, muffakir-e-pakistan The Thinker of pakistan Shair-e-mashriq The poet of the east hakeem-ul-Ummat The sage of Ummah. Personal life *Iqbal was born in sialkot(pakistan) on 9th november, 1877 and. Died on April 21st, 1938 in Lahore, pakistan. Iqbal's father, Sheikh noor Muhammad (1837-1930 was a tailor, not formally educated but a religious man.

Iqbal's mother Imam Bibi (died1914) was a polite and humble woman who helped the poor and solved the problems of neighbors. She was not literate but was a worldly-wise woman with pious habits. Iqbal, and, two nation, theory. Allama muhammad Iqbal awakened the muslims of sub-continent with his poetry to demand a separate homeland. One can discover a broad division of three main phases in his thought : *First, pan-Indian nationalist phase up to 1905: *Second, pan-Islamist phase, up to 1926, *Third, can be described as the pakistan nationalist phase. Being indian nationalist, allama muhammad Iqbal was a strong believer of Hindu-muslim unity. between 18, he wrote poems in support of Indian nationalism.

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2 not in citation given There are also some petrol pumps, a gourmet bakery and branches of the punjab Bank, mcb and Allied Bank meezan Bank faysal Bank within the premises of the market. Karim Market houses many factory outlets including levis, outfitters, minnie and Minors, Shirt and tie, royal Tag to name a few. Many shops offer clothing for kids men and women wear at discounted rates round the year. This market caters the need of brand conscious people and low income, salaried people alike. See also edit references edit External links edit. Successfully reported this slideshow. Allama Iqbal and quaid e azam in Two nation Theory. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, presentation show More, no downloads.

allama iqbal presentation

The park is known for its stretched lush green gardens, enjoyments rides, different food stalls, boating area for paddle and motor boats, an artificial waterfall and an artificial hill for climbing and hiking experience. Families spend their holiday time enjoying rides, food and sunlight in winter afternoons. They come in crowds to enjoy rides, greenery and shade in summer nights. On Easter, march 27, 2016, the life park was bombed, killing scores of civilians. The park remained closed for months but opened once again late 2016 for public with extensive security measures. Karim Market edit The karim Market is a local market area situated in the karim Block of the town. 1 better source needed along the wahdat road. The market contains a number of grocery, retail and garment shops as well as eateries and restaurants.

is located in raza block of Allama Iqbal Town. It also houses the. Allama Iqbal Town consists of a total of 22 residential divisions called 'blocks' listed alphabetically: Asif, badr, Chenab, college, gulshan, huma, jahanzeb, Khyber, kamran, karim, kashmir, mehran, muslim, nargis, neelam, nishtar, nizam, pak, raza, ravi, sikander, sutlej, Umar and, zeenat. Contents Gulshan-e-iqbal Park edit main article: Gulshan-e-iqbal Park This park has been a source of entertainment and enjoyment in the area for almost three decades now. It was opened to general public in April, 1982. Ali jabbar is a famous personality of this area.

Because the, shahnoor and Bari studios are situated very close to the area, many film actors and actresses used to live here in the past. However, most of them have now moved to the posh suburban areas of the city. Iqbal town's main boulevard is one of the busiest road of Lahore. It has also a parking plaza in moon market. College block, pak block, asif Block, kashmir block, huma block and Jahanzeb block are situated on the main boulevard which starts from Multan road (the intersection famously known as 'Scheme more'. More means thesis corner in the Urdu language) and leads towards Wahdat road and than Punjab university campus. Neighboring localities constitute of Wahdat Colony, ichhra, samanabad, garden Town, mustafa town, sabzazar and said Pur.

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Residential area in Punjab, pakistan, allama Iqbal Town urdu : ) (also known. Iqbal Town or abbreviated as, ait gps ) is a commercial and a residential locality in the south-western. It is named after, allama Iqbal, the national poet of pakistan. Development was started in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was previously famed for its name in Urdu, 'sola soo acre ' (meaning 1600 acres due to its area. Its extent is marked. Multan road to the west and north, and by wahdat road to the south. Iqbal Town has been home to famous actors and actresses of pakistan's film industry, lollywood.

Allama iqbal presentation
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  1. Allama, iqbal, town (Urdu: ) (also known. Iqbal, town or abbreviated as ait) is a commercial and a residential locality in the south. Allama, iqbal, by Professor Inayat Ali Khan. Share to TwitterShare to facebookshare to pinterest. Allama, iqbal, shayari, iqbal, day, iqbal.

  2. 5 years ago by maha. Nice allama iqbal pictures. Best allama iqbal pictures. I am a huge fan. Allama, iqbal the famous poet. This website is a collection of his writings.

  3. I live in a town Kalyan some 54 km from Bombay, india, we have an intersection of a road named after. Allama, iqbal, known. A presentation on iqbal 's. Allama, iqbal, international Airport, lahore. Home celebrities, allama, iqbal.

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